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Abbreviation : EC
Long Form : electrocoagulation
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Comparative study of electrochemical hybrid systems for the treatment of real wastewaters from agri-food activities. BDD, COD, EEC, EOR
2019 Decontamination of radioactive metal surfaces by electrocoagulation. ---
2018 A novel electro-coagulation-Fenton for energy efficient cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins removal without chemical addition. EF, MCs, TOC
2018 COD removal from leachate by electrocoagulation process: treatment with monopolar electrodes in parallel connection. COD
2018 Critical evaluation of mechanism responsible for biomass abatement during electrochemical coagulation (EC) process: A critical review. ROS
2018 Data on treatment of sewage wastewater by electrocoagulation using punched aluminum electrode and characterization of generated sludge. BOD, TDS
2018 Effect of source water/wastewater quality on bacterial removal during electrocoagulation. CC
2018 Efficiency analysis of the electrocoagulation and electroflotation treatment of poultry slaughterhouse wastewater using aluminum and graphite anodes. EF
2018 Electrochemical disinfection of bacterial contamination: Effectiveness and modeling study of E. coli inactivation by electro-Fenton, electro-peroxi-coagulation and electrocoagulation. EF, EPC
10  2018 Enhanced organic removal for shale gas fracturing flowback water by electrocoagulation and simultaneous electro-peroxone process. ECP, PEC, SGFFW
11  2018 Hybrid process, electrocoagulation-biofiltration for landfill leachate treatment. BF
12  2018 Modeling adsorption kinetic of crystal violet removal by electrocoagulation technique using bipolar iron electrodes. CV, EDAX, FTIR, SEM
13  2018 PDMS/glass hybrid device with a reusable carbon electrode for on-line monitoring of catecholamines using microdialysis sampling coupled to microchip electrophoresis with electrochemical detection. MD, ME
14  2018 Prospective, double-blind, randomized controlled trial comparing electrocoagulation and radiofrequency in thetreatment of patients with great saphenous vein insufficiency and lower limb varicose veins. GSV, RFA
15  2018 Removal of hydrated silica, fluoride and arsenic from groundwater by electrocoagulation using a continuous reactor with a twelve-cell stack. ---
16  2018 Selenium contamination, consequences and remediation techniques in water and soils: A review. Se
17  2018 Sewage sludge disintegration by electrocoagulation. DD
18  2018 Synthesis of Mg-Al layered double hydroxides by electrocoagulation. LDHs
19  2018 Treatment of an azo dye effluent by peroxi-coagulation and its comparison to traditional electrochemical advanced processes. EO-H2O2, MO, PC
20  2018 Treatment of industrial estate wastewater by the application of electrocoagulation process using iron electrodes. ---
21  2018 Treatment of olive oil mill wastewater by single electrocoagulation with different electrodes and sequential electrocoagulation/electrochemical Fenton-based processes. EF, OOMW, PEF, TOC
22  2017 A hybrid electrochemical device based on a synergetic inner combination of Li ion battery and Li ion capacitor for energy storage. ESSs, HyLIC, LIB, LIC
23  2017 Application of response surface methodology as a new PID tuning method in an electrocoagulation process control case. COD, IAE, ISE, ITAE, ITSE, MIMO, PID, PRBS, RSM
24  2017 Arsenic removal by electrocoagulation process: Recent trends and removal mechanism. ---
25  2017 Combination of novel coalescing oil water separator and electrocoagulation technique for treatment of petroleum compound contaminated groundwater. COD, COWS, Vs
26  2017 Combined electrocoagulation and electro-oxidation of industrial textile wastewater treatment in a continuous multi-stage reactor. EO, OC
27  2017 Comparative performance of anodic oxidation and electrocoagulation as clean processes for electrocatalytic degradation of diazo dye Acid Brown 14 in aqueous medium. AB-14, AO, CN, Co, COD, kapp
28  2017 Comparison of phthalic acid removal from aqueous solution by electrochemical methods: Optimization, kinetic and sludge study. CCD, CD, COD, PA, PC, PEC
29  2017 Electro-oxidation and characterization of nickel foam electrode forremoving boron. ---
30  2017 Electrochemical treatment of carwash wastewater using Fe and Al electrode: Techno-economic analysis and sludge characterization. COD, FTIR
31  2017 Electrocoagulation of bio-filtrated landfill leachate: Fractionation of organic matter and influence of anode materials. FA, HA, Hyl
32  2017 Experimental study on evaluation and optimization of tilt angle of parallel-plate electrodes using electrocoagulation device for oily water demulsification. APE
33  2017 Inactivation of microbiota from urban wastewater by single and sequential electrocoagulation and electro-Fenton treatments. BDD, EF, TOC
34  2017 Influences of operational parameters on phosphorus removal in batch and continuous electrocoagulation process performance. RSM
35  2017 Integrated pretreatment and desalination by electrocoagulation (EC)-ion concentration polarization (ICP) hybrid. ICP
36  2017 Iron removal, energy consumption and operating cost of electrocoagulation of drinking water using a new flow column reactor. CD, ID, SEM
37  2017 Laccase- and electrochemically mediated conversion of triclosan: Metabolite formation and influence on antibacterial activity. DMBQ, SYD, TCS
38  2017 Mn assisted electrochemical generation of two-dimensional Fe-Mn layered double hydroxides for efficient Sb(V) removal. LDHs
39  2017 Mn(II) Oxidation in Fenton and Fenton Type Systems: Identification of Reaction Efficiency and Reaction Products. ---
40  2017 Multi-objective evolutionary polynomial regression-based prediction of energy consumption probing. EnC, EPR-MOGA
41  2017 Optimisation of Reactive Black 5 dye removal by electrocoagulation process using response surface methodology. RB5, RSM
42  2017 Optimization of paper mill industry wastewater treatment by electrocoagulation and electro-Fenton processes using response surface methodology. COD, EF, RSM
43  2017 Physico-chemical treatment of liquid waste on an industrial plant for electrocoagulation. COD, WWTP
44  2017 Process optimization via response surface methodology in the treatment of metal working industry wastewater with electrocoagulation. COD, MWI
45  2017 Removal and transformation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons during electrocoagulation treatment of an industrial wastewater. PAHs, PMWW
46  2017 Removal of malachite green from aqueous solutions by electrocoagulation/peanut shell adsorption coupling in a batch system. MG, PS, UED, UEMD
47  2017 Sequential Combination of Electro-Fenton and Electrochemical Chlorination Processes for the Treatment of Anaerobically-Digested Food Wastewater. ADFW, DSA, E-Fenton
48  2017 Simultaneous algae-polluted water treatment and electricity generation using a biocathode-coupled electrocoagulation cell (bio-ECC). bio-ECC
49  2017 Soft drink wastewater treatment by electrocoagulation-electrooxidation processes. COD, TOC
50  2017 Treatment of highly toxic cardboard plant wastewater by a combination of electrocoagulation and electrooxidation processes. BDD, CD, CD, Ce, CPW, EO, TOC
51  2017 Ultrasonic modification of carbon materials for electrochemical capacitors. NCM
52  2016 A sustainable biorefinery to convert agricultural residues into value-added chemicals. AD
53  2016 Aluminum electrocoagulation as pretreatment during microfiltration of surface water containing NOM: A review of fouling, NOM, DBP, and virus control. DBPs, MF, NOM
54  2016 Arsenic and fluoride removal from groundwater by electrocoagulation using a continuous filter-press reactor. ---
55  2016 Can electrocoagulation process be an appropriate technology for phosphorus removal from municipal wastewater? TP
56  2016 Comparison of TiO2 photocatalysis, electrochemically assisted Fenton reaction and direct electrochemistry for simulation of phase I metabolism reactions of drugs. EC-Fenton, HLM
57  2016 Coupling biofiltration process and electrocoagulation using magnesium-based anode for the treatment of landfill leachate. BF
58  2016 Electrocoagulation using a rotated anode: A novel reactor design for textile wastewater treatment. Al, BOD, CD, COD, IED, TSS
59  2016 Electrocoagulation: Simply a Phase Separation Technology? The Case of Bronopol Compared to Its Treatment by EAOPs. BDD, EF, TOC
60  2016 Electrolytic removal of alizarin red S by Fe/Al composite hydrogel electrode for electrocoagulation toward a new wastewater treatment. ARS
61  2016 Formation of macroscopic surface layers on Fe(0) electrocoagulation electrodes during an extended field trial of arsenic treatment. SAED
62  2016 High-Performance PEDOT:PSS/Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube/Ionic Liquid Actuators Combining Electrostatic Double-Layer and Faradaic Capacitors. EDLC, FCs, IL, PEDOT, PSS, SWCNTs
63  2016 Low-energy hydraulic fracturing wastewater treatment via AC powered electrocoagulation with biochar. ---
64  2016 Optimization and modelling using the response surface methodology (RSM) for ciprofloxacin removal by electrocoagulation. CIP, RSM
65  2016 Purification and detoxification of petroleum refinery wastewater by electrocoagulation process. COD, PRW
66  2016 Removal of trace metal contaminants from potable water by electrocoagulation. ---
67  2016 The influences of operating conditions and design configurations on the performance of symmetric electrochemical capacitors. ---
68  2016 Treatment of highly concentrated tannery wastewater using electrocoagulation: Influence of the quality of aluminium used for the electrode. ---
69  2016 Treatment of Ni-EDTA containing wastewater by electrocoagulation using iron scraps packed-bed anode. ECS, SECS
70  2016 [Comparative Study on Pretreatment Process of Ultrafiltration: Chemical Coagulation and Electrocoagulation]. CC
71  2015 A new flat sheet membrane bioreactor hybrid system for advanced treatment of effluent, reverse osmosis pretreatment and fouling mitigation. COD, FESEM, HEMBR, MBR, RO, SDI, SS, TMP, XRF
72  2015 Aluminium removal from water after defluoridation with the electrocoagulation process. ---
73  2015 An evaluation on different origins of natural organic matters using various anodes by electrocoagulation. DOC, NOM, SUVA
74  2015 Application of fuzzy control on the electrocoagulation process to treat textile wastewater. ---
75  2015 Biodegradability and toxicity assessment of a real textile wastewater effluent treated by an optimized electrocoagulation process. DOC, LC50, LMCA, RTW
76  2015 Decolorization of distillery spent wash effluent by electro oxidation (EC and EF) and Fenton processes: A comparative study. EF
77  2015 Electrocoagulation treatment of peat bog drainage water containing humic substances. PBDWs, SWW
78  2015 Improvement of the Performance of an Electrocoagulation Process System Using Fuzzy Control of pH. PID
79  2015 Optimization of electrocoagulation (EC) process for the purification of a real industrial wastewater from toxic metals. Mn, Zn
80  2015 Post-treatment of molasses wastewater by electrocoagulation and process optimization through response surface analysis. ---
81  2015 Production and transformation of mixed-valent nanoparticles generated by Fe(0) electrocoagulation. GR, NP
82  2015 Reduction of nutrients, microbes, and personal care products in domestic wastewater by a benchtop electrocoagulation unit. ---
83  2015 Removal of Acid Black 1 and Basic Red 2 from aqueous solutions by electrocoagulation/Moringa oleifera seed adsorption coupling in a batch system. AB 1, BR2, MOS
84  2015 Synthetic wastewaters treatment by electrocoagulation to remove silver nanoparticles produced by different routes. NP
85  2015 The rate and efficiency of iron generation in an electrocoagulation system. ---
86  2015 Thermochemically activated carbon as an electrode material for supercapacitors. NCM
87  2015 Treatment of papermaking tobacco sheet wastewater by electrocoagulation combined with electrochemical oxidation. Al, COD, MMO, SS
88  2015 Two-stage electrochemical treatment of bio-digested distillery spent wash using stainless steel and aluminum electrodes. Al, SS, TOC
89  2014 A new hybrid treatment system of bioreactors and electrocoagulation for superior removal of organic and nutrient pollutants from municipal wastewater. RHMBR, SMBR
90  2014 Abatements of reduced sulphur compounds, colour, and organic matter from indigo dyeing effluents by electrocoagulation. COD
91  2014 Arsenic Removal and Its Chemistry in Batch Electrocoagulation Studies. ---
92  2014 Degradation of pentachlorophenol by hydroxyl radicals and sulfate radicals using electrochemical activation of peroxomonosulfate, peroxodisulfate and hydrogen peroxide. HP, OA, PCP, PDS, PMS
93  2014 Effect of operational parameters on heavy metal removal by electrocoagulation. Cr, Ni, Zn
94  2014 Electrocoagulation pretreatment of wet-spun acrylic fibers manufacturing wastewater to improve its biodegradability. A/V
95  2014 Enhanced removal of contaminant using the biological film, anoxic-anaerobic-aerobic and electro-coagulation process applied to high-load sewage treatment. CMB, COD, HRT, OLR, SRR, TN, TP
96  2014 High-performance hybrid (electrostatic double-layer and faradaic capacitor-based) polymer actuators incorporating nickel oxide and vapor-grown carbon nanofibers. EDLC, FC, IL, SWCNTs, VGCF
97  2014 Rapid microwave-assisted green synthesis of 3D hierarchical flower-shaped NiCo₂O₄ microsphere for high-performance supercapacitor. CD, MAH
98  2014 Removal of phosphorus from trickling filter effluent by electrocoagulation. ---
99  2014 Sequential electrochemical treatment of dairy wastewater using aluminum and DSA-type anodes. COD, DSA, EO, TOC
100  2014 Simultaneous removal of oil and grease, and heavy metals from artificial bilge water using electro-coagulation/flotation. ppm