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Abbreviation : EE
Long Form : endocardial endothelium
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 beta1-Adrenergic cardiac contractility is increased during early endotoxemic shock: Involvement of cyclooxygenases. beta-AR, COX, LPS
2017 Angiotensin II dependent cardiac remodeling in the eel Anguilla anguilla involves the NOS/NO system. Ang II, NOS, RAS
2017 The clinical significance of endocardial endothelial dysfunction. Ang II, NO
2013 Endocardial endothelium is a key determinant of force-frequency relationship in rat ventricular myocardium. EED, ET-1, FFR, ISO, PKA, PKC
2012 Cardiac heterometric response: the interplay between Catestatin and nitric oxide deciphered by the frog heart. CgA, CTS, ETB, NO
2012 Intermedin elicits a negative inotropic effect in rat papillary muscles mediated by endothelial-derived nitric oxide. CGRP, IMD, LV, NO, P-cTnI
2012 Morpho-functional characterization of the goldfish (Carassius auratus L.) heart. AV
2010 [Influence of metabolism modifiers of cyclic nucleotides on contractility of right ventricle of rat heart with intact and removed endocardial endothelium]. ---
2009 Acute modulation of myocardial function by angiotensin 1-7. l-NA
10  2009 Angiotensin II-induced increase in myocardial distensibility and its modulation by the endocardial endothelium in the rabbit heart. Ang II
11  2009 Effects of adrenomedullin on systolic and diastolic myocardial function. AM, AM22-52, CGRP(8-37), RL
12  2009 Treatment with TNF-alpha or bacterial lipopolysaccharide attenuates endocardial endothelial cell-mediated stimulation of cardiac fibroblasts. EECs, LPS, TNF-alpha
13  2008 Nitric oxide and prostaglandins - important players in endothelin-1 induced myocardial distensibility. ET, HF, INDO, L-NNA, NO
14  2007 Urotensin II acutely increases myocardial length and distensibility: potential implications for diastolic function and ventricular remodeling. NO, PKC, RL, UII
15  2006 Impaired response to ET(B) receptor stimulation in heart failure: functional evidence of endocardial endothelial dysfunction? AT, HF, LV
16  2006 Obligatory role of the endocardial endothelium in the increase of myocardial distensibility induced by endothelin-1. AT, ET-1, RT
17  2005 Lysozyme binding to endocardial endothelium mediates myocardial depression by the nitric oxide guanosine 3',5' monophosphate pathway in sepsis. cGMP, l-NMMA, Lmz-S, NO, NOS
18  2005 Modulation of the myocardial effects of selective ETB receptor stimulation and its implications for heart failure. AT, ET-1
19  2005 Role of matrix metalloproteinase-9 in endothelial apoptosis in chronic heart failure in mice. AVF, MMP, MMP-9KO, TUNEL
20  2004 Endocardial endothelium in the avascular frog heart: role for diffusion of NO in control of cardiac O2 consumption. NO
21  2004 Influence of vasostatins, the chromogranin A-derived peptides, on the working heart of the eel (Anguilla anguilla): negative inotropy and mechanism of action. CgA, GC, L-NMMA, NO, SV, SW, VS-1, VS-2
22  2004 Inotropic effects of ETB receptor stimulation and their modulation by endocardial endothelium, NO, and prostaglandins. AT, ET, INDO, L-NNA
23  2004 Molecular diversity of cardiac endothelial cells in vitro and in vivo. AE, CMVE
24  2004 Peroxisome proliferator ameliorates endocardial endothelial and muscarinic dysfunction in spontaneously hypertensive rats. CZ, eNO, HT, LV, LVH, NWR, PPARgamma, SHR, SHR2wk
25  2003 Angiotensin II-induced inotropism requires an endocardial endothelium-nitric oxide mechanism in the in-vitro heart of Anguilla anguilla. Ang II, NOS, PTX
26  2003 Molecular mechanisms in endothelial regulation of cardiac function. MVE
27  2003 Role of nitric oxide in matrix remodeling in diabetes and heart failure. DM, eNO, Hcy, MMP, PPAR
28  2002 Peroxisome proliferators compete and ameliorate Hcy-mediated endocardial endothelial cell activation. CF, F-Hcy, Hcy, ICAM, MMP, PPAR
29  2002 Reversal of endocardial endothelial dysfunction by folic acid in homocysteinemic hypertensive rats. Hcy, HHR, LVH, MMP, NWR, SHR, SHR-F, TGF-beta1, tHcy
30  1999 Homocyst(e)ine impairs endocardial endothelial function. AII, ET, L-NAME
31  1998 Pressure-activated cation channel in intact rat endocardial endothelium. MSC, NSC, PAC, Po
32  1997 [Endocardial endothelium modulates lysophosphatidylcholine induced positive inotropism]. LPC
33  1996 Endocardial endothelium and myocardial performance in rats: effects of changing extracellular calcium and phenylephrine. EE on, TTPT
34  1996 Myocardial contractile response to nitric oxide and cGMP. NO, SNAP, SNP
35  1996 Role of the endocardial endothelium in the negative inotropic effects of thiopental. L-NAME
36  1995 Classification of ion channels in the luminal and abluminal membranes of guinea-pig endocardial endothelial cells. ---
37  1995 Effects of endocardial endothelium in myocardial mechanics of hypertrophied myocardium of rats. DT, RHR, RT, SHAM
38  1995 Hyperpolarization induced by vasoactive substances in intact guinea-pig endocardial endothelial cells. ---
39  1995 Mechanisms of endocardial endothelium modulation of myocardial performance. ---
40  1995 Non-selective cation current of guinea-pig endocardial endothelial cells. ---
41  1995 Positive inotropic effect of nitric oxide in myocardium. cGMP, NO, SNAP, SNP
42  1993 Endocardial endothelium modulates cardiac responses to histamine and impromidine in isolated working right ventricle of guinea pigs. RVP
43  1993 Mechanisms of endocardial endothelium modulation of myocardial performance. ---
44  1992 Intracavitary ultrasound impairs left ventricular performance: presumed role of endocardial endothelium. LV
45  1992 Role of endocardial endothelium in the positive inotropic effect of cholic acid in isolated myocardium. TT
46  1992 The endocardial endothelium. ---
47  1990 Does endocardial endothelium mediate positive inotropic response to angiotensin I and angiotensin II? ---
48  1990 Endocardial endothelium mediates positive inotropic response to alpha 1-adrenoceptor agonist in mammalian heart. PE, TT