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Abbreviation : DDD
Long Form : dense deposit disease
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 C3 glomerulopathy - understanding a rare complement-driven renal disease. C3GN
2019 Kidney Transplantation in C3 Glomerulopathy: A Case Series. C3G, C3GN
2018 Dense deposit disease associated with multiple myeloma
. MM
2018 Dense Deposit Disease Involving C3 and C4d Deposits. ---
2018 Favorable effect of bortezomib in dense deposit disease associated with monoclonal gammopathy: a case report. ---
2018 Genetic analysis of the complement pathway in C3 glomerulopathy. C3GN, MPGN
2018 Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis and C3 glomerulopathy in children: change in treatment modality? A report of a case series. C3G, C3GN, eGFR, ESRD, MPGN, RAAS
2018 Retinal Basal Laminar Deposits in Complement fH/fP Mouse Model of Dense Deposit Disease. AP, BLamD, BrM, ERG, FH, fP, GBM
2017 C3 glomerulonephritis with a severe crescentic phenotype. C3G, C3GN
10  2017 C3 glomerulopathy and current dilemmas. C3G, C3GN
11  2017 Characterization of C3 in C3 glomerulopathy. C3G, C3GN
12  2017 Rituximab for Treatment of Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis and C3 Glomerulopathies. C3GN, MPGN
13  2016 C3 glomerulopathy in adults: a distinct patient subset showing frequent association with monoclonal gammopathy and poor renal outcome. AP, C3G, C3GN
14  2016 De novo C3 glomerulonephritis in a renal allograft. C3GN
15  2016 Discontinuation of dialysis with eculizumab therapy in a pediatric patient with dense deposit disease. HD
16  2016 Proliferative C4 Dense Deposit Disease, Acute Thrombotic Microangiopathy, a Monoclonal Gammopathy, and Acute Kidney Failure. TMA
17  2015 Clinico-pathologic spectrum of C3 glomerulopathy-an Indian experience. C3GN, C3GP, CFHR5, EM, IF
18  2015 Eculizumab in Pediatric Dense Deposit Disease. ---
19  2014 C3 glomerulopathy: clinicopathologic features and predictors of outcome. C3GN
20  2014 C3 nephritic factor associated with C3 glomerulopathy in children. C3G, C3GN, C3NeF
21  2014 Childhood-onset dense deposit disease: a rare cause of proteinuria. ---
22  2014 Clinico-pathological correlations of congenital and infantile nephrotic syndrome over twenty years. DMS, ESKD, FSGS, MCD, MesGN, NS
23  2014 Complement factor H gene associations with end-stage kidney disease in African Americans. AAs, C3GN, CFH, ESKD, IgAN, SKAT, SNP, T2D
24  2014 Defining the complement biomarker profile of C3 glomerulopathy. C3G, C3GN
25  2014 Eculizumab in dense-deposit disease after renal transplantation. ---
26  2014 Eculizumab therapy in a patient with dense-deposit disease associated with partial lipodystropy. AP, C3NeF, CFH, ESRD
27  2014 New insights into disease-specific absence of complement factor H related protein C in mouse models of spontaneous autoimmune diseases. AP, BLD, CAIA, CFH, CFHR, DM, SLE
28  2014 Pathology of renal diseases associated with dysfunction of the alternative pathway of complement: C3 glomerulopathy and atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS). aHUS, Ig
29  2014 Rituximab fails where eculizumab restores renal function in C3nef-related DDD. C3G, C3NeF
30  2013 C3 glomerulopathy. AP, C3GN, C3NeF, CFH, GBM
31  2013 Complement factor H related proteins (CFHRs). aHUS, AMD, C3GN, CFHRs, SLE
32  2013 Dense deposit disease: a 29-years electron microscopy experience. ASUSH, GBM
33  2013 Eculizumab and recurrent C3 glomerulonephritis. C3G, C3GN, sMAC
34  2013 Eculizumab in the treatment of atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome and other complement-mediated renal diseases. aHUS, AMR, C3G, C3GN
35  2013 Recent insights into C3 glomerulopathy. AP, C3GN, GN
36  2013 Soluble CR1 therapy improves complement regulation in C3 glomerulopathy. C3GN
37  2012 Anti-factor H antibody affecting factor H cofactor activity in a patient with dense deposit disease. FH
38  2012 Causes of alternative pathway dysregulation in dense deposit disease. C3CSA, C3CSAP, C3NeFs, FBAAs, FHAAs, IFE
39  2012 Clinical and pathological features of dense deposit disease in Chinese patients. GBM, LM, MPGN, PAS, TBM, TW
40  2012 Clinical features and outcomes of 98 children and adults with dense deposit disease. ESRD, T1D
41  2012 Dense deposit disease in Korean children: a multicenter clinicopathologic study. ---
42  2012 [An approach to research on nephritic factor and membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis]. MPGN
43  2011 Acute renal failure in dense deposit disease: complete recovery after combination therapy with immunosuppressant and plasma exchange. AP, PE
44  2011 Allelic variants of complement genes associated with dense deposit disease. ---
45  2011 Complement and glomerular disease: new insights. aHUS, CFHR5
46  2011 Dense deposit disease. ---
47  2011 Proliferative glomerulonephritis secondary to dysfunction of the alternative pathway of complement. AP, GN-C3, MPGN
48  2011 Rare case of spot diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome in a Saudi male. MPGN
49  2010 A case of dense deposit disease associated with a group A streptococcal infection without the involvement of C3NeF or complement factor H deficiency. C3NeF, CFH, GBM, NAPlr
50  2010 A case of regression of atypical dense deposit disease without C3 deposition in a child. ---
51  2010 Anti-factor B autoantibody in dense deposit disease. ---
52  2010 Dense deposit disease associated with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance. AP, MGUS
53  2010 Human C3 mutation reveals a mechanism of dense deposit disease pathogenesis and provides insights into complement activation and regulation. AP, DAF, FH, FI, MCP
54  2009 A prolonged course of Group A streptococcus-associated nephritis: a mild case of dense deposit disease (DDD)? NAPlr
55  2009 Complement and immune defense: from innate immunity to human diseases. HUS
56  2009 Dense deposit disease: clinicopathologic study of 32 pediatric and adult patients. IS, RAS
57  2009 Factor H facilitates the clearance of GBM bound iC3b by controlling C3 activation in fluid phase. GBM, mCFH
58  2009 Glomeruli of Dense Deposit Disease contain components of the alternative and terminal complement pathway. ---
59  2009 Hereditary and acquired complement dysregulation in membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis. AP, C3NeF, GBM, MPGN
60  2009 Patterns of primary glomerular diseases among adults in the western region of Saudi Arabia. AS, FGN, FSGSC, GN, IgAN, IgMN, MCD, MesPGN, MGN, MPGN, PIGN
61  2009 [Clinical and pathological characteristics of children with dense deposit disease]. EnPGN, ESRD, FSGS, MPGN
62  2008 The complement fitness factor H: role in human diseases and for immune escape of pathogens, like pneumococci. AMD, HUS, MPGN
63  2007 New approaches to the treatment of dense deposit disease. ---
64  2006 Early recurrence of dense deposit disease with marked endocapillary proliferation after renal transplantation. MPGN
65  1999 Renal transplantation in patients with dense deposit disease: morphological characteristics of recurrent disease and clinical outcome. ESRD
66  1998 Prolonged asymptomatic dense deposit disease in Chinese. Report of 2 cases in Taiwan. MGN, MPGN
67  1993 Morphologic variations of dense deposit disease: light and electron microscopic, immunohistochemical and clinical findings in 10 patients. CIMDD, DPGN, MPGN
68  1989 Three-dimensional ultrastructural changes of acellular glomerular basement membrane in various types of human glomerulonephritis. GBM, GN
69  1986 Three-dimensional studies of acellular glomerular basement membranes in dense-deposit disease. AGBM
70  1983 Characteristics of a benign subtype of dense deposit disease: comparison with the progressive form of this disease. NeF
71  1982 Extraglomerular dense deposits in dense deposit disease. ---
72  1979 Recurrence of dense deposits in transplanted kidneys: I. Sequential survey of the lesions. ---
73  1979 [Morphological criteria for the diagnostic definition of "dense deposit disease" (DDD)]. ---
74  1978 Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (MPGN type I) and dense deposit disease (DDD) in children. MPGN