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Abbreviation : DAPK1
Long Form : death-associated protein kinase 1
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Activation of death-associated protein kinase 1 promotes neutrophil apoptosis to accelerate inflammatory resolution in acute respiratory distress syndrome. ARDS, AZA, BALF, LPS
2019 Association of Protein Expression and Methylation of DAPK1 with Clinicopathological Features in Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Patients from Kashmir ER, IDC, MSP, TNB
2019 Autophagy and Apoptosis Specific Knowledgebases-guided Systems Pharmacology Drug Research PPI
2019 DAPK1 (death associated protein kinase 1) mediates mTORC1 activation and antiviral activities in CD8+ T cells. mTORC1
2019 DAPK1: a Novel Pathology and Treatment Target for Alzheimer's Disease. AD
2019 Death-Associated Protein Kinase 1 as a Promising Drug Target in Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease. AD
2019 Death-Associated Protein Kinase 1 Phosphorylation in Neuronal Cell Death and Neurodegenerative Disease. AD
2019 Downregulation of DAPK1 promotes the stemness of cancer stem cells and EMT process by activating ZEB1 in colorectal cancer. CRC, CSCs, EMT, ZEB1
2019 Effects of gossypol on apoptosis‑related gene expression in racially distinct triple‑negative breast cancer cells. GADD45A, TNFRSF9, TP73
10  2019 Gliotoxin Enhances Autophagic Cell Death via the DAPK1-TAp63 Signaling Pathway in Paclitaxel-Resistant Ovarian Cancer Cells. 3-MA, TAp63
11  2019 Long non-coding RNA AK038897 aggravates cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury via acting as a ceRNA for miR-26a-5p to target DAPK1. ceRNAs, lncRNAs, MCAO/R, miRNAs, N2a, OGD/R
12  2019 MicroRNA-26a/Death-Associated Protein Kinase1 Signaling Induces Synucleinopathy andDopaminergic Neuron Degeneration in Parkinson's Disease. miR-26a, PD
13  2019 MicroRNA-98 attenuates cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury through inhibiting DAPK1 expression. I/R, miRNAs
14  2019 miR-483-5p decreases the radiosensitivity of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells by targeting DAPK1. NPC
15  2019 Regulation of the Expression of DAPK1 by SUMO Pathway. SUMO, TSC2
16  2019 Transcriptome Analysis Identifies an Attenuated Local Immune Response in Invasive Nonfunctioning Pituitary Adenomas. CLDN9, IGFBP-5, NFPAs, TGF-beta, TIMP3
17  2018 Adiponectin inhibits inflammatory cytokines production by Beclin-1 phosphorylation and B-cell lymphoma 2 mRNA destabilization: role for autophagy induction. Bcl-2, gAcrp, TTP
18  2018 DAPK1-ERK signal mediates oxygen glucose deprivation reperfusion induced apoptosis in mouse N2a cells. ERK, LDH, MCAO, NMDA, OGD
19  2018 Death-associated protein kinase 1 mediates interleukin-1beta production through regulating inlfammasome activation in Bv2 microglial cells and mice. IL-1beta
20  2018 Does the BCL-2 family member BIK control lung carcinogenesis? BAK, Bcl-2, BIK
21  2018 ER-stress mobilization of death-associated protein kinase-1-dependent xenophagy counteracts mitochondria stress-induced epithelial barrier dysfunction. DNP, DSS, ER, IBD
22  2018 Evaluation of the prognostic and physiological functions of death associated protein kinase 1 in breast cancer. ---
23  2018 Genetic Mutation of GluN2B Protects Brain Cells Against Stroke Damages. AMPA, NMDA
24  2018 Identification of DAPK1 Promoter Hypermethylation as a Biomarker for Intra-Epithelial Lesion and Cervical Cancer: A Meta-Analysis of Published Studies, TCGA, and GEO Datasets. CC, GEO, HSIL, HSIL, OR
25  2018 Methyl-donor depletion of head and neck cancer cells in vitro establishes a less aggressive tumour cell phenotype. HNSCC
26  2018 PM2.5 downregulates miR-194-3p and accelerates apoptosis in cigarette-inflamed bronchial epithelium by targeting death-associated protein kinase 1. COPD, CSS, HBEpiCs
27  2018 Prediction of GluN2B-CT1290-1310/DAPK1 Interaction by Protein⁻Peptide Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation. MD, NMDAR
28  2018 The prognostic value of DAPK1 hypermethylation in gliomas: A site-specific analysis. ---
29  2018 The role of UNC5C in Alzheimer's disease. AD, NFTs, WES, WGS
30  2018 Uncoupling DAPK1 from NMDA receptor GluN2B subunit exerts rapid antidepressant-like effects. CUS, GLT-1, mPFC, NMDAR
31  2017 Characterization of DAPK1 as a novel transcriptional target of BRMS1. BRMS1, ChIP, HCC, OPN
32  2017 Correlation of DAPK1 methylation and the risk of gastrointestinal cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis. CI, OR
33  2017 DAPK1 as an independent prognostic marker in liver cancer. ---
34  2017 DAPK1 Mediates LTD by Making CaMKII/GluN2B Binding LTP Specific. CaM, CaN, LTP, NMDAR
35  2017 DAPK1 Signaling Pathways in Stroke: from Mechanisms to Therapies. CaM
36  2017 Death-associated protein kinase 1 phosphorylates NDRG2 and induces neuronal cell death. AD, NDRG2
37  2017 Exploring putative inhibitors of Death Associated Protein Kinase 1 (DAPK1) via targeting Gly-Glu-Leu (GEL) and Pro-Glu-Asn (PEN) substrate recognition motifs. GEL, NMDA
38  2017 Higher serum concentrations of vimentin and DAKP1 are associated with aggressive breast tumour phenotypes in Ghanaian women. ---
39  2017 JunD/AP-1 Antagonizes the Induction of DAPK1 To Promote the Survival of v-Src-Transformed Cells. CEFs, ChIP, shRNA
40  2017 Methylation changes of SIRT1, KLF4, DAPK1 and SPG20 in B-lymphocytes derived from follicular and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. BCL6, DLBCL, FL, KLF4, SIRT1, SPG20
41  2017 MicroRNA-141-3p targets DAPK1 and inhibits apoptosis in rat ovarian granulosa cells. PCOS
42  2017 Phosphorylation-Dependent Feedback Inhibition of RIG-I by DAPK1 Identified by Kinome-wide siRNA Screening. ---
43  2017 Placental DAPK1 and autophagy marker LC3B-II are dysregulated by TNF-alpha in a gestational age-dependent manner. IL, LC3B-II, PE, TNF
44  2017 Protection of FK506 against neuronal apoptosis and axonal injury following experimental diffuse axonal injury. DAI, TBI
45  2017 Rs4878104 contributes to Alzheimer's disease risk and regulates DAPK1 gene expression. AD
46  2017 [Expression of Death Associated Protein Kinase 1 in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia]. CLL
47  2016 Altered gene expression in T-cell receptor signalling in peripheral blood leucocytes in acute coronary syndrome predicts secondary coronary events. ACS, NFEs, PBLs, PCI, TLR
48  2016 Death Associated Protein Kinase 1 (DAPK1): A Regulator of Apoptosis and Autophagy. ---
49  2016 Homeobox C9 suppresses Beclin1-mediated autophagy in glioblastoma by directly inhibiting the transcription of death-associated protein kinase 1. HOXC9
50  2016 Inhibition of death-associated protein kinase 1 attenuates the phosphorylation and amyloidogenic processing of amyloid precursor protein. AD, APP
51  2016 Noncanonical Fungal Autophagy Inhibits Inflammation in Response to IFN-gamma via DAPK1. LAP, NLRP3
52  2016 Selective Degeneration of Entorhinal-CA1 Synapses in Alzheimer's Disease via Activation of DAPK1. AD, CA1PV
53  2016 The Mechanism and Function of Epigenetics in Uterine Leiomyoma Development. DLEC1, ER, KLF11, KRT19, SP
54  2015 (-)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate reverses the expression of various tumor-suppressor genes by inhibiting DNA methyltransferases and histone deacetylases in human cervical cancer cells. CDH1, DNMT, EGCG, HDAC, RARbeta, TSGs
55  2015 Aberrant methylation and expression of DAPk1 in human hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma. HSCC, MSP, RT-PCR
56  2015 Activation of death-associated protein kinase in human peritumoral tissue: A potential therapeutic target. NR2B
57  2015 DAPK1 Promoter Methylation and Cervical Cancer Risk: A Systematic Review and a Meta-Analysis. CC, CIs, ORs
58  2015 Death-associated protein kinase 1 promotes growth of p53-mutant cancers. ER-negative, TNBC
59  2015 Methylation analysis of the DAPK1 gene in imatinib-resistant chronic myeloid leukemia patients. BCR-ABL
60  2015 Sphingosine Kinase-1 Protects Multiple Myeloma from Apoptosis Driven by Cancer-Specific Inhibition of RTKs. ASM, EGCG, RTK, SphK1
61  2015 Structural Insight into the Interactions between Death-Associated Protein Kinase 1 and Natural Flavonoids. ---
62  2015 The role of targeting kinase activity by natural products in cancer chemoprevention and chemotherapy (Review). EGCG, MAPK
63  2014 Association between DAPK1 promoter methylation and cervical cancer: a meta-analysis. OR
64  2014 DAPK1-p53 interaction converges necrotic and apoptotic pathways of ischemic neuronal death. CypD, DAPK1DD
65  2014 Death-associated protein kinase 1 has a critical role in aberrant tau protein regulation and function. AD, MT
66  2014 Death-associated protein kinase 1 is an IRF3/7-interacting protein that is involved in the cellular antiviral immune response. IFN, IRF, ISRE, TAP
67  2014 Detection of aberrant promoter methylation of RNF180, DAPK1 and SFRP2 in plasma DNA of patients with gastric cancer. GC, OR, RNF180, SFRP2
68  2014 Genetic, structural, and molecular insights into the function of ras of complex proteins domains. LRRK2, ROC
69  2014 GTP binding controls complex formation by the human ROCO protein MASL1. LRRK1, LRRK2, MASL1, ROC
70  2014 Intervention of death-associated protein kinase 1-p53 interaction exerts the therapeutic effects against stroke. DM
71  2014 Protection of pyruvate against glutamate excitotoxicity is mediated by regulating DAPK1 protein complex. ---
72  2014 Regulation of the death-associated protein kinase 1 expression and autophagy via ATF6 requires apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1. MAPK
73  2013 DAPK1 modulates a curcumin-induced G2/M arrest and apoptosis by regulating STAT3, NF-kappaB, and caspase-3 activation. ---
74  2013 Effect of ARHI on lung cancer cell proliferation, apoptosis and invasion in vitro. ARHI
75  2013 Germline allele-specific expression of DAPK1 in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. ASE, CLL, SNuPE
76  2013 Identification of target genes of PAX3-FOXO1 in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. ARMS, ERMS, GREM1, HEY1, MYOD1, P3F, RMS
77  2013 Phosphorylation of tau by death-associated protein kinase 1 antagonizes the kinase-induced cell apoptosis. AD, MARK2
78  2013 Regulation of target genes of PAX3-FOXO1 in alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. ARMS, GREM1, HEY1, MYOD1, PAX3-FOXO1
79  2013 Resveratrol induces autophagy through death-associated protein kinase 1 (DAPK1) in human dermal fibroblasts under normal culture conditions. AMPK
80  2013 The ubiquitin ligase Mindbomb 1 coordinates gastrointestinal secretory cell maturation. MAP1B, Mib1
81  2012 A noncanonical Flt3ITD/NF-kappaB signaling pathway represses DAPK1 in acute myeloid leukemia. AML, ER, HDAC2, NIK
82  2012 Alterations in promoter methylation status of tumor suppressor HIC1, SFRP2, and DAPK1 genes in prostate carcinomas. GS, HIC1, MGMT, SFRP2, TS
83  2012 An apoptosis methylation prognostic signature for early lung cancer in the IFCT-0002 trial. DFS, NSCLC, OS, RASSF1A
84  2012 An IFN-gamma-stimulated ATF6-C/EBP-beta-signaling pathway critical for the expression of Death Associated Protein Kinase 1 and induction of autophagy. ---
85  2012 DAPK1 is associated with FTD and not with Alzheimer's disease. FTD, LOAD
86  2012 Functional heterogeneity of human effector CD8+ T cells. ---
87  2012 G-protein-coupled receptor 30 mediates rapid neuroprotective effects of estrogen via depression of NR2B-containing NMDA receptors. GPR30, shRNAs
88  2012 GTP binding and intramolecular regulation by the ROC domain of Death Associated Protein Kinase 1. LRRK2, ROC
89  2012 IFNG and autophagy: a critical role for the ER-stress mediator ATF6 in controlling bacterial infections. ---
90  2012 Quantitative analyses of DAPK1 methylation in AML and MDS. AML, CLL, MDS, MSP
91  2012 Rapid engraftment of human ALL in NOD/SCID mice involves deficient apoptosis signaling. long
92  2012 Targeted drug regulation on methylation of p53-BAX mitochondrial apoptosis pathway affects the growth of cholangiocarcinoma cells. CDKN2A, DAC, PYCARD, TEM
93  2011 Aberrant methylation of death-associated protein kinase 1 CpG islands in myelodysplastic syndromes. MDS
94  2011 An evaluation of prognostic value of death-associated protein kinase 1 in breast cancer. TMA
95  2011 DAPK1 mediates the G1 phase arrest in human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells induced by grifolin, a potential antitumor natural product. NPCs
96  2011 Death-associated protein kinase 1 phosphorylates Pin1 and inhibits its prolyl isomerase activity and cellular function. ---
97  2011 Grifolin, a potent antitumour natural product upregulates death-associated protein kinase 1 DAPK1 via p53 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells. ---
98  2011 Inhibitory effects of megakaryocytic cells in prostate cancer skeletal metastasis. ASC, MKs, PI, TPO
99  2011 Inter-chromosomal variation in the pattern of human population genetic structure. EDAR, HERC2, IFNG, PC, SLC45A2
100  2011 Latent membrane protein 1 of Epstein-Barr virus regulates death-associated protein kinase 1 in lymphoblastoid cell line. EBV, LCLs