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Abbreviation : DMs
Long Form : double minute chromosomes
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Sei-1 promotes double minute chromosomes formation through activation of the PI3K/Akt/BRCA1-Abraxas pathway and induces double-strand breaks in NIH-3T3 fibroblasts. DSB
2016 Met promotes the formation of double minute chromosomes induced by Sei-1 in NIH-3T3 murine fibroblasts. aCGH, FISH, MN
2015 Association between sister chromatid exchange and double minute chromosomes in human tumor cells. SCE
2015 Constitutive ERK1/2 activation contributes to production of double minute chromosomes in tumour cells. MAPK
2015 Ribosomal L22-like1 (RPL22L1) Promotes Ovarian Cancer Metastasis by Inducing Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition. EMT, OC
2015 Successful treatment of both double minute of C-MYC and BCL-2 rearrangement containing large B-cell lymphoma with subsequent unfortunate development of therapy-related acute myeloid leukemia with t(3;3)(q26.2;q21). AML, t-AML
2014 Expulsion of micronuclei containing amplified genes contributes to a decrease in double minute chromosomes from malignant tumor cells. ---
2011 Frequency of double minute chromosomes and combined cytogenetic abnormalities and their characteristics. PCA
2011 Frequent incidence of double minute chromosomes in cancers, with special up-to-date reference to leukemia. ---
10  2006 Double minute chromosomes in mouse methotrexate-resistant cells studied by atomic force microscopy. AFM, PCCs
11  2003 [Application of atomic force microscopy in the study of morphology of double minute chromosomes]. AFM, MTX
12  2002 Medico-genetic and cytogenetic investigation in family with high predisposition to diffuse intestine polyposis. GIT, LIDP, LIMP, RC
13  2002 [Clinical and cytogenetic investigation of a family with high predisposition for intestinal polyps]. DPLI
14  2001 Towards a dynamical approach for the simulation of large scale, cancer correlated chromatin structures. ICD
15  2000 The dynamics of acentric chromosomes in cancer cells revealed by GFP-based chromosome labeling strategies. ---
16  1999 Differential sensitivity of double minute chromosomes to hydroxyurea treatment in cultured methotrexate-resistant mouse cells. DHFR, HU
17  1998 Amplification of c-myc, K-sam, and c-met in gastric cancers: detection by fluorescence in situ hybridization. FISH, HSR
18  1998 Chromosome breakpoints near CpG islands in double minutes. DHFR, Mb, MTX
19  1998 CpG islands and double-minute chromosomes. ---
20  1998 Histone-GFP fusion protein enables sensitive analysis of chromosome dynamics in living mammalian cells. GFP
21  1998 Resistance to adriamycin in human chronic promyeloleukemia line K562 correlates with directed genome destabilization--amplification of MDR1 gene and nonrandom changes in karyotype structure. ADM, HSR
22  1998 Selective entrapment of extrachromosomally amplified DNA by nuclear budding and micronucleation during S phase. ---
23  1997 20q gain associates with immortalization: 20q13.2 amplification correlates with genome instability in human papillomavirus 16 E7 transformed human uroepithelial cells. CGH, ECRs, HPV-16, HUC
24  1996 Selective capture of acentric fragments by micronuclei provides a rapid method for purifying extrachromosomally amplified DNA. ---
25  1995 Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) detection of MYCN oncogene amplification in neuroblastoma using paraffin-embedded tissues. FISH, HSRs, PCR
26  1994 Induction of differentiation in HL60 cells by the reduction of extrachromosomally amplified c-myc. HSRs, HU
27  1994 Use of chromosome microdissection, the polymerase chain reaction, and dot blot hybridization to analyze double minute chromosomes. ABRs, MDR, PCR
28  1993 CpG island mapping of a mouse double-minute chromosome. DHFR
29  1993 Structure and organization of amplified DNA on double minutes containing the mdm2 oncogene. CHEF
30  1992 Characterization of an immortalized human cell line derived from neonatal foreskin diploid fibroblasts. HPV, PCR
31  1992 Detection of amplified DNA sequences in human tumor cell lines by fluorescence in situ hybridization. FISH, IARs
32  1992 Double minute chromosomes carrying the human multidrug resistance 1 and 2 genes are generated from the dimerization of submicroscopic circular DNAs in colchicine-selected KB carcinoma cells. MDR, PFGE
33  1992 Elimination of extrachromosomally amplified MYC genes from human tumor cells reduces their tumorigenicity. ---
34  1992 Molecular structure and evolution of double-minute chromosomes in methotrexate-resistant cultured mouse cells. DHFR, MTX
35  1991 N-myc and c-myc oncogenes amplification in medulloblastomas. Evidence of particularly aggressive behavior of a tumor with c-myc amplification. ---
36  1990 Replication of the dihydrofolate reductase genes on double minute chromosomes in a murine cell line. DHFR
37  1989 Autonomously replicating episomes contain mdr1 genes in a multidrug-resistant human cell line. kb
38  1989 Selection of cells with different chromosomal localizations of the amplified c-myc gene during in vivo and in vitro growth of the breast carcinoma cell line SW 613-S. ---
39  1989 The human breast carcinoma cell line SW 613-S: an experimental system to study tumor heterogeneity in relation to c-myc amplification, growth factor production and other markers (review). ---
40  1989 [Double minute chromosomes (DMs) in a case of acute myelomonocytic leukemia]. CR
41  1988 Analysis of the replication mode of double minutes using the PCC technique combined with BrdUrd labeling. BrdUrd, NB, PCCs
42  1988 Circular DNA of 3T6R50 double minute chromosomes. MTX, PFGE
43  1988 Cytogenetic evidence of gene amplification as a mechanism for tumor cell invasion. ---
44  1988 High c-myc amplification level contributes to the tumorigenic phenotype of the human breast carcinoma cell line SW 613-S. ---
45  1988 [Cytogenetic changes in an explanted mouse rhabdomyosarcoma during prolonged cultivation]. ---
46  1988 [Nonrandom karyotype changes in chemically induced tumors of the Djungarian hamster]. ---
47  1987 Sorcin (V19), a soluble acidic calcium-binding protein overproduced in multidrug-resistant cells. Identification of the protein by anti-sorcin antibody. ---
48  1987 Structure of amplified DNA, analyzed by pulsed field gradient gel electrophoresis. kb
49  1986 Specific chromosomal abnormalities characterize four established cell lines derived from malignant human gliomas. ---
50  1986 [Mechanisms of development of resistance to methotrexate in choriocarcinoma cells]. DHFR, MTX
51  1985 Evolution of karyotypic abnormalities and C-MYC oncogene amplification in human colonic carcinoma cell lines. HSRs
52  1985 Gene amplification-associated cytogenetic aberrations and protein changes in vincristine-resistant Chinese hamster, mouse, and human cells. ABRs, HSRs, VCR
53  1985 Increased level of amplification of the c-myc oncogene in tumors induced in nude mice by a human breast carcinoma cell line. ---
54  1985 Major karyotypic abnormalities in a near-tetraploid erythroleukemia. EL, MAKA
55  1985 Regular pattern of karyotypic alterations accompanying gene amplification in Djungarian hamster cells: study of colchicine, adriablastin, and methotrexate resistance. HSRs, SCBs
56  1984 Ultrastructural organization of double minute chromosomes and HSR regions in human colon carcinoma cells. HSRs
57  1984 [Double minute chromosomes (DMs) in a case of acute myelocytic leukemia (M2: FAB classification)]. ---
58  1983 Amplification and expression of the c-myc oncogene in human lung cancer cell lines. HSR, SCLC
59  1983 Amplified DNA with limited homology to myc cellular oncogene is shared by human neuroblastoma cell lines and a neuroblastoma tumour. HSRs
60  1983 Double minutes and other chromosomal aberrations in two malignant cell lines of the German cockroach Blattella germanica. ---
61  1983 Double-minute chromosomes in the leukocytes of a patient with a previous history of cervical carcinoma. ---
62  1982 [Amplification of genome regions in the somatic cells of mammals resistant to colchicine. III. Localization of the amplified genes in minute chromatin bodies]. HSRs, SCB
63  1980 A new chromosome region possibly derived from double minutes in an in vitro transformed epithelial cell line. ---
64  1978 A new chromosome type replacing the double minutes in a mouse tumor. ---