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Abbreviation : DMR
Long Form : dynamic mass redistribution
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Label-free dynamic mass redistribution analysis of endogenous adrenergic receptor signaling in primary preadipocytes and differentiated adipocytes. CTX, GPCRs, ISO, PE
2018 Adenosine A2A receptor ligand recognition and signaling is blocked by A2B receptors. AR, BiFC, BRET, FRET, PLA
2018 Angiotensin (1-7) does not interact directly with MAS1, but can potently antagonize signaling from the AT1 receptor. RAEC
2018 Label-Free Whole Cell Biosensing for High-Throughput Discovery of Activators and Inhibitors Targeting G Protein-Activated Inwardly Rectifying Potassium Channels. CDS
2018 NOP receptor pharmacological profile - A dynamic mass redistribution study. CHO, N/OFQ, PTX
2018 Overexpression of Na+/Mg2+ exchanger SLC41A1 attenuates pro-survival signaling. FFS, IMH, PRSA, WB
2018 Pharmacological profile of the neuropeptide S receptor: Dynamic mass redistribution studies. HEK293mNPSR, NPS, NPSR
2018 Plasminogen binding inhibitors demonstrate unwanted activities on GABAA and glycine receptors in human iPSC derived neurons. hiPSC, PBIs, TXA
2018 Pro-Angiogenic Effects of Latent Heparanase and Thrombin Receptor-Mediated Pathways-Do They Share a Common Ground in Melanoma Cells? Cyr61, HPSE, HS, PAR-1, TRAP-6, VEGF
10  2018 SAR Studies of N-[2-(1H-Tetrazol-5-yl)phenyl]benzamide Derivatives as Potent G Protein-Coupled Receptor-35 Agonists. GPR35
11  2017 A novel label-free cell-based assay technology using biolayer interferometry. BLI, cBLI, EGFR
12  2017 Holistic Methods for the Analysis of cNMP Effects. cNMPs
13  2017 Label-Free Dynamic Mass Redistribution and Bio-Impedance Methods for Drug Discovery. CDS
14  2017 Label-Free Dynamic Mass Redistribution Reveals Low-Density, Prosurvival alpha1B-Adrenergic Receptors in Human SW480 Colon Carcinoma Cells. GPCRs
15  2017 Label-free pharmacological profiling based on dynamic mass redistribution for characterization and authentication of hazardous natural products. BTPP, DF
16  2017 The human VGF-derived bioactive peptide TLQP-21 binds heat shock 71 kDa protein 8 (HSPA8)on the surface of SH-SY5Y cells. HSPA8, HSPA8
17  2016 AZD8797 is an allosteric non-competitive modulator of the human CX3CR1 receptor. HWB
18  2016 Label-free cell phenotypic profiling and pathway deconvolution of neurotensin receptor-1. NT, NTS1
19  2016 Label-free versus conventional cellular assays: Functional investigations on the human histamine H1 receptor. ECIS, H1R
20  2015 Identification of amino acids that are selectively involved in Gi/o activation by rat melanin-concentrating hormone receptor 1. GPCRs, MCHR1
21  2015 Label-free biosensor assays in GPCR screening. GPCRs
22  2015 Label-free functional selectivity assays. beta2AR, GPCRs
23  2015 New functional activity of aripiprazole revealed: Robust antagonism of D2 dopamine receptor-stimulated Gbetagamma signaling. GPCR
24  2015 Partial agonist activity of R3(BDelta23-27)R/I5 at RXFP3--investigation of in vivo and in vitro pharmacology. DIO, i.c.v, RXFP3
25  2014 A comparison of assay performance between the calcium mobilization and the dynamic mass redistribution technologies for the human urotensin receptor. UII, UT
26  2014 Divergent label-free cell phenotypic pharmacology of ligands at the overexpressed beta₂-adrenergic receptors. beta2AR, GFP
27  2014 Dynamic mass redistribution analysis of endogenous beta-adrenergic receptor signaling in neonatal rat cardiac fibroblasts. beta-AR, EGFR, NRCF
28  2014 Label-free cell phenotypic profiling decodes the composition and signaling of an endogenous ATP-sensitive potassium channel. ---
29  2014 Label-free cell-based dynamic mass redistribution assays. ---
30  2013 A label-free optical biosensor with microfluidics identifies an intracellular signalling wave mediated through the beta(2)-adrenergic receptor. beta2AR, GPCR
31  2013 Label-free cell phenotypic assessment of the biased agonism and efficacy of agonists at the endogenous muscarinic M3 receptors. ---
32  2013 Label-free integrative pharmacology on-target of opioid ligands at the opioid receptor family. iPOT
33  2013 Pro-fibrotic processes in human lung fibroblasts are driven by an autocrine/paracrine endothelinergic system. ET, HLF, phLFb
34  2013 Succinate receptor GPR91, a Galpha(i) coupled receptor that increases intracellular calcium concentrations through PLCbeta. cAMP, PTX
35  2012 Anti-inflammatory gallic Acid and wedelolactone are G protein-coupled receptor-35 agonists. GPR35
36  2012 Development of a label-free assay for sodium-dependent phosphate transporter NaPi-IIb. ---
37  2012 Differential signaling by splice variants of the human free fatty acid receptor GPR120. ---
38  2012 Dynamic mass redistribution assay decodes differentiation of a neural progenitor stem cell. ---
39  2012 Dynamic mass redistribution assays decode surface influence on signaling of endogenous purinergic P2Y receptors. ECM, P2Y
40  2012 Label-free phenotypic profiling identified D-luciferin as a GPR35 agonist. GPR35
41  2012 Multiple tyrosine metabolites are GPR35 agonists. ---
42  2012 Probing biochemical mechanisms of action of muscarinic M3 receptor antagonists with label-free whole cell assays. ---
43  2011 Applying label-free dynamic mass redistribution technology to frame signaling of G protein-coupled receptors noninvasively in living cells. ---
44  2011 Discovery of 2-(4-methylfuran-2(5H)-ylidene)malononitrile and thieno[3,2-b]thiophene-2-carboxylic acid derivatives as G protein-coupled receptor 35 (GPR35) agonists. GPR35
45  2011 Dynamic mass redistribution as a means to measure and differentiate signaling via opioid and cannabinoid receptors. ---
46  2011 Label-free integrative pharmacology on-target of drugs at the beta(2)-adrenergic receptor. iPOT
47  2011 Ligand-directed functional selectivity at the mu opioid receptor revealed by label-free integrative pharmacology on-target. iPOT, MOR
48  2011 Tyrphostin analogs are GPR35 agonists. ---
49  2010 Deconvolution of complex G protein-coupled receptor signaling in live cells using dynamic mass redistribution measurements. ---
50  2010 Live cell optical sensing for high throughput applications. ---
51  2009 An optical dynamic mass redistribution assay reveals biased signaling of dualsteric GPCR activators. GPCRs
52  2009 Distinct growth factor-induced dynamic mass redistribution (DMR) profiles for monitoring oncogenic signaling pathways in various cancer cells. EGF
53  2009 Meeting review: a summary of the Label-Free Summit. ---
54  2009 Real-time quantitation of viral replication and inhibitor potency using a label-free optical biosensor. ---
55  2008 Evaluation of dynamic mass redistribution technology for pharmacological studies of recombinant and endogenously expressed g protein-coupled receptors. GPCR
56  2007 Non-invasive optical biosensor for assaying endogenous G protein-coupled receptors in adherent cells. GPCRs, RWG
57  2007 Optical biosensor differentiates signaling of endogenous PAR1 and PAR2 in A431 cells. PAR1, PARs, RWG
58  2006 Cellular functions of cholesterol probed with optical biosensors. EGF, MAP, MbetaCD, PI3K, PKA, PKC, RWG
59  2006 Resonant waveguide grating biosensor for living cell sensing. RWG
60  2005 Characteristics of dynamic mass redistribution of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling in living cells measured with label-free optical biosensors. EGF
61  2005 Optical biosensors for monitoring dynamic mass redistribution in living cells mediated by epidermal growth factor receptor activation. EGF, EGFR, MAP, RWG