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Abbreviation : EC
Long Form : eddy covariance
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Atmosphere-surface fluxes modeling for the high Andes: The case of paramo catchments of Ecuador. ETa, LSM, WB
2020 Integrating eddy fluxes and remote sensing products in a rotational grazing native tallgrass prairie pasture. EVI, MODIS, VIIRS
2019 A comprehensive analysis of interseasonal and interannual energy and water balance dynamics in semiarid shrubland and forest ecosystems. CR, CS, ET, GVF, LP, PET, SB, SM, Ta
2019 Assessment of five satellite-derived LAI datasets for GPP estimations through ecosystem models. BEPS, EC-LUE, GEOV1, GIMMS, GLASS, GLOBMAP, GPP, LAI, MODIS
2019 Estimating Herd-Scale Methane Emissions from Cattle in a Feedlot Using Eddy Covariance Measurements and the Carbon Dioxide Tracer Method. COT
2019 Evaluation of a satellite-derived model parameterized by three soil moisture constraints to estimate terrestrial latent heat flux in the Heihe River basin of Northwest China. DT, HRB, LE, MODIS, RH, SM
2019 Evidence for large carbon sink and long residence time in semiarid forests based on 15 year flux and inventory records. CS
2019 Measurements of CO2 Fluxes at Non-Ideal Eddy Covariance Sites. ---
2019 Methane Emission Reductions from the Alternate Wetting and Drying of Rice Fields Detected Using the Eddy Covariance Method. AWD, DF
10  2019 SIFSpec: Measuring Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Observations for Remote Sensing of Photosynthesis. DM, GPP, PAR, SIF
11  2019 Toward optimisation of water use efficiency in dryland pastures using carbon isotope discrimination as a tool to select plant species mixtures. GPP
12  2019 Water-use efficiency in a semi-arid woodland with high rainfall variability. WUE
13  2018 Applicability of Eddy Covariance to Estimate Methane Emissions from Grazing Cattle. AE
14  2018 Bigleaf-An R package for the calculation of physical and physiological ecosystem properties from eddy covariance data. ET, VPD
15  2018 Data on micrometeorological parameters and Energy Fluxes at an intertidal zone of a Tropical Coastal Ocean. ---
16  2018 Estimation of evapotranspiration of temperate grassland based on high-resolution thermal and visible range imagery from unmanned aerial systems. ET, LST, TIR, TSEB, UAS
17  2018 Evaluating Micrometeorological Estimates of Groundwater Discharge from Great Basin Desert Playas. BREB
18  2018 Greenhouse gas emissions and energy exchange in wet and dry season rice: eddy covariance-based approach. DS, GPP, GWP, LE, NEE, NEME, Re, WF
19  2018 Increasing sensitivity of methane emission measurements in rice through deployment of 'closed chambers' at nighttime. ---
20  2018 Net ecosystem exchange of CO2 and H2O fluxes from irrigated grain sorghum and maize in the Texas High Plains. ET, NEE, PPFD, Ta, VPD
21  2018 Opportunities and challenges of applications of satellite-derived sun-induced fluorescence at relatively high spatial resolution. GPP, OCO-2, SIF
22  2018 Towards physiologically meaningful water-use efficiency estimates from eddy covariance data. GPP, iWUE
23  2017 Climate controls over ecosystem metabolism: insights from a fifteen-year inductive artificial neural network synthesis for a subalpine forest. ANNs, ET, NEP
24  2017 Eddy covariance carbonyl sulphide flux measurements with a quantum cascade laser absorption spectrometer. COS, QCLAS
25  2017 Estimating spatially distributed turbulent heat fluxes from high-resolution thermal imagery acquired with a UAV system. ET, LST, UAV
26  2017 Estimation of gross primary production of irrigated maize using Landsat-8 imagery and Eddy Covariance data. GPP, VPM
27  2017 Evaluation of Sensible Heat Flux and Evapotranspiration Estimates Using a Surface Layer Scintillometer and a Large Weighing Lysimeter. ET, SLS
28  2017 Long-term spatial distributions and trends of the latent heat fluxes over the global cropland ecosystem using multiple satellite-based models. LE, MS-PT, PT-JPL, RMSE, RRS
29  2017 Methodological comparison of alpine meadow evapotranspiration on the Tibetan Plateau, China. ET, H-S, MG, PM, PT, RMSE, TP
30  2017 Surface energy balance of an extensive green roof as quantified by full year eddy-covariance measurements. ET, VWC
31  2017 The case for increasing the statistical power of eddy covariance ecosystem studies: why, where and how? ---
32  2017 [Assessing the surface heating effect of the open-path analyzer of an eddy covariance system with fine-wire thermocouples]. HS,HE
33  2016 An Empirical Orthogonal Function-Based Algorithm for Estimating Terrestrial Latent Heat Flux from Eddy Covariance, Meteorological and Satellite Observations. EOF, LE, MODIS, PT-JPL
34  2016 Do the energy fluxes and surface conductance of boreal coniferous forests in Europe scale with leaf area? ET, LAI
35  2016 Eddy covariance captures four-phase crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) gas exchange signature in Agave. CAM
36  2016 Effects of coordinate rotations on eddy fluxes over a forest on a mountainous terrain in Northeast China. DR, LE, MPF, MSWPF, PF, TR
37  2016 Evaluating the convergence between eddy-covariance and biometric methods for assessing carbon budgets of forests. BM
38  2015 Characterization of a field spectroradiometer for unattended vegetation monitoring. Key sensor models and impacts on reflectance. HCRF
39  2015 Eddy covariance flux measurements of gaseous elemental mercury using cavity ring-down spectroscopy. CRDS, DFC, GEM, MBR
40  2015 Light-intensity grazing improves alpine meadow productivity and adaption to climate change on the Tibetan Plateau. GPP, Re
41  2015 Modelling carbon and water exchange of a grazed pasture in New Zealand constrained by eddy covariance measurements. NEP
42  2015 WhiteRef: a new tower-based hyperspectral system for continuous reflectance measurements. ---
43  2014 Above-ground woody carbon sequestration measured from tree rings is coherent with net ecosystem productivity at five eddy-covariance sites. GPP, NEP, TER
44  2014 Assessing inter-sensor variability and sensible heat flux derivation accuracy for a large aperture scintillometer. LAS
45  2014 Greenhouse gas budget (CO2, CH4 and N2O) of intensively managed grassland following restoration. GHG, QCLAS
46  2014 Growing season net ecosystem CO2 exchange of two desert ecosystems with alkaline soils in Kazakhstan. PAR
47  2014 Latent heat exchange in the boreal and arctic biomes. ---
48  2014 Satellite-based analysis of evapotranspiration and water balance in the grassland ecosystems of Dryland East Asia. DEA, ET
49  2014 [Research progress on urban carbon fluxes based on eddy covariance technique]. ---
50  2013 A comparison of methane emission measurements using Eddy Covariance and manual and automated chamber-based techniques in Tibetan Plateau alpine wetland. CAC, MSC
51  2013 Cyclic occurrence of fire and its role in carbon dynamics along an edaphic moisture gradient in longleaf pine ecosystems. NEE
52  2013 Developments in micrometeorological methods for methane measurements. BLS, FG, IHF
53  2013 Modifying the Soil and Water Assessment Tool to simulate cropland carbon flux: model development and initial evaluation. ET, GHGs, NEE, SOM, SWAT
54  2011 Eddy covariance VOC emission and deposition fluxes above grassland using PTR-TOF. PTR-TOF, VOC
55  2011 Ground-based optical measurements at European flux sites: a review of methods, instruments and current controversies. COST
56  2011 Using eddy covariance sensors to quantify carbon metabolism of peatlands: a case study in Turkey. GPP, NEE
57  2010 Dealing with disjunct concentration measurements in eddy covariance applications: a comparison of available approaches. iDECnn, vDEC, VOC
58  2010 Multiple constraints on grassland evapotranspiration: implications for closing the energy balance. ET
59  2010 [Characteristics of CO2 flux before and in the heating period at urban complex underlying surface area]. ---
60  2009 Contributions of climate, leaf area index and leaf physiology to variation in gross primary production of six coniferous forests across Europe: a model-based analysis. GPP, LAI
61  2009 Measuring eddy covariance fluxes of ozone with a slow-response analyser. FG
62  2008 Field comparison of disjunct and conventional eddy covariance techniques for trace gas flux measurements. DEC
63  2008 [Characteristics of net ecosystem flux exchanges over Stipa krylovii steppe in Inner Mongolia]. Hs, LE
64  2007 Changes in net ecosystem productivity with forest age following clearcutting of a coastal Douglas-fir forest: testing a mathematical model with eddy covariance measurements along a forest chronosequence. GPP, NEP
65  2007 Micrometeorological measurements of methane and carbon dioxide fluxes at a municipal landfill. ---
66  2007 Total and component carbon fluxes of a Scots pine ecosystem from chamber measurements and eddy covariance. GPP, NEP, NPP
67  2007 [Comparison of nocturnal ecosystem respiration measured with eddy covariance and chamber system at two agricultural sites in Sanjiang plain]. DC-GC