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Abbreviation : ED
Long Form : electrodialysis
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A study on near zero liquid discharge approach for the treatment of reverse osmosis membrane concentrate by electrodialysis. RO
2020 Evaluation of the feasibility of short-term electrodialysis for separating naturally occurring fluoride from instant brick tea infusion. ---
2019 An Investigation on the Application of Pulsed Electrodialysis Reversal in Whey Desalination. PER, SEM
2019 Application of dynamic current density for increased concentration factors and reduced energy consumption for concentrating ammonium by electrodialysis. DCD, FCD
2019 Comparative studies on fouling of homogeneous anion exchange membranes by different structured organics in electrodialysis. AEM, BS, MS, SDBS, SDS
2019 Desalination and removal of pesticides from surface water in Mekong Delta by coupling electrodialysis and nanofiltration. NF
2019 Eco-efficient treatment of ion exchange spent brine via electrodialysis to recover NaCl and minimize waste disposal. IX, NOM, PEF
2019 Effect of Carbon Dioxide Loading on Removal of Heat Stable Salts from Amine Solvent by Electrodialysis. CO2, CO2, HSS, MEA
2019 Electrodialysis-based zero liquid discharge in industrial wastewater treatment. RO, WWT, ZLD
10  2019 Electrodialytic removal of tungsten and arsenic from secondary mine resources - Deep eutectic solvents enhancement. DES
11  2019 Integration of liquid-liquid membrane contactors and electrodialysis for ammonium recovery and concentration as a liquid fertilizer. LLMCs
12  2019 Membrane Deformation and Its Effects on Flow and Mass Transfer in the Electromembrane Processes. RED, TMP
13  2019 Numerical Estimation of Limiting Current Density by Focusing on Mass Transfer within Porous Spacers in an Electro-Dialysis. LCD
14  2019 Partial Fluxes of Phosphoric Acid Anions through Anion-Exchange Membranes in the Course of NaH2PO4 Solution Electrodialysis. AEM
15  2019 Preliminary Study on Enzymatic-Based Cleaning of Cation-Exchange Membranes Used in Electrodialysis System in Red Wine Production. ---
16  2019 Profiled Ion Exchange Membranes: A Comprehensible Review. RED
17  2019 Removal of fluoride in membrane-based water and wastewater treatment technologies: Performance review. DD, EPA, FO, MD, NF, RO, WHO, ZLD
18  2019 Return flow ion concentration polarization desalination: A new way to enhance electromembrane desalination. ICP, RF
19  2019 Tandem Desalination/Salination Strategies Enabling the Use of Redox Couples for Efficient and Sustainable Electrochemical Desalination. ---
20  2019 Technology-driven layer-by-layer assembly of a membrane for selective separation of monovalent anions and antifouling. AC, AEM
21  2019 Transport of pharmaceuticals during electrodialysis treatment of wastewater. ---
22  2018 A facile and green pretreatment method for nonionic total organic halogen (NTOX) analysis in water - Step I. Using electrodialysis to separate NTOX and halides. IC
23  2018 A Novel Diagnostic and Prognostic Tool for Simple Decompression of Ulnar Nerve in Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. CSA, CubTS, MCV, UN, US
24  2018 Electrodialytic 2-compartment cells for emerging organic contaminants removal from effluent. EOCs
25  2018 Intensification of Nickel recovery from water using an electrically driven hybrid process: Continuous Electropermutation. CEP, IER
26  2018 Investigation of electrodialysis anti-fouling configuration for desalting and treating tannery unhairing wastewater: Feasibility of by-products recovery and water recycling. AEM
27  2018 Long-run operation of a reverse electrodialysis system fed with wastewaters. RED
28  2018 Nutrient recovery from wastewater through pilot scale electrodialysis. ---
29  2018 Recovery of high-concentration volatile fatty acids from wastewater using an acidogenesis-electrodialysis integrated system. VFAs
30  2018 Refinery and concentration of nutrients from urine with electrodialysis enabled by upstream precipitation and nitrification. ---
31  2018 Robust Multilayer Graphene-Organic Frameworks for Selective Separation of Monovalent Anions. MGOF, QPPO, SDDS
32  2017 A combined microbial desalination cell and electrodialysis system for copper-containing wastewater treatment and high-salinity-water desalination. MDC, ts
33  2017 Comparison of phosphorus recovery from incineration and gasification sewage sludge ash. ---
34  2017 Electrodialytic separation of levulinic acid catalytically synthesized from woody biomass for use in microbial conversion. LA
35  2017 Increased biohydrogen yields, volatile fatty acid production and substrate utilisation rates via the electrodialysis of a continually fed sucrose fermenter. HRTs, VFAs
36  2017 Research on the quick and efficient recovery of 1-allyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride after biomass pretreatment with ionic liquid-aqueous alcohol system. Sp, TR
37  2017 Separation of Biologically Active Compounds by Membrane Operations. MF, NF, UF
38  2017 The Role of Ion Exchange Membranes in Membrane Capacitive Deionisation. IEMs, MCDI
39  2016 Bioethanol production from deacetylated yellow poplar pretreated with oxalic acid recovered through electrodialysis. SSF
40  2016 Clinical impact of magnetic resonance neurography in patients with brachial plexus neuropathies. MRN
41  2016 Extracorporeal CO2 Removal by Respiratory Electrodialysis: An In Vitro Study. ML, R-ED
42  2016 Membrane-based processes for wastewater nutrient recovery: Technology, challenges, and future direction. FO, MD
43  2016 Mimicking the cell membrane: bio-inspired simultaneous functions with monovalent anion selectivity and antifouling properties of anion exchange membrane. AEMs, NSBC, PDA, SDBS
44  2016 Recovery of ionic liquid via a hybrid methodology of electrodialysis with ultrafiltration after biomass pretreatment. UF
45  2016 Simultaneous and selective decarboxylation of L-serine and deamination of L-phenylalanine in an amino acid mixture--a means of separating amino acids for synthesizing biobased chemicals. AAs
46  2016 Valorisation of ferric sewage sludge ashes: Potential as a phosphorus source. SSA
47  2015 Coating of Nafion membranes with polyelectrolyte multilayers to achieve high monovalent/divalent cation electrodialysis selectivities. PSS
48  2015 Comparison of two different electrodialytic cells for separation of phosphorus and heavy metals from sewage sludge ash. ---
49  2015 Electrodialytic removal of nitrate from pineapple juice: effect on selected physicochemical properties, amino acids, and aroma components of the juice. TSS
50  2015 Improved analysis of dissolved organic nitrogen in water via electrodialysis pretreatment. DIN, DON, TDN
51  2015 Membrane processing technology in the food industry: food processing, wastewater treatment, and effects on physical, microbiological, organoleptic, and nutritional properties of foods. MF, MPT, NF, RO, UF
52  2014 An integrated detoxification process with electrodialysis and adsorption from the hemicellulose hydrolysates of yellow poplars. ---
53  2014 Correlations between cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, anti-ganglioside antibodies, electrodiagnostic findings and functional status in Guillain-Barre syndrome. AGA, CMV, EBV, GBS, mRS
54  2014 Feasibility studies on arsenic removal from aqueous solutions by electrodialysis. ---
55  2014 Improvement of the fermentability of oxalic acid hydrolysates by detoxification using electrodialysis and adsorption. HMF
56  2014 Mechanisms of mineral membrane fouling growth modulated by pulsed modes of current during electrodialysis: evidences of water splitting implications in the appearance of the amorphous phases of magnesium hydroxide and calcium carbonate. ACC, AEM, AMH, CEM, IEMs
57  2013 A feasibility study on the multistage process for the oxalic acid pretreatment of a lignocellulosic biomass using electrodialysis. ---
58  2013 A natural driven membrane process for brackish and wastewater treatment: photovoltaic powered ED and FO hybrid system. EDFORD, FO, TOC
59  2013 Characterization of oxalic acid pretreatment on lignocellulosic biomass using oxalic acid recovered by electrodialysis. ---
60  2013 Desalination of oil sands process-affected water and basal depressurization water in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada: application of electrodialysis. BDW, OSPW
61  2013 How pulse modes affect proton-barriers and anion-exchange membrane mineral fouling during consecutive electrodialysis treatments. AEM, CEM, PEFs
62  2013 Iron removal from brackish water by electrodialysis. ---
63  2013 Quantification and characterization of dissolved organic nitrogen in wastewater effluents by electrodialysis treatment followed by size-exclusion chromatography with nitrogen detection. DON, SEC-OCD-ND, TDN
64  2013 Selective removal of arsenic and monovalent ions from brackish water reverse osmosis concentrate. RO
65  2013 Separation of galactose, 5-hydroxymethylfurfural and levulinic acid in acid hydrolysate of agarose by nanofiltration and electrodialysis. 5-HMF, LA, NF
66  2012 An evaluation of a hybrid ion exchange electrodialysis process in the recovery of heavy metals from simulated dilute industrial wastewater. IX, IXED, RSM
67  2012 Multistep mineral fouling growth on a cation-exchange membrane ruled by gradual sieving effects of magnesium and carbonate ions and its delay by pulsed modes of electrodialysis. CEM, PEF
68  2012 RO concentrate minimization by electrodialysis: techno-economic analysis and environmental concerns. RO
69  2011 Desalination of fish sauce by electrodialysis: effect on selected aroma compounds and amino acid compositions. ---
70  2011 Impact of pulsed electric field on electrodialysis process performance and membrane fouling during consecutive demineralization of a model salt solution containing a high magnesium/calcium ratio. DRs, EC, PEFs, SR
71  2011 Recovery of copper and water from copper-electroplating wastewater by the combination process of electrolysis and electrodialysis. EC, EL
72  2010 Application of bipolar electrodialysis to E. coli fermentation for simultaneous acetate removal and pH control. BPED
73  2010 Two-stage electrodialytic concentration of glyceric acid from fermentation broth. GA
74  2009 Application of electrodialysis to glycerate recovery from a glycerol containing model solution and culture broth. ---
75  2009 Electrodialysis desalination of fish sauce: electrodialysis performance and product quality. ---
76  2009 Feasibility of electrodialysis as a fast and selective sample preparation method for the profiling of low-abundant peptides in biofluids. ---
77  2009 Production of a phenolic antioxidant enriched cranberry juice by electrodialysis with filtration membrane. UF
78  2008 Effects of perineural steroid injections on median nerve conduction during the carpal tunnel release. CTS
79  2008 Use of electrodialysis and reverse osmosis for the recovery and concentration of ammonia from swine manure. RO
80  2006 Comparative study on the regeneration of flue-gas desulfurizing agents by using conventional electrodialysis (ED) and bipolar membrane electrodialysis (BMED). BMED
81  2006 Coupling reverse osmosis with electrodialysis to isolate natural organic matter from fresh waters. NOM, RO
82  2006 Simultaneous separation of acid and basic bioactive peptides by electrodialysis with ultrafiltration membrane. beta-LG, EDUF, UF
83  2005 Electrodialytic phenomena and their applications in the dairy industry: a review. EC
84  2005 Modeling of sodium acetate recovery from aqueous solutions by electrodialysis. ---
85  2004 Electrodialytic phenomena and their applications in the dairy industry: a review. EC
86  2004 Influences of colloidal stability and electrokinetic property on electrodialysis performance in the presence of silica sol. ---
87  2004 Recovery of ammonium lactate and removal of hardness from fermentation broth by nanofiltration. NF
88  2004 Secondary potential in electrodialysis membranes and the effect on permselectivity. ---
89  2004 Separation of monovalent and divalent ions from aqueous solution by electrodialysis and nanofiltration. NF
90  2003 Electrodialysis and nanofiltration of surface water for subsequent use as infiltration water. ---
91  2003 Fouling mitigation of anion exchange membrane by zeta potential control. AEMs, PAA, PEI, PVA
92  2002 Thermophilic production of lactic acid using integrated membrane bioreactor systems coupled with monopolar electrodialysis. MBR
93  2001 Bipolar membrane electroacidification of demineralized skim milk. BMEA
94  2000 Acceleration of pH variation in cloudy apple juice using electrodialysis with bipolar membranes. ---
95  1999 Electrodialysis Applications for Pollution Prevention in the Chemical Processing Industry. ---
96  1999 Electrodialysis of acetate fermentation broths. CMA
97  1998 Incorporation of electrodialysers into the conduits of FIA systems: enhancement of the mass transfer of chloride anions through passive neutral membranes. ---
98  1998 Mineral recovery system for a Closed Ecology Experiment Facility (CEEF). CEEF