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Abbreviation : DMFT
Long Form : dynamical mean-field theory
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 ABINIT: Overview and focus on selected capabilities. DFPT, PAWs
2020 Bethe-Salpeter Equation at the Critical End Point of the Mott Transition. ---
2020 Efficient Formulation of Ab Initio Quantum Embedding in Periodic Systems: Dynamical Mean-Field Theory. ---
2020 Evolution of the Kondo lattice electronic structure above the transport coherence temperature. ARPES, CEF
2020 Extended Falicov-Kimball model: Hartree-Fock vs DMFT approach. HFA
2020 ONETEP + TOSCAM: Uniting Dynamical Mean Field Theory and Linear-Scaling Density Functional Theory. DFT
2019 Electronic correlations in dense iron: from moderate pressure to Earth's core conditions. EIC
2019 Low dimensions electron localization in the beyond real space super cell approximation. CPA, DCA, FBZ
2019 Nonequilibrium Steady States in Fluid Transport through Mesopores: Dynamic Mean Field Theory and Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics. GCMD
10  2018 A comparison of dynamic mean field theory and grand canonical molecular dynamics for the dynamics of pore filling and capillary condensation of fluids in mesopores. GCMD
11  2018 A unified and efficient theory for the structural properties of actinides and phases of plutonium. DFT, GGA
12  2018 Emergence of Kondo Resonance in Graphene Intercalated with Cerium. ARPES, Ce
13  2017 Coulomb correlations in 4d and 5d oxides from first principles-or how spin-orbit materials choose their effective orbital degeneracies. ---
14  2017 Doublon-Holon Origin of the Subpeaks at the Hubbard Band Edges. ---
15  2017 Dramatically Enhanced Superconductivity in Elemental Bismuth from Excitonic Fluctuation Exchange. TB
16  2017 Localized-itinerant dichotomy and unconventional magnetism in SrRu2O6. DFT
17  2017 Metal-Insulator Transition and Topological Properties of Pyrochlore Iridates. DFT
18  2017 Nonadiabatic exchange-correlation kernel for strongly correlated materials. fs, TDDFT
19  2016 Local electron-electron interaction strength in ferromagnetic nickel determined by spin-polarized positron annihilation. LSDA
20  2016 Non-linear quantum-classical scheme to simulate non-equilibrium strongly correlated fermionic many-body dynamics. ---
21  2016 Paramagnetic properties of Fe-Mn and Fe-V alloys: a DMFT study. CPA
22  2015 Dynamical Mean-Field Theory Plus Numerical Renormalization-Group Study of Spin-Orbital Separation in a Three-Band Hund Metal. ---
23  2015 Reliability of the one-crossing approximation in describing the Mott transition. OCA, QMC
24  2015 [Correlation between children's dental decay and the contents of saliva CCL28 and secretory immunoglobulin A]. sIgA
25  2014 Dynamic mean field theory for lattice gas models of fluids confined in porous materials: higher order theory based on the Bethe-Peierls and path probability method approximations. PPM
26  2014 Investigation of real materials with strong electronic correlations by the LDA+DMFT method. LDA, MIT
27  2014 Odd-parity triplet superconducting phase in multiorbital materials with a strong spin-orbit coupling: application to doped Sr₂IrO₄. CTQMC, SOC
28  2013 Atomically resolved spectroscopic study of Sr2IrO4: experiment and theory. DFT, STM/S, TN
29  2013 Dynamic mean field theory for lattice gas models of fluid mixtures confined in mesoporous materials. ---
30  2013 Dynamics of capillary condensation in lattice gas models of confined fluids: a comparison of dynamic mean field theory with dynamic Monte Carlo simulations. DMC
31  2013 Nonequilibrium dynamical mean-field theory: an auxiliary quantum master equation approach. ---
32  2013 Quasi-continuous-time impurity solver for the dynamical mean-field theory with linear scaling in the inverse temperature. ---
33  2012 Advantages of mass-imbalanced ultracold fermionic mixtures for approaching quantum magnetism in optical lattices. ---
34  2012 Dynamical mean-field theory for molecules and nanostructures. DFT
35  2012 Effect of spin-orbit coupling on the actinide dioxides AnO2 (An=Th, Pa, U, Np, Pu, and Am): a screened hybrid density functional study. HSE, SIC, SOC
36  2012 Quantum critical phase and Lifshitz transition in an extended periodic Anderson model. ---
37  2012 Temperature and bath size in exact diagonalization dynamical mean field theory. ---
38  2011 Critical properties of the half-filled Hubbard model in three dimensions. ---
39  2011 Dynamical mean-field theory from a quantum chemical perspective. ---
40  2011 Fast multi-orbital equation of motion impurity solver for dynamical mean field theory. EOMs
41  2011 Size control of charge-orbital order in half-doped manganite La0.5Ca0.5MnO3. DFT
42  2010 CeFePO: f-d hybridization and quenching of superconductivity. LDA
43  2009 Dynamical self-arrest in symmetric and asymmetric diblock copolymer melts using a replica approach within a local theory. ---
44  2008 Bandstructure meets many-body theory: the LDA+DMFT method. DFT
45  2008 Cluster dynamical mean field theory of the Mott transition. ---
46  2008 Electronic coherence in delta-Pu: a dynamical mean-field theory study. ---
47  2008 Non-Fermi-liquid behavior in the periodic anderson model. ---
48  2008 Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Theory meets Industry (Erwin-Schrodinger-Institute (ESI), Vienna, Austria, 12-14 June 2007). DFT, ESF, ESI, VASP
49  2007 Band calculations for 4f systems based on the dynamical mean field theory. CFS, SOI
50  2006 Can correlations drive a band insulator metallic? ---
51  2004 Cluster dynamical mean field analysis of the mott transition. ---
52  2003 Orbital switching and the first-order insulator-metal transition in paramagnetic V2O3. LDA, MIT
53  2002 Compressibility divergence and the finite temperature Mott transition. ---
54  2001 Mott-hubbard metal-insulator transition in paramagnetic V2O3: an LDA+DMFT(QMC) study. LDA, QMC
55  2000 Effect of long range coulomb interactions on the mott transition ---