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Abbreviation : DPN
Long Form : dip-pen nanolithography
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Development of Dip-Pen Nanolithography (DPN) and Its Derivatives. PPL
2019 Fabrication of diffraction gratings by top-down and bottom-up approaches based on scanning probe lithography. NPs, PPL, RIE, SAMs
2018 A novel approach to create an antibacterial surface using titanium dioxide and a combination of dip-pen nanolithography and soft lithography. ---
2018 Direct-Patterning SWCNTs Using Dip Pen Nanolithography for SWCNT/Silicon Solar Cells. SWCNT
2018 The Role of Liquid Ink Transport in the Direct Placement of Quantum Dot Emitters onto Sub-Micrometer Antennas by Dip-Pen Nanolithography. AFM
2017 Molecular Patterning and Directed Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles on GaAs. AFM, ATP, SAMs, SEM
2017 Polymer Pen Lithography with Lipids for Large-Area Gradient Patterns. PPL
2016 Mask-less deposition of Au-SnO2 nanocomposites on CMOS MEMS platform for ethanol detection. CMOS, MEMS, SOI
2016 Polymer nanocomposite patterning by dip-pen nanolithography. ---
10  2016 Thermoresponsive Polymer Micropatterns Fabricated by Dip-Pen Nanolithography for a Highly Controllable Substrate with Potential Cellular Applications. AFM, DEAAm
11  2015 A diffusive ink transport model for lipid dip-pen nanolithography. ---
12  2015 Dip-pen nanolithography-assisted protein crystallization. ---
13  2015 Low Power Resistive Oxygen Sensor Based on Sonochemical SrTi0.6Fe0.4O2.8 (STFO40). SEM, SOI, XRD
14  2014 Capillary bridge rupture in dip-pen nanolithography. ---
15  2014 Classic, liquid, and matrix-assisted dip-pen nanolithography for materials research. ---
16  2014 Dip-pen microarraying of molecular beacon probes on microgel thin-film substrates. MB, MRSA
17  2014 Generation of plasmonic Au nanostructures in the visible wavelength using two-dimensional parallel dip-pen nanolithography. FDTD, ODT
18  2014 Ink-on-probe hydrodynamics in atomic force microscope deposition of liquid inks. ---
19  2014 Liquid ink deposition from an atomic force microscope tip: deposition monitoring and control of feature size. ---
20  2014 Localization and dynamics of glucocorticoid receptor at the plasma membrane of activated mast cells. FRAP, GR, TIRF
21  2014 Nanocarbon-scanning probe microscopy synergy: fundamental aspects to nanoscale devices. AFM, LAO, STM
22  2013 Biochips for cell biology by combined dip-pen nanolithography and DNA-directed protein immobilization. DDI, DNA-STV, EGF
23  2013 Deciphering the combinatorial roles of geometric, mechanical, and adhesion cues in regulation of cell spreading. kPa, MSCs
24  2013 Layer-by-layer assembly of a metallomesogen by dip-pen nanolithography. ---
25  2013 Nanodots array rapidly fabricated by Dip-Pen nanolithography with temperature and humidity control. ---
26  2013 Nanoscale platinum printing on insulating substrates. EDS, SECM, XRD
27  2013 The role of viscosity on polymer ink transport in dip-pen nanolithography. AFM
28  2012 A methodology for preparing nanostructured biomolecular interfaces with high enzymatic activity. PPL
29  2012 Convergence of dip-pen nanolithography and acoustic biosensors towards a rapid-analysis multi-sample microsystem. muF-on-SAW, SAW
30  2012 Dependence of transport rate on area of lithography and pretreatment of tip in dip-pen nanolithography. lith, MHA
31  2012 Direct-write patterning of bacterial cells by dip-pen nanolithography. ---
32  2012 Effects of humidity and temperature on laser-assisted dip-pen nanolithography array using molecular dynamics simulations. MDs
33  2012 Multifunctional lipid multilayer stamping. DPPC
34  2012 Vapor phase polymerization of EDOT from submicrometer scale oxidant patterned by dip-pen nanolithography. AFM, PEDOT, VPP
35  2011 Chemically functionalized surface patterning. SPL
36  2011 Comparative height measurements of dip-pen nanolithography-produced lipid membrane stacks with atomic force, fluorescence, and surface-enhanced ellipsometric contrast microscopy. AFM, DNP Cap PE, DOPC, FM, SEEC
37  2011 Direct patterning of a cyclotriveratrylene derivative for directed self-assembly of C60. CTV
38  2011 Effect of chain length of self-assembled monolayers in dip-pen nanolithography using molecular dynamics simulations. MD, SAM
39  2011 Fabricating protein immunoassay arrays on nitrocellulose using dip-pen lithography techniques. AFM, PSA
40  2011 High-throughput optical quality control of lipid multilayers fabricated by dip-pen nanolithography. AFM
41  2011 Measurement of mass transfer during dip-pen nanolithography with phospholipids. ---
42  2011 Microscale mesoarrays created by dip-pen nanolithography for screening of protein-protein interactions. ---
43  2011 Single-layer graphene oxide sheet: a novel substrate for dip-pen nanolithography. GO
44  2011 Strategies for patterning biomolecules with dip-pen nanolithography. AFM
45  2010 Controlled preparation of inorganic nanostructures on substrates by dip-pen nanolithography. AFM
46  2010 Direct patterning of silanized-biomolecules on semiconductor surfaces. ---
47  2010 Formation mechanism and mechanics of dip-pen nanolithography using molecular dynamics. ---
48  2010 Immobilization of motile bacterial cells via dip-pen nanolithography. MHA, MHA/PLL, PLL
49  2010 Introducing dip pen nanolithography as a tool for controlling stem cell behaviour: unlocking the potential of the next generation of smart materials in regenerative medicine. MSC
50  2010 Molecular simulation of the water meniscus in dip-pen nanolithography. ---
51  2010 Multi-ink pattern generation by dip-pen nanolithography. ---
52  2010 Nanopattern fabrication by tip plowing technology on 55 nm grating with stitching image method. AFM, ICP, SPM
53  2010 Nanopatterning of catalyst by Dip Pen nanolithography (DPN) for synthesis of carbon nanotubes (CNT). CNT
54  2010 Nanoscale definition of substrate materials to direct human adult stem cells towards tissue specific populations. MSC
55  2010 Parallel fabrication of electrode arrays on single-walled carbon nanotubes using dip-pen-nanolithography-patterned etch masks. ---
56  2010 Protein immobilization on Ni(II) ion patterns prepared by microcontact printing and dip-pen nanolithography. microCP, NTA, SAM
57  2010 Scanning probe block copolymer lithography. PPL
58  2010 Self-leveling two-dimensional probe arrays for Dip Pen Nanolithography. SPL
59  2010 Temperature controlled dip-pen nanolithography. ---
60  2010 The effects of organic vapor on alkanethiol deposition via dip-pen nanolithography. ---
61  2010 Uniform patterning of sub-50-nm-scale Au nanostructures on insulating solid substrate via dip-pen nanolithography. ---
62  2009 Agarose-assisted dip-pen nanolithography of oligonucleotides and proteins. ---
63  2009 Controlled assembly of gold nanoparticles and graphene oxide sheets on dip pen nanolithography-generated templates. AUT, GO, MHA, NPs
64  2009 Dip-pen-nanolithographic patterning of metallic, semiconductor, and metal oxide nanostructures on surfaces. ---
65  2009 Electrical properties of single and multiple poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) nanowires for sensing nitric oxide gas. NO, PEDOT
66  2009 Porous multilayer-coated AFM tips for dip-pen nanolithography of proteins. LbL
67  2009 Quantitative analysis of human serum leptin using a nanoarray protein chip based on single-molecule sandwich immunoassay. AFM, ELISA, TIRFM
68  2009 Redox-activating dip-pen nanolithography (RA-DPN). AFM, RA-DPN, RA-DPN
69  2009 Site-specific dual ink dip pen nanolithography. LFM, LLA, MHA, ODT
70  2008 Au-Ag template stripped pattern for scanning probe investigations of DNA arrays produced by dip pen nanolithography. AFM, STM
71  2008 Controlling film morphology in conjugated polymer:fullerene blends with surface patterning. AFM, MDMO-PPV, P3HT, PFB
72  2008 Dip pen nanolithography functionalized electrical gaps for multiplexed DNA detection. ---
73  2008 Dip Pen Nanolithography: a "Desktop Nanofab" approach using high-throughput flexible nanopatterning. ---
74  2008 Dip-pen nanolithography and SERRS as synergic techniques. SERRS
75  2008 Fabrication and visualization of metal-ion patterns on glass by dip-pen nanolithography. AFFM, AFM, SAMs
76  2008 Fabrication of F0F1-ATPase nanostructure on gold surface through Dip-Pen nanolithography. ---
77  2008 In situ synthesis of carbon nanotubes on heated scanning probes using dip pen techniques. CNT, CVD, MWCNT, RBM, SWCNT
78  2008 Multiplexed lipid dip-pen nanolithography on subcellular scales for the templating of functional proteins and cell culture. ---
79  2008 NO Gas sensor of PEDOT: PSS nanowires by using direct patterning DPN. NO
80  2008 Preparation of F0F1 -ATPase nanoarray by dip-pen nanolithography and its application as biosensors. ---
81  2008 Protein-protein interactions in reversibly assembled nanopatterns. AFM, His-tagged, MCh, OEG, trisNTA
82  2008 Recent developments in tip-based nanofabrication and its roadmap. AFM, SNOM, TBN
83  2008 Topography and biocompatibility of patterned hydrophobic/hydrophilic zein layers. AFM, microCP
84  2007 Applications of dip-pen nanolithography. AFM
85  2007 Dip-pen lithography using pens of different thicknesses. ---
86  2007 Measurement of interaction force between nanoarrayed integrin alphavbeta3 and immobilized vitronectin on the cantilever tip. AFM
87  2007 Rings of single-walled carbon nanotubes: molecular-template directed assembly and Monte Carlo modeling. SWNTs
88  2006 Dip-pen nanolithography of high-melting-temperature molecules. AFM
89  2006 DPN-generated nanostructures as positive resists for preparing lithographic masters or hole arrays. MHA, ODT
90  2006 Nanopatterns with biological functions. EBL, ECM, EUV-IL, FIBL, NIL, NSL, RM
91  2006 Nucleating pattern formation in spin-coated polymer blend films with nanoscale surface templates. P3HT
92  2006 Peptides on GaAs surfaces: comparison between features generated by microcontact printing and dip-pen nanolithography. AFM, FT-IRRAS, microCP, XPS
93  2006 Protein nanoarray on Prolinker surface constructed by atomic force microscopy dip-pen nanolithography for analysis of protein interaction. ---
94  2006 Selective recruitment of membrane protein complexes onto gold substrates patterned by dip-pen nanolithography. ---
95  2005 Creation of cadmium sulfide nanostructures using AFM dip-pen nanolithography. XPS
96  2005 Dip Pen Nanolithography (DPN): process and instrument performance with NanoInk's NSCRIPTOR system. ---
97  2005 Effect of surface roughness on dip-pen nanolithography. LFM, ODT
98  2005 Generation of nanostructures of mica supported lysozyme and lysozyme-nanogold conjugates by diving tip nanowriting. DTN
99  2005 Locally enhanced relative humidity for scanning probe nanolithography. SPM
100  2005 Novel ultrananocrystalline diamond probes for high-resolution low-wear nanolithographic techniques. UNCD