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Abbreviation : EC
Long Form : eyes closed
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Percent amplitude of fluctuation: A simple measure for resting-state fMRI signal at single voxel level. ALFF, BOLD, EO, fALFF, PerAF, rs-fMRI
2019 Altered Interoceptive Processing in Generalized Anxiety Disorder-A Heartbeat-Evoked Potential Research. ECG, EEG, EO, GAD, HEP
2019 Coherence and reliability of a wearable inertial measurement unit for measuring postural sway. EO, IMU
2019 Concussion history associated with increased postural control deficits after subsequent injury. AP, CON, MEV, ML, RMS
2019 Data-driven derivation of natural EEG frequency components: An optimised example assessing resting EEG in healthy ageing. EEG, EO, f-PCA
2019 Diurnal variations of postural stability and attentional capacities in 5-6-year-old tennis players. COP, CoPVm, EO, RI, SRT
2019 EEG-ERP dynamics in a visual Continuous Performance Test. CPT, EO, PC, PI, RT, RTV
2019 Effect of sensorimotor training on balance measures and proprioception among middle and older age adults with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. COP, DPN, EO, OLS, TUG
2019 Effects of Different Re-referencing Methods on Spontaneously Generated Ear-EEG. EEG, EO, ERD/ERS, MA, MS, SNRs
10  2019 Evaluation of postural balance in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome. AP, EO, HL, HR, OSAS, SPG
11  2019 Eyes Closed Elevates Brain Intrinsic Activity of Sensory Dominance Networks: A Classifier Discrimination Analysis. EO, RSNs, SN
12  2019 Four Weeks of Neuromuscular Training Improve Static and Dynamic Postural Control in Overweight and Obese Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial. CG, EO, NTG
13  2019 From eyes-closed to eyes-open: Role of cholinergic projections in EC-to-EO alpha reactivity revealed by combining EEG and MRI. BNM, EO
14  2019 Impact of occupational footwear and workload on postural stability in work safety. ECU, EO, EOU
15  2019 Impact of orthognathic surgery on the body posture. EO, OC, RP
16  2019 Links Between the Amplitude Modulation of Low-Frequency Spontaneous Fluctuation Across Resting State Conditions and Thalamic Functional Connectivity. ALFF, EO, FC, LGN, Pu
17  2019 Postural balance, muscle strength, and history of falls in end-stage renal disease patients living with a kidney transplant: A cross-sectional study. COP, DT, EO, IK, IM, KT
18  2019 Postural Instability in Subjects With Usher Syndrome. CoP, EO, OPT, PII
19  2019 Posturographic abnormalities in ambulatory atypical parkinsonian disorders: Differentiating characteristics. EO, MSA, PD, PSP
20  2019 Predicting incident falls: Relationship between postural sway and limits of stability in older adults. EO, LOS
21  2019 Quantifying balance control after spinal cord injury: Reliability and validity of the mini-BESTest. COP, EO, ICC, iSCI, mini-BESTest
22  2019 Resting state connectivity differences in eyes open versus eyes closed conditions. EO, EO-F, FNC, rs-fMRI
23  2019 Trunk position sense, postural stability, and spine posture in fibromyalgia. BS, DM, EO, FMS, LOS, MS, NDM, TRE
24  2019 Using principal components analysis to examine resting state EEG in relation to task performance. EO, PCA, RT
25  2019 Vision Does Not Necessarily Stabilize the Head in Space During Continuous Postural Perturbations. AP, EO-TG, EO-TP
26  2018 A Pilot Study Investigating a Novel Non-Linear Measure of Eyes Open versus Eyes Closed EEG Synchronization in People with Alzheimer’s Disease and Healthy Controls AD, EO, ERR-causality, FTD, HC, IQR
27  2018 Abnormal auditory-evoked gamma band oscillations in first-episode schizophrenia during both eye open and eye close states. ASSR, EO, ERSP, FEP, HC, ITC
28  2018 Abnormal Resting-State Quantitative Electroencephalogram in Children With Central Auditory Processing Disorder: A Pilot Study. CAPD, CAPs, EO, qEEG
29  2018 Differentiating resting brain states using ordinal symbolic analysis. EO
30  2018 Distinction Between Variability-Based Modulation and Mean-Based Activation Revealed by BOLD-fMRI and Eyes-Open/Eyes-Closed Contrast. EO
31  2018 Do depressive symptoms affect balance in older adults with mild cognitive impairment? Results from the "gait and brain study". EO, MCI
32  2018 Effects of resting state condition on reliability, trait specificity, and network connectivity of brain function measured with arterial spin labeled perfusion MRI. ASL, BOLD, CBF, EO, FIX, rs-fMRI
33  2018 Electrophysiological underpinnings of response variability in the Go/NoGo task. EO, RTV
34  2018 Evaluation of postural stability in overweight and obese middle-aged men AP, BMI, COP, EO, ML
35  2018 Eyes-Open and Eyes-Closed Resting States With Opposite Brain Activity in Sensorimotor and Occipital Regions: Multidimensional Evidences From Machine Learning Perspective. DC, EO, fALFF, fMRI, PCL, ReHo, SVM, VMHC
36  2018 Graded forward and backward walking at a matched intensity on cardiorespiratory responses and postural control. BW, COP, EO, FW, GM, HR, RPE, sEMG, TA
37  2018 Inertial Sensor-Based Assessment of Central Sensory Integration for Balance After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. EO, mCTSIB, mTBI
38  2018 Influence of foot position and vision on dynamic postural strategies during the "grand plie" ballet movement (squatting) in young and adult ballet dancers. AD, COP, EO, GRF, YD
39  2018 Inter- and Intra-Hemispheric EEG Coherence Study in Adults with Neuropsychiatric Disorders. EO
40  2018 Intra- and Inter-scanner Reliability of Scaled Subprofile Model of Principal Component Analysis on ALFF in Resting-State fMRI Under Eyes Open and Closed Conditions. ALFF, EO, PET, rs-fMRI, SSM-PCA
41  2018 Intra- and Inter-Scanner Reliability of Voxel-Wise Whole-Brain Analytic Metrics for Resting State fMRI. ALFF, BOLD, DC, EO, PerAF, ReHo, rs-fMRI, VWWB
42  2018 Intrinsic EEG and task-related changes in EEG affect Go/NoGo task performance. EO, SW
43  2018 Local Network-Level Integration Mediates Effects of Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation. EO, tACS
44  2018 Multifractal Dynamic Functional Connectivity in the Resting-State Brain. dFC, EEG, EO, FC, fNIRS, MF
45  2018 Perceptual Aspects of Postural Control: Does Pure Proprioceptive Training Exist? EO
46  2018 Sleep quality and its association with postural stability and fear of falling among Spanish postmenopausal women. EO, FOF
47  2018 Static Postural Stability in Chronic Ankle Instability, an Ankle Sprain and Healthy Ankles. BESS, CAI, EO, FL, MG, NMA, SLB, TA
48  2018 Template-based prediction of vigilance fluctuations in resting-state fMRI. EO
49  2018 The effect of balance training intervention on postural stability in children with asthma. COP, EO, Vy
50  2018 The effectiveness of hydrokinesiotherapy on postural balance of hemiplegic patients after stroke: a systematic review and meta-analysis. AP, BBS, HT, ML, PEDro
51  2018 Validity and Reliability of a Portable Balance Tracking System, BTrackS, in Older Adults. BTrackS, COP, EO, MDC95
52  2018 Vascular-metabolic and GABAergic Inhibitory Correlates of Neural Variability Modulation. A Combined fMRI and PET Study. EO, TV
53  2017 A statistical model for brain networks inferred from large-scale electrophysiological signals. EEG, EO, ERGMs
54  2017 Alterations in the ability to maintain balance as a result of stochastic resonance whole body vibration in women. COP, EO, MA, MV, SR-WBV
55  2017 Assessing Somatosensory Utilization during Unipedal Postural Control. EO, SDA, UST
56  2017 Balance impairment in kidney transplant recipients without concurrent peripheral neuropathy. AP, COP, COPv, DT, EO, HA, KTRs, ML, SA
57  2017 Balance Markers in Adolescents at 1 Month Postconcussion. A/P, BESS, COP, DT, EO, M/L, WBB
58  2017 Body Sway Increases After Functional Inactivation of the Cerebellar Vermis by cTBS. COP, cTBS, EO
59  2017 Classification of mild cognitive impairment EEG using combined recurrence and cross recurrence quantification analysis. CRQA, MCI, NC, RQA, RR, STM
60  2017 EEG differences between eyes-closed and eyes-open resting remain in healthy ageing. EO
61  2017 Effect of whole-body vibration on center-of-mass movement during standing in children and young adults. AP, COM, DFA, EO, ML, WBV
62  2017 Effects of Age-Related Macular Degeneration on Postural Sway. AMD, AP, BEV, COP, DEV, ML, NDEV
63  2017 Effects of tetrahydrocannabinol on balance and gait in patients with dementia: A randomised controlled crossover trial. EO, NPS, THC
64  2017 Effects of visual deprivation on primary motor cortex excitability: a study on healthy subjects based on repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation. EO, MEP, rTMS
65  2017 Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility Type: Impact of Somatosensory Orthoses on Postural Control (A Pilot Study). AP, CG, EDS, EO, ML, SVV, sway area
66  2017 Evaluation of postural instability in stroke patient during quiet standing. AP, CC, COP, EO, ML, SD
67  2017 Haptic Cues for Balance: Use of a Cane Provides Immediate Body Stabilization. CC, COP, EO
68  2017 Increased postural sway during quiet stance as a risk factor for prospective falls in community-dwelling elderly individuals. CI, COP, EO, OR
69  2017 PAIR Comparison between Two Within-Group Conditions of Resting-State fMRI Improves Classification Accuracy. ALFF, EC-EO, EO, rs-fMRI, SVM
70  2017 Plantar Exteroceptive Inefficiency causes an asynergic use ofplantar and visual afferents for postural control: Best means of remediation. EO, PEI
71  2017 Postural control of typical developing boys during the transition from double-leg stance to single-leg stance. EO, TDB, TNSP
72  2017 Reliability of assessing postural control during seated balancing using a physical human-robot interaction. CMC, EO, ETFE, ICC, pHRI, RMSE, VIB
73  2017 Resting state intrinsic EEG impacts on go stimulus-response processes. EO, RT
74  2017 Sudden onset of static equilibrium dysfunction in patients receiving a cochlear implant. CI, ENV, EO, LNG, OM, SV
75  2017 Symbolic time series analysis of electroencephalographic (EEG) epileptic seizure and brain dynamics with eye-open and eye-closed subjects during resting states. EEG, EO, MSE, MWW, NCSE
76  2017 The Number of Pulses Needed to Measure Corticospinal Excitability by Navigated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Eyes Open vs. Close Condition. CI, CSE, EO, MEPs, MMSE, TMS
77  2017 Topological Filtering of Dynamic Functional Brain Networks Unfolds Informative Chronnectomics: A Novel Data-Driven Thresholding Scheme Based on Orthogonal Minimal Spanning Trees (OMSTs). EO, FCG, OMSTs
78  2016 A light fingertip touch reduces postural sway in children with autism spectrum disorders. AP, ASD, EO, LT, ML, TDC
79  2016 A randomized controlled trial into the effects of neurofeedback, methylphenidate, and physical activity on EEG power spectra in children with ADHD. EEG, EO, MPH, NF, PA, RCT
80  2016 An Information-Theoretic Framework to Map the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Scalp Electroencephalogram. EEG, EO, TE
81  2016 Benefits of multi-session balance and gait training with multi-modal biofeedback in healthy older adults. ---
82  2016 Building an EEG-fMRI Multi-Modal Brain Graph: A Concurrent EEG-fMRI Study. EO, ICA
83  2016 Calibration of the Leg Muscle Responses Elicited by Predictable Perturbations of Stance and the Effect of Vision. COM, EO, SOL, TA
84  2016 Can explicit visual feedback of postural sway efface the effects of sensory manipulations on mediolateral balance performance? EO, GVS, TENS, VMS
85  2016 Comparing Postural Stability Entropy Analyses to Differentiate Fallers and Non-fallers. AUC, CompMSE, EO, MSE, NF
86  2016 Differences in the resting-state fMRI global signal amplitude between the eyes open and eyes closed states are related to changes in EEG vigilance. EO, fcMRI
87  2016 Directional measures of postural sway as predictors of balance instability and accidental falls. COP, DI, EO, SV
88  2016 EEG Source Reconstruction in Male Nonsmokers after Nicotine Administration during the Resting State. EO
89  2016 Effects of Ramadan Gasting on Postural Balance and Attentional Capacities in Elderly People. AR, BR, COP, EO, FWR, SRT
90  2016 Encephalography Connectivity on Sources in Male Nonsmokers after Nicotine Administration during the Resting State. EEG, EO
91  2016 Exergames for unsupervised balance training at home: A pilot study in healthy older adults. DT, EO, NRBT
92  2016 I Keep a Close Watch on This Heart of Mine: Increased Interoception in Insomnia. EO, hdEEG, ID
93  2016 Improved Balance Confidence and Stability for Elderly After 6 Weeks of a Multimodal Self-Administered Balance-Enhancing Exercise Program: A Randomized Single Arm Crossover Study. BEEP, EO
94  2016 Interactive Sensor-Based Balance Training in Older Cancer Patients with Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy: A Randomized Controlled Trial. AP, CIPN, COM, EO, FES-I, VPT
95  2016 Load release balance test under unstable conditions effectively discriminates between physically active and sedentary young adults. COP, EO
96  2016 More Severe Insomnia Complaints in People with Stronger Long-Range Temporal Correlations in Wake Resting-State EEG. EEG, EO, ID, ISI, LRTC
97  2016 Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)-based eyes-closed brain-computer interface (BCI) using prefrontal cortex activation due to mental arithmetic. BCI, EO, LDA, NIRS
98  2016 Postural stability in school-age children with mild bronchial asthma disease (a pilot study). COP, EO
99  2016 Quantification of Trunk Postural Stability Using Convex Polyhedron of the Time-Series Accelerometer Data. ACE, CG, CP, EO, pts
100  2016 The effect of a combined strength and proprioceptive training on muscle strength and postural balance in boys with intellectual disability: An exploratory study. CSPT, DLS, EO, ID, MVC, OLS