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Abbreviation : DPPH
Long Form : 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 ABTS/PP Decolorization Assay of Antioxidant Capacity Reaction Pathways. ---
2020 Agrobacterium rhizogenes mediated transformation of Ficus carica L. for the efficient production of secondary metabolites. FRAP, GC-MS, HR, MeJA
2020 Ameliorative effect of a standardized polyherbal combination in methotrexate-induced nephrotoxicity in the rat. HPLC, RSM
2020 Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative activities of lemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) leaf extract. ABTS, LME, NO, RT-PCR, TNF
2020 Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effect of Poincianella pyramidalis (Tul.) L.P. Queiroz. EAF, TP
2020 Antioxidant activities of mamao luang (Antidesma thwaitesianum Mull. Arg.) fruit: Extraction and application in raw chicken patties. BHA, FRAP, TPC
2020 Antioxidant and Anti-Proliferative Properties of Hagenia abyssinica Roots and Their Potentially Active Components. EA, FRAP, HPLC, MS, NMR, TAC
2020 Antioxidant and Antiaging Effects of Licorice on the Caenorhabditis elegans Model. ---
2020 Antioxidant and antifungal activity of phenolic compounds and their relation to aflatoxin B1 occurrence in soybeans (Glycine max L.). AFB1
10  2020 Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Properties of Semi-Processed Frozen Prickly Pear Juice as Affected by Cultivar and Harvest Time. ---
11  2020 Antioxidant and Pro-Oxidant Properties of Carthamus Tinctorius, Hydroxy Safflor Yellow A, and Safflor Yellow A. CE, CT, GAE, HSYA, HuDe, ORAC, SYA, t-BOOH
12  2020 Antioxidant compounds extracted from Diaporthe schini using supercritical CO2 plus cosolvent. ---
13  2020 Antioxidant properties of two novel lipophilic derivatives of hydroxytyrosol. HT
14  2020 Antioxidant, Antifungal Activities of Ethnobotanical Ficus hirta Vahl. and Analysis of Main Constituents by HPLC-MS. AE, EAE, HFF, TPC
15  2020 Antioxidant, cytotoxic and antibacterial potential of biosynthesized nanoparticles using bee honey from two different floral sources in Saudi Arabia. FESEM
16  2020 Assessment of antioxidant and antidiabetic properties of Agaricus blazei Murill extracts. AbM, EA, EE
17  2020 Bioassay-Guided Different Extraction Techniques of Carica papaya (Linn.) Leaves on In Vitro Wound-Healing Activities. IC50, UAE
18  2020 Biological evaluation and molecular dynamics simulation of water-soluble fullerene derivative C60[C(COOH)2]3. HSA, MD, ROS
19  2020 Biotransformation of phenolics and metabolites and the change in antioxidant activity in kiwifruit induced by Lactobacillus plantarum fermentation. ---
20  2020 Ceiba speciosa (A. St.-Hil.) Seeds Oil: Fatty Acids Profiling by GC-MS and NMR and Bioactivity. ABTS, FRAP, GC-MS, NMR
21  2020 Characteristics and antioxidant activity of Maillard reaction products from alpha-lactalbumin and 2'-fucosyllactose. 2'-FL, alpha-LA, MRPs
22  2020 Chemical composition and anti-inflammatory activity of essential oil and ethanolic extract of Campomanesia phaea (O. Berg.) Landrum leaves. ELISA, EO, EXT, FRAP, IL-6, NF-kappaB
23  2020 Chemical Composition of Essential Oils from Different Parts of Zingiber kerrii Craib and Their Antibacterial, Antioxidant, and Tyrosinase Inhibitory Activities. AAE, ABTS, FRAP, GC-MS, HaCaT, HD, OS, SPME
24  2020 Chemical Composition, Algicidal, Antimicrobial, and Antioxidant Activities of the Essential Oils of Taiwania flousiana Gaussen. T. flousiana, ZOIs
25  2020 Comparative study of rosemary extracts and several synthetic and natural food antioxidants. Relevance of carnosic acid/carnosol ratio. CA, COL
26  2020 Comparative Study on the Stability and Antioxidant Activity of Six Pyranoanthocyanins Based on Malvidin-3-glucoside. ABTS, Mv-3-gluc
27  2020 Comprehensive identification of minor components and bioassay-guided isolation of an unusual antioxidant from Azolla imbricata using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry combined with multicomponent knockout and bioactivity evaluation. ---
28  2020 Computational Study of Ortho-Substituent Effects on Antioxidant Activities of Phenolic Dendritic Antioxidants. SPLET
29  2020 Contribution of Flavonoids and Iridoids to the Hypoglycaemic, Antioxidant, and Nitric Oxide (NO) Inhibitory Activities of Arbutus unedo L. ABTS, FRAP, GAS, LC-ESI-QTOF-MS, NO
30  2020 Defining a standardized methodology for the determination of the antioxidant capacity: case study of Pistacia atlantica leaves. ABTS, DMPD, ET, HAT, PLS, RPC
31  2020 Diacyl disulfides as the precursors for hydrogen persulfide (H2S2). ---
32  2020 Effect of cell disruption methods on the extraction of bioactive metabolites from microalgal biomass. ---
33  2020 Effect of microcapsules of chia oil on Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidant characteristics and oxidative stability of butter. ALA, DHA, DPA, EPA, MCO
34  2020 Effects of drying on total polyphenols content and antioxidant properties of Carica papaya leaves. ---
35  2020 Effects of ultrahigh pressure and ultrasound pretreatments on properties of strawberry chips prepared by vacuum-freeze drying. UHP, US
36  2020 Evaluation of diuretic and antioxidant properties in aqueous bark and fruit extracts of pine. FRAP, GFR
37  2020 Evaluation of the Effects of Pre-Slaughter High-Frequency Electrical Stunning Current Intensities on Lipid Oxidative Stability and Antioxidant Capacity in the Liver of Yangzhou Goose (Anser cygnoides domesticus). AC, ES
38  2020 Evaluation of the genotoxic, DNA-protective and antioxidant profile of synthetic alkyl gallates and gallotannins using in vitro assays. G3Rham, G4Glc, G4Man, GA, MG, OG, PBMCs
39  2020 Evaluation of the impact of chlorophyll removal techniques on polyphenols in rosemary and thyme by-products. ABTS, FRAP, RACI
40  2020 Extraction optimization and purification of anthocyanins from Lycium ruthenicum Murr. and evaluation of tyrosinase inhibitory activity of the anthocyanins. ABTS
41  2020 Extraction, characterization and antioxidant activity of polysaccharide from Pouteria campechiana seed. RSM
42  2020 Flavan-3-ols and 2-diglycosyloxybenzoates from the leaves of Averrhoa carambola. ABTS, ECD, FRAP
43  2020 Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Carbonyl-Amine Adducts Formed in Soybean Oil Fortified with Phosphatidylethanolamine. CPSBO
44  2020 Hydro-Ethanolic Fruit Extract of Capsicum frutescens Reversed Triton-X-100-Induced Hyperlipidaemia in Rats. ---
45  2020 Identification of non-alkaloid natural compounds of Angelica purpurascens (Ave-Lall.) Gilli. (Apiaceae) with cholinesterase and carbonic anhydrase inhibition potential. FID, GC, hCA, MS, TBA
46  2020 Impact of Light Intensity on Antioxidant Activity of Tropical Microalgae. ORAC, TBARS
47  2020 In silico and invitro antioxidant and anticancer activity profiles of urea and thiourea derivatives of 2,3-dihydro-1H-inden-1-amine. NO
48  2020 In silico molecular docking and invitro antioxidant activity studies of novel alpha-aminophosphonates bearing 6-amino-1,3-dimethyl uracil. ---
49  2020 In vitro and in vivo evaluation of antioxidant activity of Petasites japonicus Maxim. flower buds extracts. TBARS
50  2020 In vitro antioxidant, antibacterial, in vivo immunomodulatory, antitumor and hematological potential of exopolysaccharide produced by wild type and mutant Lactobacillus delbureckii subsp. bulgaricus. EPS, FRAP, TTIM
51  2020 In vitro bioaccessibility and activity of Greek oregano (Origanum vulgare L. ssp. hirtum (link) Ietswaart) compounds as affected by nitrogen fertilization. ---
52  2020 In vitro gastrointestinal digestion of crisphead lettuce: Changes in bioactive compounds and antioxidant potential. ABTS, FRAP, MIC, TFC, TPC
53  2020 In vitro potential antioxidant activity of indigenous yeasts isolated from virgin olive oil. ---
54  2020 Influence of seasonal variation on phenolic content and in vitro antioxidant activity of Secondatia floribunda A. DC. (Apocynaceae). FRAP
55  2020 Interference with AGEs formation and AGEs-induced vascular injury mediates curcumin vascular protection in metabolic syndrome. AGEs, CUR, MetS
56  2020 Isolation of flavonoids from Musa acuminata Colla (Simili radjah, ABB) and the in vitro inhibitory effects of its leaf and fruit fractions on free radicals, acetylcholinesterase, 15-lipoxygenase, and carbohydrate hydrolyzing enzymes. ---
57  2020 Levan from a new isolated Bacillus subtilis AF17: Purification, structural analysis and antioxidant activities. EPS
58  2020 Lobularia maritima (L.) Desv. Aerial Parts Methanolic Extract: In Vitro Screening of Biological Activity. GC-MS, HPLC-DAD, HPLC-HRMS, L-NAME, LPS
59  2020 Melatonin Accumulation in Sweet Cherry and Its Influence on Fruit Quality and Antioxidant Properties. FRAP
60  2020 Metabolic engineering probiotic yeast produces 3S, 3'S-astaxanthin to inhibit B16F10 metastasis. ---
61  2020 Metabolite variations and antioxidant activity of Muntingia calabura leaves in response to different drying methods and ethanol ratios elucidated by NMR-based metabolomics. NO
62  2020 Modification of oxidative stress through changes in some indicators related to phenolic metabolism in Malva parviflora exposed to cadmium. Cd, Chl, PAL
63  2020 New SiO2/Caffeic Acid Hybrid Materials: Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization, and Bioactivity. FTIR, UV-vis
64  2020 Nitric oxide, DPPH and hydrogen peroxide radical scavenging activity of TEMPO terminated polyurethane dendrimers: Data supporting antioxidant activity of radical dendrimers. NO
65  2020 Novel N,N'-Disubstituted Acylselenoureas as Potential Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Agents. ABTS
66  2020 Nutritional and sensory characteristics of bread enriched with roasted prickly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) seed flour. RPPS
67  2020 Optimization and characterization of exopolysaccharides with a highly branched structure extracted from Leuconostoc citreum B-2. EPS, P-EPS, RSM
68  2020 Optimization of microwave-assisted extraction, antioxidant capacity, and characterization of total flavonoids from the leaves of Alpinia oxyphylla Miq. ABTS, FRAP, TFL
69  2020 Optimization of Ultrasonic Flavonoid Extraction from Saussurea involucrate, and the Ability of Flavonoids to Block Melanin Deposition in Human Melanocytes. BBD, RSM, SIFs
70  2020 Oregonensins A and B, new meroterpenoids from the culture broth of Ganoderma oregonense and their antioxidant activity. ABTS
71  2020 Pharmacological potential of alkylamides from Acmella oleracea flowers and synthetic isobutylalkyl amide to treat inflammatory pain. HF, i.pl, IBA
72  2020 Phytochemical composition and antioxidant activity of coconut cotyledon. FRAP, FTC, NO, TBA
73  2020 Phytochemical Profile and Antioxidant Capacity of Coffee Plant Organs Compared to Green and Roasted Coffee Beans. dw, FRAP, GB, HS, RB, TPC, WS
74  2020 Phytogenic Generation of NiO Nanoparticles Using Stevia Leaf Extract and Evaluation of Their In-Vitro Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Properties. FTIR, SEM, TEM, UV-vis, XRD
75  2020 Plasma-Polymerized Phlorotannins and Their Enhanced Biological Activities. ACE, CP, FRAP
76  2020 Potential antidiabetic and antioxidant activities of a heliangolide sesquiterpene lactone isolated from Helianthus annuus L. leaves. FBG
77  2020 Preclinical study of the antidiabetic effect of Traganum nudatum in diabetic rats. T. nudatum, TNAPAE
78  2020 Predicting antioxidant activity of wood vinegar using color and spectrophotometric parameters. EBC, FRAP, IOB
79  2020 Preservation of traditional Chinese pork balls supplemented with essential oil microemulsion in a phase-change material package. CEO, PCM, TBARS
80  2020 Purification and identification of antioxidant peptides from round scad (Decapterus maruadsi) hydrolysates by consecutive chromatography and electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry. RP-HPLC, RSH
81  2020 Purification, identification and properties of a new blue pigment produced from Streptomyces sp. A1013Y. TDTA
82  2020 Quantification of the Antioxidant Activity of Plant Extracts: Analysis of Sensitivity and Hierarchization Based on the Method Used. RP
83  2020 Quantitative Assessment of Phenolic Acids, Flavonoids and Antioxidant Activities of Sixteen Jujube Cultivars from China. FRAP
84  2020 Recognition of antioxidants and photosensitizers in Dyssodia pinnata by EPR spectroscopy. DPM, EPR, TBARS
85  2020 Regulating the pro- and anti-oxidant capabilities of bimetallic nanozymes for the detection of Fe2+ and protection of Monascus pigments. MPs
86  2020 Relationship between volatile components, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of the essential oil, hydrosol and extracts of Citrus aurantium L. flowers. EO
87  2020 Seasonal and Diurnal Variation in Leaf Phenolics of Three Medicinal Mediterranean Wild Species: What Is the Best Harvesting Moment to Obtain the Richest and the Most Antioxidant Extracts? ---
88  2020 Spirulina Platensis Supplementation Coupled to Strength Exercise Improves Redox Balance and Reduces Intestinal Contractile Reactivity in Rat Ileum. CCh, MDA
89  2020 Structural characteristics, antioxidant properties and antiaging activities of galactan produced by Mentha haplocalyx Briq. ---
90  2020 Structure-antioxidant activity relationship of methoxy, phenolic hydroxyl, and carboxylic acid groups of phenolic acids. ETE, FRAP, HAT, SET-PT, SPLET
91  2020 Sulphonamides incorporating 1,3,5-triazine structural motifs show antioxidant, acetylcholinesterase, butyrylcholinesterase, and tyrosinase inhibitory profile. AChE, BChE
92  2020 Synthesis and characterization of Reishi mushroom-mediated green synthesis of silver nanoparticles for the biochemical applications. FTIR, MIC, TEM, XPS, XRD
93  2020 Synthesis, characterization, and the antioxidant activity of the acetylated chitosan derivatives containing sulfonium salts. ---
94  2020 The apoptotic and free radical-scavenging abilities of the protein hydrolysate obtained from chicken feather meal. ABTS, CFM, MW
95  2020 The Essential Oil and Hydrolats from Myristica fragrans Seeds with Magnesium Aluminometasilicate as Excipient: Antioxidant, Antibacterial, and Anti-inflammatory Activity. ---
96  2020 The Metabolite Urolithin-A Ameliorates Oxidative Stress in Neuro-2a Cells, Becoming a Potential Neuroprotective Agent. ORAC
97  2020 The necessity of walnut proteolysis based on evaluation after in vitro simulated digestion: ACE inhibition and DPPH radical-scavenging activities. ACE, DWM, DWMH, FAA
98  2020 The role of myricetin from Rhodomyrtus tomentosa (Aiton) Hassk fruits on downregulation of FcɛRI-mediated mast cell activation. TNF-alpha
99  2020 UHPLC-HESI-OT-MS-MS Biomolecules Profiling, Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of the "Orange-Yellow Resin" from Zuccagnia punctata Cav. CLSI, FRAP, LP, TEAC, UHPLC-ESI-OT-MS-MS, UHPLC-PDA-OT-MS
100  2020 Ultrasonic pretreatment improved the antioxidant potential of enzymatic protein hydrolysates from highland barley brewer's spent grain (BSG). BSG, FRAP, HBSGPH, HRSA, MCA, SRSA