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Abbreviation : DEJ
Long Form : dermal-epidermal junction
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A multi-layered computational model for wrinkling of human skin predicts aging effects. PD, RD, VE
2020 In vivo reflectance confocal microscopy for evaluating common facial hyperpigmentation. ABNOM, RCM
2020 Multiphoton microscopy of the dermoepidermal junction and automated identification of dysplastic tissues with deep learning. MPM
2020 Visualization of autoantibodies and neutrophils in vivo identifies novel checkpoints in autoantibody-induced tissue injury. EBA, PD
2019 A comparative dermoscopic and reflectance confocal microscopy study of naevi and melanoma with negative pigment network. DP, NPN, RCM
2019 An update on direct immunofluorescence for diagnosing dermatitis herpetiformis. DH, DIF
2019 Anti-Wrinkle Benefits of Peptides Complex Stimulating Skin Basement Membrane Proteins Expression. BM
2019 Blue light-emitting diode technology-operated microscopy is preferable to both short arc mercury lamp-operated microscopy and laser scanning confocal microscopy for direct immunofluorescence images evaluation in routinely diagnosing subepidermal autoimmune blistering diseases. DIF, SABDs
2019 Characterization of a New Reconstructed Full Thickness Skin Model, T-Skin™, and its Application for Investigations of Anti-Aging Compounds. NHS
10  2019 Dermal C4d Deposition and Neutrophil Alignment Along the Dermal-Epidermal Junction as a Diagnostic Adjunct for Hypocomplementemic Urticarial Vasculitis (Anti-C1q Vasculitis) and Underlying Systemic Disease. HUV, NUV, SLE, UV
11  2019 Diagnosis of anti-laminin gamma-1 pemphigoid by immunoblot analysis. EBA, HC, IB, lam-111, lam-421, lam-gamma1, PV
12  2019 Melanocyte activation and skin barrier disruption induced in melasma patients after 1064nm Nd:YAG laser treatment. TEWL
13  2019 Pigmented skin lesions displaying regression features: Dermoscopy and reflectance confocal microscopy criteria for diagnosis. LPLK
14  2019 Proteases in Pemphigoid Diseases. ---
15  2019 Protective effects of Camellia japonica flower extract against urban air pollutants. ABTS, AhR, CJFE, DPPH, MDA, MMP-1, NHDFs, ROS, XRE
16  2019 The structural characteristics of photoaging in mice caused by the effects of ultraviolet A radiation. UVA
17  2019 Three-dimensional conditional random field for the dermal-epidermal junction segmentation. CRF
18  2018 A 3D in vitro model of the dermoepidermal junction amenable to mechanical testing. ECM, RDEB
19  2018 Argon plasma coagulation of actinic keratoses imaged by optical coherence tomography: An in vivo study indicating a possible lesion-directed treatment. AKs, APC, OCT
20  2018 Blistering and Skin Fragility Due to Imatinib Therapy: Loss of Laminin and Collagen IV as a Possible Cause of Cutaneous Basement Membrane Instability. GIST
21  2018 Case Report of a 21-Year-Old Man With Epidermolysis Bullosa Acquisita. EBA
22  2018 Efficacy of Human Placental-Derived Stem Cells in Collagen VII Knockout (Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa) Animal Model. HPDSCs, RDEB
23  2018 Granzyme B is elevated in autoimmune blistering diseases and cleaves key anchoring proteins of the dermal-epidermal junction. GzmB
24  2018 Histologic characterization of cellular infiltration in autoimmune subepidermal bullous diseases in a tertiary hospital in Saudi Arabia. ---
25  2018 The development of induced pluripotent stem cell-derived mesenchymal stem/stromal cells from normal human and RDEB epidermal keratinocytes. EB, iPSCs, KC-iPSCs, MSC, RDEB
26  2018 The Role of Eosinophils in Bullous Pemphigoid: A Developing Model of Eosinophil Pathogenicity in Mucocutaneous Disease. BP
27  2018 The value of ultrahigh resolution OCT in dermatology - delineating the dermo-epidermal junction, capillaries in the dermal papillae and vellus hairs. EP, OCT
28  2018 Unripe peach (Prunus persica) extract ameliorates damage from UV irradiation and improved collagen XVIII expression in 3D skin model. ---
29  2018 Using elongated microparticles to enhance tailorable nanoemulsion delivery in excised human skin and volunteers. CARS, EMP, FLIM, MPM, TNE
30  2018 Visualization of viscoelastic behavior in skin equivalent using optical coherence tomography-based straingraphy. D-OCSA, OCT, SEs
31  2017 A Marked Poisson Process Driven Latent Shape Model for 3D Segmentation of Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Image Stacks of Human Skin. RCM
32  2017 Bullous Pemphigoid: Use of C4d Immunofluorescent Staining in a Case With Repeated Negative Conventional Direct Immunofluorescence Studies. BP, DIF
33  2017 Dermoscopic and confocal features of an axillary "special site" nevus. RCM
34  2017 Histopathologic and Immunohistochemical Correlates of Confocal Descriptors in Pigmented Facial Macules on Photodamaged Skin. LM, LMM, RCM
35  2017 In Vivo Reflectance Confocal Microscopy for the Diagnosis of Melanoma and Melanotic Macules of the Lip. MAC, MEL, RCM
36  2017 Morphological and molecular characterization of actinic lentigos reveals alterations of the dermal extracellular matrix. AL, NL
37  2017 Novel and emerging therapies in the treatment of recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. BMT, EB, MSCs
38  2017 Novel approaches to characterize age-related remodelling of the dermal-epidermal junction in 2D, 3D and in vivo. DPm, microCT, RCM
39  2017 Optical coherence tomography in the diagnosis of actinic keratosis-A systematic review. AK, HD-OCT, OCT
40  2017 Organization of the dermal matrix impacts the biomechanical properties of skin. ---
41  2017 Semi-automated localization of dermal epidermal junction in optical coherence tomography images of skin. OCT
42  2016 Aging decreases collagen IV expression in vivo in the dermo-epidermal junction and in vitro in dermal fibroblasts: possible involvement of TGF-beta1. ---
43  2016 Characterization and mechanisms of photoageing-related changes in skin. Damages of basement membrane and dermal structures. BM, MMPs, TSP-1, uPA, UV, VEGF
44  2016 Current treatments and developments in pemphigoid diseases as paradigm diseases for autoantibody-driven, organ-specific autoimmune diseases. ---
45  2016 Deletion of the epidermis derived laminin gamma1 chain leads to defects in the regulation of late hair morphogenesis. BM, HFs, HS, LAMC1EKO
46  2016 Eosinophil localization to the basement membrane zone is autoantibody- and complement-dependent in a human cryosection model of bullous pemphigoid. BP, EDN, EPO
47  2016 Improving 2D and 3D Skin In Vitro Models Using Macromolecular Crowding. CDM, ECM, MMC
48  2016 Reflectance confocal microscopy features of acral lentiginous melanoma: a comparative study with acral nevi. ALM, RCM
49  2016 Spatiotemporal closure of fractional laser-ablated channels imaged by optical coherence tomography and reflectance confocal microscopy. OCT, RCM
50  2016 Specificity of granular IgM deposition in folliculosebaceous units and sweat gland apparatus in direct immunofluorescence (DIF) of lupus erythematosus. DIF, LE
51  2015 Autologous fat grafting in the treatment of fibrotic perioral changes in patients with systemic sclerosis. AFTG, IH, MVD, SSc, VC
52  2015 Automated delineation of dermal-epidermal junction in reflectance confocal microscopy image stacks of human skin. RCM
53  2015 Dermoscopy and reflectance confocal microscopy of pigmented actinic keratoses: a morphological study. AKs, RCM
54  2015 Differential effects of the extracellular microenvironment on human embryonic stem cell differentiation into keratinocytes and their subsequent replicative life span. ECM, H1-Kert, hESC-Kert, hESCs
55  2015 Evaluation of unique elastic aggregates (elastic globes) in normal facial skin by multiphoton laser scanning tomography. AF, ECM, EVG, MLT, SHG
56  2015 High-definition optical coherence tomography algorithm for the discrimination of actinic keratosis from normal skin and from squamous cell carcinoma. AK, HD-OCT, SCC
57  2015 High-definition optical coherence tomography intrinsic skin ageing assessment in women: a pilot study. PD, RD
58  2015 In vivo analysis of IgE autoantibodies in bullous pemphigoid: a study of 100 cases. BP, IgG
59  2015 Intravenously Administered Recombinant Human Type VII Collagen Derived from Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Reverses the Disease Phenotype in Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Mice. CHO, RDEB, rhC7
60  2015 Lentiviral Engineered Fibroblasts Expressing Codon Optimized COL7A1 Restore Anchoring Fibrils in RDEB. RDEB
61  2015 Making more matrix: enhancing the deposition of dermal-epidermal junction components in vitro and accelerating organotypic skin culture development, using macromolecular crowding. ECM, mMMC
62  2015 Non-invasive short-term assessment of retinoids effects on human skin in vivo using multiphoton microscopy. ---
63  2015 Real-time visualization of melanin granules in normal human skin using combined multiphoton and reflectance confocal microscopy. MPM, RCM
64  2015 Recellularizing of human acellular dermal matrices imaged by high-definition optical coherence tomography. HADMs, HD-OCT, RCM, SDS
65  2014 Assessment of tissue FoxP3+, CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells in active and stable nonsegmental vitiligo. ---
66  2014 Geographical ancestry is a key determinant of epidermal morphology and dermal composition. ---
67  2014 Influence of skin extension upon the epidermal morphometry, an in vivo study. ---
68  2014 Quantitative analysis of intrinsic skin aging in dermal papillae by in vivo harmonic generation microscopy. DP, DPZ, HGM
69  2014 Site-specific analysis of inflammatory markers in discoid lupus erythematosus skin. DLE
70  2013 Immune surveillance by CD8alphaalpha+ skin-resident T cells in human herpes virus infection. HSV-2, TCRbeta
71  2013 Topical application of recombinant type VII collagen incorporates into the dermal-epidermal junction and promotes wound closure. AFs, alpha-SMA, rC7, RDEB, TGF-beta2
72  2012 Cleavage of nidogen-1 by cathepsin S impairs its binding to basement membrane partners. BM, CatS, nid-1
73  2012 Development of microfabricated dermal epidermal regenerative matrices to evaluate the role of cellular microenvironments on epidermal morphogenesis. ---
74  2012 Enzymatic autoantibody glycan hydrolysis alleviates autoimmunity against type VII collagen. ---
75  2012 Identification of quantitative trait loci in experimental epidermolysis bullosa acquisita. EBA
76  2012 In vivo and in vitro approaches in understanding the differences between Caucasian and African skin types: specific involvement of the papillary dermis. ---
77  2012 Pathogenicity of autoantibodies in anti-p200 pemphigoid. DES
78  2012 Validation Study of Automated Dermal/Epidermal Junction Localization Algorithm in Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Images of Skin. RCM
79  2011 Automatic measurement of epidermal thickness from optical coherence tomography images using a new algorithm. ET, OCT
80  2011 Effect of C-xyloside on morphogenesis of the dermal epidermal junction in aged female skin. An ultrastuctural pilot study. C-xyloside
81  2011 Hyperpigmentation in human solar lentigo is promoted by heparanase-induced loss of heparan sulfate chains at the dermal-epidermal junction. ---
82  2011 In vivo reflectance confocal microscopy imaging of vitiligo, nevus depigmentosus and nevus anemicus. AVP, RCM, SPV
83  2011 Influence of heparan sulfate chains in proteoglycan at the dermal-epidermal junction on epidermal homeostasis. BM, HS, SE
84  2011 Key role of heparan sulfate chains in assembly of anchoring complex at the dermal-epidermal junction. ECM, MMPs, TEM
85  2011 Pilot study of semiautomated localization of the dermal/epidermal junction in reflectance confocal microscopy images of skin. RCM
86  2011 Semi-automated Algorithm for Localization of Dermal/ Epidermal Junction in Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Images of Human Skin. RCM
87  2010 Automated detection of malignant features in confocal microscopy on superficial spreading melanoma versus nevi. PMs, RCM, SSM
88  2010 Diagnostic significance of colloid body deposition in direct immunofluorescence. CB, DIF, DLE, IgM, LP, SBV
89  2010 Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita: what's new? EBA
90  2010 Fibroblast-based cell therapy strategy for recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. DEB
91  2010 Heparanase activation induces epidermal hyperplasia, angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis and wrinkles. HS, TSP-1, VEGF-A
92  2010 Synergistic action of a triple peptide complex on an essential extra-cellular matrix protein exhibits significant anti-aging benefits. TPC
93  2009 Micro-island damage with a nonablative 1540-nm Er:Glass fractional laser device in human skin. ---
94  2009 Microvesicating effects of sulfur mustard on an in vitro human skin model. BM, KC
95  2009 Possible involvement of basement membrane damage in skin photoaging. BM, MMPs
96  2009 Reflectance confocal microscopy of facial lentigo maligna and lentigo maligna melanoma: a preliminary study. LM, LMM, RCM
97  2009 Skin from various ethnic origins and aging: an in vivo cross-sectional multimodality imaging study. OCT, US
98  2009 The Caucasian and African skin types differ morphologically and functionally in their dermal component. KGF, MCP-1, MMP-1, pF, rF, TIMP-1
99  2008 Improvement of the dermal epidermal junction in human reconstructed skin by a new c-xylopyranoside derivative. C-xyloside, ECM
100  2008 Plasmin induces degradation and dysfunction of laminin 332 (laminin 5) and impaired assembly of basement membrane at the dermal-epidermal junction. BM, MMPs, SE, uPA