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Abbreviation : EC
Long Form : ethyl cellulose
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Heat-Resistant Poly(oxyphenylene benzimidazole)/Ethyl Cellulose Blended Polymer Membrane for Highly Safe Lithium-Ion Batteries. PBI, PE
2020 Characterization of thermo-oxidative behavior of ethylcellulose oleogels. ---
2020 Determinants of zero-order release kinetics from acetaminophen-layered Suglet pellets, Wurster-coated with plasticized Aquacoat ECD (ethyl cellulose dispersion). ECD, TA, TEC, Tg
2020 Development and Characterization of PCL Electrospun Membrane-Coated Bletilla striata Polysaccharide-Based Gastroretentive Drug Delivery System. LFH, PCL
2020 Electrospinning of zein-ethyl cellulose hybrid nanofibers with improved water resistance for food preservation. CEO
2020 Novel Gastroretentive Floating Pulsatile Drug Delivery System Produced via Hot-Melt Extrusion and Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printing. FDM, HPC
2020 Usage of thiocyanate-based ionic liquid as new optical sensor reagent: Absorption and emission based selective determination of Fe (III) ions. LOD
2019 A highly luminescent quantum dot/mesoporous TiO2 nanocomplex film under controlled energy transfer. PL
2019 Affinity of Serum Albumin and Fibrinogen to Cellulose, Its Hydrophobic Derivatives and Blends. AFM, BSA, CA, CE, QCM-D
10  2019 An Effective Optical Dual Gas Sensor for Simultaneous Detection of Oxygen and Ammonia. CA
11  2019 Corrosion Features of the Reinforcing Bar in Concrete with Intelligent OH- Regulation of Microcapsules. CaO, XCT
12  2019 Development of behenic acid-ethyl cellulose oleogel stabilized Pickering emulsions as low calorie fat replacer. BA, PDI, SFC
13  2019 Development of Novel Shortenings Structured by Ethylcellulose Oleogels. TMS
14  2019 Effect of Ethylcellulose on the Rheology and Mechanical Heterogeneity of Asphaltene Films at the Oil-Water Interface. ---
15  2019 Encapsulation of babchi essential oil into microsponges: Physicochemical properties, cytotoxic evaluation and anti-microbial activity. BEO, DCM, PVA
16  2019 Engineering rheological properties of edible oleogels with ethylcellulose and lecithin. lard
17  2019 Ethylcellulose assisted exfoliation of graphite by the ultrasound emulsification: An application in electrochemical acebutolol sensor. ACE, ECPG, PG
18  2019 Ethylcellulose in Organic Solution or Aqueous Dispersion Form in Designing Taste-Masked Microparticles by the Spray Drying Technique with a Model Bitter Drug: Rupatadine Fumarate. RUP
19  2019 Extremely Low-Cost and Green Cellulose Passivating Perovskites for Stable and High-Performance Solar Cells. ---
20  2019 Fabrication and physicochemical and antibacterial properties of ethyl cellulose-structured cinnamon oil oleogel: relation between ethyl cellulose viscosity and oleogel performance. CEO, E. coli, S. aureus
21  2019 Formulation of Ethyl Cellulose Microparticles Incorporated Pheophytin A Isolated from Suaeda vermiculata for Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities. NO, Pheo a, RP, SOD
22  2019 Fully Printed Zinc Oxide Electrolyte-Gated Transistors on Paper. EGTs, ZnO
23  2019 High-dose coenzyme Q10-loaded oleogels for oral therapeutic supplementation. CoQ10, MCT
24  2019 Polymer Distribution and Mechanism Conversion in Multiple Media of Phase-Separated Controlled-Release Film-Coating. HPC, SEM
25  2019 Preparing of aspirin sustained-release granules by hot-melt granulation and micro-crystal coating. ASP
26  2019 Real time MRI to elucidate the functionality of coating films intended for modified release. HPC
27  2019 Release Adjustment of Two Drugs with Different Solubility Combined in a Matrix Tablet. HPMC
28  2019 Self-Micro-Emulsifying Controlled Release of Eugenol Pellets: Preparation, In vitro/In vivo Investigation in Beagle Dogs. DLS, eugenol-SMEDDS-SR pellets, HPMC, MCC, PDI, SEM, TEM, Z-potential
29  2019 Silica-Polymer Composites as the Novel Antibiotic Delivery Systems for Bone Tissue Infection. CIP, DSC, FTIR, PDMS, SEM/EDX, TGA, XRD
30  2019 Studying the factors that impact the dissolution characteristic of complex drug product. ---
31  2019 Swelling of Zein Matrix Tablets Benchmarked against HPMC and Ethylcellulose: Challenging the Matrix Performance by the Addition of Co-Excipients. DCP, HPMC, MCC, PVP, SLS
32  2019 The effect of collection substrate on electrospun ciprofloxacin-loaded poly(vinylpyrrolidone) and ethyl cellulose nanofibers as potential wound dressing materials. CIF, PVP
33  2019 The Effect of Polydimethylsiloxane-Ethylcellulose Coating Blends on the Surface Characterization and Drug Release of Ciprofloxacin-Loaded Mesoporous Silica. DSC, SEM, XRD
34  2019 Tunable drug release from blend poly(vinyl pyrrolidone)-ethyl cellulose nanofibers. NAP, PVP
35  2019 Understanding factors governing distribution volume of ethyl cellulose-ethanol to optimize ablative therapy in the liver. ---
36  2019 Understanding the release performance of pellets with hydrophobic inclusions in sustained-release coating. HCO
37  2018 A Deformable and Highly Robust Ethyl Cellulose Transparent Conductor with a Scalable Silver Nanowires Bundle Micromesh. ITO, TCs
38  2018 Antimicrobial, antioxidant, and waterproof RTV silicone-ethyl cellulose composites containing clove essential oil. PDMS
39  2018 Application of quasi-emulsification and modified double emulsification techniques for formulation of tacrolimus microsponges. TCM, XG
40  2018 Assessment of hot-processability and performance of ethylcellulose-based materials for injection-molded prolonged-release systems: An investigational approach. ---
41  2018 Cellulose-based click-scaffolds: Synthesis, characterization and biofabrications. ---
42  2018 Chronotherapeutic Drug Delivery of Ketoprofen and Ibuprofen for Improved Treatment of Early Morning Stiffness in Arthritis Using Hot-Melt Extrusion Technology. CTDDS, ES100, HME, IBU, KTP
43  2018 Design and biological response of doxycycline loaded chitosan microparticles for periodontal disease treatment. CS, DDS, DOXY, LMw and MMw
44  2018 Dual temperature and pH responsive nanofiber formulations prepared by electrospinning. KET, PNVCL
45  2018 Effect of lipid and cellulose based matrix former on the release of highly soluble drug from extruded/spheronized, sintered and compacted pellets. CW, E-S, ER, GMS, HPMC, IR, RSM
46  2018 Ethylcellulose Oleogels: Structure, Functionality, and Food Applications. ---
47  2018 Experimental and molecular modeling approach to optimize suitable polymers for fabrication of stable fluticasone nanoparticles with enhanced dissolution and antimicrobial activity. EUD, FLU, FTIR, HPMC
48  2018 Exploring Peyer's Patch Uptake as a Strategy for Targeted Lung Delivery of Polymeric Rifampicin Nanoparticles. GzNP
49  2018 Fabrication of UV-absorbent cellulose-rosin based thermoplastic elastomer via "graft from" ATRP. PBA
50  2018 Flexible gas sensor based on graphene/ethyl cellulose nanocomposite with ultra-low strain response for volatile organic compounds rapid detection. VOCs
51  2018 Formulation and in vivo pharmacokinetic evaluation of ethyl cellulose-coated sustained release multiple-unit system of tacrolimus. SR
52  2018 In vitro and in vivo evaluation of curcumin loaded hollow microspheres prepared with ethyl cellulose and citric acid. CA, CUR, SEM
53  2018 Laccase from Aspergillus niger: A novel tool to graft multifunctional materials of interests and their characterization. ABTS, FT-IR, XRD
54  2018 Lignin and ethylcellulose in controlled release formulations to reduce leaching of chloridazon and metribuzin in light-textured soils. CRFs, DBS
55  2018 New insights on the influence of manufacturing conditions and molecular weight on phase-separated films intended for controlled release. HPC, MW
56  2018 Peculiar effect of polyethylene glycol in comparison with triethyl citrate or diethyl phthalate on properties of ethyl cellulose microcapsules containing propranolol hydrochloride in process of emulsion-solvent evaporation. ---
57  2018 Polymer blends used to develop felodipine-loaded hollow microspheres for improved oral bioavailability. FD, PVP
58  2018 Preparation and Characterization of DOPO-ITA Modified Ethyl Cellulose and Its Application in Phenolic Foams. CPFs, DIMEC, DOPO, FT-IR, ITA
59  2018 Preparation and Pharmacokinetics Evaluation of Solid Self-Microemulsifying Drug Delivery System (S-SMEDDS) of Osthole. L-SMEDDS, S-SMEDDS
60  2018 Preparation, Characterization and In Vitro / In Vivo Evaluation of Oral Time-Controlled Release Etodolac Pellets. ---
61  2018 Preparation, Characterization and Pharmacokinetics Evaluation of the Compound Capsules of Ibuprofen Enteric-Coated Sustained-Release Pellets and Codeine Phosphate Immediate-Release Pellets. CP-IRPs, HPMCP, IB-SRPs, TEC
62  2018 PVP VA64 as a novel release-modifier for sustained-release mini-matrices prepared via hot melt extrusion. HME, QF
63  2018 Sustained-release multiparticulates for oral delivery of a novel peptidic ghrelin agonist: Formulation design and in vitro characterization. BARDS, MA
64  2018 Synthesis of soluble oligsiloxane-end-capped hyperbranched polyazomethine and their application to CO2/N2 separation membranes. PS
65  2018 Tailoring supersaturation from amorphous solid dispersions. ASD, CA, CAP, DSC, EUD, HPMC, HPMCAS, HPMCP, IR
66  2018 Using Ethylcellulose to Structure Oil Droplets in Ice Cream Made with High Oleic Sunflower Oil. HOSO
67  2017 A thermosensitive drug delivery system prepared by blend electrospinning. KET, PDEGMA
68  2017 Assessment of different polymers and drug loads for fused deposition modeling of drug loaded implants. FDM, HME, PBS, PCL, PLLA
69  2017 Design and In Vitro/In Vivo Evaluation of Ultra-Thin Mucoadhesive Buccal Film Containing Fluticasone Propionate. DSC, HPMC, SCMC, XRD
70  2017 Determination of mole fractions of ethyl-cellulose-containing monomers by NMR. AGUs, DS
71  2017 Determination of the release mechanism of Theophylline from pellets coated with Surelease-A water dispersion of ethyl cellulose. ---
72  2017 Development and characterization of ricinoleic acid-based sulfhydryl thiol and ethyl cellulose blended membranes. ---
73  2017 Development of extended-release solid dispersion granules of tacrolimus: evaluation of release mechanism and human oral bioavailability. ERG, HPMC
74  2017 Dynamics of ethyl cellulose nanoparticle self-assembly at the interface of a nematic liquid crystal droplet. LC
75  2017 Effect of Polymers on the Physicochemical Properties and Biological Performance of Fenoprofen Calcium Dihydrate-Triacetyl-beta-Cyclodextrin Complex. FCD, HPMC
76  2017 Effect of Variation in Viscosity Grade of Ethycellulose on Theophylline Microcapsule Properties Prepared by Emulsion Solvent Evaporation. DSC, XRD
77  2017 Effects of the physical-form and the degree-of-saturation of oil on postprandial plasma triglycerides, glycemia and appetite of healthy Chinese adults. NEFA
78  2017 Environmental-friendly and magnetic/silanized ethyl cellulose sponges as effective and recyclable oil-absorption materials. MSEC
79  2017 Ethyl cellulose nanodispersions as stabilizers for oil in water Pickering emulsions. XG
80  2017 Ethyl Cellulose Nanoparticles at the Alkane-Water Interface and the Making of Pickering Emulsions. CCC, IFT
81  2017 Ethylcellulose Colloids Incubated in Dilute Solution. eta, eta, THF, TPIB
82  2017 Ethylcellulose oleogels for lipophilic bioactive delivery - effect of oleogelation on in vitro bioaccessibility and stability of beta-carotene. BC
83  2017 Evaluation of ethylcellulose and its pseudolatex (Surelease) in preparation of matrix pellets of theophylline using extrusion-spheronization. MCC
84  2017 Improving the efficacy of chlorhexidine-releasing elastomerics using a layer-by-layer coating technique. CHX, DCM
85  2017 Influencing the crystallization behavior of binary mixtures of stearyl alcohol and stearic acid (SOSA) using ethylcellulose. SOSA
86  2017 Investigation of a new pH-responsive nanoparticulate pore former for controlled release enteric coating with improved processability and stability. TPNs
87  2017 Morphology and mechanical properties of poly(beta-hydroxybutyrate)/poly(epsilon-caprolactone) blends controlled with cellulosic particles. MCC, PCL, PHB
88  2017 Mucoadhesive amorphous solid dispersions for sustained release of poorly water soluble drugs. ---
89  2017 Nonionic surfactant structure on the drug release, formulation and physical properties of ethylcellulose microspheres. CHLB, HLBs, TH
90  2017 Optical sensor for dual sensing of oxygen and carbon dioxide based on sensing films coated on filter paper. PtTFPP
91  2017 Protein Corona Formation on Colloidal Polymeric Nanoparticles and Polymeric Nanogels: Impact on Cellular Uptake, Toxicity, Immunogenicity, and Drug Release Properties. CMS, dPG, EGRS, NGs, NPs
92  2017 Quality by Design Empowered Development and Optimisation of Time-Controlled Pulsatile Release Platform Formulation Employing Compression Coating Technology. API, CCT, DoE, PR
93  2017 Rapid synthesis of ethyl cellulose supported platinum nanoparticles for the non-enzymatic determination of H2O2. GCE, PtNPs
94  2017 Rheological Characterization of Ethylcellulose-Based Melts for Pharmaceutical Applications. muIM
95  2017 Studies on performance evaluation of a green plasticizer made by enzymatic esterification of furfuryl alcohol and castor oil fatty acid. COFA, DBP, FA
96  2017 Sustainable thermoplastic elastomers derived from cellulose, fatty acid and furfural via ATRP and click chemistry. TPEs
97  2017 Synthesis of a fluorescent ethyl cellulose membrane with application in monitoring 1-naphthylacetic acid from controlled release formula. FNE, IPDI, NAA
98  2017 The importance of the molecular weight of ethyl cellulose on the properties of aqueous-based controlled release coatings. ---
99  2016 A study on the solid state characteristics of spray-congealed glyceryl dibehenate solid lipid microparticles containing ibuprofen. GB, IBU, SLMs
100  2016 Characterization of pore structure of polymer blended films used for controlled drug release. HPC