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Abbreviation : EC
Long Form : electrical conductivity
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Effect of bean dregs amendment on the organic matter degradation, humification, maturity and stability of pig manure composting. BD, C/N, DOC, DP, EEM, FTIR, GI, HI, HR, PHA, PM
2020 Effects of green waste addition on waste activated sludge and fat, oil and grease co-digestion in mesophilic batch digester. AD, FOG, GW, VFA, WAS
2020 Flooding Irrigation Weakens the Molecular Ecological Network Complexity of Soil Microbes During the Process of Dryland-to-Paddy Conversion. OM
2020 Physicochemical features, metal availability and enzyme activity in heavy metal-polluted soil remediated by biochar and compost. OM
2020 Practicing land degradation neutrality (LDN) approach in the Shazand Watershed, Iran. BD, LDN, LUC, NPP, SOC
2020 Salinity profile in coastal non-agricultural land in Gaza. HSS, LSS, TDS
2020 Seasonal variations of soil phosphorus and associated fertility indicators in wastewater-irrigated urban aridisol. CWI, DWW, LWW, MBC, MBP, MWW, SOC, UWW, WEOC
2020 Seasonal water quality index and suitability of the water body to designated uses at the eastern catchment of Lake Hawassa. TDS, TSS, WQI
2020 Spatial Variability of Soil Properties and Portable X-Ray Fluorescence-quantified Elements of typical Golf Courses Soils. EBK, OLSM, PCA, PXRF
10  2020 Tamarix efficiency in salt excretion and physiological tolerance to salt-induced stress in South Africa. ---
11  2020 The spatial variations of correlation between microbial diversity and groundwater quality derived from a riverbank filtration site, northeast China. RBF, RDA, TOC
12  2020 [Effect of Different Passivating Agents on the Stabilization of Heavy Metals in Chicken Manure Compost and Its Maturity Evaluating Indexes]. BI, FA, HA, HS, SE, SNB
13  2020 [Occurrence Relationship Between Microplastics and Heavy Metals Pollutants in the Estuarine Sediments of Poyang Lake and the Yangtze River]. LDPE, PE, SEM-EDS, TOC, VPA
14  2019 Analysis of the effect of green roof substrate amended with biochar on water quality and quantity of rainfall runoff. COD, TN, TP, TSS
15  2019 Antimicrobial Activity and Chemical Composition of Essential Oil Extracted from Solidago canadensis L. Growing Wild in Slovakia. EOs, GC-MS
16  2019 Application of wood biochar in polluted soils stabilized the toxic metals and enhanced wheat (Triticum aestivum) growth and soil enzymatic activity. CZ, FX, TG, TMs, WBC
17  2019 Applying the AOGCM-AR5 models to the assessments of land suitability for walnut cultivation in response to climate change: A case study of Iran. ---
18  2019 Assessment of eutrophication and water quality in the estuarine area of Lake Wuli, Lake Taihu, China. Chl-a, DO, PCA, SD, TDS, TLI, TN, TP, WQI, WQI
19  2019 Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Human Health Risk (HHR) Evaluation of Nitrate in the Central-Western Guanzhong Basin, China. HHR, TDS, TH
20  2019 Assessment of the Bulgarian Wastewater Treatment Plants' Impact on the Receiving Water Bodies. EU, NGO, PLS-DA, TSS, WWTPs
21  2019 Bacterial and archaeal spatial distribution and its environmental drivers in an extremely haloalkaline soil at the landscape scale. WC
22  2019 Benthic Diatom Communities in Korean Estuaries: Species Appearances in Relation to Environmental Variables. CCA, TP
23  2019 Bioaccumulation of cadmium in potato tuber grown on naturally high levels cadmium soils in Jamaica. BCF, Cd, CEC, OMC, WHO, Zn
24  2019 Bioelectrochemically-assisted vermibiofilter process enhancing stabilization of sewage sludge with synchronous electricity generation. GI, SCOD
25  2019 Biosorption of Pb(II) from contaminated water onto Moringa oleifera biomass: kinetics and equilibrium studies. MOL, TDS
26  2019 Cadmium accumulation, translocation factor, and health risk potential in a wastewater-irrigated soil-wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) system. BCF, Cd, CR, HQ, TF
27  2019 Calcium-Enriched Animal Manure Alleviates the Adverse Effects of Salt Stress on Growth, Physiology and Nutrients Homeostasis of Zea mays L. Ca-FC, Ca-FW, NPK, SAR
28  2019 Can white clover facilitate apple orchard residue composting? ATL, CM, GI, WC
29  2019 Carbon concentrations and their stable isotopic signatures in the upper Han River, China. DIC, DO, DOC, POC, TSS
30  2019 Changes in fluorescent dissolved organic matter and their association with phytoavailable phosphorus in soil amended with TiO2 nanoparticles. DOM, EEM-PARAFAC, HIX
31  2019 Changes in the Soil Microbiome in Eggplant Monoculture Revealed by High-Throughput Illumina MiSeq Sequencing as Influenced by Raw Garlic Stalk Amendment. ITS, PGVC, RGS
32  2019 Characteristics of pipe corrosion scales in untreated water distribution system and effect on water quality in Peshawar, Pakistan. DO, ICP, SEM, XRD
33  2019 Chemical and physicochemical characterization of effluents from the tanning and textile industries in Bangladesh with multivariate statistical approach. BOD, DO, TDS, TSS
34  2019 Comparison of efficacies of peanut shell biochar and biochar-based compost on two leafy vegetable productivity in an infertile land. PAD, PBC, SOM, WHC
35  2019 Composition of acacia honeys following processing, storage and adulteration. HMF, TPC
36  2019 Comprehensive analysis of machine learning models for prediction of sub-clinical mastitis: Deep Learning and Gradient-Boosted Trees outperform other models. AUC, DL, GBT, ROC, SCC
37  2019 Conductive Carbon Materials from the Hydrothermal Carbonization of Vineyard Residues for the Application in Electrochemical Double-Layer Capacitors (EDLCs) and Direct Carbon Fuel Cells (DCFCs). DCFC, DCFCs, EDLC, EDLCs, HTC
38  2019 Convenient use of electrical conductivity measurements to investigate hydrological processes in Alpine headwaters. ---
39  2019 Dataset of allelopathic effects of Casuarina equisetifolia-L leaf aquatic extract on seed germination and growth of selected plant crops. SL
40  2019 Date palm waste biochars alter a soil respiration, microbial biomass carbon, and heavy metal mobility in contaminated mined soil. BCs, FS, MBC, SOC
41  2019 Degradation of root exudates in closed hydroponic systems using UV/H2O2: Kinetic investigation, reaction pathways and cost analysis. PhA, RNS, SA
42  2019 Determination of biochemical oxygen demand and dissolved oxygen for semi-arid river environment: application of soft computing models. BOD, Ca, COD, DO, HRSM, RSM, SVR, TDS, TSS
43  2019 Development and evaluation of novel salt-tolerant Eucalyptus trees by molecular breeding using an RNA-Binding-Protein gene derived from common ice plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L.). ---
44  2019 Diversity of Archaea and Its Correlation with Environmental Factors in the Ebinur Lake Wetland. RDA, SM, SOM
45  2019 Domestic wastewater treatment efficiency of the pilot-scale trickling biofilter system with variable flow rates and hydraulic retention times. COD, TBF, TDS, TN
46  2019 Drainage water salinity and quality across nested scales in the Nile Delta of Egypt. DO
47  2019 Effect of addition of adjuvants on physical and chemical characteristics of Bt bioinsecticide mixture. Bt, SC, VMD, WP
48  2019 Effectiveness of pig sludge as organic amendment of different textural class mine tailings with different periods of amendment-contact time. RB, SB
49  2019 Effects of straw amendment on selenium aging in soils: Mechanism and influential factors. DOM, DOM-Se, Hy-Se, Se, SOL-Se
50  2019 Effects of vermicomposting on the main chemical properties and bioavailability of Cd/Zn in pure sludge. FA, HA, TN, TOC
51  2019 Environmental analysis of soil characteristics in El-Fayoum Governorate using geomatics approach. OC, TN, TP
52  2019 epsilon-Polylysine Inhibits Shewanella putrefaciens with Membrane Disruption and Cell Damage. AKP, CAT, epsilon-PL, MDH, MIC, POD, S. putrefaciens, SDH, SEM
53  2019 Evaluating rice for salinity using pot-culture provides a systematic tolerance assessment at the seedling stage. PCA, SSRI
54  2019 Evaluation of contaminants in agricultural soils in an Irrigation District in Colombia. CF, HM, ID, PLI
55  2019 Evaluation of groundwater contamination in Chandigarh: Source identification and health risk assessment. TA, TH
56  2019 Evaluation of hand-held sodium, potassium, calcium, and electrical conductivity meters for diagnosing subclinical mastitis and intramammary infection in dairy cattle. AUC, Ca, IMI, SCC, SCM
57  2019 Evaluation of spatio-temporal variations in water quality of Zerveli stream (northern Turkey) based on water quality index and multivariate statistical analyses. BOD, COD, FA, RSC, SAR, SSM, WQI
58  2019 Evaluation of the phytotoxicity of coal ash on lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) germination, growth and metal uptake. ---
59  2019 Feasibility of agricultural residues and their biochars for plant growing media: Physical and hydraulic properties. BD, EAW, TP, WDPT
60  2019 Field-aged biochar reduces the greenhouse gas balance in a degraded vegetable field treated by reductive soil disinfestation. CEC, GHG, RSD
61  2019 Foliar litters: Sources of contaminants in phytoremediation sites by returning potentially toxic metals (PTMs) back to soils. PTMs, SOM
62  2019 Groundwater Origin in Qanats, Chemo-Isotopic, and Hydrogeological Evidence. Gn MWL, LMWL
63  2019 Groundwater salinization and associated co-contamination risk increase severe drinking water vulnerabilities in the southwestern coast of Bangladesh. TDS
64  2019 Heavy metal and soil nutrient accumulation and ecological risk assessment of vegetable fields in representative facilities in Shandong Province, China. AP, OM, RI, TN
65  2019 Hybrid Signal-Processing Method Based on Neural Network for Prediction of NO3, K, Ca, and Mg Ions in Hydroponic Solutions Using an Array of Ion-Selective Electrodes. ANN, CVs, ISEs, RMSE, TPN
66  2019 Identification of environmental factors controlling phosphorus fractions and mobility in restored wetlands by multivariate statistics. CaMg-P, Hu-P, L-Pi, L-Po, Ml-Po, PA, RDA, Re-P, SOM, TN, TP
67  2019 Identification of Microbial Profiles in Heavy-Metal-Contaminated Soil from Full-Length 16S rRNA Reads Sequenced by a PacBio System. KEGG, PICRUSt
68  2019 Identification of QTN and Candidate Gene for Seed-flooding Tolerance in Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] using Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS). GR, GWAS, MLM, mrMLM, NSR, QTNs
69  2019 Identification of Superior Alleles for Seedling Stage Salt Tolerance in the USDA Rice Mini-Core Collection. GWAS, IRRI, SNPs, USDA
70  2019 Impact of bonfires on soil properties in an urban park in Vilnius (Lithuania). Al, AS, Ca, Cr, IC, Mn, Si, SOM, SWR, TN, Zn
71  2019 Impact of brackish groundwater and treated wastewater on soil chemical and mineralogical properties. BGW, ESP, RF, SAR, TWW, XRD
72  2019 Impact of conventional retting of jute (Corchorus spp.) on the environmental quality of water: a case study. BOD, COD, Mn, Zn
73  2019 Impact of small municipal solid waste landfill on groundwater quality. PAH, TOC
74  2019 Improving municipal solid waste compost process by cycle time reduction through inoculation of Aspergillus niger. C/N, GI, OFMSW
75  2019 In-situ solidification/stabilization of heavy metals contaminated site soil using a dry jet mixing method and new hydroxyapatite based binder. ANC, COD
76  2019 Increases in salinity following a shift in hydrologic regime in a constructed wetland watershed in a post-mining oil sands landscape. ---
77  2019 Increasing aridity affects soil archaeal communities by mediating soil niches in semi-arid regions. TN
78  2019 Influence of aeration rate and reactor shape on the composting of poultry manure and sawdust. C/N, DM, GI, OM
79  2019 Influence of pH, electrical conductivity and ageing on the extractability of benzo[a]pyrene in two contrasting soils. NER
80  2019 Influence of pyrolysis parameters on phosphorus fractions of biosolids derived biochar. ---
81  2019 Influence of wastewater sludge properties on the performance of electro-osmosis dewatering. EPS, EPS, zeta
82  2019 Infrequent Occurrence of Peach Skin Streaking and the Role of Rainwater Attributes on Symptom Development. MFRC, ORP
83  2019 Integrating Geophysical and Multispectral Data to Delineate Homogeneous Management Zones within a Vineyard in Northern Italy. SSMZ, TIR
84  2019 Integrating management information with soil quality dynamics to monitor agricultural productivity. AWC, CT, NT, NV, PLSR, SOC, SQI
85  2019 Investigating the response of soil and vegetable crops to poultry and cow manure using ground and satellite data. VIs
86  2019 Land Subsidence in a Coal Mining Area Reduced Soil Fertility and Led to Soil Degradation in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions. AP, DOC, RDA, SWC, TN
87  2019 Leaching behavior and efficiency of cadmium in alkaline soil by adding two novel immobilization materials. Cd, MPAL, MSEP, Pal, SEP
88  2019 Leaching Characteristics of Heavy Metals and Plant Nutrients in the Sewage Sludge Immobilized by Composite Phosphorus-Bearing Materials. ---
89  2019 LEP and SCD polymorphisms are associated with milk somatic cell count, electrical conductivity and pH values in Holstein cows. SCC
90  2019 Long-term impact of prescribed fire on soil chemical properties in a wildland-urban interface. Northeastern Iberian Peninsula. BPF, Ca, SOM, TN, WUIs
91  2019 Macroinvertebrate Responses to Conductivity in Different Bioregions of Victoria, Australia. ---
92  2019 Macronutrient deprivation eustress elicits differential secondary metabolites in red and green-pigmented butterhead lettuce grown in a closed soilless system. NFT, NS
93  2019 Mapping human health risk from exposure to potential toxic metal contamination in groundwater of Lower Dir, Pakistan: Application of multivariate and geographical information system. CA, GIS, ORP, PCA, PTMs, TDS
94  2019 Measurement of oxygen concentration for detection of subclinical mastitis. OC, SCC
95  2019 Mechanistic Evaluation of Enhanced Curcumin Delivery through Human Skin In Vitro from Optimised Nanoemulsion Formulations Fabricated with Different Penetration Enhancers. DLS, QbD
96  2019 Monitoring of the process of waste landfill leachate diffusion in clay and sandy soil. CEC, CL, COD, PCA, SL, TN
97  2019 Nitrogen along the Hydrological Gradient of Marsh Sediments in a Subtropical Estuary: Pools, Processes, and Fluxes. PNR, TC, TN
98  2019 Occurrence and distribution of selected antibiotics in the surface waters and ecological risk assessment based on the theory of natural disaster. CFX, DOC, DPSIR, EFX, GIS, MET, NFX, OWA, RDA, SMZ, TP
99  2019 On the problem of the spatial distribution delineation of the groundwater quality indicators via multivariate statistical and geostatistical approaches. SAR, TDS, TH
100  2019 Optimization of whey protein isolate-quince seed mucilage complex coacervation. QSM