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Abbreviation : ELM
Long Form : extreme learning machine
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A Hybrid Ensemble Model Based on ELM and Improved AdaBoost.RT Algorithm for Predicting the Iron Ore Sintering Characters. BTP, TI
2019 A Hybridized ELM for Automatic Micro Calcification Detection in Mammogram Images Based on Multi-Scale Features. CAD, NB, SVM
2019 A Maximally Split and Relaxed ADMM for Regularized Extreme Learning Machines. ADMM, MS-RADMM, RELM
2019 A Novel Air Quality Early-Warning System Based on Artificial Intelligence. ICEEMDAN, WOA
2019 A robust classification algorithm for separation of construction waste using NIR hyperspectral system. CT, IMF, PWT, RF, WT
2019 A robust outlier control framework for classification designed with family of homotopy loss function. LSSVM
2019 Active Learning From Imbalanced Data: A Solution of Online Weighted Extreme Learning Machine. AOW-ELM, W-ELM
2019 An unsupervised parameter learning model for RVFL neural network. RVFL, SLFNs
2019 Application of invasive weed optimization and least square support vector machine for prediction of beef adulteration with spoiled beef based on visible near-infrared (Vis-NIR) hyperspectral imaging. CARS, GA, IWO, LS-SVM, PLSR, RMSEs, SVM, Vis-NIR
10  2019 Application of the voltammetric electronic tongue based on nanocomposite modified electrodes for identifying rice wines of different geographical origins. LPP
11  2019 Automatic Multi-Level In-Exhale Segmentation and Enhanced Generalized S-Transform for wheezing detection. AMIE_SEG, EGST, KNN, SVM
12  2019 Chaos enhanced grey wolf optimization wrapped ELM for diagnosis of paraquat-poisoned patients. EGWO, GC-MS, PQ
13  2019 Combining Fourier Transform Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy with Chemometric Methods to Detect Adulterations in Milk Powder. PCA, PLS, SPA, SVM
14  2019 Combining UAV-based hyperspectral imagery and machine learning algorithms for soil moisture content monitoring. RF, SMC, UAV
15  2019 Design and implementation of a hybrid model based on two-layer decomposition method coupled with extreme learning machines to support real-time environmental monitoring of water quality parameters. CEEMDAN, Chl-a, DO, IMF, LSSVM, VMD
16  2019 Distributed semi-supervised learning algorithm based on extreme learning machine over networks using event-triggered communication scheme. D-SSL, ET, SS-ELM, SSL, ZGS
17  2019 Domain Space Transfer Extreme Learning Machine for Domain Adaptation. DST-ELM
18  2019 Drowsiness Analysis Using Common Spatial Pattern and Extreme Learning Machine Based on Electroencephalogram Signal. CSP, EEG
19  2019 ELM-MHC: An Improved MHC Identification Method with Extreme Learning Machine Algorithm. BonG, IT, MHC
20  2019 Evaluation of Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Soil Organic Matter and pH Using vis-NIR Spectra. GA, LS-SVM, PLSR, RMSE, RPIQ, SOM, SOM, Vis-NIR
21  2019 Evaluation of machine learning methods with Fourier Transform features for classifying ovarian tumors based on ultrasound images. KNN, LD, ML, ROI, SVM
22  2019 Extreme learning machine Cox model for high-dimensional survival analysis. BAR
23  2019 Extreme Learning Machine With Affine Transformation Inputs in an Activation Function. AT
24  2019 Fusion of Near-Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy for In-Line Measurement of Component Content of Molten Polymer Blends. ANN, NIR, PLS, PP/PS
25  2019 Grasshopper optimization algorithm-based approach for the optimization of ensemble classifier and feature selection to classify epileptic EEG signals. ANN, EEG, EMD, GOA, IMFs, k-NN, RF, SVM
26  2019 High-Performance Visual Tracking With Extreme Learning Machine Framework. ELM-AE
27  2019 Hybrid multivariate pattern analysis combined with extreme learning machine for Alzheimer's dementia diagnosis using multi-measure rs-fMRI spatial patterns. AD, CN, LASSO, MCI, MVPA, rs-fMRI, SVM-RFE
28  2019 Hypercomplex extreme learning machine with its application in multispectral palmprint recognition. HELM, SLFNs
29  2019 Identifying Freshness of Spinach Leaves Stored at Different Temperatures Using Hyperspectral Imaging. NIR, PCA, PLS-DA, SVM, Vis-NIR
30  2019 Multimodal Sparse Classifier for Adolescent Brain Age Prediction. FC, PNC, rs-fMRI
31  2019 Near infrared system coupled chemometric algorithms for the variable selection and prediction of baicalin in three different processes. CARS, NIRS, PLS
32  2019 Neural-Response-Based Extreme Learning Machine for Image Classification. ML-ELM
33  2019 Open Database for Accurate Upper-Limb Intent Detection Using Electromyography and Reliable Extreme Learning Machines. AVT, RELM, sEMG
34  2019 Performance Sensing Data Prediction for an Aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit Using the Optimized Extreme Learning Machine. APU, RBM
35  2019 Predicting the Toxicity of Ionic Liquids toward Acetylcholinesterase Enzymes Using Novel QSAR Models. ILs, MLR, QSAR, RMSE
36  2019 Prediction of RNA-protein interactions by combining deep convolutional neural network with feature selection ensemble method. CNN, RPI, SVM
37  2019 Rapid Determination of Chlorogenic Acid, Luteoloside and 3,5-O-dicaffeoylquinic Acid in Chrysanthemum Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy. BP-ANN, CARS, GA-PLS, HPLC, NIR, PLS, SPA
38  2019 Rapid identification and quantification of Panax notoginseng with its adulterants by near infrared spectroscopy combined with chemometrics. ANN, CL, CWT, GC, HCA, HPLC, MSC, NIR, PCR, PLS-DA, PLSR, PN, RAO, RC, SNV, SVM, SVR
39  2019 Rapid Identification of Kudzu Powder of Different Origins Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. KNN, LIBS, PCA, RF, SIMCA
40  2019 Selection of characteristic wavelengths using SPA for laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy of mine water inrush. LIF, SPA, SPXY
41  2019 Stacked ensemble extreme learning machine coupled with Partial Least Squares-based weighting strategy for nonlinear multivariate calibration. BPNN, CNNLS, PLS, RBFNN, SE-ELM, WTA
42  2019 Taste Recognition in E-Tongue Using Local Discriminant Preservation Projection. E-Tongue, KELM, LDPP
43  2019 The application of machine learning algorithms in understanding the effect of core/shell technique on improving powder compactability. ANN, BPNN, DoE, GA-BPNN, MEA-BPNN, RSM, SVM
44  2019 Tuning extreme learning machine by an improved electromagnetism-like mechanism algorithm for classification problem. DA, EM, MP, SLFN
45  2019 Unveiling tropospheric ozone by the traditional atmospheric model and machine learning, and their comparison:A case study in hangzhou, China. MLP, RF, RNN, VOCs, WRF-CMAQ
46  2019 Voxel-Based Morphometry: Improving the Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Based on an Extreme Learning Machine Method from the ADNI cohort. AD, GPR, NCs, PLS, SVM, VBM
47  2019 Weighted Extreme Sparse Classifier and Local Derivative Pattern for 3D Face Recognition. LDP, SRC
48  2019 Wheeze type classification using non-dyadic wavelet transform based optimal energy ratio technique. k-NN, LOO, LOSO, PER, RADWT, SVM
49  2018 A Comparison of Low-Complexity Real-Time Feature Extraction for Neuromorphic Speech Recognition. NEF
50  2018 A Comprehensive Study on Predicting Functional Role of Metagenomes Using Machine Learning Methods. ML, RF, ROC-AUC, SVM
51  2018 A fast kernel extreme learning machine based on conjugate gradient. KELM
52  2018 A Fast Principal Component Analysis Method For Calculating The ECG Derived Respiration. PCA
53  2018 A Novel Deep Learning based Neural Network for Heartbeat Detection in Ballistocardiograph. BCG, CNN
54  2018 A Novel Feature Selection Method Based on Extreme Learning Machine and Fractional-Order Darwinian PSO. FODPSO, MSE
55  2018 A Novel Hybrid of a Fading Filter and an Extreme Learning Machine for GPS/INS during GPS Outages. FF, GPS/INS
56  2018 A Parallel Multiclassification Algorithm for Big Data Using an Extreme Learning Machine. PELM
57  2018 A Two-Stream Deep Fusion Framework for High-Resolution Aerial Scene Classification. CNNs
58  2018 Algal Bloom Prediction Using Extreme Learning Machine Models at Artificial Weirs in the Nakdong River, Korea. ANFIS, BP, LR, LSE, NN, NN-BP
59  2018 An Efficient Method for Brain Tumor Detection Using Texture Features and SVM Classifier in MR Images GLCM, GLRLM, KNN, MMTH, MR, MTMD, SVM
60  2018 An EigenECG Network Approach Based on PCANet for Personal Identification from ECG Signal. AE, BIH, CU, ECG, EECGNet, EELM, PCANet
61  2018 An Extreme Learning Machine-Based Neuromorphic Tactile Sensing System for Texture Recognition. ---
62  2018 An Improved Strapdown Inertial Navigation System Initial Alignment Algorithm for Unmanned Vehicles. EMD, RHCKF, SINS
63  2018 Assessing the impact of PM2.5 on respiratory disease using artificial neural networks. ANN, ESN, MLP
64  2018 Class-specific extreme learning machine for handling binary class imbalance problem. CCR-ELM, CS-ELM
65  2018 Classification of pulmonary pathology from breath sounds using the wavelet packet transform and an extreme learning machine. ANOVA, CRV, CV
66  2018 Combining High Speed ELM Learning with a Deep Convolutional Neural Network Feature Encoding for Predicting Protein-RNA Interactions. CNN, RPIs
67  2018 Comparison of SVM, RF and ELM on an Electronic Nose for the Intelligent Evaluation of Paraffin Samples. PCA, PLS, RF, SVM
68  2018 Convolutional Neural Network Based on Extreme Learning Machine for Maritime Ships Recognition in Infrared Images. CNNs
69  2018 Deep Learning Methods for Underwater Target Feature Extraction and Recognition. ---
70  2018 Design and Optimization of FBG Implantable Flexible Morphological Sensor to Realize the Intellisense for Displacement. FBG
71  2018 Detecting the Media-adventitia Border in Intravascular Ultrasound Images through a Classification-based Approach. IVUS, MA
72  2018 Detection and identification of transformer winding strain based on distributed optical fiber sensing. ---
73  2018 Detection of coronary artery disease by reduced features and extreme learning machine. CAD, FZE, GDA, HRV, K-NNE, LDA, MSWP, NSR, Self_NSR
74  2018 Detection of Oil Chestnuts Infected by Blue Mold Using Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging Combined with Artificial Neural Networks. BPNN, ENN, GRNN, PCA, RBNN, SPA
75  2018 Development of hybrid extreme learning machine based chemo-metrics for precise quantitative analysis of LIBS spectra using internal reference pre-processing method. GSA, HHELM, IRP, LIBS
76  2018 Effective Data-Driven Calibration for a Galvanometric Laser Scanning System Using Binocular Stereo Vision. GLS
77  2018 Estimating forest carbon fluxes using four different data-driven techniques based on long-term eddy covariance measurements: Model comparison and evaluation. ANFIS, ANN, SVM
78  2018 Extreme Learning Machine (ELM)-Based Classification of Benign and Malignant Cells in Breast Cancer. MRI
79  2018 Extreme learning machines for reverse engineering of gene regulatory networks from expression time series. GRNs
80  2018 Imbalanced biomedical data classification using self-adaptive multilayer ELM combined with dynamic GAN. GAN
81  2018 Improved binary dragonfly optimization algorithm and wavelet packet based non-linear features for infant cry classification. IBDFO, LPC, MFCCs, PREM
82  2018 Mapping groundwater contamination risk of multiple aquifers using multi-model ensemble of machine learning algorithms. GCR, MARS, SVR
83  2018 Multiclass Motor Imagery Recognition of Single Joint in Upper Limb Based on NSGA- II OVO TWSVM. AF, BCI, BP, CSP, EEG, GS OVO TWSVM, IMF, LS-SVM, MI, NSGA-II, PSO-SVM
84  2018 pDHS-ELM: computational predictor for plant DNase I hypersensitive sites based on extreme learning machines. DHSs
85  2018 Prediction and early detection of delirium in the intensive care unit by using heart rate variability and machine learning. HRV, ICU, RBF, SVM
86  2018 Prediction of Nitrated Tyrosine Residues in Protein Sequences by Extreme Learning Machine and Feature Selection Methods. IFS, mRMR
87  2018 Probabilistic Regularized Extreme Learning Machine for Robust Modeling of Noise Data. ---
88  2018 Radar HRRP Target Recognition Based on Stacked Autoencoder and Extreme Learning Machine. HRRP, SAE, SLFNs
89  2018 Rapid determination by near infrared spectroscopy of theaflavins-to-thearubigins ratio during Congou black tea fermentation process. AdaBoost, CARS, NIR, RMSEP, SI-PLS
90  2018 Rapid identification of soil organic matter level via visible and near-infrared spectroscopy: Effects of two-dimensional correlation coefficient and extreme learning machine. SOM, SVM
91  2018 Registration-Based Organ Positioning and Joint Segmentation Method for Liver and Tumor Segmentation. ACM, FCM, ROP
92  2018 Research on air pollutant concentration prediction method based on self-adaptive neuro-fuzzy weighted extreme learning machine. ANFIS, ANFIS-WELM, CO, GA-BPNN, KKT, NO, R-ELANFIS, SVR, WELM
93  2018 Robust Learning With Kernel Mean -Power Error Loss. C-Loss, KMPE, PCA
94  2018 SGB-ELM: An Advanced Stochastic Gradient Boosting-Based Ensemble Scheme for Extreme Learning Machine. SGB-ELM
95  2018 Ship roll motion prediction based on ℓ1 regularized extreme learning machine. LAR
96  2018 Sparse Representation-Based Extreme Learning Machine for Motor Imagery EEG Classification. BCI, CSP, EEG, MI
97  2018 Spoken language identification based on the enhanced self-adjusting extreme learning machine approach. ESA-ELM, ESA-ELM LID, GMM, LID, MFCC, SA-ELM, SDC
98  2018 Symtosis: A liver ultrasound tissue characterization and risk stratification in optimized deep learning paradigm. DL, FLD, ML, SVM, US
99  2018 Using Antonyan Vardan Transform and Extreme Learning Machines for Accurate sEMG Signal Classification. AVT, sEMG
100  2018 Using machine learning and quantum chemistry descriptors to predict the toxicity of ionic liquids. ILs, MLR, QSAR, SVM