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Abbreviation : DoE
Long Form : design of experiments
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 "Design of Experiments" as a Method to Optimize Dynamic Disulfide Assemblies: Cages and Functionalizable Macrocycles. ---
2020 Algorithm-Based Liquid Formulation Development Including a DoE Concept Predicts Long-Term Viral Vector Stability. Ad5
2020 An Experimental-Based Approach to Construct the Process Design Space of a Freeze-Drying Process: An Effective Tool to Design an Optimum and Robust Freeze-Drying Process for Pharmaceuticals. PDS, QbD
2020 Application of advanced quantification techniques in nanoparticle-based vaccine development with the Sf9 cell baculovirus expression system. BEVS, CCI, MOI, NTA, TOH, VLPs
2020 Application of the Johnson-Cook plasticity model in the finite element simulations of the nanoindentation of the cortical bone. JC
2020 Automated buffer preparation using quaternary valve in fast performance liquid chromatography for protein purification from a cell membrane. FPLC
2020 Chemometric challenges in development of paper-based analytical devices: Optimization and image processing. DO, muPADs, RGB
2020 Combined Fuzzy and Genetic Algorithm for the Optimisation of Hybrid Composite-Polymer Joints Obtained by Two-Step Laser Joining Process. ANOVA, CFRP, LADJ, PC
2020 Comparison of Modeling Methods for DoE-Based Holistic Upstream Process Characterization. RSMs
10  2020 Continuous manufacturing process monitoring of pharmaceutical solid dosage form: A case study. CM, IPC, PAT
11  2020 Coupling metabolomics analysis and DOE optimization strategy towards enhanced IBDV production by chicken embryo fibroblast DF-1 cells. IBD, IBDV
12  2020 Development and Investigation of Vitamin C-Enriched Adapalene-Loaded Transfersome Gel: a Collegial Approach for the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris. ADVTG, EE, PDI, PS, ZP
13  2020 Development of an on-line Raman spectral analytical method for monitoring and endpoint determination of the Cornu Caprae Hircus hydrolysis process. HCA, PLS
14  2020 Development of High-Performance Whole Cell Biosensors Aided by Statistical Modeling. ---
15  2020 Efficient Optimization of Process Strategies with Model-Assisted Design of Experiments. mDoE
16  2020 Experimental study on the optimisation of azo-dyes removal by photo-electrochemical oxidation with TiO2 nanotubes. MO
17  2020 Fabric phase sorptive extraction for the determination of 17 multiclass fungicides in environmental water by gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. LOQs, RSD
18  2020 Fabrication and characterization of an electrostatically bonded PEEK- hydroxyapatite composites for biomedical applications. PEEK, SBF, SrHA
19  2020 Feasibility of electrospraying fully aqueous bovine serum albumin solutions. BSA
20  2020 Holistic development of coal tar lotion by embedding design of experiments (DoE) technique: preclinical investigations. ---
21  2020 Improving the heterologous expression of human beta-defensin 2 (HBD2) using an experimental design. hBD-2
22  2020 In vitro cell culture in hollow microfibers with porous structures. PC12, PEO, PLGA, PVA
23  2020 In Vivo Evaluation of a Novel Chitosan-Polycaprolactone Based Mucoadhesive Gastro-Retentive Sustained Release Drug Delivery System for Milnacipran HCl. CH-LM, CH-MM, MCN, MCN, PCL
24  2020 Magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers prepared by reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer polymerization for dispersive solid phase extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water. CCD, d-SPE, DF, FFD, MMIPs, RAFT
25  2020 Membrane-based steric exclusion chromatography for the purification of a recombinant baculovirus and its application for cell therapy. ---
26  2020 Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to Determine Residual Moisture in Freeze-Dried Products: Model Generation by Statistical Design of Experiments. MC, NIR
27  2020 Optimal process design space to ensure maximum viability and productivity in Penicillium chrysogenum pellets during fed-batch cultivations through morphological and physiological control. ---
28  2020 Optimization of a liquid chromatography method for the analysis of related substances in daclatasvir tablets using design of experiments integrated with the steepest ascent method and Monte Carlo simulation. ACS, CMVs, CQA, QbD, RS, RSM
29  2020 Post-Process Effects of Isothermal Annealing and Initially Applied Static Uniaxial Loading on the Ultimate Tensile Strength of Fused Filament Fabrication Parts. ABS, AM, FFF, Tg
30  2020 Quality by design in pharmaceutical manufacturing: A systematic review of current status, challenges and future perspectives. CCD, FMEA, QbD, RA, REM, rQbD
31  2020 Rapid Characterization and Parameter Space Exploration of Perovskites Using an Automated Routine. PL, XRD
32  2020 Rapid process development of serum-free pseudorabies virus production with the Quality by Design approach. CPPs, CQA, FMEA, MOI, PRV, QbD, RPN, SFM, TOI
33  2020 Repairing Hybrid Mg-Al-Mg Components Using Sustainable Cooling Systems. ---
34  2020 Response-Surface-Optimized and Scaled-Up Microbial Electrosynthesis of Chiral Alcohols. MES
35  2020 Retention characteristics of poly(N-(1H-tetrazole-5-yl)-methacrylamide)-bonded stationary phase in hydrophilic interaction chromatography. HILIC, PTZ
36  2020 Screening of Media Supplements for High-Performance Perfusion Cultures by Design of Experiment. ---
37  2020 Small scale design of experiment investigation of equilibrium solubility in simulated fasted and fed intestinal fluid. GIT, HIF
38  2020 Study of Top-down and Bottom-up Approaches by Using Design of Experiment (DoE) to Produce Meloxicam Nanocrystal Capsules. NS
39  2020 Superhydrophobic nanocarbon-based membrane with antibacterial characteristics. ---
40  2020 Surface Response Based Modeling of Liposome Characteristics in a Periodic Disturbance Mixer. FRR, LNPs, PDI, PDM, RSM, TFR
41  2020 The use of design of experiments to develop hot melt extrudates for extended release of diclofenac sodium. HME
42  2020 Transferosomes as nanocarriers for drugs across the skin: Quality by design from lab to industrial scale. QbD
43  2020 Use of a temperature ramp approach (TRA) to design an optimum and robust freeze-drying process for pharmaceutical formulations. TRA
44  2020 Use of cork granules as an effective sustainable material to clean-up spills of crude oil and derivatives. ---
45  2019 A Chiral Generic Strategy for Enantioseparation of Acidic and Basic Drugs Using Short End Injection Capillary Electrophoresis: Application to Design of Experiment. CDs, CE
46  2019 A comprehensive understanding of lowly-hydrolyzed polyvinyl alcohol-based ternary solid dispersions with the use of a combined mixture-process design. AUDC, HME, IND
47  2019 A Cost Effective (QbD) Approach in the Development and Optimization of Rosiglitazone Maleate Mucoadhesive Extended Release Tablets -In Vitro and Ex Vivo. FMEA, QbD, QTPP, SCMC
48  2019 A Design of Experiment (DoE) approach to optimise spray drying process conditions for the production of trehalose/leucine formulations with application in pulmonary delivery. ---
49  2019 A Design of Experiments (DoE) Approach Accelerates the Optimization of Copper-Mediated 18F-Fluorination Reactions of Arylstannanes. CMRF, OVAT
50  2019 A Design of Experiments Strategy to Enhance the Recovery of Polyphenolic Compounds from Vitis vinifera By-Products through Heat Reflux Extraction. RP, TPC, WP
51  2019 A Direct Approach for Process Development Using Single Column Experiments Results in Predictable Streamlined Multi-Column Chromatography Bioprocesses. HCP, mAb, PD
52  2019 A General Guide for the Optimization of Enzyme Assay Conditions Using the Design of Experiments Approach. ---
53  2019 A green approach for the extraction of diamondoids from petroleum source rock. GC-MS, MANSE
54  2019 A low-cost and eco-friendly biosorbent material for effective synthetic dye removal from aquatic environment: characterization, optimization, kinetic, isotherm and thermodynamic studies. ---
55  2019 A New Empirical Model for Viscosity of Sulfonated Polyacrylamide Polymers. RSM
56  2019 A novel training-free method for real-time prediction of femoral strain. LH
57  2019 A One-step Residue-free Wet Etching Process of Ceramic PZT for Piezoelectric Transducers. MEMS
58  2019 A Study on Optimal Machining Conditions and Energy Efficiency in Plasma Assisted Machining of Ti-6Al-4V. ANOVA, CM, PAM, S/N
59  2019 A systematic optimization of 19F MR image acquisition to detect macrophage invasion into an ECM hydrogel implanted in the stroke-damaged brain. ECM, FISP, FLASH, LOD, MSME, PFC, PSF, RARE, SNR, ZTE
60  2019 Accelerating bioprocess development by analysis of all available data: A USP case study. sIPV, USP
61  2019 Acrylamide Reduction Strategy in Combination with Deoxynivalenol Mitigation in Industrial Biscuits Production. ---
62  2019 Alkali Hydrolysis of Sulfated Cellulose Nanocrystals: Optimization of Reaction Conditions and Tailored Surface Charge. CNCs
63  2019 At-line raman spectroscopy and design of experiments for robust monitoring and control of miniature bioreactor cultures. QbD, VCC
64  2019 Biological and Chemical Insights of Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) Bark: A Source of Bioactive Compounds with Functional Properties. BBE, MAE, TPC
65  2019 Box-Behnken design directed optimization for sensitivity assessment of anti-platelet drugs. ATS, BBD, CLP, ESI, HL, LL, ML, OFAT, TLP
66  2019 Comparison of five dose calculation algorithms in a heterogeneous media using design of experiment. AAA, AXB, CCV, MC, PB
67  2019 Computer-based tools provide new insight into the key factors that cause physiological disorders of pistachio rootstocks cultured in vitro. AI, BC, Lc, LN, SF, STN
68  2019 Conversion of PLGA nanoparticle suspensions into solid dosage forms via fluid bed granulation and tableting. PCS, PLGA, PSD
69  2019 Data set on prediction of friction stir welding parameters to achieve maximum strength of AA2014-T6 aluminium alloy joints. ANOVA, RSM
70  2019 Defining the multiplicity and time of infection for the production of Zaire Ebola virus-like particles in the insect cell-baculovirus expression system. GP, NP, VLP, ZEBOV
71  2019 Design of Experiments (DoE) Approach to Optimize the Sustained Release Microparticles of Gefitinib. GEF
72  2019 Design of experiments applications in bioprocessing: Chromatography process development using split design of experiments. ---
73  2019 Design of Experiments As a Tool for Optimization in Recombinant Protein Biotechnology: From Constructs to Crystals. ---
74  2019 Design of Experiments in metabolomics-related studies: An overview. OVAT
75  2019 Design of experiments to assess the effect of culture parameters on the osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stromal cells. BMP-9, hASCs
76  2019 Design of multi-drug combinations for poly-pharmacological effects using composition-activity relationship modeling and multi-objective optimization approach: Application in traditional Chinese medicine. ---
77  2019 Design, preparation, and evaluation of liposomal gel formulations for treatment of acne: in vitro and in vivo studies. ---
78  2019 Designing, constructing and testing of a new generation of sound barriers. BG, IQFSCAB, RSM, SC
79  2019 Determination of anandamide in cerebrospinal fluid samples by disposable pipette extraction and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. AEA, CSF, PD
80  2019 Development and optimization of a QuEChERS-GC-MS/MS methodology to analyse ultraviolet-filters and synthetic musks in sewage sludge. CCD, d-SPE, EB, IDLs, OC, QuEChERS, SD, SMCs, UVFs
81  2019 Development and validation of an ultra-high performance supercritical fluid chromatography-photodiode array detection-mass spectrometry method for the simultaneous determination of 12 compounds in Piper longum L. RSD, UHPSFC-MS
82  2019 Development of a liquid chromatography Q Exactive high resolution mass spectrometry method by the Box-Behnken design for the investigation of sibutramine urinary metabolites. LC-HRMS
83  2019 Development of a multiplex forensic identity panel for massively parallel sequencing and its systematic optimization using design of experiments. ESS, MPS, STR
84  2019 Development of a novel methodology for determination of dialkyl phosphates in human urine using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. DAPs, DBP, LLE, LOQ, SRM
85  2019 Development of an amorphous nanosuspension by sonoprecipitation-formulation and process optimization using design of experiment methodology. CLT, CQAs, DSC, PDI, PLM, XRPD
86  2019 Development of an integrated chromatographic system for omega-transaminase-IMER characterization useful for flow-chemistry applications. ee, IMER
87  2019 Development of FAcE (Formulated Alhydrogel competitive ELISA) method for direct quantification of OAg present in Shigella sonnei GMMA-based vaccine and its optimization using Design of Experiments approach. ---
88  2019 Development of liposomes using formulation by design: Basics to recent advances. FbD, OFAT
89  2019 Development of manufacturing method of the MAP21 magnesium alloy prepared by selective laser melting (SLM). SLM
90  2019 Development of modified airlift reactor (MALR) for improving oxygen transfer: optimize design and operation condition using 'design of experiment' methodology. MALR
91  2019 Development of near infrared spectroscopy methodology for human albumin determination using a new calibration approach. NIRS
92  2019 Development, manufacture and characterization of niosomes for the delivery for nevirapine. CQA, EE, NVP, PDI, PS, RSM
93  2019 Early integration of Design of Experiment (DOE) and multivariate statistics identifies feeding regimens suitable for CHO cell line development and screening. CHO, CLD, PCA, PD
94  2019 Effect of reducing sample volume on the detection of drugs in urine by transmission mode direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry. TM-DART-MS
95  2019 Effects of ionic interactions on protein stability prediction using solid-state hydrogen deuterium exchange with mass spectrometry (ssHDX-MS). mAb, SEC, ssHDX-MS
96  2019 Environmental remediation of sulfidic tailings with froth flotation: Reducing the consumption of additional resources by optimization of conditioning parameters and water recycling. ---
97  2019 Epidermal growth factor can signal via beta-catenin to control proliferation of mesenchymal stem cells independently of canonical Wnt signalling. EGF, MSCs, TCF
98  2019 Experimental Design Methodologies for the Optimization of Chiral Separations: An Overview. CE, CEC, LC, SFC
99  2019 Exploring optimized methoxy poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) crystalline cored micelles in anti-glaucoma pharmacotherapy. mPEG-PCL, MTZ, PMs
100  2019 Factors affecting the induction of UV protectant and lipid productivity in Lyngbya for sequential biorefinery product recovery. MAAs, UVR