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Abbreviation : EDL
Long Form : extensor digitorum longus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Characterization of hyperelastic and damage behavior of tendons. FE
2020 Citrulline and muscle protein homeostasis in three different models of hypercatabolism. 3mHis, AAs, Cit, EN, ICU, NEAAs, TBI, TBI-Ec, TBI-Ec
2020 Comparison of the Strength and Electromyography of the Evertor Muscles With and Without Toe Flexion in Patients With Chronic Ankle Instability. CAI, PB, PL, TF
2020 Effects of histidine supplementation on amino acid metabolism in rats. His, SOL, TIB
2020 Exchange protein directly activated by cAMP (Epac) 1 plays an essential role in stress-induced exercise capacity by regulating PGC-1alpha and fatty acid metabolism in skeletal muscle. Epac, PGC-1alpha, PKA, WT
2020 Exercise may ameliorate the detrimental side effects of high vitamin D supplementation on muscle function in mice. VitD
2020 Extensor Tendon Transfers for Treatment of Foot Drop in Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease: A Biomechanical Evaluation. CMT, EHL
2020 Hyperinsulinemia does not cause de novo capillary recruitment in rat skeletal muscle. CEU, IVVM
2020 Impaired skeletal muscle performance as a consequence of random functional capillary rarefaction can be restored with overload-dependent angiogenesis. ---
10  2020 In vivo glucoregulation and tissue-specific glucose uptake in female Akt substrate 160 kDa knockout rats. AMPK, AS160-KO, HEC, WAT, WT
11  2020 Novel role of Tieg1 in muscle metabolism and mitochondrial oxidative capacities. COX, CS, KO
12  2020 Proteomic analysis revealed different responses to hypergravity of soleus and extensor digitorum longus muscles in mice. SMOX, SOL
13  2020 Rats genetically selected for low and high aerobic capacity exhibit altered soleus muscle myofilament functions. SOL
14  2020 Testosterone improves muscle function of the extensor digitorum longus in rats with sepsis. ICUAW
15  2020 The impact of a high-fat diet in mice is dependent on duration and age, and differs between muscles. FCSA, HFD, IMCL
16  2019 A myosin-based mechanism for stretch activation and its possible role revealed by varying phosphate concentration in fast and slow mouse skeletal muscle fibers. CA, SA
17  2019 Activities of ankle muscles during gait analyzed by simulation using the human musculoskeletal model. GMH, SOL, TA
18  2019 Altered skeletal muscle microtubule-mitochondrial VDAC2 binding is related to bioenergetic impairments after paclitaxel but not vinblastine chemotherapies. VDAC
19  2019 An oleanolic acid derivative reduces denervation-induced muscle atrophy via activation of CNTF-mediated JAK2/STAT3 signaling pathway. CNTF, Gastroc, JAK2, Quad, STAT3, TA
20  2019 Barium chloride injures myofibers through calcium-induced proteolysis with fragmentation of motor nerves and microvessels. PI, PSS
21  2019 Cachexia does not induce loss of myonuclei or muscle fibres during xenografted prostate cancer in mice. ---
22  2019 Changes in local capillarity of pure and hybrid MyHC muscle fiber types after nerve injury in rat extensor digitorum longus muscle (EDL). CAF, CAF/FP, MyHC, NC
23  2019 Chemotherapy-induced loss of bone and muscle mass in a mouse model of breast cancer bone metastases and cachexia. TA
24  2019 Chronic Alcohol Consumption, but not Acute Intoxication, Decreases In Vitro Skeletal Muscle Contractile Function. PCSA
25  2019 Chronic doxorubicin administration impacts satellite cell and capillary abundance in a muscle-specific manner. DOX, SOL, VEH
26  2019 Curcumin improves exercise performance of mice with coronary artery ligation-induced HFrEF: Nrf2 and antioxidant mechanisms in skeletal muscle. HF, HFrEF, Nrf2, SOL
27  2019 Dietary Alaska pollack protein improves skeletal muscle weight recovery after immobilization-induced atrophy in rats. APP
28  2019 Differential activation of the calpain system involved in individualized adaptation of different fast-twitch muscles in hibernating Daurian ground squirrels. LG, PL
29  2019 Does Dietary-Induced Obesity in Old Age Impair the Contractile Performance of Isolated Mouse Soleus, Extensor Digitorum Longus and Diaphragm Skeletal Muscles? HFD, PO
30  2019 Early life undernutrition reduces maximum treadmill running capacity in adulthood in mice. CSA
31  2019 Effect of PGC1-beta ablation on myonuclear organisation. MND, PGC-1alpha, PGC-1beta, WT
32  2019 Effects of histidine load on ammonia, amino acid, and adenine nucleotide concentrations in rats. BCAA, His, SOL
33  2019 Effects of myostatin on the mechanical properties of muscles during repeated active lengthening in the mouse. ---
34  2019 Ether-a-go-go related gene-1a potassium channel abundance varies within specific skeletal muscle fiber type. MyHC, SOL
35  2019 Exhaustive acute exercise-induced ER stress is attenuated in IL-6-knockout mice. ER, IL-6, KO
36  2019 Fatiguing stimulation increases curvature of the force-velocity relationship in isolated fast-twitch and slow-twitch rat muscles. ---
37  2019 Heat therapy improves soleus muscle force in a model of ischemia-induced muscle damage. HT, PAD
38  2019 Impacts of prolonged chlorpyrifos exposure on locomotion and slow-and fast- twitch skeletal muscles contractility in rats. ---
39  2019 Increase in muscle endurance in mice by dietary Yamabushitake mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) possibly via activation of PPARdelta. PPAR
40  2019 Intense resistance training induces pronounced metabolic stress and impairs hypertrophic response in hind-limb muscles of rats. CSA, MHC, RT, SOL
41  2019 Intracellular effect of beta3-adrenoceptor agonist Carazolol on skeletal muscle, a direct interaction with SERCA. AR, CZL, SM, SR, Ti
42  2019 Is N-Carbamoyl Putrescine, the Decarboxylation Derivative of Citrulline, a Regulator of Muscle Protein Metabolism in Rats? NCP
43  2019 Isometric resistance training increases strength and alters histopathology of dystrophin-deficient mouse skeletal muscle. BMD, DMD
44  2019 Lattice arrangement of myosin filaments correlates with fiber type in rat skeletal muscle. SOL
45  2019 Low proteasomal activity in fast skeletal muscle fibers is not associated with increased age-related oxidative damage. SOL
46  2019 MicroRNA-140 inhibits skeletal muscle glycolysis and atrophy in endotoxin-induced sepsis in mice via the WNT signaling pathway. 3-MH, Bcl-2, miR-140, Tyr, WNT11
47  2019 Moderately elevated extracellular [K+] potentiates submaximal force and power in skeletal muscle via increased [Ca2+]i during contractions. FDB
48  2019 Morphological alterations of mouse skeletal muscles during early ageing are muscle specific. FCSA
49  2019 Muscle activity prevents the uncoupling of mitochondria from Ca2+ Release Units induced by ageing and disuse. ---
50  2019 Muscle fiber-type selective propensity to pathology in the nmd mouse model of SMARD1. SMARD1, TA
51  2019 Myostatin dysfunction does not protect from fasting-induced loss of muscle mass in mice. BEH, FD, SOL
52  2019 Normal increases in insulin-stimulated glucose uptake after ex vivo contraction in neuronal nitric oxide synthase mu (nNOSmu) knockout mice. L-NMMA, nNOSmu, NO, NOS
53  2019 One week, but not 12hours, of cast immobilization alters promotor DNA methylation patterns in the nNOS gene in mouse skeletal muscle. nNOS
54  2019 Oral L-glutamine pretreatment attenuates skeletal muscle atrophy induced by 24-h fasting in mice. CSA, L-Gln
55  2019 Phenotypic Modulation of Skeletal Muscle Fibers in LPIN1-Deficient Lipodystrophic ( fld) Mice. ATP, COX, fld, LPIN1, MYH, SDH
56  2019 Redox responses in skeletal muscle following denervation. TA
57  2019 Redox Status and Muscle Pathology in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Insights from Various Rat Hindlimb Muscles. RA, ROS
58  2019 Regular alteration of protein glycosylation in skeletal muscles of hibernating Daurian ground squirrels (Spermophilus dauricus). CSA, Sia2-3Gal
59  2019 Remarkable Protective Effects of Nrf2-Mediated Antioxidant Enzymes and Tissue Specificity in Different Skeletal Muscles of Daurian Ground Squirrels Over the Torpor-Arousal Cycle. CAT, ET, GAS, GPX1, IBA, LT, PRE, ROS, SA, SOD1, SOL
60  2019 Resveratrol regulates skeletal muscle fibers switching through the AdipoR1-AMPK-PGC-1alpha pathway. AdipoR, AMPK, KM mice, MyHC, PGC-1alpha, RES, SOL
61  2019 Skeletal MyBP-C isoforms tune the molecular contractility of divergent skeletal muscle systems. MyBP-C, SOL
62  2019 Technique tip: EDL-to-EHL double loop transfer for extensor hallucis longus reconstruction. EHL
63  2019 The androgen receptor in the hypothalamus positively regulates hind-limb muscle mass and voluntary physical activity in adult male mice. AAV, AR, GAST, LH, SOL
64  2019 The antioxidant system in the soleus muscle of growing rats is stimulated by the administration of a low-protein/high-carbohydrate diet. GPx, LPHC, ROS, TBARS, XO
65  2019 The combined effect of creatine and resistance training on doxorubicin-induced muscle dysfunction. Cr, DOX, RT, SOL
66  2019 The Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Skeletal Muscle in the mdx Mouse Model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. VitD
67  2019 The effects of ATP on the contractions of rat and mouse fast skeletal muscle. ATP, ES
68  2019 The Protective Effect of Brazilian Propolis against Glycation Stress in Mouse Skeletal Muscle. AGEs, IL, MGO, TLR4
69  2019 The TRPV1 channel regulates glucose metabolism. CPT2, ECs, FAAH, FADS2, HFD, LIPE, PDK4, SCD1, SLD, SOL, TRPV1, UCP3
70  2019 Tibialis anterior tendinosis: Clinical characterization and surgical treatment. PTT, TA, TAT
71  2019 Traumatic extensor tendons injuries of the foot in childhood: a case report. EHL, TA
72  2019 UCHL1 regulates muscle fibers and mTORC1 activity in skeletal muscle. mTORC1, skmKO, UCHL1
73  2019 Ultrasound evaluation of extrinsic foot muscles in patients with chronic non-insertional Achilles tendinopathy: A case-control study. AT, CSA, PER, TA, USI
74  2019 Undercarboxylated Osteocalcin Improves Insulin-Stimulated Glucose Uptake in Muscles of Corticosterone-Treated Mice. Akt, AS160, CS, ERK2, GCs, ISGU, ITTs, mTOR, PKC, ucOC
75  2019 Variable cytoplasmic actin expression impacts the sensitivity of different dystrophin-deficient mdx skeletal muscles to eccentric contraction. ECC, ECCs, MHC, PL, SOL
76  2018 Acid sphingomyelinase inhibitors, imipramine and zoledronic acid, increase skeletal muscle tissue sensitivity to insulin action at old age. SM, SMase
77  2018 Activation of adiponectin receptors has negative impact on muscle mass in C2C12 myotubes and fast-type mouse skeletal muscle. AdipoR1, PLA, SOL
78  2018 Aging impairs regulation of ryanodine receptors from extensor digitorum longus but not soleus muscles. SR
79  2018 Altered Lipid Metabolism Impairs Skeletal Muscle Force in Young Rats Submitted to a Short-Term High-Fat Diet. HFD, LD, RCD, SOL
80  2018 beta-arrestin 1 regulates beta2-adrenergic receptor-mediated skeletal muscle hypertrophy and contractility. beta2-ARs, betaarr1KO, FDB, WT
81  2018 Botulinum toxin type-A affects mechanics of non-injected antagonistic rat muscles. BTX-A, EMFT, GM, TA
82  2018 Branched fibers from old fast-twitch dystrophic muscles are the sites of terminal damage in muscular dystrophy. ---
83  2018 Characterization and utilization of the flexor digitorum brevis for assessing skeletal muscle function. FDB
84  2018 Cholecalciferol in ethanol-preferring rats muscle fibers increases the number and area of type II fibers. PTH
85  2018 Deficiency of selenoprotein S, an endoplasmic reticulum resident oxidoreductase, impairs the contractile function of fast-twitch hindlimb muscles. ER, FFC, Trx1
86  2018 Differential effects of maternal high-fat/high-caloric or isocaloric diet on offspring's skeletal muscle phenotype. HH, HI
87  2018 Distinct signal transductions in fast- and slow- twitch muscles upon denervation. ---
88  2018 Effect of high-fat mixed lipid diet and swimming on fibre types in skeletal muscles of rats with colon tumours. HFML, LFCO, MyHC, SOL
89  2018 Effects of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) on the expression of ubiquitin ligases, protein synthesis pathways and contractile function in extensor digitorum longus (EDL) of fed and fasting rats. HMB
90  2018 Effects of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate in partially hepatectomized rats. BCAA, HMB, PH, SOL
91  2018 Effects of Endurance Training on Detrimental Structural, Cellular, and Functional Alterations in Skeletal Muscles of Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction. HFpEF
92  2018 Effects of Parenteral Amino Acid Administration on the Postoperative Nutritional Status and Wound Healing of Protein-Malnourished Rats. PN, PPN
93  2018 Elevated GLUT4 and glycogenin protein abundance correspond to increased glycogen content in the soleus muscle of mdx mice with no benefit associated with taurine supplementation. DMD, GDE, GLUT4, pGS, Tau
94  2018 Fast and slow-twitching muscles are differentially affected by reduced cholinergic transmission in mice deficient for VAChT: A mouse model for congenital myasthenia. ACh, CMS, NMJs
95  2018 Fibroblast growth factor 23 does not directly influence skeletal muscle cell proliferation and differentiation or ex vivo muscle contractility. CKD, FGF23
96  2018 Hypothermia Decreases O2 Cost for Ex Vivo Contraction in Mouse Skeletal Muscle. ---
97  2018 Increasing Acyl CoA thioesterase activity alters phospholipid profile without effect on insulin action in skeletal muscle of rats. ACOT, ACSL, HFD
98  2018 Involvement of cAMP/EPAC/Akt signaling in the antiproteolytic effects of pentoxifylline on skeletal muscles of diabetic rats. PDE, PTX
99  2018 Lean and Obese Zucker Rat Extensor Digitorum Longus Muscle high-frequency electrical stimulation (HFES) Data: Regulation of MAPKs Associated Proteins. HFES, MAPKs
100  2018 Lean and Obese Zucker Rat Extensor Digitorum Longus Muscle high-frequency electrical stimulation (HFES) Data: Regulation of p70S6kinase Associated Proteins. HFES