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Abbreviation : EA
Long Form : ethacrynic acid
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Glutathione S-Transferases Play a Crucial Role in Mitochondrial Function, Plasma Membrane Stability and Oxidative Regulation of Mammalian Sperm. AI, GSTs
2019 [Ethacrynic acid inhibits airway smooth muscle contraction in mice]. ASM, L-VDCC, Rrs, SOCC
2018 Chemoproteomic Profiling Reveals Ethacrynic Acid Targets Adenine Nucleotide Translocases to Impair Mitochondrial Function. ANTs
2018 Development of an Efficient Dual-Action GST-Inhibiting Anticancer Platinum(IV) Prodrug. GST
2018 Ethacrynic acid decreases expression of proinflammatory intestinal wall cytokines and ameliorates gastrointestinal stasis in murine postoperative ileus. IL-6, iNOS, PBS
2018 Functional Role of Tyr12 in the Catalytic Activity of Novel Zeta-like Glutathione S-transferase from Acidovorax sp. KKS102. CDNB, GSTs, NBC
2018 Identification of a co-target for enhancing efficacy of sorafenib in HCC through a quantitative modeling approach. GST, HCC, SFB
2018 Insecticide resistance in Anopheles arabiensis populations from Dakar and its suburbs: role of target site and metabolic resistance mechanisms. PBO
2018 Suppression of glutathione S-transferases potentiates the cytotoxic effect of phenethyl isothiocyanate in cholangiocarcinoma cells. CCA, GST, PEITC
10  2018 Utilizing ethacrynic acid and ciclopirox olamine in liver cancer. CIK, CPX, IL
11  2017 Modulation of hepatic glutathione transferases isoenzymes in three bivalve species exposed to purified microcystin-LR and Microcystis extracts. CDNB, cGST, DCNB
12  2016 Effects of Ethacrynic Acid Addition to Diet on Fitness and Development in the Psocid Liposcelis bostrychophila Badonnel. ---
13  2016 Efficacy of the cat deafening method: Co-administration of ethacrynic acid and kanamycin. ABRs, b.wt, KM
14  2016 Ethacrynic acid improves the antitumor effects of irreversible epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors in breast cancer. EGFR, TKIs
15  2016 Glutathione-S-transferases and Chemotherapy Resistance of Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cell Lines. GSTs, HL, qRT-PCR
16  2016 High LEF1 expression predicts adverse prognosis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and may be targeted by ethacrynic acid. CLL, CYLD, LEF1, MBL, OS, TFS
17  2016 Potent anti-proliferative actions of a non-diuretic glucosamine derivative of ethacrynic acid. GLUT1
18  2015 Furosemide versus ethacrynic acid in pediatric patients undergoing cardiac surgery: a randomized controlled trial. CI, PCICU, POD, UO
19  2015 Genotoxic effect of ethacrynic acid and impact of antioxidants. ---
20  2015 In vitro efficacy of cinnarizine against lymphoma and multiple myeloma. CIC, PI, WNT
21  2015 Influence of glutathione-S-transferase (GST) inhibition on lung epithelial cell injury: role of oxidative stress and metabolism. GST, GSTs, HR
22  2015 Inhibition of Glutathione S-Transferase by Ethacrynic Acid Augments Ischemia-Reperfusion Damage and Apoptosis and Attenuates the Positive Effect of Ischemic Postconditioning in a Bilateral Acute Hindlimb Ischemia Rat Model. GST, IR, IR/EA, OSP, PC, PC/EA, PSP
23  2015 The compromise of macrophage functions by hyperoxia is attenuated by ethacrynic acid via inhibition of NF-kappaB-mediated release of high-mobility group box-1. HMGB1
24  2014 Effect of Wnt inhibitors in pancreatic cancer. CIC, GF, PO
25  2014 Targeting the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in renal cell carcinoma. CIC, PI, PO, RCC
26  2013 6r, a novel oxadiazole analogue of ethacrynic acid, exhibits antitumor activity both in vitro and in vivo by induction of cell apoptosis and S-phase arrest. ---
27  2013 Coniferyl Ferulate, a Strong Inhibitor of Glutathione S-Transferase Isolated from Radix Angelicae sinensis, Reverses Multidrug Resistance and Downregulates P-Glycoprotein. CF, GST, MDR
28  2013 Disposition of ON 01210.Na (Ex-RAD(R)), a novel radioprotectant, in the isolated perfused rat liver: probing metabolic inhibition to increase systemic exposure. IPRL
29  2013 Menadione and ethacrynic acid inhibit the hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) pathway by disrupting HIF-1alpha interaction with p300. CBP, HIF, MD, VEGF
30  2013 Neuroprotection against neuroblastoma cell death induced by depletion of mitochondrial glutathione. BSO
31  2013 Targeting the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in multiple myeloma. CIC, MM, PI, PIC
32  2013 The role of the inhibition of glutathione-S-transferase in the protective mechanisms of ischemic postconditioning. GST, I/R, IPoC, MAPK
33  2012 Effects of depletion of glutathione on abscisic acid- and methyl jasmonate-induced stomatal closure in Arabidopsis thaliana. ABA, IDM, MeJA, PNBC, ROS
34  2012 Ethacrynic acid and a derivative enhance apoptosis in arsenic trioxide-treated myeloid leukemia and lymphoma cells: the role of glutathione S-transferase p1-1. APL, ATO, EABE, GSTP1-1, ROS
35  2012 In vivo efficacy of the diuretic agent ethacrynic acid against multiple myeloma. ---
36  2012 Oxidative stress induced by glutathione depletion reproduces pathological modifications of TDP-43 linked to TDP-43 proteinopathies. TDP-43
37  2012 Some physicochemical properties of two major soluble hepatic glutathione transferases of tilapia (Tilapia zilli). CDNB, GdnHCl, TBTA, TETB, TPTC
38  2012 The synthesis of ethacrynic acid thiazole derivatives as glutathione S-transferase pi inhibitors. GSTpi
39  2011 Diuretic drug binding to human glutathione transferase P1-1: potential role of Cys-101 revealed in the double mutant C47S/Y108V. EASG
40  2011 Effect of a glutathione S-transferase inhibitor on oxidative stress and ischemia-reperfusion-induced apoptotic signalling of cultured cardiomyocytes. ERK, GST, I/R
41  2011 Evaluation of platinum-ethacrynic acid conjugates in the treatment of mesothelioma. GST, MPM
42  2011 Increased in vivo efficacy of lenalidomide and thalidomide by addition of ethacrynic acid. ---
43  2011 Ototoxic destruction by co-administration of kanamycin and ethacrynic acid in rats. ABR, AmAn, KM
44  2010 Application of diffusion-edited NMR spectroscopy for the structural characterization of drug metabolites in mixtures. DOSY, MSG, S/N
45  2010 Influence of ethacrynic acid on the anticonvulsant activity of conventional antiepileptic drugs in the mouse maximal electroshock seizure model. CBZ, MES, PB, PHT, VPA
46  2010 Mechanisms of rapid sensory hair-cell death following co-administration of gentamicin and ethacrynic acid. GM
47  2010 Novel oxadiazole analogues derived from ethacrynic acid: design, synthesis, and structure-activity relationships in inhibiting the activity of glutathione S-transferase P1-1 and cancer cell proliferation. GSTP1-1
48  2010 Oxidative stress up-regulates presenilin 1 in lipid rafts in neuronal cells. APP, NAC, PS1
49  2009 Attenuation of cadmium-induced necrotic cell death by necrostatin-1: potential necrostatin-1 acting sites. Cd, CHO, DR, MMP, Nec-1
50  2009 Ethacrynic acid exhibits selective toxicity to chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells by inhibition of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway. CLL, NAC
51  2009 Influence of the H-site residue 108 on human glutathione transferase P1-1 ligand binding: structure-thermodynamic relationships and thermal stability. G-site, H-site, hGST P1-1, WT
52  2007 A high pressure liquid chromatography-based assay for glutathione-S-transferase class distinction assay. BSP, GSTs, HPLC-PDA
53  2007 A protein derived from the fusion of TAT peptide and FNK, a Bcl-x(L) derivative, prevents cochlear hair cell death from aminoglycoside ototoxicity in vivo. ABR, HCs, KM
54  2007 Cell death after co-administration of cisplatin and ethacrynic acid. IHC, OHC
55  2007 Depletion of reduced glutathione enhances motor neuron degeneration in vitro and in vivo. AIF, ALS, BSO, DCF, HO-1, ROS
56  2007 Effects of metals and detergents on biotransformation and detoxification enzymes of leaping mullet (Liza saliens). CDNB, EROD, GSTs
57  2007 Ethacrynic acid butyl-ester induces apoptosis in leukemia cells through a hydrogen peroxide mediated pathway independent of glutathione S-transferase P1-1 inhibition. DR5, EABE, HPLC
58  2007 Glutathione S-transferase cytosolic isoform in the pink-shrimp, Farfantepenaeus brasiliensis, from Conceicao Lagoon, Santa Catarina Island, SC, Brazil. GST, lab
59  2007 Hepatocytes isolated from preneoplastic rat livers are resistant to ethacrynic acid cytotoxicity. GSTs, Mrp2, TBARS
60  2007 The synthesis of alpha,beta-unsaturated carbonyl derivatives with the ability to inhibit both glutathione S-transferase P1-1 activity and the proliferation of leukemia cells. GSTP1-1
61  2006 Oxidative stress and Mrp2 internalization. cPKC, IRCHs, PKA, PKC, PKG
62  2006 The phase 2 enzyme inducers ethacrynic acid, DL-sulforaphane, and oltipraz inhibit lipopolysaccharide-induced high-mobility group box 1 secretion by RAW 264.7 cells. HMGB1, IL, LPS, NF-kappaB
63  2006 The role of a novel copper complex in overcoming doxorubicin resistance in Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells in vivo. DOX, GSTs, MDR, MRP, RMA
64  2005 Induction of mitochondrial fusion by cysteine-alkylators ethacrynic acid and N-ethylmaleimide. dEM, DH-EA, NAC, NEM
65  2005 Role of glutathione in intracellular amyloid-alpha precursor protein/carboxy-terminal fragment aggregation and associated cytotoxicity. AD, AT, BSO, DEM
66  2005 Synthesis and structure-activity relationship of ethacrynic acid analogues on glutathione-s-transferase P1-1 activity inhibition. ---
67  2004 Biochemical characterization and distribution of glutathione S-transferases in leaping mullet (Liza saliens). CDNB, GSTs
68  2004 Cellular glutathione prevents cytolethality of monomethylarsonic acid. AOAA, BSO, GST, MT
69  2004 Characterization of the role of glutathione in repin-induced mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress and dopaminergic neurotoxicity in rat pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells. BSO, ENE
70  2004 Ethacrynic-acid-induced glutathione depletion and oxidative stress in normal and Mrp2-deficient rat liver. EHBR, GPT, MRP, SDR, TBARS
71  2004 Time course of efferent fiber and spiral ganglion cell degeneration following complete hair cell loss in the chinchilla. GM, IHCs, OHCs, SGNs
72  2003 Changes in cell proliferation in rat and guinea pig cochlea after aminoglycoside-induced damage. BrdU, KM
73  2003 Characterization of cell death induced by ethacrynic acid in a human colon cancer cell line DLD-1 and suppression by N-acetyl-L-cysteine. ERK, GST, JNK, MAPK, NAC
74  2003 Characterization of the electrophile binding site and substrate binding mode of the 26-kDa glutathione S-transferase from Schistosoma japonicum. 4-HNE, NE, Sj26GSTSLF
75  2003 Cytosolic and mitochondrial glutathione in microglial cells are differentially affected by oxidative/nitrosative stress. BSO, DCF, iNOS, mt, NO
76  2003 Dopamine-induced oxidative stress in neurons with glutathione deficit: implication for schizophrenia. DA, ROS, SOD
77  2003 Late dosing with ethacrynic acid can reduce gentamicin concentration in perilymph and protect cochlear hair cells. AABs, BLB, GM
78  2003 Mitochondrial dysfunction and death in motor neurons exposed to the glutathione-depleting agent ethacrynic acid. ALS, HO-1, MMP, MTT, ROS, SCI
79  2003 Neurotrophic factor effects on oxidative stress-induced neuronal death. BSO
80  2002 A major human arsenic metabolite, dimethylarsinic acid, requires reduced glutathione to induce apoptosis. AOAA, BSO, DEM, DMA, GGT, GST
81  2002 Chinchilla models of selective cochlear hair cell loss. GM
82  2002 Ethacrynic acid rapidly and selectively abolishes blood flow in vessels supplying the lateral wall of the cochlea. CAP, CM, SP
83  2002 Inhibition of the multidrug resistance protein 1 (MRP1) by peptidomimetic glutathione-conjugate analogs. MRP1
84  2002 Peptidomimetic glutathione analogues as novel gammaGT stable GST inhibitors. gamma-GT, GST, MDR
85  2000 A novel ethacrynic acid sensor based on a lanthanide porphyrin complex in a PVC matrix. ---
86  2000 Comparative metabolism and excretion of benzo(a)pyrene in 2 species of ictalurid catfish. BaP, BPDE, EH, GT, PAH, ST
87  2000 Phenobarbital increases DNA adduct and metabolites formed by ochratoxin A: role of CYP 2C9 and microsomal glutathione-S-transferase. OTA, PB
88  1999 Bimolecular glutathione conjugation kinetics of ethacrynic acid in rat liver: in vitro and perfusion studies. EA-SG, ss
89  1999 Glutathione depletion and neuronal cell death: the role of reactive oxygen intermediates and mitochondrial function. BSO, ROI
90  1999 Lipoxygenase-another pathway for glutathione conjugation of xenobiotics: A study with human term placental lipoxygenase and ethacrynic acid. HTPLO, LA
91  1999 Long-lasting c-fos and NGF mRNA expressions and loss of perikaryal parvalbumin immunoreactivity in the development of epileptogenesis after ethacrynic acid-induced seizure. GAD, NGF, PARV
92  1999 Some effects of the fungicide propiconazole on cytochrome P450 and glutathione S-transferase in brown trout (Salmo trutta). CU, CYP1A, ELISA, EROD, GST
93  1999 Stopped-flow kinetic analysis of the ligand-induced coil-helix transition in glutathione S-transferase A1-1: evidence for a persistent denatured state. GST, WT
94  1999 Uptake and glutathione conjugation of ethacrynic acid and efflux of the glutathione adduct by periportal and perivenous rat hepatocytes. PP, PV
95  1998 Alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes increase glutathione S-transferase mRNA and protein: correlation with activation of the antioxidant response element. 4-HNE, ARE, GST, t-2-HE
96  1998 GSTP1-1 stereospecifically catalyzes glutathione conjugation of ethacrynic acid. ---
97  1998 Multiple-phase model of memory consolidation confirmed by behavioral and pharmacological analyses of operant conditioning in Drosophila. ARM, CXM, LTM
98  1998 The effects of different antineoplastic agents and of pretreatment by modulators on three melanoma lines. 4HA, AzA, BSO
99  1998 Thiol ester hydrolysis catalyzed by glutathione S-transferase A1-1. E-SG
100  1997 A novel mechanism of glutathione conjugate formation by lipoxygenase: a study with ethacrynic acid. SLO