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Abbreviation : DMN
Long Form : default mode network
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Identification of first-episode unmedicated major depressive disorder using pretreatment features of dominant coactivation patterns. dCAP, HCs, MDD
2020 "Would You Allow Your Wife to Dress in a Miniskirt to the Party"? : Batterers Do Not Activate Default Mode Network During Moral Decisions About Intimate Partner Violence. CSI, fMRI, GV, IPV
2020 6 Hz transcranial alternating current stimulation of mPFC improves sustained attention and modulates alpha phase synchronization and power in dorsal attention network. CSD, DAN, mPFC, PLV, PSD, RVIP, tACS
2020 A bayesian approach to examining default mode network functional connectivity and cognitive performance in major depressive disorder. RSFC, saFC
2020 A gradient from long-term memory to novel cognition: Transitions through default mode and executive cortex. ---
2020 A Longitudinal Study of Changes in Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Functional Connectivity Networks During Healthy Aging. FN, FPN, FSL, SN
2020 A Novel Individual Metabolic Brain Network for 18F-FDG PET Imaging. AD, NCs, NDS
2020 A positive shift in resting-state functional connectivity between the insula and default mode network regions reflects the duration of illness in gambling disorder patients without lifetime substance abuse. GD, HC, RSFC
2020 A Review of Default Mode Network Connectivity and Its Association With Social Cognition in Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorder and Early-Onset Psychosis. ASD, EOP
10  2020 A review of hippocampal activation in post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD, SN
11  2020 Aberrant default mode network and auditory network underlying the sympathetic skin response of the penis (PSSR) of patients with premature ejaculation: a resting-state fMRI study. AN, AUD, fMRI, HC, nsPE, PE, ReHo, sPE
12  2020 Aberrant executive control networks and default mode network in patients with right-sided temporal lobe epilepsy: a functional and effective connectivity study. ANT, EC, ECNs, FC, GCA, HCs, ICA, IPG, MOG, MTG, rTLE, STG
13  2020 Aberrant functional connectivity in resting state networks of ADHD patients revealed by independent component analysis. DAN, ECN, RSNs, SN, TDC
14  2020 Aberrant posterior cingulate connectivity classify first-episode schizophrenia from controls: A machine learning study. FC, FES, HC, PCC
15  2020 Abnormal default-mode network homogeneity and its correlations with neurocognitive deficits in drug-naive first-episode adolescent-onset schizophrenia. AOS, mPFC, NH, SCZ
16  2020 Abnormal dynamic functional network connectivity in unmedicated bipolar and major depressive disorders based on the triple-network model. BD, CEN, dFNC, MDD, rCEN
17  2020 Abnormal dynamic resting-state brain network organization in auditory verbal hallucination. AVH
18  2020 Abnormal functional connectivity and degree centrality in anterior cingulate cortex in patients with long-term sensorineural hearing loss. ACC, AN, CON, DC, SNHL
19  2020 Abnormal functional connectivity strength in first-episode, drug-naive adult patients with major depressive disorder. FCS, HCs, MADRS, MDD, MRI, PCC, PFC
20  2020 Absence of default mode downregulation in response to a mild psychological stressor marks stress-vulnerability across diverse psychiatric disorders. FPN, SN
21  2020 Accelerated Cognitive Ageing in epilepsy: exploring the effective connectivity between resting-state networks and its relation to cognitive decline. ACA, DAN, FPL, GC, PASA, VAN
22  2020 Acute cognitive deficits after traumatic brain injury predict Alzheimer's disease-like degradation of the human default mode network. AD, fMRI, ML, mTBI, TBI
23  2020 Affect and Arousal in Insomnia: Through a Lens of Neuroimaging Studies. SN
24  2020 Age-related differences in brain activation during working memory updating: An fMRI study. ---
25  2020 Age-related structural and functional variations in 5,967 individuals across the adult lifespan. FNC, FP, GMV, RSNs, SNC
26  2020 All roads lead to the default-mode network-global source of DMN abnormalities in major depressive disorder. DC, GSCORR, MDD, RSFC
27  2020 Alpha frequency rTMS modulates theta lagged nonlinear connectivity in dorsal attention network. CSD, DAN, DLPFC, EEG, FC, IPL, rTMS, RVIP
28  2020 Alterations in intra- and internetwork functional connectivity associated with levetiracetam treatment in temporal lobe epilepsy. DAN, fMRI, lECN, LEV, TLE
29  2020 Alterations of local functional connectivity in lifespan: A resting-state fMRI study. BGN, CamCAN, FOCA, lFCD, SMN, VN
30  2020 Alterations of Spontaneous Brain Activity in Hemodialysis Patients. ALFF, ESRD
31  2020 Altered brain function and clinical features in patients with first-episode, drug naive major depressive disorder: A resting-state fMRI study. ALFF, FAST, MCCB, MDD, ReHo
32  2020 Altered core networks of brain connectivity and personality traits in internet gaming disorder. CEN, DLPFC, HCs, IGD, SN
33  2020 Altered Default Mode Network and Salience Network Functional Connectivity in Patients with Generalized Anxiety Disorders: An ICA-Based Resting-State fMRI Study. FC, GAD, HAM-A, rs-fMRI, SN
34  2020 Altered default mode network functional connectivity in individuals with co-occurrence of schizotypy and obsessive-compulsive traits. ECN, LT, OCT, SCT, SOT
35  2020 Altered dynamic effective connectivity of the default mode network in newly diagnosed drug-naive juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. DEC, FC, JME
36  2020 Altered Dynamic Neural Activity in the Default Mode Network in Lung Cancer Patients After Chemotherapy. ALFF, dALFF, dReHo, MoCA, ReHo, rs-fMRI
37  2020 Altered Effective Connectivity of Bilateral Hippocampus in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. EC, HC, LHIP, MoCA, RHIP, T2DM
38  2020 Altered Global Brain Functional Connectivity in Drug-Naive Patients With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. ECN, FC, GFC, HCs, OCD
39  2020 Altered gray matter structural covariance networks at both acute and chronic stages of mild traumatic brain injury. amTBI, cmTBI, ECN, FC, GMV, mTBI, SC, SMN, SN, VN
40  2020 Altered neural substrates within cognitive networks of postpartum women during working memory process and resting-state. fMRI, rs, TPN
41  2020 Altered Patterns of Phase Position Connectivity in Default Mode Subnetwork of Subjective Cognitive Decline and Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment. AD, aDMN, aMCI, FG, HC, MFGOP, pDMN, PPC, SCD, SCL, SFG, SFGMP, SPL, STGTP
42  2020 Altered resting-state functional connectivity in young children at familial high risk for psychotic illness: A preliminary study. CON, FHR, MVPA
43  2020 Altered Resting-State Functional Connectivity of Multiple Networks and Disrupted Correlation With Executive Function in Major Depressive Disorder. CEN, FC, LS, MDD, NCs, rs-fMRI, SN
44  2020 Altered Temporal Organization of Brief Spontaneous Brain Activities in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease. AD, CAP, fMRI, MCI
45  2020 Altered Time-Frequency Feature in Default Mode Network of Autism Based on Improved Hilbert-Huang Transform. ACC, ASD, fMRI, HC, HHT, HWF, mPFC, PCC
46  2020 Altruistic Punishment and Impulsivity in Parkinson's Disease: A Social Neuroscience Perspective. PD
47  2020 Anterior insular network disconnection and cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease. ACC, BC, FC, FPN, PD
48  2020 Antidepressants normalize brain flexibility associated with multi-dimensional symptoms in major depressive patients. CCN, MDD, MRI
49  2020 Anxiety Disorders and the Brain's Resting State Networks: From Altered Spatiotemporal Synchronization to Psychopathological Symptoms. GAD, PD, RSFC, SAD, SMN, SN
50  2020 APOE epsilon4 and resting-state functional connectivity in racially/ethnically diverse older adults. APOE, RSFC
51  2020 APOE4 moderates effects of cortical iron on synchronized default mode network activity in cognitively healthy old-aged adults. APOE4, MMSE, MRI
52  2020 Approaching altered inhibitory control in phenylketonuria: A functional MRI study with a Go-NoGo task in young female adults. CCN, fMRI, PKU
53  2020 Association between the Onset of Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Symptoms and Reduced Default Mode Network Connectivity. AVIM, iNPH, NC, PCC, SUVR, VOI
54  2020 Association of ovarian hormones with mapping concept of self and others in the brain's default mode network. mPFC-ITG, SAS
55  2020 Associations between Brain Structural Damage and Core Muscle Loss in Patients with Parkinson's Disease. GMV, PD, ROI, VBM
56  2020 Associations between resting-state functional connectivity and treatment response in a randomized clinical trial for posttraumatic stress disorder. DAN, fMRI, PCC, PE, PTSD, ROI, RSFC, SN
57  2020 Asymmetric tumor-related alterations of network-specific intrinsic functional connectivity in glioma patients. FPN, IDH, rs-fMRI, RSFC
58  2020 Attentional Connectivity-based Prediction of Autism Using Heterogeneous rs-fMRI Data from CC200 Atlas. ABIDE, ASD, fMRI, TC
59  2020 Atypical Dynamic-Connectivity Recruitment in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Children: An Insight Into Task-Based Dynamic Connectivity Through an fNIRS Study. ADHD, FC, fNIRS, GNG, TD
60  2020 Blue light exposure enhances neural efficiency of the task positive network during a cognitive interference task. MSIT, TPN
61  2020 Brain activation patterns associated with paragraph learning in persons with multiple sclerosis: The MEMREHAB trial. ECN, LAN, MS, mSMT
62  2020 Brain connectivity and cognitive functioning in individuals six months after multiorgan failure. FC, HC, ICU, MOF, MRI
63  2020 Brain functional connectivity upon awakening from sleep predicts inter-individual differences in dream recall frequency. ---
64  2020 Brain functional network alterations caused by a strong desire to void in healthy adults: a graph theory analysis study. AAL, BG, Eloc, FC, FDR, fMRI, GTA, SMN, VN
65  2020 Brain Network Connectivity and Association with Catechol-O-Methyltransferase Gene Polymorphism in Korean Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Children. ADHD, COMT, DAT, FC, HCs
66  2020 Brain network interactions in transgender individuals with gender incongruence. ECN, SN
67  2020 Brain Network Modularity During a Sustained Working-Memory Task. BOLD, TPNs, WM
68  2020 Brain Resting-State Network Alterations Associated With Crohn's Disease. CD, CER, FC, FP, HC, IBD, ICA, ROI, SN, VBM, VIS
69  2020 Brain-Heart Interactions Underlying Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Meditation. EEG
70  2020 Callous-unemotional traits and reduced default mode network connectivity within a community sample of children. ABCD, CU
71  2020 Cardiorespiratory fitness predicts effective connectivity between the hippocampus and default mode network nodes in young adults. CGCA, CRF, HC
72  2020 Changes in Brain Function and Structure After Self-Administered Home Photobiomodulation Treatment in a Concussion Case. LEDs, NIR, PBM, TBI
73  2020 Changes in gray matter volume and functional connectivity in dementia with Lewy bodies compared to Alzheimer's disease and normal aging: implications for fluctuations. AD, DAN, DLB, FPN, SN
74  2020 Changes in the topological organization of the default mode network in autism spectrum disorder. ASD, FC, HC
75  2020 Chemotherapy-induced functional changes of the default mode network in patients with lung cancer. ACC, FC, fMRI, IPL, mPFC, PCC, PoCG
76  2020 Cholinergic Modulation of the Default Mode Like Network in Rats. DMLN
77  2020 Classifying heterogeneous presentations of PTSD via the default mode, central executive, and salience networks with machine learning. CEN, ICNs, PTSD, SN
78  2020 Closed-Loop Frontal Midlinetheta Neurofeedback: A Novel Approach for Training Focused-Attention Meditation. FMTheta
79  2020 Cognitive Networks Disarrangement in Patients With Migraine Predicts Cutaneous Allodynia. CA, CC, CEN, FC, HC, MwoA, MwoA d CA, MwoA nd CA, SN, TBSS, VBM
80  2020 Conceptual Closure Elicited by Event Boundary Transitions Affects Commercial Communication Effectiveness. SST
81  2020 Connectivity within the default mode network mediates the association between chronotype and sleep quality. mPFC
82  2020 Constructing large-scale cortical brain networks from scalp EEG with Bayesian nonnegative matrix factorization. Bayesian NMF, EEG, fMRI, ICA, PVN, SMN, SRN, VN
83  2020 Context-dependent dynamic functional connectivity alteration of lateral occipital cortex in schizophrenia. FPTC, LOC
84  2020 Contributions of Cerebro-Cerebellar Default Mode Connectivity Patterns to Memory Performance in Mild Cognitive Impairment. AD, aMCI
85  2020 Cross-modal plasticity in adult single-sided deafness revealed by alpha band resting-state functional connectivity. MEG, PCC, SSD
86  2020 Cross-network interaction for diagnosis of major depressive disorder based on resting state functional connectivity. CEN, MDD, MVPA, SN, VN
87  2020 Cumulative Risk on Oxytocin-Pathway Genes Impairs Default Mode Network Connectivity in Trauma-Exposed Youth. MEG
88  2020 Dark control: The default mode network as a reinforcement learning agent. ---
89  2020 Default mode network activity in bipolar disorder. BD
90  2020 Default mode network alterations after intermittent theta burst stimulation in healthy subjects. AI, dACC, DLPFC, FC, HA, iTBS
91  2020 Default Mode Network Analysis of APOE Genotype in Cognitively Unimpaired Subjects Based on Persistent Homology. APOE
92  2020 Default mode network changes in fibromyalgia patients are largely dependent on current clinical pain. FM, INS
93  2020 Default mode network connections supporting intra-individual variability in typically developing primary school children: An EEG study. RT
94  2020 Default Mode Network Connectivity and Social Dysfunction in Major Depressive Disorder. FWE, MDD, TFCE
95  2020 Default mode network connectivity change corresponds to ketamine's delayed glutamatergic effects. dmPFC, fALFF, FC, PCC, pgACC
96  2020 Default mode network connectivity is related to pain frequency and intensity in adolescents. ---
97  2020 Default mode network integrity changes contribute to cognitive deficits in subcortical vascular cognitive impairment, no dementia. DTI, FA, MD, VCIND
98  2020 Default mode network modulation by mentalizing in young adults with autism spectrum disorder or schizophrenia. ASD, mPFC, MTR, PCC, TPJ
99  2020 Default-mode network streams for coupling to language and control systems. RSFC
100  2020 Deficits in Spontaneous Cognition as an Early Marker of Alzheimer's Disease. AD