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Abbreviation : DCN
Long Form : deep cerebellar nuclei
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Developmental timetables and gradients of neurogenesis in cerebellar Purkinje cells and deep glutamatergic neurons: A comparative study between the mouse and the rat. PCs
2021 Modulatory Effects of Monoamines and Perineuronal Nets on Output of Cerebellar Purkinje Cells. PCs, PNNs
2021 Pathophysiology of Cerebellar Tremor: The Forward Model-Related Tremor and the Inferior Olive Oscillation-Related Tremor. CA, G-M, IO, LTD, LTP, RN
2021 Potential toxicity evaluation and comparison within multiple mice organs after repeat injections of linear versus macrocyclic gadolinium-based contrast agents: A comprehensive and time course study. GBCAs, NSF
2021 Small Brain Lesion Enhancement and Gadolinium Deposition in the Rat Brain: Comparison Between Gadopiclenol and Gadobenate Dimeglumine. BW, CSF, Gd, ICP-MS
2020 7T MRI Predicts Amelioration of Neurodegeneration in the Brain after AAV Gene Therapy. AAV, GM1, MRS
2020 Cerebellar and vestibular nuclear synapses in the inferior olive have distinct release kinetics and neurotransmitters. IO, VN
2020 Cerebellar plasticity and associative memories are controlled by perineuronal nets. EBC, PNNs
2020 Cerebellar Regional Dissection for Molecular Analysis. ---
10  2020 Disrupted Calcium Signaling in Animal Models of Human Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA). SCA, SCAs
11  2020 Disruption of rat deep cerebellar perineuronal net alters eyeblink conditioning and neuronal electrophysiology. ChABC, PNN
12  2020 Downregulation of TrkC Receptors Increases Dendritic Arborization of Purkinje Cells in the Developing Cerebellum of the Opossum, Monodelphis domestica. EGL, TrkC
13  2020 Endocannabinoids regulate cerebellar GABAergic transmission in a synapse type-dependent manner. CBRs, eCBs, IPSCs, PCs
14  2020 Gadolinium deposition in the brain of dogs after multiple intravenous administrations of linear gadolinium based contrast agents. GBCA, MR, SI
15  2020 Increased Purkinje Cell Complex Spike and Deep Cerebellar Nucleus Synchrony as a Potential Basis for Syndromic Essential Tremor. A Review and Synthesis of the Literature. CFs, CS, ET, IO, PC
16  2020 Modulation of Multiunit Spike Activity by Transcranial AC Stimulation (tACS) in the Rat Cerebellar Cortex. MUA, PML, tACS, tACS, TES
17  2020 Population coding in the cerebellum: a machine learning perspective. P-cells
18  2020 Preterm Birth Impedes Structural and Functional Development of Cerebellar Purkinje Cells in the Developing Baboon Cerebellum. NICU
19  2020 Serial MRI alterations of pediatric patients with beta-propeller protein associated neurodegeneration (BPAN). BPAN, GP, QSM, SN, WES
20  2020 The Cerebellum on Cocaine. VTA
21  2019 A New Projection From the Deep Cerebellar Nuclei to the Hippocampus via the Ventrolateral and Laterodorsal Thalamus in Mice. DG, IntP, LAT, rAAV, RC, RSC
22  2019 Complex spike synchrony dependent modulation of rat deep cerebellar nuclear activity. CSs, PC
23  2019 Effect of Long-Term Retention of Gadolinium on Metabolism of Deep Cerebellar Nuclei After Repeated Injections of Gadodiamide in Rats. H-MRS
24  2019 Gadolinium Deposition in the Brain in a Large Animal Model: Comparison of Linear and Macrocyclic Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents. GBCAs
25  2019 Gadolinium Presence in the Brain After Administration of the Liver-Specific Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agent Gadoxetate: A Systematic Comparison to Multipurpose Agents in Rats. CSF, GBCAs, Gd, MRI, SI
26  2019 Impact of brain tumors and radiotherapy on the presence of gadolinium in the brain after repeated administration of gadolinium-based contrast agents: an experimental study in rats. BBB, SI
27  2019 Long-Lasting Response Changes in Deep Cerebellar Nuclei in vivo Correlate With Low-Frequency Oscillations. PSTH, SR-P and SR-S, TSS
28  2019 mGluR1 in cerebellar Purkinje cells is essential for the formation but not expression of associative eyeblink memory. cKO, KO, mGluR1, PCs
29  2019 Optimizing Optogenetic Activation of Purkinje Cell Axons to Investigate the Purkinje Cell - DCN Synapse. ChR2
30  2019 Reconstruction and Simulation of a Scaffold Model of the Cerebellar Network. ---
31  2019 The Neuronal Activation of Deep Cerebellar Nuclei Is Essential for Environmental Enrichment-Induced Post-Stroke Motor Recovery. EE
32  2018 Abnormal locomotor muscle recruitment activity is present in horses with shivering and Purkinje cell distal axonopathy. BF, sEMG, VL
33  2018 Altered synaptic and firing properties of cerebellar Purkinje cells in a mouse model of ARSACS. ---
34  2018 Changes in membrane properties of rat deep cerebellar nuclear projection neurons during acquisition of eyeblink conditioning. EBC
35  2018 Hapln4/Bral2 is a selective regulator for formation and transmission of GABAergic synapses between Purkinje and deep cerebellar nuclei neurons. KO, PCs, PNNs
36  2018 Long-term Excretion of Gadolinium-based Contrast Agents: Linear versus Macrocyclic Agents in an Experimental Rat Model. GBCAs, ICP-MS, SI
37  2018 Loss of GPRC5B impairs synapse formation of Purkinje cells with cerebellar nuclear neurons and disrupts cerebellar synaptic plasticity and motor learning. HOKR, LTD, LTP, PCs, ROS
38  2018 Myelination of Purkinje axons is critical for resilient synaptic transmission in the deep cerebellar nucleus. AP, APs, LES
39  2018 Perineuronal Nets in the Deep Cerebellar Nuclei Regulate GABAergic Transmission and Delay Eyeblink Conditioning. ChABC, PC, PCs, PNNs
40  2018 Physiology of the cerebellum. ---
41  2018 Precision of Discrete and Rhythmic Forelimb Movements Requires a Distinct Neuronal Subpopulation in the Interposed Anterior Nucleus. IntA
42  2018 Purkinje cell BKchannel ablation induces abnormal rhythm in deep cerebellar nuclei and prevents LTD. PC
43  2018 Quantitative Comparison Of Vesicular Glutamate Transporters in rat Deep Cerebellar Nuclei. AIN, LN/DN, MN, PIN
44  2018 Regulation of striatal cells and goal-directed behavior by cerebellar outputs. ILN
45  2018 Thalamocortical Axonal Activity in Motor Cortex Exhibits Layer-Specific Dynamics during Motor Learning. ---
46  2018 The transgenic mouse line Igsf9-eGFP allows targeted stimulation of inferior olive efferents. CFs, IO
47  2017 Cerebellar perineuronal nets in cocaine-induced pavlovian memory: Site matters. PNNs
48  2017 Fuzzy neuronal model of motor control inspired by cerebellar pathways to online and gradually learn inverse biomechanical functions in the presence of delay. CC
49  2017 Uncovering specific changes in network wiring underlying the primate cerebrotype. ---
50  2016 Contribution of Somatic and Dendritic SK Channels in the Firing Rate of Deep Cerebellar Nuclei: Implication in Cerebellar Ataxia. AHP
51  2016 Developmental change in the contribution of voltage-gated Ca(2+) channels to the pacemaking of deep cerebellar nuclei neurons. PCs
52  2016 Generation and vulnerability of deep cerebellar nuclei neurons in the weaver condition along the anteroposterior and mediolateral axes. ---
53  2016 Model-Driven Analysis of Eyeblink Classical Conditioning Reveals the Underlying Structure of Cerebellar Plasticity and Neuronal Activity. CS, EBCC, PCs, TMS, US
54  2016 No Medium-Term Spinocerebellar Input Plasticity in Deep Cerebellar Nuclear Neurons In Vivo? AIN, CFs, MF, SCT
55  2016 Synaptic Specializations Support Frequency-Independent Purkinje Cell Output from the Cerebellar Cortex. PCs
56  2015 A Recurrent Mutation in CACNA1G Alters Cav3.1 T-Type Calcium-Channel Conduction and Causes Autosomal-Dominant Cerebellar Ataxia. ADCA, CAs
57  2015 Action potential processing in a detailed Purkinje cell model reveals a critical role for axonal compartmentalization. AIS, PC, RNs
58  2015 Anatomical and functional relationships between deep cerebellar nuclei and cerebellar cortical Crus II in vivo in mice. ICN, ML, PC
59  2015 Determinants of rebound burst responses in rat cerebellar nuclear neurons to physiological stimuli. ---
60  2015 Integrated plasticity at inhibitory and excitatory synapses in the cerebellar circuit. GrCs, LTP, PCs
61  2015 Interstitial branch formation within the red nucleus by deep cerebellar nuclei-derived commissural axons during target recognition. RN
62  2015 Linear Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents Are Associated With Brain Gadolinium Retention in Healthy Rats. GBCAs
63  2015 Linking Essential Tremor to the Cerebellum-Animal Model Evidence. ET, IO, PCs
64  2015 Neurosubstrates and mechanisms underlying the extinction of associative motor memory. CRs
65  2015 Synchrony is Key: Complex Spike Inhibition of the Deep Cerebellar Nuclei. CSs, PCs
66  2015 Systematic differences in time of cerebellar-neuron origin derived from bromodeoxyuridine immunoperoxidase staining protocols and tritiated thymidine autoradiography: A comparative study. BrdU
67  2015 T1-Weighted Hypersignal in the Deep Cerebellar Nuclei After Repeated Administrations of Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents in Healthy Rats: Difference Between Linear and Macrocyclic Agents. GBCAs, Gd
68  2014 Abnormal high-frequency burst firing of cerebellar neurons in rapid-onset dystonia-parkinsonism. ---
69  2014 Alterations in cerebellar physiology are associated with a stiff-legged gait in Atcay(ji-hes) mice. ---
70  2014 Baseline theta activities in medial prefrontal cortex and deep cerebellar nuclei are associated with the extinction of trace conditioned eyeblink responses in guinea pigs. CR, CS, LFP, mPFC
71  2014 Bidirectional modulation of deep cerebellar nuclear cells revealed by optogenetic manipulation of inhibitory inputs from Purkinje cells. ChR2, PCs
72  2014 Broad therapeutic benefit after RNAi expression vector delivery to deep cerebellar nuclei: implications for spinocerebellar ataxia type 1 therapy. AAVs, KI, RNAi, SCA1
73  2014 Distribution of SNAP25, VAMP1 and VAMP2 in mature and developing deep cerebellar nuclei after estrogen administration. PSD-95, SNAP-25, SNARE, VAMP1
74  2014 Fast convergence of learning requires plasticity between inferior olive and deep cerebellar nuclei in a manipulation task: a closed-loop robotic simulation. IO, PCs, PFs
75  2014 Maturation of membrane properties of neurons in the rat deep cerebellar nuclei. AHP
76  2014 Spatiotemporal expression of MANF in the developing rat brain. ADTN, CNS, DG, EGL, IGL, LC, MANF, PCL, PD, SNpc, SON, TMN
77  2014 Specific relationship between excitatory inputs and climbing fiber receptive fields in deep cerebellar nuclear neurons. ---
78  2014 Systematic analysis of neuronal wiring of the rodent deep cerebellar nuclei reveals differences reflecting adaptations at the neuronal circuit and internuclear levels. ---
79  2013 A defined heteromeric KV1 channel stabilizes the intrinsic pacemaking and regulates the output of deep cerebellar nuclear neurons to thalamic targets. ---
80  2013 Busulfan-induced pathological changes of the cerebellar development in infant rats. CWM, DAT, EGL, PFL
81  2013 Calcium-based dendritic excitability and its regulation in the deep cerebellar nuclei. ---
82  2013 Deep cerebellar nuclei play an important role in two-tone discrimination on delay eyeblink conditioning in C57BL/6 mice. CR, CS, HCS, LCS, US
83  2013 Functional inactivation of orexin 1 receptors in the cerebellum disrupts trace eyeblink conditioning and local theta oscillations in guinea pigs. OxR1
84  2013 Torsin A Localization in the Mouse Cerebellar Synaptic Circuitry. PC, TA
85  2011 Deep cerebellar neurons mirror the spinal cord's gain to implement an inverse controller. MZMC
86  2011 Distinct roles for I(T) and I(H) in controlling the frequency and timing of rebound spike responses. ---
87  2011 IGF-1 delivery to CNS attenuates motor neuron cell death but does not improve motor function in type III SMA mice. AAV
88  2011 In vivo analysis of inhibitory synaptic inputs and rebounds in deep cerebellar nuclear neurons. ---
89  2011 Using computer simulations to determine the limitations of dynamic clamp stimuli applied at the soma in mimicking distributed conductance sources. ---
90  2010 AAV-mediated gene delivery in adult GM1-gangliosidosis mice corrects lysosomal storage in CNS and improves survival. GA1, GSL
91  2010 Amygdala, deep cerebellar nuclei and red nucleus contribute to delay eyeblink conditioning in C57BL /6 mice. CRs, CS, MSC, RN
92  2010 Analysis of distinct short and prolonged components in rebound spiking of deep cerebellar nucleus neurons. ---
93  2010 Compartmentalization of the deep cerebellar nuclei based on afferent projections and aldolase C expression. PCs
94  2010 Determinants of synaptic integration and heterogeneity in rebound firing explored with data-driven models of deep cerebellar nucleus cells. ---
95  2010 Disruption of the olivo-cerebellar circuit by Purkinje neuron-specific ablation of BK channels. PNs
96  2010 Functional classification of neurons in the mouse lateral cerebellar nuclei. ---
97  2010 Imaging the deep cerebellar nuclei: a probabilistic atlas and normalization procedure. MRI, SWI
98  2010 Modulatory effects of serotonin on glutamatergic synaptic transmission and long-term depression in the deep cerebellar nuclei. DHPG, eEPSCs, LTD, MFs, mGluR
99  2010 Rebound discharge in deep cerebellar nuclear neurons in vitro. ---
100  2010 Spinal interneuron circuits reduce approximately 10-Hz movement discontinuities by phase cancellation. SC