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Abbreviation : EC
Long Form : elimination capacity
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A comparison of biofiltration performance based on bacteria and fungi for treating toluene vapors from airflow. IL
2020 Trimethylamine abatement in algal-bacterial photobioreactors. BC, EBRT, PBC, RE, TMA
2019 Effects of ozone treatment on performance and microbial community composition in biofiltration systems treating ethyl acetate vapours. RE
2019 Ethanethiol gas removal in an anoxic bio-scrubber. EBRT, RE
2019 H2S removal and microbial community composition in an anoxic biotrickling filter under autotrophic and mixotrophic conditions. BTF, RE
2019 Microbial contamination in methanol biofilters inoculated with a pure strain of Pichia pastoris: A potential limitation for waste revalorization. ---
2019 Performance and microbial community evolution of toluene degradation using a fungi-based bio-trickling filter. BTFs, ILR
2019 Performance of a biofilter with compost and activated carbon based packing material for gas-phase toluene removal under extremely high loading rates. RE
2019 Shift of microbial diversity and function in high-efficiency performance biotrickling filter for gaseous xylene treatment. RE, VOCs
10  2019 The impact of environmental parameters on the conversion of toluene to CO2 and extracellular polymeric substances in a differential soil biofilter. Tol
11  2019 Transient-state operation of an anoxic biotrickling filter for H2S removal. BTF, RE
12  2018 A systematic comparison of two empirical gas-liquid mass transfer determination methodologies to characterize methane biodegradation in stirred tank bioreactors. OTR
13  2018 Effects of concentration and gas flow rate on the removal of gas-phase toluene and xylene mixture in a compost biofilter. ILR
14  2018 Evaluation of methods for enhancing methane oxidation via increased soil air capacity and nutrient content in simulated landfill soil cover. ---
15  2018 [Treatment of the Waste Gas Containing Methyl tert-Butyl Ether via a Biotrickling Filter]. BTF, MTBE, RE
16  2017 Biofiltration of xylene using wood charcoal as the biofilter media under transient and high loading conditions. RE
17  2017 Comparison of biological H2S removal characteristics between a composite packing material with and without functional microorganisms. LR
18  2017 Oxidation of methane in biotrickling filters inoculated with methanotrophic bacteria. BTFs, RE
19  2017 Performance of Anaerobic Biotrickling Filter and its Microbial Diversity for the Removal of Stripped Disinfection Byproducts. BTF
20  2016 Effects of anionic surfactant on n-hexane removal in biofilters. BTFs, EBRT, LR, RE
21  2016 Kinetics studies on the removal of Methyl ethyl ketone using cornstack based biofilter. ---
22  2016 Methane production from a field-scale biofilter designed for desulfurization of biogas stream. BTF, RE
23  2016 Ozone and hydrogen peroxide as strategies to control biomass in a trickling filter to treat methanol and hydrogen sulfide under acidic conditions. MeOH, RE
24  2016 Performance of a combined system of biotrickling filter and photocatalytic reactor in treating waste gases from a paint-manufacturing plant. BTF, REs
25  2015 Characterization of bacterial isolates from rubber dump site and their use in biodegradation of isoprene in batch and continuous bioreactors. IL
26  2015 Modeling the effects of biomass accumulation on the performance of a biotrickling filter packed with PUF support for the alkaline biotreatment of dimethyl disulfide vapors in air. BTF, DMDS, PUF
27  2015 Start-up, performance and optimization of a compost biofilter treating gas-phase mixture of benzene and toluene. ANOVA, RE
28  2015 [Removal of Waste Gas Containing Mixed Chlorinated Hydrocarbons by the Biotrickling Filter]. BTF, DCM, RE
29  2014 Performance and bacterial population composition of an n-hexane degrading biofilter working under fluctuating conditions. IL, MM
30  2013 A comparative evaluation of dried activated sludge and mixed dried activated sludge with rice husk silica to remove hydrogen sulfide. DAS, EBRT, RE
31  2013 A comparative study of two composts as filter media for the removal of gaseous reduced sulfur compounds (RSCs) by biofiltration: application at industrial scale. IL, RSCs, SS/YW, YW
32  2013 Biodegradation of high concentrations of benzene vapors in a two phase partition stirred tank bioreactor. RE, TPPBs
33  2013 Biological treatment and modeling aspect of BTEX abatement process in a biofilter. CDR
34  2013 Coupling ozone and hollow fibers membrane bioreactor for enhanced treatment of gaseous xylene mixture. HFMBRs, LR
35  2013 Dimethyl sulfide biofiltration using immobilized Hyphomicrobium VS and Thiobacillus thioparus TK-m in sugarcane bagasse. DMS, EBRT, RE
36  2013 Performance evaluation and model analysis of BTEX contaminated air in corn-cob biofilter system. CDR
37  2013 Polyhydroxyalkanoates accumulation by Methylobacterium organophilum CZ-2 during methane degradation using citrate or propionate as cosubstrates. 4HH, HB, HO, HV, PHAs
38  2013 Steady- and transient-state H2S biofiltration using expanded schist as packing material. RE
39  2012 Bed mixing and leachate recycling strategies to overcome pressure drop buildup in the biofiltration of hydrogen sulfide. ---
40  2012 Enhancing ethylbenzene vapors degradation in a hybrid system based on photocatalytic oxidation UV/TiO2-In and a biofiltration process. EB
41  2012 Hydrogen sulfide and odor removal by field-scale biotrickling filters: influence of seasonal variations of load and temperature. BNR, EBRT, odor, WWTP
42  2012 Removal characteristics and kinetic analysis of an aerobic vapor-phase bioreactor for hydrophobic alpha-pinene. EBRT, RE, VOCs
43  2012 Removal of gaseous trichloroethylene (TCE) in a composite membrane biofilm reactor. MBfR, TCE, TOL
44  2012 Temperature and moisture effect on spore emission in the fungal biofiltration of hydrophobic VOCs. ---
45  2011 Analysis and comparison of biotreatment of air polluted with ethanol using biofiltration and biotrickling filtration. ---
46  2011 Biofiltration of reduced sulphur compounds and community analysis of sulphur-oxidizing bacteria. BAT, DMDS, DMS, EBRT, MM, RE, RSC
47  2011 Effects of nitrogen source and empty bed residence time on the removal of styrene gaseous emissions by biotrickling filtration. EBRT, RE
48  2011 Elimination of hydrophobic volatile organic compounds in fungal biofilters: reducing start-up time using different carbon sources. VOC
49  2011 Performance and macrokinetic analysis of biofiltration of toluene and p-xylene mixtures in a conventional biofilter packed with inert material. IL
50  2011 Purification of waste gas containing high concentration trimethylamine in biotrickling filter inoculated with B350 mixed microorganisms. EBRT, RE, TMA
51  2010 A bioactive foamed emulsion reactor for the treatment of benzene-contaminated air stream. RE
52  2010 Gaseous dimethyl sulphide removal in a membrane biofilm reactor: effect of methanol on reactor performance. DMS, MBfR, MeOH
53  2010 Treatment of a BTo-X-contaminated gas stream with a biotrickling filter inoculated with microbes bound to a wheat bran/red wood powder/diatomaceous earth carrier. BTF, BToX, LRs
54  2010 [Objective evaluation of nasal ventilation function in healthy adults in Tianjin area]. DCAN, ER, IC, IR, MCA, NPR
55  2009 Comparative study of the eliminating of waste gas containing toluene in twin biotrickling filters packed with molecular sieve and polyurethane foam. EBRT, MS, PUF, RE
56  2009 Control of methanol vapours in a biotrickling filter: performance analysis and experimental determination of partition coefficient. BTF, EBRT, IL
57  2009 Dimethyl sulphide degradation using immobilized Thiobacillus thioparus in a biotrickling filter. DMS, RE
58  2009 Enhanced biofiltration using cell attachment promotors. DGGE, EBRT, PU, RE, VS
59  2009 H2S and volatile fatty acids elimination by biofiltration: clean-up process for biogas potential use. AD, EBRT, VFAs
60  2009 Hydrophobic response of the fungus Rhinocladiella similis in the biofiltration with volatile organic compounds with different polarity. VOCs
61  2009 Long-term ammonia removal in a coconut fiber-packed biofilter: analysis of N fractionation and reactor performance under steady-state and transient conditions. RE
62  2009 Performance of a biofilter for the removal of high concentrations of styrene under steady and non-steady state conditions. RH
63  2008 A systematic selection of the non-aqueous phase in a bacterial two liquid phase bioreactor treating alpha-pinene. HMN, HMS, RE, TLPBs, TPPBs
64  2008 H₂S abatement in a biotrickling filter using iron(III) foam media. EBRT, PU
65  2008 Kinetics of microbial growth and biodegradation of methanol and toluene in biofilters and an analysis of the energetic indicators. BFs, BTFs
66  2008 Phenomenological model of fungal biofilters for the abatement of hydrophobic VOCs. SSAT
67  2007 A bioactive foam reactor for the removal of volatile organic compounds: system performance and model development. BFR
68  2007 Combined removal of BTEX in air stream by using mixture of sugar cane bagasse, compost and GAC as biofilter media. BTEX, EBRT, GAC
69  2007 Fungal biofilters for toluene biofiltration: evaluation of the performance with four packing materials under different operating conditions. RE
70  2007 Long-term performance of peat biofilters treating ethyl acetate, toluene, and its mixture in air. EBRT
71  2007 [Influence factors of treating waste gas containing benzene and toluene with fungi-biofilter]. ---
72  2006 Application of two-stage biofilter system for the removal of odorous compounds. ---
73  2006 Effects of residence time distribution and packing on methanol oxidation in biotrickling filter. RTD
74  2006 Gaseous hexane biodegradation by Fusarium solani in two liquid phase packed-bed and stirred-tank bioreactors. ---
75  2006 Removal of p-xylene from an air stream in a hybrid biofilter. MBBR, PE
76  2005 Biodegradation of styrene laden waste gas stream using a compost-based biofilter. EBRT
77  2005 Correlation of biological activity and reactor performance in biofiltration of toluene with the fungus Paecilomyces variotii CBS115145. TO
78  2005 Improving hexane removal by enhancing fungal development in a microbial consortium biofilter. ---
79  2005 Microbial response and elimination capacity in biofilters subjected to high toluene loadings. ---
80  2005 Performance of a styrene-degrading biofilter inoculated with Pseudomonas sp. SR-5. RE
81  2004 Application of a solvent-tolerant microbial consortium for biofiltration of extremely high concentration gaseous solvent streams. ---
82  2003 Dimethyl sulfide removal from synthetic waste gas using a flat poly(dimethylsiloxane)-coated composite membrane bioreactor. AOB, DMS, MBRs, NOB, PDMS
83  2002 Biofiltration of methyl tert-butyl ether vapors by cometabolism with pentane: modeling and experimental approach. EBRT, MTBE
84  2002 Biofiltration of volatile ethanol using sugar cane bagasse inoculated with Candida utilis. C. utilis, RE
85  2002 Simultaneous removal of ethyl acetate and toluene in air streams using compost-based biofilters. ---
86  2001 Toluene biofiltration by the fungus Scedosporium apiospermum TB1. ---
87  2000 Influence of mixing and water addition on the removal rate of toluene vapors in a biofilter. peat
88  1999 Dolomite limits acidification of a biofilter degrading dimethyl sulphide ---
89  1999 Microbiological and kinetic aspects of a biofilter for the removal of toluene from waste gases ---
90  1998 Start-up and the effect of gaseous ammonia additions on a biofilter for the elimination of toluene vapors. Tm-Tin
91  1994 Effects of deep breaths on subsequent ventilation in man during rest and exercise. IC, VC