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Long Form : energy density
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Comprehensive Critical Assessment of Increased Fruit and Vegetable Intake on Weight Loss in Women. FV, RCTs
2020 Caloric compensation and appetite control in children of different weight status and predisposition to obesity. HED, HR, LED, LR, NW, OB, SQ
2020 Energy Density of New Food Products Targeted to Children. HSR
2020 Formation of graphene-wrapped multi-shelled NiGa2O4 hollow spheres and graphene-wrapped yolk-shell NiFe2O4 hollow spheres derived from metal-organic frameworks for high-performance hybrid supercapacitors. MOF, PD, SC
2020 Influence of Effective Laser Energy on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Laser Melting Deposited Ti6Al4V Alloy. AM, Ee, LMD
2020 Mixed messages: Assessing interactions between portion-size and energy-density perceptions in different weight and sex groups. BMI, PS
2020 The role of socio-economic status and energy-density in Australian women of child-bearing age. SEIFA, SES
2020 Year-round energy dynamics of sardine and anchovy in the north-western Mediterranean Sea. GSI
2019 A Promising Polymer Blend Electrolytes Based on Chitosan: Methyl Cellulose for EDLC Application with High Specific Capacitance and Energy Density. CS, CV, EDLC, EEC, LSV, MC, PD, SPBEs, tion
10  2019 An Asymmetric Supercapacitor Based on a Non-Calcined 3D Pillared Cobalt(II) Metal-Organic Framework with Long Cyclic Stability. AC, MOF, PD
11  2019 Both increases and decreases in energy density lead to sustained changes in preschool children's energy intake over 5 days. ---
12  2019 Caloric compensation in infants: developmental changes around the age of 1 year and associations with anthropometric measurements up to 2 years. BMI
13  2019 Daily Snacking Occasions, Snack Size, and Snack Energy Density as Predictors of Diet Quality among US Children Aged 2 to 5 Years. NHANES
14  2019 Development of keratin-based membranes for potential use in skin repair. CD, GTR
15  2019 Development of Polymer Blend Electrolyte Membranes Based on Chitosan: Dextran with High Ion Transport Properties for EDLC Application. CV, FESEM, SPBEM, XRD
16  2019 Increased brain and behavioural susceptibility to portion size in children with loss of control eating. LOC, PSE
17  2019 Individual differences in appeal of energy dense foods predicts lower body mass change during adolescence. ---
18  2019 Influence of a dynamic rearing environment on development of metabolic phenotypes in age-0 Lake Sturgeon, Acipenser fulvescens. ART, CTmax, DO
19  2019 Percent ash-free dry weight as a robust method to estimate energy density across taxa. AA, AFDW, dw, TI
20  2019 Reduced Graphene Oxide/Amorphous Carbon P-N Junctions: Nanosecond Laser Patterning. rGO
21  2019 Synthesis of NiGa2S4-rGO on nickel foam as advanced electrode for flexible solid-state supercapacitor with superior energy density. CD, FSASCs, NF, TMSs
22  2018 Brain response to food cues varying in portion size is associated with individual differences in the portion size effect in children. BOLD, PS
23  2018 Comparing the portion size effect in women with and without extended training in portion control: A follow-up to the Portion-Control Strategies Trial. ---
24  2018 Dietary energy density and obesity: how consumption patterns differ by body weight status. BMI, NHANES, WC
25  2018 Dietary energy density is positively associated with body composition of adults in Southwest China. FFMI, FMI, WC
26  2018 Dietary Energy Density, Glycemic Load, Glycemic Index, and Risk for Endometrial Cancer in the CPS-II Nutrition Cohort. GI, GL, IQR
27  2018 Food Rating Scale in Food Services: From Development to Assessment of a Strategy for Consumer Healthier Choices. SC
28  2018 Increasing low-energy-dense foods and decreasing high-energy-dense foods differently influence weight loss trial outcomes. BMI, HED, LED
29  2018 Is What Low-Income Brazilians Are Eating in Popular Restaurants Contributing to Promote Their Health? FDA, PR, TPF, USDA
30  2018 [Association of dietary energy intake and energy density with gestational weight gain in Chengdu City]. IOM
31  2017 Curing effectiveness of single-peak and multi-peak led light curing units on tpo-containing resin composites with different chromatic characteristics. A2d, A4d, LCUs, LED, RBC, TPO
32  2017 Dietary energy density and body weight changes after 3 years in the PREDIMED study. EVOO
33  2017 Do Dynamic Fat and Fat-Free Mass Changes follow Theoretical Driven Rules in Athletes? BW, FFM, FM
34  2017 Energy Density is Not a Consistent Correlate of Adiposity in Women During the Menopausal Transition. EI, FM, PAEE, TFM
35  2017 Food portion size and energy density evoke different patterns of brain activation in children. BOLD, fMRI, PS
36  2017 Mechanobehavioral Scores in Women with and without TMJ Disc Displacement. CT, DC, DD, DF, MBS, MR, TMD, TMJ
37  2017 Moderated surface defects of Ni particles encapsulated with NiO nanofibers as supercapacitor with high capacitance and energy density. ---
38  2017 Neural correlates of familial obesity risk and overweight in adolescence. ACC, PFC
39  2017 Prospective study of dietary energy density and weight gain in a Japanese adult population. BW
40  2016 Association of increased monetary cost of dietary intake, diet quality and weight management in Spanish adults. MDS-rec
41  2016 Associations between energy density of meals and snacks and overall diet quality and adiposity measures in British children and adolescents: the National Diet and Nutrition Survey. EI
42  2016 Brain regions implicated in inhibitory control and appetite regulation are activated in response to food portion size and energy density in children. BOLD, fMRI, PS
43  2016 Brain response to images of food varying in energy density is associated with body composition in 7- to 10-year-old children: Results of an exploratory study. ANOVA, FFM, FM, fMRI, GLM
44  2016 Dietary Energy Density and Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Incidence in the Cancer Prevention Study II Nutrition Cohort. BMI
45  2016 Does milk matter: Is children's intake affected by the type or amount of milk served at a meal? ---
46  2016 Double trouble: Portion size and energy density combine to increase preschool children's lunch intake. ---
47  2016 Energy density of meals and snacks in the British diet in relation to overall diet quality, BMI and waist circumference: findings from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey. EI, WC
48  2016 Food Price Policies May Improve Diet but Increase Socioeconomic Inequalities in Nutrition. MAR
49  2016 Greater anterior cingulate activation and connectivity in response to visual and auditory high-calorie food cues in binge eating: Preliminary findings. BE, dACC, OFC, PPI, ROI
50  2016 Higher Dietary Energy Density is Associated with Stunting but not Overweight and Obesity in a Sample of Urban Malaysian Children. ---
51  2016 Low-energy density and high fiber intake are dietary concerns in female endurance athletes. EUM, FFM, FHA, LEA
52  2016 Relationship between dietary energy density and dietary quality in overweight young children: a cross-sectional analysis. food, food, HEI
53  2016 What is eaten when all of the foods at a meal are served in large portions? PS
54  2016 [Key treatment of lifestyle-related diseases:nutritional education and practice]. ---
55  2015 Choosing the best method to estimate the energy density of a population using food purchase data. ---
56  2015 Dairy product consumption, dietary nutrient and energy density and associations with obesity in Australian adolescents. BMI, ND, NRF9.3
57  2015 Dietary energy density is positively associated with breast density among young women. ADBV
58  2015 Effects of energy density in close-up diets and postpartum supplementation of extruded full-fat soybean on lactation performance and metabolic and hormonal status of dairy cows. BW, ESB, NEFA
59  2015 Higher nutritional quality at no additional cost among low-income households: insights from food purchases of "positive deviants". MAR, MAR, MER
60  2015 Offering within-category food swaps to reduce energy density of food purchases: a study using an experimental online supermarket. ---
61  2015 The Cross-Sectional Association of Energy Intake and Dietary Energy Density with Body Composition of Children in Southwest China. BMI, EI, FFMI, FMI, WHR
62  2014 Cellular effect of low-level laser therapy on the rate and quality of bone formation in mandibular distraction osteogenesis. PD, SEM
63  2014 Dietary energy density in young children across Europe. 24-HDR, BMI, EDF
64  2014 Energy density of the Scottish diet estimated from food purchase data: relationship with socio-economic position and dietary targets. HH
65  2014 Energy density, energy intake, and body weight regulation in adults. EI
66  2014 Food environment and obesity. ---
67  2014 Impact of energy density on liking for sweet beverages and caloric-adjustment conditioning in children. HE, NE
68  2014 Influencing and modifying children's energy intake: the role of portion size and energy density. EI, PS
69  2014 Macronutrients and energy content of oral hospital diet prescribed to chronic kidney disease patients on conservative treatment. CKD
70  2014 Meal replacements, reduced energy density eating, and weight loss maintenance in primary care patients: a randomized controlled trial. MRs
71  2014 Perceived 'healthiness' of foods can influence consumers' estimations of energy density and appropriate portion size. ACG, PS
72  2014 Short sleep duration and large variability in sleep duration are independently associated with dietary risk factors for obesity in Danish school children. CSHQ, SSBs
73  2014 Soup consumption is associated with a lower dietary energy density and a better diet quality in US adults. ---
74  2014 Supermarket own brand foods: lower in energy cost but similar in nutritional quality to their market brand alternatives. EC, FB, MB, NPM, NQ, OB, TLS
75  2013 Age-related variations of appetite sensations of fullness and satisfaction with different dietary energy densities in a large, free-living sample of Japanese adults. ---
76  2013 Differences in food consumption according to weight status and physical activity levels among Greek children between 1992/93 and 2006/07. 20mSRT, MVPA, OW/OB, PA
77  2013 Energy density in the diet of workers from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and associated socio-demographic factors. ---
78  2013 Ghrelin and peptide YY increase with weight loss during a 12-month intervention to reduce dietary energy density in obese women. PYY
79  2013 Independent and combined effects of eating rate and energy density on energy intake, appetite, and gut hormones. AUC, ER
80  2013 Lunch energy density and the metabolic syndrome in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. MetS
81  2013 Positive effect of mushrooms substituted for meat on body weight, body composition, and health parameters. A 1-year randomized clinical trial. ---
82  2012 Caloric compensation and eating in the absence of hunger in 5- to 12-y-old weight-discordant siblings. EAH
83  2012 Dietary energy density is associated with energy intake in palliative care cancer patients. BMI, EI
84  2012 Effects of a rapeseed oil-enriched hypoenergetic diet with a high content of alpha-linolenic acid on body weight and cardiovascular risk profile in patients with the metabolic syndrome. ALA
85  2012 Nutrient density score of typical Indonesian foods and dietary formulation using linear programming. NAS, ND
86  2012 The effects of an energy density prescription on diet quality and weight loss: a pilot randomized controlled trial. BMI
87  2011 Association of dietary energy density in childhood with age and body fatness at the onset of the pubertal growth spurt. FMI
88  2011 Dietary energy density and successful weight loss maintenance. BMI, FO, NW, OW, WLM
89  2011 Dietary energy density is associated with body weight status and vegetable intake in U.S. children. ---
90  2011 Dynamics of the components of energy intake between Spanish and Mexican preschool children: energy density and food volume in two contexts. EI, FV
91  2011 Energy density, portion size, and eating occasions: contributions to increased energy intake in the United States, 1977-2006. EOs, PS, TE
92  2011 Exercising women with menstrual disturbances consume low energy dense foods and beverages. EAMD, OV, PYY
93  2011 Hiding vegetables to reduce energy density: an effective strategy to increase children's vegetable intake and reduce energy intake. ---
94  2011 Successful weight loss and maintenance in everyday clinical practice with an individually tailored change of eating habits on the basis of food energy density. EI, FU, ST
95  2010 Contribution of energy density and food quantity to short-term fluctuations of energy intake in normal weight and obese subjects. EI, FQ
96  2010 Dietary determinants of changes in waist circumference adjusted for body mass index - a proxy measure of visceral adiposity. BMI, EPIC, GI, GL
97  2010 Increased restrictive feeding practices are associated with reduced energy density in 4-6-year-old, multi-ethnic children at ad libitum laboratory test-meals. BMI, CFQ
98  2010 Psychological factors are important correlates of dietary pattern in overweight adults. ---
99  2009 Dietary energy density in relation to subsequent changes of weight and waist circumference in European men and women. CI
100  2009 Effects of energy density and portion size on development of acquired flavour liking and learned satiety. LS