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Abbreviation : DC
Long Form : distensibility coefficient
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Association of Adipocytokines With Carotid Intima Media Thickness and Arterial Stiffness in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients. CC, IMT, OSA, PWV
2019 Effects of feeding different amounts of milk replacer on growth performance and nutrient digestibility in Holstein calves to 2 months of age using different weaning strategies. ab, CP, DM, GR, HI, MOD, MR
2019 Evaluation of subclinical atherosclerosis by ultrasound radiofrequency data technology in patients with Behcet's disease. BD, CC, CIMT, PWV, RF, US
2019 Evaluation of subclinical atherosclerosis by ultrasound radiofrequency data technology in patients with primary Sjogren's syndrome. CC, CCA, CIMT, pSS, PWV, RF, US
2019 Non-cellulosic polysaccharide content in feed ingredients and ileal and total tract non-cellulosic polysaccharide digestibility in 21- and 42-day-old broilers fed diets with and without added composite enzymes. DDGS, I-NCP, NC, NCP, PC, S-NCP, SBM
2019 Use of a right ventricular continuous flow pump to validate the distensible model of the pulmonary vasculature. PA, RV
2018 Determination of aortic stiffness using 4D flow cardiovascular magnetic resonance - a population-based study. CMR, DAo, PWV
2018 Pulse pressure amplification and cardiac autonomic dysfunction in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. AIx, BRS, HRV, PPA, PWV, T2DM
2018 Reduced neural baroreflex sensitivity is related to enhanced endothelial function in patients with end-stage liver disease. BRS, FMD, NO
10  2017 BclI Glucocorticoid Receptor Polymorphism in Relation to Arterial Stiffening and Cardiac Structure and Function: The Hoorn and CODAM Studies. BMI, CODAM, CVD, GR
11  2017 Feasibility and relevance of compound strain imaging in non-stenotic arteries: comparison between individuals with cardiovascular diseases and healthy controls. AROC, cPWV, CVD, IMT
12  2017 Precision-feeding dairy heifers a high rumen-undegradable protein diet with different proportions of dietary fiber and forage-to-concentrate ratios. HF, LF, MP, OA
13  2017 Systemic oxidoreductive balance and vascular function in individuals without clinical manifestation of atherosclerosis. 8-oxodG, 8-oxoGua, ABI, CIMT, PI, PP, RI
14  2016 A non-contact approach for PWV detection: application in a clinical setting. BP, CAD, CCA, cfPWV, CVD, FA, IMT, LDV, MRI, PAD, PWI, PWV
15  2016 Associations of Novel and Traditional Vascular Biomarkers of Arterial Stiffness: Results of the SAPALDIA 3 Cohort Study. aPWV, CAVI, CIMT, LD
16  2016 Carotid Intima-Media Thickness and Arterial Stiffness and the Risk of Atrial Fibrillation: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study, Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA), and the Rotterdam Study. AF, ARIC, CHARGE, CIMT, IDI, MESA, NRI, PWV, RS
17  2016 Discriminatory value of carotid artery elasticity changes for the evaluation of thyroid dysfunction in patients with hashimoto's thyroiditis. HT, PWV
18  2016 Objectively measured physical activity, sedentary time and subclinical vascular disease: Cross-sectional study in older British men. AIx, CIMT, CVD, LPA, MVPA, PA, ST
19  2016 Precision-feeding dairy heifers a high rumen-degradable protein diet with different proportions of dietary fiber and forage-to-concentrate ratios. CS, HS, RDP
20  2016 Predictive Value of Carotid Distensibility Coefficient for Cardiovascular Diseases and All-Cause Mortality: A Meta-Analysis. CV, RRs
21  2015 Comprehensive assessment of vascular health in patients; towards endothelium-guided therapy. ABI, CIMT, DTM, FMD, PCA, PWA, PWV
22  2015 Sex differences in predictors of longitudinal changes in carotid artery stiffness: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. YEM
23  2015 Vitamin D, carotid intima-media thickness and bone structure in patients with type 2 diabetes. CVD, IMT, T2D, YEM
24  2014 Carotid artery stiffness in patients with symptomatic carotid artery disease with contralateral asymptomatic carotid artery disease and in patients with bilateral asymptomatic carotid artery disease: a cine phase-contrast carotid MR study. MR
25  2014 Detection of subclinical atherosclerosis in asymptomatic subjects using ultrasound radiofrequency-tracking technology. CC, IMT, RF
26  2014 Non-invasive assessment of carotid PWV via accelerometric sensors: validation of a new device and comparison with established techniques. accPWV, cfPWV, cPWV, PWV, relD
27  2014 Subclinical atherosclerosis and ambulatory blood pressure in children with metabolic syndrome. ABPM, CIMT, EDD, MS, SBP
28  2013 Ambulatory blood pressure and subclinical cardiovascular disease in patients with juvenile-onset systemic lupus erythematosus. ABPM, BP, CVD, IMT, LVH, LVM, PWV, SDS, SLE
29  2013 Arterial stiffness is increased in Hodgkin lymphoma survivors treated with radiotherapy. CVD, HLS, PWV
30  2013 Is local stiffness, as measured by radio frequency, more sensitive than intima-media thickness? CC, CCA-IMT, CV, PWV
31  2012 Characterization of distensibility, plaque burden, and composition of the atherosclerotic carotid artery using magnetic resonance imaging. ICC, MRI
32  2012 Effect of a treatment strategy consisting of pravastatin, vitamin E, and homocysteine lowering on arterial compliance and distensibility in patients with mild-to-moderate chronic kidney disease. BA, CC, CCA, CKD, FA, YEM
33  2012 Local carotid stiffness and intima-media thickness assessment by a novel ultrasound-based system in essential hypertension. CS, FRS, HT, NT
34  2012 Sex-specific association of age with carotid artery distensibility: multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis. MESA, MM
35  2011 Impaired abdominal aortic wall integrity in elderly men carrying the angiotensin-converting enzyme D allele. ELISA, PCR
36  2011 Pericardial fat is associated with carotid stiffness in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. CVD, YM
37  2011 Risk factors for carotid artery distensibility in middle-aged and elderly hemodialysis patients. CIMT, HDL, iPTH, LDL, TC, TG
38  2010 Accuracy of phase contrast, black-blood, and bright-blood pulse sequences for measuring compliance and distensibility coefficients in a human-tissue mimicking phantom. CBB, CBrB, CC, CPC, HRDP, LOA
39  2010 Arterial properties along the upper arm in humans: age-related effects and the consequence of anatomical location. BA, IMT
40  2010 Determinants of vascular phenotype in a large childhood population: the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC). ALSPAC, FMD, PWV
41  2010 Measurement of arterial distensibility and compliance to assess prognosis. BP, DM, PP, TAC
42  2010 Nutritional values of sugarcane products in local Caribbean growing pigs. DE, DM, ME, SC
43  2009 Blunted nocturnal fall of blood pressure in isolated clinical hypertension. CC, DBP, GFR, ICH, IMT, LVMI, SBP, UAE
44  2009 Carotid intima-media thickness and distensibility measured by MRI at 3 T versus high-resolution ultrasound. CCA, IMT
45  2008 Arterial stiffness is associated with regional ventricular systolic and diastolic dysfunction: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. EF, HARP, LV, MESA, YM
46  2008 Derivation of the distensibility coefficient using tissue Doppler as a marker of arterial function. TDI
47  2008 No differences of carotid intima-media thickness between young patients with ankylosing spondylitis and healthy controls. AS, ELISA, IL-6, IMT, MCP-1, TNF-alpha
48  2007 Atherosclerosis in women with endometriosis. IMT
49  2007 TGF-beta1 polymorphisms and arterial stiffness; the Rotterdam Study. PP, PWV
50  2007 The effect of corticosterone-induced stress on amino acid digestibility in Ross broilers. aa, CS, Exp
51  2006 Aggressive antihypertensive strategies based on hydrochlorothiazide, candesartan or lisinopril decrease left ventricular mass and improve arterial compliance in patients with type II diabetes mellitus and hypertension. CC, LVM
52  2006 Characteristics of arterial stiffness in very low birth weight premature infants. PP, VLBW, WBAC
53  2006 Fluctuations in carotid arterial distensibility during the menstrual cycle do not influence cardiovagal baroreflex sensitivity. BRS
54  2005 Arterial distensibility, intima media thickness and pulse wave velocity after renal transplantation and in dialysis normotensive patients. cPP, IMT, PWV, SBP
55  2005 Normative values for intima-media thickness and distensibility of large arteries in healthy adolescents. BMI, BP, CWS, fIMT, IMT
56  2005 Nutritional and hypoglycemic effect of fruit pulp of Annona squamosa in normal healthy and alloxan-induced diabetic rabbits. ALKP, BIL, BV, CRTN, FBG, HbAc, NPU, PER, TCH, TG, TPR
57  2005 The association between abdominal visceral fat and carotid stiffness is mediated by circulating inflammatory markers in uncomplicated type 2 diabetes. CRP
58  2004 Beneficial effects of vitamins D and K on the elastic properties of the vessel wall in postmenopausal women: a follow-up study. CC, Gla, IMT, MGP
59  2004 The effect of sympathetic stimulation on proximal brachial artery mechanics in humans--differential behaviour within the length of the brachial artery? CC, LBNP, P-D
60  2004 The popliteal artery, an unusual muscular artery with wall properties similar to the aorta: implications for susceptibility to aneurysm formation? CC, IMT
61  2004 [Large artery wall properties in dialyse and renal transplant patients with normal blood pressure]. cPP, PWV, SBP
62  2003 Age affects proximal brachial artery stiffness; differential behavior within the length of the brachial artery? CC
63  2003 Cardiovascular risk factors and common carotid artery caliber and stiffness in patients with Cushing's disease during active disease and 1 year after disease remission. CD, HDL, IMT, WHR
64  2003 Determinants of arterial distensibility in patients with renal failure. ---
65  2003 Effects of low and high doses of atorvastatin on arterial compliance. CC, TC
66  2003 Experimental model for comparative evaluation of pharmacologically induced vasodilation of arterial wall mechanical properties. ---
67  2003 Target organ damage and changes in arterial compliance in white coat hypertension. Is white coat innocent? BMI, CC, HT, IMT, LVMI, NT, UAE, WCH
68  2003 Wall mechanics of the stented extracranial carotid artery. Cd
69  2002 Arterial stenting and overdilation: does it change wall mechanics in small-caliber arteries? Cd
70  2002 Arterial wall properties in patients with renal failure. CCA, CCl, CRF, HD, IMT, PD
71  2000 Acute changes in aortic wall mechanical properties after stent placement in rabbits. Cd, Da
72  2000 The effect of hormone replacement therapy on arterial distensibility and compliance in perimenopausal women: a 2-year randomised trial. CC, CEE-N, DBP, SBP
73  1999 Persistence of increased cardiovascular risk in patients with Cushing's disease after five years of successful cure. BMI, CD, HDL, IMT, LDL, WHR
74  1999 Studies on cardiac sympathovagal balance and large artery distensibility in patients with untreated essential hypertension. CON, HYP
75  1999 Studies on the energy content of pigeon feeds II. Determination of the incorporated energy. DM, EE, HOM, ME, MON, SZT, TEX
76  1998 A longitudinal study of vessel wall properties in normotensive and hypertensive renal transplant recipients. BP
77  1998 Age-related deterioration in arterial structure and function in postmenopausal women: impact of hormone replacement therapy. HRT, IMT, SAC
78  1998 Effect of chronic blockade of angiotensin II-receptor subtypes on aortic compliance in rats with myocardial infarction. AT1, CC, MAP, MI, SHAM
79  1998 Effect of timing of blood pressure measurement in the assessment of arterial stiffness: the SMART Study. SMART
80  1998 Non-invasive measurements of arterial structure and function: repeatability, interrelationships and trial sample size. AF, AI, F-D, IMT, SAC
81  1997 Abnormal carotid arterial wall dynamics in symptom-free hypopituitary adults. CC
82  1997 Relationship between ultrasound assessment of arterial wall properties and blood pressure. CC, Ep
83  1997 The acute effect of hyperglycaemia on vessel wall properties. BP, CC, dD, HR
84  1997 The influence of angiotensin II-induced increase in aortic wall mass on compliance in rats in vivo. Ang II, CC, CON, CSA, Mt
85  1996 Hypoglycemic effect and protein nutritive quality of soy and methionine-supplemented whole durum pasta products. BV, DS, FER, NPU, PER, SF, WD
86  1996 Relation between baroreflex sensitivity and carotid artery elasticity in healthy humans. BRS, FINAPRES
87  1994 Assessment of inhomogeneities in elastic properties of in situ and reversed saphenous vein grafts in humans. CC
88  1994 Estimation of arterial stiffness, compliance, and distensibility from M-mode ultrasound measurements of the common carotid artery. CC, Ep
89  1992 Mechanism of nitrate-induced improvement on arterial compliance depends on vascular territory. BA, BP, CCA, CFA
90  1991 Nutrient digestibilities in ingredients fed alone or in combinations. DM, TD
91  1991 Vessel wall properties of large arteries in trained and sedentary subjects. BA, CC, CCA, FA