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Long Form : dorsomedial
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Larger Numbers of Glial and Neuronal Cells in the Periaqueductal Gray Matter of mu-Opioid Receptor Knockout Mice. DL, GFAP, Iba1, MOP-KO, PAG, VL, WT
2017 Differential timing of neurogenesis underlies dorsal-ventral topographic projection of olfactory sensory neurons. OB, OE, OSNs, VL
2017 Dissociation between two subgroups of the suprachiasmatic nucleus affected by the number of damped oscillated neurons. SCN, VL
2017 Does the grass snake (Natrix natrix) (Squamata: Serpentes: Natricinae) fit the amniotes-specific model of myogenesis? VL
2017 Functional Connectivity Pattern of the Internal Hippocampal Network in Awake Pigeons: A Resting-State fMRI Study. BOLD, DL, SL, TPO, Tr
2017 Interactions between medial prefrontal cortex and dorsomedial striatum are necessary for odor span capacity in rats: role of GluN2B-containing NMDA receptors. mPFC, OST, STR
2016 1 -Opioid receptors in the dorsomedial and ventrolateral columns of the periaqueductal grey matter are critical for the enhancement of post-ictal antinociception. i.p, PAG, PTZ, VL
2016 Activation of corticotropin releasing factor-containing neurons in the rat central amygdala and bed nucleus of the stria terminalis following exposure to two different anxiogenic stressors. BNST, CRF, DL, EPM
2016 The circadian rhythm induced by the heterogeneous network structure of the suprachiasmatic nucleus. BA, ER, NW, SCN, VL
10  2015 Activity-dependent and graded BACE1 expression in the olfactory epithelium is mediated by the retinoic acid metabolizing enzyme CYP26B1. OSN, RA, VL
11  2015 Cessation of gamma activity in the dorsomedial nucleus associated with loss of consciousness during focal seizures. MCC
12  2015 GABAA-benzodiazepine receptors in the dorsomedial (Dm) telencephalon modulate restraint-induced antinociception in the fish Leporinus macrocephalus. ---
13  2015 Resolving the organization of the territory of the third visual area: a new proposal. fMRI, V3v, VP
14  2015 Stress and fear responses in the teleost pallium. DL
15  2015 The Stimulus-Dependent Gradient of Cyp26B1+ Olfactory Sensory Neurons Is Necessary for the Functional Integrity of the Olfactory Sensory Map. ORs, OSNs, VL
16  2014 Delineation of motoneuron subgroups supplying individual eye muscles in the human oculomotor nucleus. CCN, CeN, CR, DL, EWcp, GAD, IO, LP, MR, IR, and SR, NP, SO, VEN
17  2014 Methamphetamine-induced neurotoxicity disrupts pharmacologically evoked dopamine transients in the dorsomedial and dorsolateral striatum. DA, DAT, DL, METH
18  2014 Nutritional omega-3 modulates neuronal morphology in the prefrontal cortex along with depression-related behaviour through corticosterone secretion. DL, GR, HPA, PFC, PUFA
19  2014 Relapse to cocaine-seeking after abstinence is regulated by cAMP-dependent protein kinase A in the prefrontal cortex. NAc, PFC, PKA, Rp-cAMPs, SA
20  2014 Roles of the periaqueductal gray in descending facilitatory and inhibitory controls of intramuscular hypertonic saline induced muscle nociception. DL, PAG, VL
21  2014 Time- and behavioral state-dependent changes in posterior hypothalamic GABAA receptors contribute to the regulation of sleep. PF, REMS
22  2013 High-resolution mapping of anatomical connections in marmoset extrastriate cortex reveals a complete representation of the visual field bordering dorsal V2. ---
23  2013 Relationship between size summation properties, contrast sensitivity and response latency in the dorsomedial and middle temporal areas of the primate extrastriate cortex. MT
24  2013 Synaptic activation of bulbospongiosus motoneurons via dorsal gray commissural inputs. DGC, EPSPs, IPSPs
25  2012 Altered learning and Arc-regulated consolidation of learning in striatum by methamphetamine-induced neurotoxicity. AP5, METH, NMDA
26  2012 Early postnatal migration and development of layer II pyramidal neurons in the rodent cingulate/retrosplenial cortex. ---
27  2012 Entrainment of the suprachiasmatic nucleus network by a light-dark cycle. SCN, VL
28  2012 Photic desynchronization of two subgroups of circadian oscillators in a network model of the suprachiasmatic nucleus with dispersed coupling strengths. SCN, VL
29  2012 Programmed cell death in type II neuroblast lineages is required for central complex development in the Drosophila brain. ---
30  2012 The dorsomedial suprachiasmatic nucleus times circadian expression of Kiss1 and the luteinizing hormone surge. SCN, VL
31  2011 Locations of the motor endplate band and motoneurons innervating the sternomastoid muscle in the rat. AChE, CM, HRP, MEPs, MO, SCM, SM, VL, VM
32  2010 Differential activation of pontomedullary nuclei by acid perfusion of different regions of the esophagus. AP, Cd, CE, DL, DMN, ESOc, NA, NTS, PBN, PS, VM, VN
33  2009 Circadian timing of REM sleep is coupled to an oscillator within the dorsomedial suprachiasmatic nucleus. REMS, SCN, VL
34  2009 Manganese-enhanced MRI visualizes V1 in the non-human primate visual cortex. CO, MEMRI, MT
35  2009 Postembryonic development of transit amplifying neuroblast lineages in the Drosophila brain. ---
36  2009 Protein phosphatase 2A regulates self-renewal of Drosophila neural stem cells. GMC, PAN, PP2A
37  2008 Pudendal motoneurons of the rat located in separated spinal nuclei possess nicotinic acetylcholine receptors having distinct pharmacological profiles. ACh, DL
38  2008 Reorganization of the suprachiasmatic nucleus coding for day length. LP, SCN, VL
39  2007 Auditory verbal working memory load and thalamic activation in nonpsychotic relatives of persons with schizophrenia: an fMRI replication. fMRI, WM
40  2007 Regionally selective effects of GABA on hypothalamic GABAA receptor mRNA in vitro. PF
41  2006 Anatomy of the avian hippocampal formation. DL, Ma, Tr
42  2006 The rat circadian clockwork and its photoperiodic entrainment during development. SCN, VL
43  2005 Effect of photic stimuli disturbing overt circadian rhythms on the dorsomedial and ventrolateral SCN rhythmicity. c-Fos-ir, PER1-ir, SCN, VL
44  2004 Development of circadian rhythmicity and photoperiodic response in subdivisions of the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus. SCN, VL
45  2004 Excessive testosterone treatment and castration induce reactive astrocytes and fos immunoreactivity in suprachiasmatic nucleus of mice. ETT, GFAP, IR, SCN
46  2004 Fiber connections of the hippocampal formation and septum and subdivisions of the hippocampal formation in the pigeon as revealed by tract tracing and kainic acid lesions. BDA, CTB, DL, Ma, Tr
47  2004 Seasonal molecular timekeeping within the rat circadian clock. SCN, VL
48  2003 Day-night variations in zinc sensitivity of GABAA receptor-channels in rat suprachiasmatic nucleus. GABA, SCN, VL
49  2003 Regulation of inhibitory synaptic transmission by vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) in the mouse suprachiasmatic nucleus. IPSCs, SCN, sIPSC, VIP, VL
50  2002 Decision-making processes following damage to the prefrontal cortex. DL, OBF
51  2002 Intrahippocampal connections in the pigeon (Columba livia) as revealed by stimulation evoked field potentials. A/P, DL, EFPs, HF, VL, VM
52  2002 Striatal tachykinin and enkephalin mRNAs are normalized by serotonin2 and NMDA manipulation following dopamine depletion. DA, DL, PPE, PPT
53  2001 Dorsomedial medulla is more susceptible than rostral ventrolateral medulla to hypoxic insult in cats. RVLM
54  2000 c-Fos rhythm in subdivisions of the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus under artificial and natural photoperiods. LD, SCN, VL
55  2000 Comparison of the response of motoneurons innervating perineal and hind limb muscles to spaceflight and recovery. RDL, SDH
56  2000 Effects of prolactin on expression of Fos-related antigens in tyrosine hydroxylase-immunoreactive neurons in subdivisions of the arcuate nucleus. ARC, FRA, i.c.v, IR, TH, TIDA, VL
57  2000 Spontaneous c-Fos rhythm in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus: location and effect of photoperiod. AVP, SCN
58  2000 Visual areas in lateral and ventral extrastriate cortices of the marmoset monkey. MTc, VLA, VLP
59  1999 Cellular heterogeneity in cerebral cortex: a study of the morphology of pyramidal neurones in visual areas of the marmoset monkey. DA, DL, MT, PP
60  1999 The avian hippocampal formation: subdivisions and connectivity. DL, HP, NOS
61  1998 Differences in the intrinsic membrane characteristics of parabrachial nucleus neurons processing gustatory and visceral information. DL, PBN, VM
62  1998 Odorant response properties of convergent olfactory receptor neurons. DL, OB, ORNs
63  1998 Role of frontal cortex in social odor discrimination and scent-marking in female golden hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus). ORB/AI
64  1998 Spike responses of sympathetic vertebral nerve activities during stimulation of the pressor dorsomedial and rostral ventrolateral medulla differ in cats. Int. VNA, LL, SAP, UL, VNA
65  1997 Attenuation of cardiovascular reactions of vocalized and non-vocalized defence areas of periaqueductal grey following lesions in dorsomedial or ventrolateral medulla of cats. PAG, PR, SAP, VLM
66  1997 Glycine increases arterial pressure and augments NMDA-induced pressor responses in the dorsomedial and ventrolateral medulla of cats. Gly, NMDA, RVLM, SAP, VNA
67  1997 Serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine transporter mRNAs: heterogeneity of distribution and response to 'binge' cocaine administration. DL, DR, IF, LC, MR, PBP, VM, VTA-SN
68  1996 A panencephalopathic type of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease with selective lesions of the thalamic nuclei in 2 Swiss patients. AV, CJD
69  1996 Descending pressor pathways from the dorsomedial and ventrolateral medulla of cats. DLF, Glu, IML, LTF
70  1996 Glycine produced pressor responses when microinjected in the pressor areas of pons and medulla in cats. FTG-FTL, LC-PBN, SAP, VNA
71  1996 Perineuronal microglial reactivity following proximal and distal axotomy of rat rubrospinal neurons. VL
72  1996 Topographic patterns of V2 cortical connections in macaque monkeys. DI, FST, FSTd, MST, MT, TEO
73  1995 Carbachol, glycine and gamma aminobutyric acid also activate cardiovascular neurons of pontomedulla responsive to glutamate. CVLM, FTG-FTL, PRN, SAP
74  1995 Comparative aspects of forebrain organization in the ray-finned fishes: touchstones or not? DD, DL, DP
75  1995 Differences in the connectivity of rat pudendal motor nuclei as revealed by retrograde transneuronal transport of wheat germ agglutinin. DL
76  1995 Localization of gliosis in the corpus striatum of mice following cortical lesions. DL, GFAP
77  1994 Activation of neurons in cardiovascular areas of cat brain stem affects spinal reflexes. DIC, RP, SAP
78  1994 Distinct sites of dopaminergic and glutamatergic regulation of haloperidol-induced catalepsy within the rat caudate-putamen. CP, DA, DL, NMDA, VL, VM
79  1994 Motor neurons in Onuf's nucleus and its rat homologues express the p75 nerve growth factor receptor: sexual dimorphism and regulation by axotomy. CRE, DL
80  1994 Transient and permanent patterns of expression of the low-affinity neurotrophin receptor in the interpeduncular nucleus of the rat. IPN, LANR
81  1993 Connections of visual areas of the upper temporal lobe of owl monkeys: the MT crescent and dorsal and ventral subdivisions of FST. FST, MST, MT, VPP
82  1992 Abnormal sympathetic skin responses in thalamic lesions. SSRs
83  1991 Lineage of neurons and glia in chick dorsal root ganglia: analysis in vivo with a recombinant retrovirus. VL
84  1991 Long-term behavioral and biochemical effects of 6-hydroxydopamine injections in rat caudate-putamen. CPu, DA, DL, SNpc, VL, VM, VTA
85  1991 Pudendal motor and premotor neurons in the male rat: a WGA transneuronal study. ---
86  1991 Selective fimbria and thalamic lesions differentially impair forms of working memory in rats. CM-Pf, FR
87  1990 Age-related changes in striatal dopamine D2 receptor binding in weaver mice and effects of ventral mesencephalic grafts. Ac, DA, DL, VL
88  1990 Comparative cytoarchitectonics of the parabrachial nuclear complex in mammals. DL, PBNC, Ve
89  1990 Motoneurons innervating the external anal and urethral sphincters of the female cat have different patterns of dendritic arborization. CT-HRP, MNs, PGNs, SPN, VL
90  1989 Stereotypies elicited by injection of N-propylnorapomorphine into striatal subregions and nucleus accumbens. DA, DL, EEDQ, NA, NPA
91  1989 [Effects of morphine and diazepam pretreatment on immobilization stress-induced increase of serotonin metabolism in discrete brain areas of the rat]. 5-HIAA, ARC-ME, FCM, FCP, PM
92  1987 Effects of nerve growth factor on sensory neurons in the chick embryo: a stereological study. VL
93  1987 Parabrachial nuclear complex in the rat (nuclei parabrachiales and nucleus Koelliker-Fuse). Detailed cytoarchitectonic division and connections compared. DL, Ve
94  1986 Morphological features of identified trigeminocerebellar projection neurons in the border zone of rat trigeminal nucleus oralis. BZ, HRP
95  1986 The organization of the pudendal nerve in the male and female rat. DAPI, DL, FB, HRP
96  1985 The dorsomedial portion of trigeminal nucleus oralis (Vo) in the rat: cytology and projections to the cerebellum. CDM, HRP, MDM, PML, RDM
97  1983 Influence of nerve growth factor on developing dorso-medial and ventro-lateral neurons of chick and mouse trigeminal ganglia. NGF, VL
98  1983 Tonotopic representation and space map in the non-primary auditory cortex of the mustached bat. BAZ, BEL, BF, VP
99  1981 Peripheral reinnervation patterns and dorsal root ganglion cell topography in skin-grafted Rana pipiens frogs. DL
100  1981 Visual response properties of neurons in four extrastriate visual areas of the owl monkey (Aotus trivirgatus): a quantitative comparison of medial, dorsomedial, dorsolateral, and middle temporal areas. DL, MT