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Abbreviation : EC
Long Form : electrochemistry
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A New Quantification Method Using Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry. LC, MS
2019 Electrochemical oxidation of selected immunosuppressants and identification of their oxidation products by means of liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry (EC-HPLC-MS/MS). BDD, CYC, MEPS, SIR
2019 Electrochemical simulation of metabolism for antitumor-active imidazoacridinone C-1311 and in silico prediction of drug metabolic reactions. ESI-MS
2019 Glucosylation and Glutathione Conjugation of Chlorpyrifos and Fluopyram Metabolites Using Electrochemistry/Mass Spectrometry. LC, TripleTOF
2019 In situ monitoring of electrochemical reactions through CNT-assisted paper cell mass spectrometry. CNTs, GlcA, GLU, MS, PAHs, SacA
2019 Rapid detection of metal impurities on the surfaces of intact objects with irregular shapes using electrochemical mass spectrometry. ESI, MS
2018 Electrochemical simulation of three novel cardiovascular drugs phase I metabolism and development of a new method for determination of them by liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry. ALS, ESI-MS, PRS, RIV, USAEME
2018 In Situ Mass Spectrometric Screening and Studying of the Fleeting Chain Propagation of Aniline. ANI
2018 Prediction of biotransformation products of the fungicide fluopyram by electrochemistry coupled online to liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and comparison with in vitro microsomal assays. BDD, FLP, HRMS, LC, SDHI
10  2018 Structure elucidation and quantification of the reduction products of anticancer Pt(iv) prodrugs by electrochemistry/mass spectrometry (EC-MS). EC-MS, ESI-MS, ICP, LC
11  2018 Thermal stability of optical fiber metal organic framework based on graphene oxide and nickel and its hydrogen adsorption application. GO-Ni, MOF, MZI, SMF
12  2018 Time-resolved method to distinguish protein/peptide oxidation during electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. CD, ESI-MS, ROSs
13  2018 Untargeted screening of phase I metabolism of combretastatin A4 by multi-tool analysis. CA-4, LC-HRMS
14  2017 Determining the Catalytic Activity of Transition Metal-Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles Using Surface Spectroscopic Analysis. 2-ATP, HRPES, NPs, SEM, STXM, TM-TiO2
15  2017 Enhancement of Catalytic Activity of Reduced Graphene Oxide Via Transition Metal Doping Strategy. Cys, HRPES, rGO
16  2017 In Situ Mass Spectrometric Monitoring of the Dynamic Electrochemical Process at the Electrode-Electrolyte Interface: a SIMS Approach. AA, MS, SIMS
17  2017 Role of Electrochemistry in Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry (LS DESI MS) of Aqueous Samples Containing Electrolyte Salts. AQ, DA, DMPA, ESI, ESSI, LS DESI MS, Tyr
18  2017 SERS- and Electrochemically Active 3D Plasmonic Liquid Marbles for Molecular-Level Spectroelectrochemical Investigation of Microliter Reactions. PLMs, SERS
19  2017 Specific Affinity Enrichment of Electrochemically Cleaved Peptides Based on Cu(II)-Mediated Spirolactone Tagging. Trp, Tyr
20  2016 A Disposable Microfluidic Device with a Screen Printed Electrode for Mimicking Phase II Metabolism. MS, SPE
21  2016 Comparative Study of the Catalytic Activities of Three Distinct Carbonaceous Materials through Photocatalytic Oxidation, CO Conversion, Dye Degradation, and Electrochemical Measurements. 2-ATP, GO, HRPES, NB, RGA, rGO
22  2016 Electrochemistry-mass spectrometry for in-vitro determination of selected chemotherapeutics and their electrochemical products in comparison to in-vivo approach. MS
23  2016 In-Depth Characterization of Protein Disulfide Bonds by Online Liquid Chromatography-Electrochemistry-Mass Spectrometry. FTICR, LC, MS
24  2015 Integration of electrochemistry with ultra-performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry. DESI, HPLC, LC, MS, MS/MS, UPLC
25  2015 Mass spectrometric methods for monitoring redox processes in electrochemical cells. DEMS, EI, ESI, LC, MS
26  2015 Online Investigation of Aqueous-Phase Electrochemical Reactions by Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry. CID, DESI-MS, MS
27  2015 Paper-Based Electrochemical Cell Coupled to Mass Spectrometry. MS, P-EC, SSI
28  2015 Ultrasonically enhanced electrochemical oxidation of ibuprofen. DI
29  2015 Unexpected benzimidazole ring formation from a quinoneimide species in the presence of ammonium acetate as supporting electrolyte used in the coupling of electrochemistry with mass spectrometry. HRMS, MS, NMR, UPLC/QTOFMS
30  2014 Determination of psychostimulants and their metabolites by electrochemistry linked on-line to flowing atmospheric pressure afterglow mass spectrometry. BAM, DXM, FAPA, PMMA
31  2014 Electrochemistry/mass spectrometry as a tool in metabolism studies-a review. ESI, MS
32  2014 Nonaqueous capillary electrophoresis as separation technique to support metabolism studies by means of electrochemistry and mass spectrometry. ---
33  2014 Structural analysis of an intact monoclonal antibody by online electrochemical reduction of disulfide bonds and Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry. ESI, FTICR, mAbs, MS, MS/MS
34  2013 Recent advances of electrochemical mass spectrometry. MS
35  2012 Degradation of Acid Orange 7 in aqueous solution by a novel electro/Fe2+/peroxydisulfate process. COD
36  2012 Electrochemistry coupled to (liquid chromatography/) mass spectrometry--current state and future perspectives. LC, MS
37  2012 Electrochemistry-assisted top-down characterization of disulfide-containing proteins. CID, ECD, MS
38  2012 Electrochemistry/liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry to demonstrate irreversible binding of the skin allergen p-phenylenediamine to proteins. beta-LGA, ESI-MS, LC, PPD
39  2012 Electrochemistry/mass spectrometry as a tool in the investigation of the potent skin sensitizer p-phenylenediamine and its reactivity toward nucleophiles. BB, Cys, ESI-MS, Lys, PPD, PPQD
40  2012 Formation and characterization of covalent guanosine adducts with electrochemistry-liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. LC, MS
41  2012 Investigation of some biologically relevant redox reactions using electrochemical mass spectrometry interfaced by desorption electrospray ionization. CID, DESI, ECD, MS
42  2012 Study of electrochemical reactions using nanospray desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. IDA, MS
43  2011 Electrochemistry-mass spectrometry for mechanistic studies and simulation of oxidation processes in the environment. MS
44  2011 Investigation of the biotransformation pathway of verapamil using electrochemistry/liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry - a comparative study with liver cell microsomes. BDD, LC
45  2011 Metabolite identification of a radiotracer by electrochemistry coupled to liquid chromatography with mass spectrometric and radioactivity detection. LC, PET
46  2011 Online mass spectrometric analysis of proteins/peptides following electrolytic cleavage of disulfide bonds. DESI-MS
47  2011 [Coupling liquid phase electrochemistry with nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and its applications]. NMR
48  2010 Online electrochemistry/mass spectrometry in drug metabolism studies: principles and applications. ---
49  2010 Simultaneous determination of atropine, anisodamine, and scopolamine in plant extract by nonaqueous capillary electrophoresis coupled with electrochemiluminescence and electrochemistry dual detection. ACN, ECL, NACE, TBAP
50  2010 Structural, compositional and electrochemical characterization of Pt-Co oxygen-reduction catalysts. LEED, LEISS, OCP, TPD, XPS
51  2009 A microfluidic chip for electrochemical conversions in drug metabolism studies. ---
52  2009 Identification and characterization of polyphenolic antioxidants using on-line liquid chromatography, electrochemistry, and electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry. LC
53  2009 Online coupling of electrochemical reactions with liquid sample desorption electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry. DESI-MS, MS
54  2009 Oxidation of 4-chloroaniline studied by on-line electrochemistry electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. 4-CA, ESI-MS
55  2008 Quantification of electrochemically generated iodine-containing metabolites using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. ESI, ICP-MS, LC
56  2006 Application of on-line electrochemical derivatization coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for detection and quantitation of (p-chlorophenyl)aniline in biological samples. CPIC, ES/MS
57  2006 Platinum nanofilm formation by EC-ALE via redox replacement of UPD copper: studies using in-situ scanning tunneling microscopy. ECALE, STM, UHV, UPD
58  2006 Reactions of the amine-containing drugs fluoxetine and metoprolol during chlorination and dechlorination processes used in wastewater treatment. LC, MS, UV
59  2005 On-line coupling of a microelectrode array equipped poly(dimethylsiloxane) microchip with an integrated graphite electrospray emitter for electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry. ESI-MS
60  2000 On-line investigation of the generation of nonaqueous intermediate radical cations by electrochemistry/mass spectrometry MS, PB, TBAP, TPA
61  2000 [Application of Conners Rating Scales in the study of lead exposure and behavioral effects in children]. HPLC, HVA, VMA, ZPP
62  1998 Facts and artifacts in the measurement of oxidative base damage to DNA. ECD, GC, HPLC, MS
63  1982 Use of liquid chromatography with electrochemistry to measure effects of varying intensities of white light on DOPA accumulation in rat retinas. DA, DOPA, LC