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Long Form : elite controllers
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 CXCL13 as a Biomarker of Immune Activation During Early and Chronic HIV Infection. CHI, PLWH, UC, VL
2019 Discovery of False Elite Controllers: HIV Antibody-Positive RNA-Negative Blood Donors Found To Be on Antiretroviral Therapy. ART
2019 Identification of NK Cell Subpopulations That Differentiate HIV-Infected Subject Cohorts with Diverse Levels of Virus Control. ART, CITRUS, LDA, tSNE, VNC
2019 IL6 and FAS/FASL gene polymorphisms may be associated with disease progression in HIV-1-positive ethnically mixed patients. ---
2019 Modulation of TCR-dependent NFAT signaling is impaired in HIV-1 Nef isolates from elite controllers. CP, TCR
2019 Proviral Quasispecies Diversity Is Not Associated With Virologic Breakthrough or CD4+ T Cell Loss in HIV-1 Elite Controllers. ---
2019 Rapid development of HIV elite control in a patient with acute infection. ART
2019 Transcriptome Sequencing of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells from Elite Controller-Long Term Non Progressors. PBMCs
2018 Analysis of ex vivo HIV-1 infection in a controller-discordant couple. ART, HC, PR, qPCR
10  2018 Class-modeling analysis reveals T-cell homeostasis disturbances involved in loss of immune control in elite controllers. PLS-CM
11  2018 Factors Leading to the Loss of Natural Elite Control of HIV-1 Infection. VL
12  2018 Role of APOBEC3H in the Viral Control of HIV Elite Controller Patients. A3H, NC
13  2018 Transcriptomics and Targeted Proteomics Analysis to Gain Insights Into the Immune-control Mechanisms of HIV-1 Infected Elite Controllers. ART, DE
14  2018 Whole Exome Sequencing of HIV-1 long-term non-progressors identifies rare variants in genes encoding innate immune sensors and signaling molecules. LTNP, NCARTs, WES
15  2017 Differences in serum IgA responses to HIV-1 gp41 in elite controllers compared to viral suppressors on highly active antiretroviral therapy. HAART, HR1
16  2017 Host Factor Predictors in Long-term Nonprogressors HIV-1 Infected with Distinct Viral Clades. LTNPs, Tc
17  2017 Impaired Downregulation of NKG2D Ligands by Nef Proteins from Elite Controllers Sensitizes HIV-1-Infected Cells to Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity. ADCC, NK
18  2017 Peripheral T follicular helper Cells Make a Difference in HIV Reservoir Size between Elite Controllers and Patients on Successful cART. pTfh
19  2017 Richer gut microbiota with distinct metabolic profile in HIV infected Elite Controllers. ---
20  2016 CD4+ T-cell gene expression of healthy donors, HIV-1 and elite controllers: Immunological chaos. HIV-1, PCA
21  2016 Env-Specific IgA from Viremic HIV-Infected Subjects Compromises Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity. ADCC, ART, PHI
22  2016 Fluctuations in Blood Marginal Zone B-Cell Frequencies May Reflect Migratory Patterns Associated with HIV-1 Disease Progression Status. MZ
23  2015 Anti-APOBEC3G activity of HIV-1 Vif protein is attenuated in elite controllers. AI, APOBEC3G, IQR, NC, RLU, VSV-G
24  2015 Differential Ability of Primary HIV-1 Nef Isolates To Downregulate HIV-1 Entry Receptors. AP, CP
25  2015 Nef Proteins from HIV-1 Elite Controllers Are Inefficient at Preventing Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity. ADCC, Env
26  2015 Potent Cell-Intrinsic Immune Responses in Dendritic Cells Facilitate HIV-1-Specific T Cell Immunity in HIV-1 Elite Controllers. cDC
27  2014 An evaluation of HIV elite controller definitions within a large seroconverter cohort collaboration. ---
28  2014 Autophagy plays an important role in the containment of HIV-1 in nonprogressor-infected patients. LTNP, PBMC
29  2014 Differential microRNA expression profile between stimulated PBMCs from HIV-1 infected elite controllers and viremic progressors. ART, hsa-miR, miRNA, VP
30  2014 Functional characterization of two scFv-Fc antibodies from an HIV controller selected on soluble HIV-1 Env complexes: a neutralizing V3- and a trimer-specific gp41 antibody. CHR, Env, LTNP, mAb, NAbs
31  2014 IL-10 and lymphotoxin-alpha expression profiles within marginal zone-like B-cell populations are associated with control of HIV-1 disease progression. MZ
32  2014 Increased prevalence of the alpha-1-antitrypsin (A1AT) deficiency-related S gene in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus type 1. A1AT, LTNP, PROG
33  2014 Lack of protection following passive transfer of polyclonal highly functional low-dose non-neutralizing antibodies. ADCC, ADCP
34  2014 Soluble CD40-ligand (sCD40L, sCD154) plays an immunosuppressive role via regulatory T cell expansion in HIV infection. ART, CD40L, ELISA, HLA-DR, HS, KYN, PBMCs, RT-PCR, ST, Trp
35  2013 A nonparametric procedure for defining a new humoral immunologic profile in a pilot study on HIV infected patients. AI, CART, LTNP
36  2013 Attenuation of multiple Nef functions in HIV-1 elite controllers. CP
37  2013 Cell-Mediated Immunity in Elite Controllers Naturally Controlling HIV Viral Load. HIV
38  2013 Distinct tryptophan catabolism and Th17/Treg balance in HIV progressors and elite controllers. HS, IDO, KYN, ST, TDO, Trp
39  2013 Early Gag immunodominance of the HIV-specific T-cell response during acute/early infection is associated with higher CD8+ T-cell antiviral activity and correlates with preservation of the CD4+ T-cell compartment. IL-2, MIP-1beta, PHI, VIA
40  2013 Gag-positive reservoir cells are susceptible to HIV-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte mediated clearance in vitro and can be detected in vivo [corrected]. ART, CTL
41  2013 HIV-specific CD8+ T cells from elite controllers are primed for survival. ART, CMV, CTL, ST
42  2013 Natural killer cells in HIV controller patients express an activated effector phenotype and do not up-regulate NKp44 on IL-2 stimulation. LTNP, NK, TAPPs
43  2013 Prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus RNA and antibody in first-time, lapsed, and repeat blood donations across five international regions and relative efficacy of alternative screening scenarios. CP, ID, MP, WP
44  2013 Relationships between IL-17(+) subsets, Tregs and pDCs that distinguish among SIV infected elite controllers, low, medium and high viral load rhesus macaques. GI, GIT, HVL, pDC, RM
45  2013 [Elite controllers and the mechanisms behind spontaneous control of HIV]. NK
46  2012 Differential Gag-specific polyfunctional T cell maturation patterns in HIV-1 elite controllers. IL-2, NC, RC
47  2012 Heteroclitic peptides enhance human immunodeficiency virus-specific CD8(+) T cell responses. HIV, HLA
48  2012 Plasmacytoid dendritic cells reduce HIV production in elite controllers. IFN, PBMCs, pDCs, TLR9
49  2011 Elite controllers display higher activation on central memory CD8 T cells than HIV patients successfully on HAART. TP, VC, VS
50  2011 Functional cure of SIVagm infection in rhesus macaques results in complete recovery of CD4+ T cells and is reverted by CD8+ cell depletion. p.i, RMs
51  2011 Loss of memory B cells during chronic HIV infection is driven by Foxo3a- and TRAIL-mediated apoptosis. ST
52  2011 Natural suppression of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 replication is mediated by transitional memory CD8+ T cells. CNAR, HIV, HIV-1, TCR
53  2011 T cell Activation does not drive CD4 decline in longitudinally followed HIV-infected Elite Controllers. ---
54  2010 Effector mechanisms in HIV-1 infected elite controllers: highly active immune responses? LTNPs
55  2010 Evolution of the functional profile of HIV-specific CD8+ T cells in patients with different progression of HIV infection over 4 years. IL, MIP, TNF, VS
56  2009 HLA-associated alterations in replication capacity of chimeric NL4-3 viruses carrying gag-protease from elite controllers of human immunodeficiency virus type 1. CP, CTL, HIV-1
57  2009 HLA-associated viral mutations are common in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 elite controllers. HIV-1
58  2009 HLA-B57/B*5801 human immunodeficiency virus type 1 elite controllers select for rare gag variants associated with reduced viral replication capacity and strong cytotoxic T-lymphocyte [corrected] recognition. CTL, HIV-1
59  2008 Genetic characterization of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 in elite controllers: lack of gross genetic defects or common amino acid changes. HIV-1
60  2008 Transcription factor FOXO3a controls the persistence of memory CD4(+) T cells during HIV infection. CM, FOXO3a Nt, ST
61  2007 CD8+ T cells from SIV elite controller macaques recognize Mamu-B*08-bound epitopes and select for widespread viral variation. SIV