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Abbreviation : EDL
Long Form : electric double layer
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A Soft Variable-Area Electrical-Double-Layer Energy Harvester. ---
2021 Colloidal Stability and Concentration Effects on Nanoparticle Heat Delivery for Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia. SPA
2021 Contact Electrification at the Liquid-Solid Interface. CE, L-S, TENG
2021 Demystifying the Stern layer at a metal-electrolyte interface: Local dielectric constant, specific ion adsorption, and partial charge transfer. JDFT
2021 Effects of applied voltage on water at a gold electrode interface from ab initio molecular dynamics. ---
2021 Electroosmotic flow: From microfluidics to nanofluidics. EOF
2021 Electrophoretic mobility and stability of SiO2 nanoparticles in the solutions of AOT in n-hexadecane-chloroform mixtures. ---
2021 ESSENCE - A rapid, shear-enhanced, flow-through, capacitive electrochemical platform for rapid detection of biomolecules. ---
2021 Evaluation of Interfacial pH Using Surface Forces Apparatus Fluorescence Spectroscopy. SFA
10  2021 Fabrication of Flexible In-Plane Gate Nanowire Transistor on a Paper Substrate. EF, NW, TEM
11  2021 Forward Solute Transport in Forward Osmosis Using a Freestanding Graphene Oxide Membrane. DSPM, FO, GOM
12  2021 From contact electrification to triboelectric nanogenerators. CE, TE, TENGs
13  2021 Grand-Canonical Model of Electrochemical Double Layers from a Hybrid Density-Potential Functional. ---
14  2021 Influence of the Exclusion-Enrichment Effect on Ion Transport in Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide Membranes. ---
15  2021 Intrinsic Pseudocapacitive Affinity in Manganese Spinel Ferrite Nanospheres for High-Performance Selective Capacitive Removal of Ca2+ and Mg2. PHCDI
16  2021 Ion correlations drive charge overscreening and heterogeneous nucleation at solid-aqueous electrolyte interfaces. ---
17  2021 Kosmotropic Electrolyte (Na2CO3, NaF) Perturbs the Air/Water Interface through Anion Hydration Shell without Forming a Well-Defined Electric Double Layer. DS-SCF, HD-VSFG
18  2021 Lithography Processable Ta2O5 Barrier-Layered Chitosan Electric Double Layer Synaptic Transistors. a-IGZO
19  2021 Measurement of Electric Double Layer Capacitance Using Dielectrophoresis-Based Particle Manipulation. AC, DEP, PS
20  2021 Mechanistic Insights about Electrochemical Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Derived from a Vibrational Probe. PCET
21  2021 Modeling and Simulations of Buongiorno's Model for Nanofluid in a Microchannel with Electro-Osmotic Effects and an Exothermal Chemical Reaction. ---
22  2021 Modeling Electrified Pt(111)-Had/Water Interfaces from Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics. AIMD, cSHE
23  2021 Numerical Analysis of Thermophoresis of a Charged Spheroidal Colloid in Aqueous Media. ---
24  2021 Phononics of Graphene Interfaced with Flowing Ionic Fluid: An Avenue for High Spatial Resolution Flow Sensor Applications. ---
25  2021 Probing Specific Adsorption of Electrolytes at Kaolinite-Aqueous Interfaces by Atomic Force Microscopy. ---
26  2021 Reversible heat production during electric double layer buildup depends sensitively on the electrolyte and its reservoir. DFT
27  2021 Shape-Programmable Interfacial Solar Evaporator with Salt-Precipitation Monitoring Function. CNT, cPCO, ISEs
28  2021 Stabilizing Zinc Anodes by Regulating the Electrical Double Layer with Saccharin Anions. AEI, CE, SAC, SEI
29  2021 Surface charge density measurement of a single protein molecule with a controlled orientation by AFM. AFM, FM-AFM, SA
30  2021 The importance of specifically adsorbed ions for electrokinetic phenomena: Bridging the gap between experiments and MD simulations. EOF, MD, SC
31  2021 Tuning the Nanoporous Structure of Carbons Derived from the Composite of Cross-Linked Polymers for Charge Storage Applications. PVA, PVP
32  2021 Wearable Battery-Free Perspiration Analyzing Sites Based on Sweat Flowing on ZnO Nanoarrays. NW
33  2020 A coupling technology of capacitive deionization and MoS2/nitrogen-doped carbon spheres with abundant active sites for efficiently and selectively adsorbing low-concentration copper ions. CDI, VHMI
34  2020 A Facile and Green Synthesis of a MoO2-Reduced Graphene Oxide Aerogel for Energy Storage Devices. CV, EIS, FESEM, GO, l-AA, rGO, XPS
35  2020 A grahame triple-layer model unifies mica monovalent ion exchange, zeta potential, and surface forces. IHP, OHP
36  2020 A Water-Gated Organic Thin-Film Transistor for Glyphosate Detection: A Comparative Study with Fluorescence Sensing. GLYP, WG-OTFT
37  2020 Analytical modeling of micelle growth. 3. Electrostatic free energy of ionic wormlike micelles - Effects of activity coefficients and spatially confined electric double layers. ---
38  2020 CMOS-compatible synaptic transistor gated by chitosan electrolyte-Ta2O5 hybrid electric double layer. CMOS, EDLTs, EPSC, IGZO
39  2020 Controllable synthesis of a hollow core-shell Co-Fe layered double hydroxide derived from Co-MOF and its application in capacitive deionization. CDI, Co-Fe-LDH, LDH, NMCDI, SAC
40  2020 Dielectrophoretic Crossover Frequency of Single Particles: Quantifying the Effect of Surface Functional Groups and Electrohydrodynamic Flow Drag Force. DEP
41  2020 Efficient electroosmotic mixing in a narrow-fluidic channel: the role of a patterned soft layer. EOF, PEL
42  2020 Electric Double Layer and Orientational Ordering of Water Dipoles in Narrow Channels within a Modified Langevin Poisson-Boltzmann Model. LPB, PB
43  2020 Electrochemical Impedance Measurements in Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy. EIS, FEM, QRCE, SICM
44  2020 Electrochemical surface plasmon resonance measurements of camel-shaped static capacitance and slow dynamics of electric double layer structure at the ionic liquid/electrode interface. ESPR, IL
45  2020 Electrokinetic potential reduction of fine particles induced by gas nucleation. NBs
46  2020 Electrophoresis of dielectric and immiscible-liquid-layer-encapsulated colloids in aqueous media. ---
47  2020 Finite-Size Charged Species Diffusion and pH Change in Nanochannels. ---
48  2020 First Decade of Interfacial Iontronic Sensing: From Droplet Sensors to Artificial Skins. ---
49  2020 Functional Carbon Quantum Dots for Highly Sensitive Graphene Transistors for Cu2+ Ion Detection. CQDs, SGGTs
50  2020 High efficient dye removal with hydrolyzed ethanolamine-Polyacrylonitrile UF membrane: Rejection of anionic dye and selective adsorption of cationic dye. AF, CR, CV, MB, MeB, RB
51  2020 Identifying the Critical Anion-Cation Coordination to Regulate the Electric Double Layer for an Efficient Lithium-Metal Anode Interface. SEI
52  2020 Impact of electrostatic doping on carrier concentration and mobility in InAs nanowires. ---
53  2020 In-Plane Amorphous Oxide Ionotronic Devices and Circuits with Photochemically Enabled Favorable Interfaces. a-IGZO, AlOx, EDLT
54  2020 Increasing ammonia recovery from high-level ammonium wastewater via adding sodium sulfate to prevent nitrogen generation in the cathode. ---
55  2020 Interactions between CO2-Responsive Switchable Emulsion Droplets Determined by Using Optical Tweezers. CMC
56  2020 Ion Gel Capacitively Coupled Tribotronic Gating for Multiparameter Distance Sensing. ---
57  2020 Ionic Liquid Gating Enhanced Photothermoelectric Conversion in Three-Dimensional Microporous Graphene. PTE, THz
58  2020 Ions Tune Interfacial Water Structure and Modulate Hydrophobic Interactions at Silica Surfaces. 2D-HB, TR-VSFG
59  2020 Iontronics Using V2CTx MXene-Derived Metal-Organic Framework Solid Electrolytes. MOFs, MX-MOF
60  2020 Nanoscale Mapping of the Double Layer Potential at the Graphene-Electrolyte Interface. KPFM
61  2020 On Induced Surface Charge in Solid-State Nanopores. ---
62  2020 Probing Electric Field Distributions in the Double Layer of a Single-Crystal Electrode with Angstrom Spatial Resolution using Raman Spectroscopy. ---
63  2020 Roles of pH, cation valence, and ionic strength in the stability and aggregation behavior of zinc oxide nanoparticles. DLVO, IS, ZnO NPs
64  2020 Single- versus Dual-Ion Conductors for Electric Double Layer Gating: Finite Element Modeling and Hall-Effect Measurements. mNPP, PEO
65  2020 Solvent influence on non-adiabatic interfacial electron transfer at conductive oxide electrolyte interfaces. ET
66  2020 Strong stretching theory for pH-responsive polyelectrolyte brushes in large salt concentrations. non-PB, PE, SST
67  2020 Study on the Transport Mechanism of a Freestanding Graphene Oxide Membrane for Forward Osmosis. FO, GOMs, RO
68  2020 Surface charging parameters of charged particles in symmetrical electrolyte solutions. PB
69  2020 The Electrical Double Layer Force between Spherical Particles Which Are Partially Submerged in Water. ---
70  2020 The Structure of Water Bonded to Phosphate Groups at the Electrified Zwitterionic Phospholipid Membranes/Aqueous Interface. SEIRA
71  2020 Theoretical analysis of non-Newtonian blood flow in a microchannel. ---
72  2019 2D electric-double-layer phototransistor for photoelectronic and spatiotemporal hybrid neuromorphic integration. ---
73  2019 Activation of CO2 at the electrode-electrolyte interface by a co-adsorbed cation and an electric field. DFT, pDOS
74  2019 An ultra-stretchable, highly sensitive and biocompatible capacitive strain sensor from an ionic nanocomposite for on-skin monitoring. ECG, GF
75  2019 Analysis of electrical double layer structure in molten salts. ---
76  2019 Changing the Blood Test: Accurate Determination of Mercury(II) in One Microliter of Blood Using Oriented ZnO Nanobelt Array Film Solution-Gated Transistor Chips. FET, HMIs, LB, MDL, ZnO-NB
77  2019 Charge Storage Mechanisms of Single-Layer Graphene in Ionic Liquid. EIS, EQCM
78  2019 Competitive effects of interfacial interactions on ion-tuned wettability by atomic simulations. ---
79  2019 Contactless optical trapping and manipulation of nanoparticles utilizing SIBA mechanism and EDL force. SIBA
80  2019 Design and Demonstration of Tunable Amplified Sensitivity of AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT)-Based Biosensors in Human Serum. HEMT, HEMTs
81  2019 Directed nanoscale metal deposition by the local perturbation of charge screening at the solid-liquid interface. AFM
82  2019 Dynamic Transport Control of Colloidal Particles by Repeatable Active Switching of Solute Gradients. CP, DP, EP, MNDP
83  2019 Effect of a liquid flow on the forces between charged solid surfaces and the non-equilibrium electric double layer. MD
84  2019 Effect of electrode configuration on the sensitivity of nucleic acid detection in a non-planar, flow-through, porous interdigitated electrode. EIS, SWCNT
85  2019 Effects of ion size, ion valence and pH of electrolyte solutions on EOF velocity in single nanochannels. EOF
86  2019 Electric Double-Layer Gating of Two-Dimensional Field-Effect Transistors Using a Single-Ion Conductor. FETs, PEO
87  2019 Electrical Double Layer of Supported Atomically Thin Materials. ---
88  2019 Electrode polarization effects on interfacial kinetics of ionic liquid at graphite surface: An extended lagrangian-based constant potential molecular dynamics simulation study. ---
89  2019 Electrokinetic energy conversion in nanochannels grafted with pH-responsive polyelectrolyte brushes modelled using augmented strong stretching theory. PE, SST
90  2019 Electroosmotic Flow Behavior of Viscoelastic LPTT Fluid in a Microchannel. EOF, FVM, LPTT, Wi
91  2019 Electroosmotic flow velocity in DNA modified nanochannels. EOF, h-PDMS
92  2019 Energetics of counterion adsorption in the electrical double layer. ---
93  2019 Free-Standing and Heteroatoms-Doped Carbon Nanofiber Networks as a Binder-Free Flexible Electrode for High-Performance Supercapacitors. ACFNs, PAA, PDPP, SCs
94  2019 Fully Solid-State Graphene Transistors with Striking Homogeneity and Sensitivity for the Practicalization of Single-Device Electronic Bioassays. FSS
95  2019 Harvesting Low-Grade Heat via Thermal-Induced Electric Double Layer Redistribution of Nanoporous Graphene Films. ---
96  2019 Heat Transport of Electrokinetic Flow in Slit Soft Nanochannels. PEL
97  2019 Investigation of Electrical Stability and Sensitivity of Electric Double Layer Gated Field-Effect Transistors (FETs) for miRNA Detection. FET, FETs
98  2019 Iron(III) Speciation Observed at Aqueous and Glycerol Surfaces: Vibrational Sum Frequency and X-ray. SFG, XPS
99  2019 Low-Temperature Charging Dynamics of the Ionic Liquid and Its Gating Effect on FeSe0.5Te0.5 Superconducting Films. ILs
100  2019 Molecular Dynamics Study of the Electric Double Layer and Nonlinear Spectroscopy at the Amorphous Silica-Water Interface. ---