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Abbreviation : EC
Long Form : enriched condition
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Genomic reaction norm models exploiting genotypeenvironment interaction on sexual precocity indicator traits in Nellore cattle. GE, HP, RNM, SC
2019 Characterization and Agreement Between Application of Mobile Ecological Momentary Assessment (mEMA) and Accelerometry in the Identification of Prevalence of Sedentary Behavior (SB) in Young Adults. mEMA, PC, SB, SC
2019 Children with poorly controlled asthma: Randomized controlled trial of a home-based environmental control intervention. CON, ED, INT, SHS
2019 Consumers' willingness to buy and willingness to pay for fair trade food: The influence of consciousness for fair consumption, environmental concern, trust and innovativeness. CFC, CI, FT, WTB, WTP
2019 DnaJ chaperones contribute to canalization. ER
2019 Dynamic interactions of ceftriaxone and environmental variables suppress amphetamine seeking. AMP, CTX, GLT1, mPFC, NAc, SC
2019 Environmental enrichment and drug value: a behavioral economic analysis in male rats. IC
2019 Exploring the public's willingness to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from private road transport in Catalonia. GHG, SEM, TPB, WTP
2019 Green vehicle adoption behavior among low-income households: evidence from coastal Malaysia. ATT, GB, GHGs, PBC, SE, SN
10  2019 Slip safety risk analysis of surface properties using the coefficients of friction of rocks. COFs, SPT, SR
11  2019 The Environmental Commons in Urban Communities: The Potential of Place-Based Education. PBSE
12  2018 Meta-analysis of the effects of intensive rearing environments on the performance and welfare of broiler chickens. DP, EIA, GS, SD
13  2018 Nicotine drug discrimination and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in differentially reared rats. IC
14  2016 Rearing environment differentially modulates cocaine self-administration after opioid pretreatment: A behavioral economic analysis. IC
15  2015 Amphetamine self-administration and dopamine function: assessment of gene  environment interactions in Lewis and Fischer 344 rats. DA, DOPAC, FR, IC, LEW, NAc, SC
16  2015 Effect of environmental enrichment on dopamine and serotonin transporters and glutamate neurotransmission in medial prefrontal and orbitofrontal cortex. DAT, IC, mPFC, OFC, SERT
17  2015 Effects of environmental enrichment on ERK1/2 phosphorylation in the rat prefrontal cortex following nicotine-induced sensitization or nicotine self-administration. IC, SC
18  2015 Environmental Enrichment Reduces Anxiety by Differentially Activating Serotonergic and Neuropeptide Y (NPY)-Ergic System in Indian Field Mouse (Mus booduga): An Animal Model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. BDNF, CaMKII, CREB, EPM, NPY, PTSD, SC, SERT
19  2015 Influence of environmental enrichment vs. time-of-day on behavioral repertoire of male albino Swiss mice. EE
20  2015 Pharmacological manipulation of glucocorticoid receptors differentially affects cocaine self-administration in environmentally enriched and isolated rats. CORT, GR
21  2015 The effects of environmental enrichment on nicotine condition place preference in male rats. CPP, IC
22  2014 Environmental enrichment modulates glucocorticoid receptor expression and reduces anxiety in Indian field male mouse Mus booduga through up-regulation of microRNA-124a. GR, LTSC, miR-124a, SC, STSC
23  2014 Individual differences in impulsive and risky choice: effects of environmental rearing conditions. C-S, IC, LL, NAc, PFC, SS, U-L
24  2014 Overexpression of DeltaFosB in nucleus accumbens mimics the protective addiction phenotype, but not the protective depression phenotype of environmental enrichment. IC, NAc
25  2013 Differential phosphoproteome regulation of nucleus accumbens in environmentally enriched and isolated rats in response to acute stress. ---
26  2013 Distinct effects of enriched environment on dopamine clearance in nucleus accumbens shell and core following systemic nicotine administration. DA, DAT, IC, NAc
27  2013 Dynamic proteomics of nucleus accumbens in response to acute psychological stress in environmentally enriched and isolated rats. IC
28  2013 Effects of environmental enrichment on nicotine-induced sensitization and cross-sensitization to d-amphetamine in rats. IC, s.c
29  2012 Environmental enrichment during development decreases intravenous self-administration of methylphenidate at low unit doses in rats. IC, MPH
30  2012 Environmental enrichment enhances episodic-like memory in association with a modified neuronal activation profile in adult mice. SC
31  2012 Isolation rearing as a preclinical model of attention/deficit-hyperactivity disorder. ADHD, DAT, IC, mPFC, MPH, OFC, PND
32  2011 Differential rearing conditions and alcohol-preferring rats: consumption of and operant responding for ethanol. IC, NP, PR, SC
33  2011 Effect of environmental enrichment on escalation of cocaine self-administration in rats. IC, LgA, NC, SC, ShA
34  2011 Effect of environmental enrichment on methylphenidate-induced locomotion and dopamine transporter dynamics. DA, IC, MPD, PFC, PKC, SC
35  2011 Effects of satiety on operant responding in rats raised in enrichment. IC, SC
36  2011 Environmental-induced differences in corticosterone and glucocorticoid receptor blockade of amphetamine self-administration in rats. IC, SC
37  2011 Experience-dependent changes in neuronal processing in the nucleus accumbens shell in a discriminative learning task in differentially housed rats. IC, NAcc
38  2010 Encoding instructions and stimulus presentation in local environmental context-dependent memory studies. ---
39  2010 Environmental enrichment produces a behavioral phenotype mediated by low cyclic adenosine monophosphate response element binding (CREB) activity in the nucleus accumbens. cAMP, CPP, CREB, IC, shRNA
40  2009 Effects of mecamylamine on nicotine-induced conditioned hyperactivity and sensitization in differentially reared rats. IC, SC
41  2009 Environmental enrichment alters neuronal processing in the nucleus accumbens core during appetitive conditioning. IC, NAcc
42  2009 Influence of environmental manipulation on exploratory behaviour in male BDNF knockout mice. BDNF, DG, HB, OF, SC, WT
43  2008 Environmental enrichment increases amphetamine-induced glutamate neurotransmission in the nucleus accumbens: a neurochemical study. DA, IC, NAcc, NMDA
44  2008 Exploratory behavior in rats postnatally exposed to cocaine and housed in an enriched environment. PND, SC
45  2008 Impulsive choice and environmental enrichment: effects of d-amphetamine and methylphenidate. IC, MAD
46  2007 Differential rearing conditions alter operant responding for ethanol in outbred rats. IC, SC
47  2007 Effects of environmental enrichment and paradoxical sleep deprivation on open-field behavior of amphetamine-treated mice. AMP, PSD, SC
48  2007 Environmental enrichment decreases the afterhyperpolarization in senescent rats. AHP, IC
49  2007 Repeated Cocaine Experience Facilitates Sucrose-Reinforced Operant Responding in Enriched and Isolated Rats. IC
50  2006 Environmental enrichment decreases responding for visual novelty. IC, SC
51  2006 Influence of differential housing on emotional behaviour and neurotrophin levels in mice. BDNF, NGF, SC
52  2005 Environmental enrichment decreases cell surface expression of the dopamine transporter in rat medial prefrontal cortex. DA, DAT, IC, mPFC
53  2004 Effects of environmental enrichment on behavior and dopamine transporter function in medial prefrontal cortex in adult rats prenatally treated with cocaine. DAT, IC, mPFC, PND 25
54  2004 Environmental context-dependent recognition memory effects: an examination of ICE model and cue-overload hypotheses. RT
55  2004 Environmental enrichment enhances sensitization to GBR 12935-induced activity and decreases dopamine transporter function in the medial prefrontal cortex. DAT, IC, mPFC
56  2003 Environmental enrichment decreases nicotine-induced hyperactivity in rats. IC
57  2003 The effect of reducing levels of cat allergen (Fel d 1) on clinical symptoms in patients with cat allergy. UE
58  2002 Effects of the head-down tilt posture on postnatal development of the aortic baroreflex in the rabbit. ANA, HDT
59  2002 Environmental enrichment decreases intravenous amphetamine self-administration in rats: dose-response functions for fixed- and progressive-ratio schedules. FR, IC, PR
60  2001 Environmental enrichment decreases intravenous self-administration of amphetamine in female and male rats. FR, IC, PR, SC
61  2001 Environmental enrichment in BALB/c mice: effects in classical tests of anxiety and exposure to a predatory odor. SC
62  2000 Effects of environment on enhancing functional plasticity following cerebral ischemia. ---
63  2000 Long-term environmental enrichment leads to regional increases in neurotrophin levels in rat brain. BDNF, IC, NGF, NT-3
64  2000 Survival and growth of developing rats during centrifugation at 2G. HG
65  2000 The ability of familiarity, disruption, and the relative strength of nonenvironmental context cues to explain unreliable environmental-context-dependent memory effects in free recall. ---
66  1997 Effect of differential rearing environments on morphine-induced behaviors, opioid receptors and dopamine synthesis. CPP, IC
67  1997 Response to selection for fertility in a fall-lambing sheep flock. ---
68  1995 Environmental enrichment attenuates locomotor sensitization, but not in vitro dopamine release, induced by amphetamine. CPP, DA, DOPAC, IC
69  1994 Locomotor and rewarding effects of amphetamine in enriched, social, and isolate reared rats. CPP, IC, SC
70  1993 In a drug discrimination procedure isolation-reared rats generalize to lower doses of cocaine and amphetamine than rats reared in an enriched environment. ED50, IC
71  1993 The effect of environmental enrichment on amphetamine-stimulated locomotor activity, dopamine synthesis and dopamine release. DA, IC, NA, STR
72  1992 The relationship between adrenal steroids and enrichment-induced brain growth. ---
73  1992 [Influences of environmental-context changes on rehearsal effects in episodic memory]. DC, IM, SC
74  1990 Effect of the richness of the environment on neurons in cat visual cortex. I. Receptive field properties. IC
75  1990 Effect of the richness of the environment on neurons in cat visual cortex. II. Spatial and temporal frequency characteristics. FS, IC, RA
76  1990 Neonatal 6-hydroxydopamine alters the behavior of enriched-impoverished rats in a novel test environment. DA, NE
77  1984 The effects of a lengthy period of environmental diversity on well-fed and previously undernourished rats. II. Synapse-to-neuron ratios. IC
78  1975 Direct contact with enriched environment is required to alter cerebral weights in rats. IC