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Abbreviation : DT
Long Form : desiccation tolerance
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Adaptive responses of amino acid metabolism to the combination of desiccation and low nitrogen availability in Sporobolus stapfianus. gg-AA
2019 Induction of desiccation tolerance in desiccation sensitive Citrus limon seeds. ---
2019 Unraveling metabolic mechanisms behind chloroplast desiccation tolerance: Chlorophyllous fern spore as a new promising unicellular model. CS
2018 A field portable method for the semi-quantitative estimation of dehydration tolerance of photosynthetic tissues across distantly related land plants. DHT, DS, RWC
2018 ABA regulation of post-germination desiccation tolerance in wheat cultivars contrasting in drought tolerance. ABA, NO, ROS
2018 Acclimation and endogenous abscisic acid in the moss Physcomitrella patens during acquisition of desiccation tolerance. ABA, CFP, RH
2018 Functional characterization of galactinol synthase and raffinose synthase in desiccation tolerance acquisition in developing Arabidopsis seeds. DAF, GS, RFOs, RS
2018 Integrative analysis of the late maturation programme and desiccation tolerance mechanisms in intermediate coffee seeds. HSPs, LEA
2018 iTRAQ-based quantitative proteomic analysis reveals pathways associated with re-establishing desiccation tolerance in germinating seeds of Caragana korshinskii Kom. ABA, PEG
10  2018 Perspectives on Structural, Physiological, Cellular, and Molecular Responses to Desiccation in Resurrection Plants. AGPs, HRGPs, PS
11  2018 Relation between water status and desiccation-affected genes in the lichen photobiont Trebouxia gelatinosa. HSPs, WC
12  2017 Angiosperm Plant Desiccation Tolerance: Hints from Transcriptomics and Genome Sequencing. ---
13  2017 Characterization of the transcriptome and EST-SSR development in Boea clarkeana, a desiccation-tolerant plant endemic to China. COG, GO
14  2017 Dehydration rate determines the degree of membrane damage and desiccation tolerance in bryophytes. ---
15  2017 Functional characterization of BnHSFA4a as a heat shock transcription factor in controlling the re-establishment of desiccation tolerance in seeds. BnHSFA4a, HSEs, oxBnHSFA4a, RFOs
16  2017 Insights on germinability and desiccation tolerance in developing neem seeds (Azadirachta indica): Role of AOS, antioxidative enzymes and dehydrin-like protein. AOS, SD, WAA
17  2017 Mechanisms of desiccation tolerance in the bromeliad Pitcairnia burchellii Mez: biochemical adjustments and structural changes. ---
18  2017 Modulating role of ROS in re-establishing desiccation tolerance in germinating seeds of Caragana korshinskii Kom. ABA, PEG, ROS
19  2016 Contrasting strategies used by lichen microalgae to cope with desiccation-rehydration stress revealed by metabolite profiling and cell wall analysis. Csol, RFOs
20  2016 Embryos of a moss can be hardened to desiccation tolerance: effects of rate of drying on the timeline of recovery and dehardening in Aloina ambigua (Pottiaceae). RH
21  2016 New features of desiccation tolerance in the lichen photobiont Trebouxia gelatinosa are revealed by a transcriptomic approach. DRPs
22  2016 Regulatory network analysis reveals novel regulators of seed desiccation tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana. ---
23  2016 Role of abscisic acid (ABA) in activating antioxidant tolerance responses to desiccation stress in intertidal seaweed species. ABA, AP, CAT, Prx
24  2016 Transcriptomic Profiling Reveals Metabolic and Regulatory Pathways in the Desiccation Tolerance of Mungbean (Vigna radiata [L.] R. Wilczek). DEGs, GO, qRT-PCR
25  2015 A gene co-expression network predicts functional genes controlling the re-establishment of desiccation tolerance in germinated Arabidopsis thaliana seeds. ABA, ER, LR
26  2015 Acquisition and loss of desiccation tolerance in seeds: from experimental model to biological relevance. ---
27  2015 Genes Associated with Desiccation and Osmotic Stress in Listeria monocytogenes as Revealed by Insertional Mutagenesis. DS, SS, TSB
28  2015 Identification of proteins involved in desiccation tolerance in the red seaweed Pyropia orbicularis (Rhodophyta, Bangiales). ---
29  2015 Physiological and biochemical changes during the loss of desiccation tolerance in germinating Adenanthera pavonina L. seeds. ---
30  2015 The acquisition of desiccation tolerance in developing Vicia hirsuta seeds coincides with an increase in galactinol synthase expression and soluble alpha-D-galactosides accumulation. Gal-C, RFOs
31  2015 Time-series analysis of the transcriptome of the re-establishment of desiccation tolerance by ABA in germinated Arabidopsis thaliana seeds. ABA
32  2014 Abscisic acid (ABA) sensitivity regulates desiccation tolerance in germinated Arabidopsis seeds. ABA, DS
33  2014 Desiccation tolerance of Sphagnum revisited: a puzzle resolved. ---
34  2014 Differential proteomics of dehydration and rehydration in bryophytes: evidence towards a common desiccation tolerance mechanism. ---
35  2014 Identification of desiccation tolerance transcripts potentially involved in rape (Brassica napus L.) seeds development and germination. cDNA-AFLP, PCR, TDFs
36  2014 Physiological history may mask the inherent inducible desiccation tolerance strategy of the desert moss Crossidium crassinerve. ---
37  2014 Re-induction of desiccation tolerance after germination of Cedrela fissilis Vell. seeds. ---
38  2014 The window of desiccation tolerance shown by early-stage germinating seedlings remains open in the resurrection plant, Xerophyta viscosa. ---
39  2013 A regulatory network-based approach dissects late maturation processes related to the acquisition of desiccation tolerance and longevity of Medicago truncatula seeds. LEA
40  2013 An emerging picture of the seed desiccome: confirmed regulators and newcomers identified using transcriptome comparison. TF
41  2013 Metabolomic profiling in Selaginella lepidophylla at various hydration states provides new insights into the mechanistic basis of desiccation tolerance. ROS, RWC, TCA
42  2013 Understanding desiccation tolerance using the resurrection plant Boea hygrometrica as a model system. ---
43  2012 Comparative metabolic profiling between desiccation-sensitive and desiccation-tolerant species of Selaginella reveals insights into the resurrection trait. RWC
44  2011 A sister group contrast using untargeted global metabolomic analysis delineates the biochemical regulation underlying desiccation tolerance in Sporobolus stapfianus. DS, RWC
45  2011 Programming desiccation-tolerance: from plants to seeds to resurrection plants. ---
46  2011 The re-establishment of desiccation tolerance in germinated Arabidopsis thaliana seeds and its associated transcriptome. DS, PEG
47  2010 MtPM25 is an atypical hydrophobic late embryogenesis-abundant protein that dissociates cold and desiccation-aggregated proteins. LEA
48  2009 Non-reducing sugar levels in beech (Fagus sylvatica) seeds as related to withstanding desiccation and storage. RFOs
49  2008 The root microtubule cytoskeleton and cell cycle analysis through desiccation of Brassica napus seedlings. RWC
50  2007 Ecological and evolutionary consequences of desiccation tolerance in tropical fern gametophytes. ---
51  2007 The study of desiccation-tolerance in drying leaves of the desiccation-tolerant grass Sporobolus elongatus and the desiccation-sensitive grass Sporobolus pyramidalis. DS, RWC
52  2006 Comparative analysis of the heat stable proteome of radicles of Medicago truncatula seeds during germination identifies late embryogenesis abundant proteins associated with desiccation tolerance. ---
53  2006 NMR metabolite profiling analysis reveals changes in phospholipid metabolism associated with the re-establishment of desiccation tolerance upon osmotic stress in germinated radicles of cucumber. Fru, Glc, NMR, PEG, Suc
54  2006 Transcriptome profiling uncovers metabolic and regulatory processes occurring during the transition from desiccation-sensitive to desiccation-tolerant stages in Medicago truncatula seeds. PEG
55  2005 Changes in DNA and microtubules during loss and re-establishment of desiccation tolerance in germinating Medicago truncatula seeds. MTs, PEG
56  2002 Expression profiling of reciprocal maize hybrids divergent for cold germination and desiccation tolerance. CG, PEM, RILs
57  1996 Photosynthetic responses of a moss, Tortula ruralis, ssp. ruralis, and the lichens Cladonia convoluta and C. furcata to water deficit and short periods of desiccation, and their ecophysiological significance: a baseline study at present-day CO2 concentration. DM, Rfd