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Abbreviation : EMG
Long Form : electromyographic activity
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Are the bite force and electromyographic activity altered in muscle TMD patients with abfraction lesions? AL, BF, MVC
2019 Central command increases muscle sympathetic nerve activity more to contracting than noncontracting muscle during rhythmic isotonic leg exercise. MSNA
2019 Changes in the symmetry of external perturbations affect patterns of muscle activity during gait initiation. COP
2019 Corticospinal excitability is enhanced while preparing for complex movements. MEPs, RT, TMS
2019 Long-term recording of electromyographic activity from multiple muscles to monitor physical activity of participants with or without a neurological disorder. ---
2018 Activation reduction following an eccentric contraction impairs torque steadiness in the isometric steady-state. AR, CV, ISO, RFE, SD
2018 Analysis of the stomatognathic system of children according orthodontic treatment needs. IOPI
2018 Control of vertical posture while standing on a sliding board and pushing an object. APA, COP, CPA
2018 Cortical contributions to anticipatory postural adjustments in the trunk. AD, APAs, CMEPs, ES, MEPs, RA, SICI, TMS
10  2018 EMG Channel Selection for Improved Hand Gesture Classification. HMM
11  2018 Experimental Low Back Pain Decreased Trunk Muscle Activity in Currently Asymptomatic Recurrent Low Back Pain Patients During Step Tasks. LBP, NRS, R-LBP, RMS-EMG
12  2018 Gated Recurrent Neural Networks for EMG-Based Hand Gesture Classification. A Comparative Study. GRU, LSTM, RNN
13  2018 Lower limb muscle activity during table tennis strokes. ---
14  2018 Modulation of Motoneuronal Activity With Sleep-Wake States and Motoneuronal Gene Expression Vary With Circadian Rest-Activity Cycle. IO, OSA, REMS, SWS
15  2018 Muscle fiber conduction velocity and EMG amplitude of the upper trapezius muscle in healthy subjects after low-level laser irradiation: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study. LLLT, MFCV, pLLLT, sEMG, UT
16  2018 Neuromuscular fatigue after low- and medium-frequency electrical stimulation in healthy adults. CAR, MF, MVC, NMES, PC
17  2018 Predictors of residual force enhancement in voluntary contractions of elbow flexors. NME, RFE
18  2018 Reaction time can be measured during voluntary contractions with electrode array. EMD, PMT, RT
19  2018 Standing on a sliding board affects generation of anticipatory and compensatory postural adjustments. CNS, COP, CPAs
20  2018 Stimulus Prediction and Postural Reaction: Phase-Specific Modulation of Soleus H-Reflexes Is Related to Changes in Joint Kinematics and Segmental Strategy in Perturbed Upright Stance. COP, SOL, TA
21  2018 Subthalamic nucleus stimulation, dopaminergic treatment and impulsivity in Parkinson's disease. PD
22  2017 Acute electromyographic responses of deep thoracic paraspinal muscles to spinal manual therapy interventions. An experimental, randomized cross-over study. AbP, MVIC, NT
23  2017 Can lumbosacral orthoses cause trunk muscle weakness? A systematic review of literature. LSO
24  2017 Effects of compression stockings on ankle muscle H-reflexes during standing. CS, FL, SOL, TA
25  2017 Effects of menthol application on the skin during prolonged immersion in swimmers and controls. SW, Tre
26  2017 Evidence of viscerally-mediated cold-defence thermoeffector responses in man. SML, Tb, WBTS
27  2017 Masticatory function with ball and resilient telescopic anchors of mandibular implant-retained overdentures: A crossover study. BOD, CD, TOD
28  2017 Normobaric hypoxia increases the growth hormone response to maximal resistance exercise in trained men. GH, HYP, NOR
29  2017 Role of point of application of perturbation in control of vertical posture. CPAs
30  2016 Activation of human inspiratory muscles in an upside-down posture. ---
31  2016 Both anticipatory and compensatory postural adjustments are adapted while catching a ball in unstable standing posture. APA, CPA
32  2016 Can intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring during cervical spine decompression predict post-operative segmental C5 palsy? ---
33  2016 Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse Maintains Muscle Electromyographic Activity and Increases Time to Exhaustion during Moderate but not High-Intensity Cycling Exercise. CHO, CHO, HIE, PLA, RF, TE, VL
34  2016 Contribution of the external urethral sphincter to urinary void size in unanesthetized unrestrained rats. EUS
35  2016 Effect of muscle contraction strength on gating of somatosensory magnetic fields. ECD, SEFs
36  2016 Effect of occlusal vertical dimension on swallowing patterns and perioral electromyographic activity. OVD
37  2016 Effects of hypothermically reduced plantar skin inputs on anticipatory and compensatory balance responses. CNS, COP
38  2016 Short-interval cortical inhibition and intracortical facilitation during submaximal voluntary contractions changes with fatigue. ICF, MEPs, SICI
39  2016 The limits of stability and muscle activity in middle-aged adults during static and dynamic stance. BF, DCL, MG, RF
40  2015 Anticipatory and compensatory postural adjustments in conditions of body asymmetry induced by holding an object. APA
41  2015 Individuals with chronic ankle instability compensate for their ankle deficits using proximal musculature to maintain reduced postural sway while kicking a ball. APA, CAI, COP, CPA, PCA
42  2015 Intensity-dependent alterations in the excitability of cortical and spinal projections to the knee extensors during isometric and locomotor exercise. ISO, RF, VL
43  2015 Neuromuscular adaptations to water-based concurrent training in postmenopausal women: effects of intrasession exercise sequence. MT, PT
44  2015 Time-course of performance changes and underlying mechanisms during and after repetitive moderately weight-loaded knee extensions. IL, VA
45  2015 Trunk and shoulder kinematic and kinetic and electromyographic adaptations to slope increase during motorized treadmill propulsion among manual wheelchair users with a spinal cord injury. MWC
46  2014 Breathing patterns during eccentric exercise. BB, CON, ECC, fb, VE, VL, VT
47  2014 Deep brain stimulation suppresses pallidal low frequency activity in patients with phasic dystonic movements. EEG
48  2014 Effect of mini-implant-supported mandibular overdentures on electromyographic activity of the masseter muscle during chewing of hard and soft food. MDIs
49  2014 Effect of prior experience and task stability on the intrinsic muscle activity of the thumb. PA
50  2014 Effects of endurance training on the maximal voluntary activation level of the knee extensor muscles. KE, M-wave, MAS, MVC, TMS, VA
51  2014 Effects of intra-session exercise sequence during water-based concurrent training. AR, MT, PT
52  2014 Electromyographic evaluation of masticatory muscles at rest and maximal intercuspal positions of the mandible in children with sleep bruxism. MC, MI, Re, SB
53  2014 Linking motor-related brain potentials and velocity profiles in multi-joint arm reaching movements. EEG, MRPBs
54  2014 Long-term recording of external urethral sphincter EMG activity in unanesthetized, unrestrained rats. EUS
55  2014 Motor unit firing rates during spasms in thenar muscles of spinal cord injured subjects. SCI
56  2014 Oxygen uptake, muscle activity and ground reaction force during water aerobic exercises. CCS, FK, SR, vGRF
57  2014 Physiological modules for generating discrete and rhythmic movements: component analysis of EMG signals. CNS, PCA
58  2014 Simulation of uphill/downhill running on a level treadmill using additional horizontal force. SF
59  2014 Static stretching alters neuromuscular function and pacing strategy, but not performance during a 3-km running time-trial. BF, GA, SS, VM
60  2014 Tennis in hot and cool conditions decreases the rapid muscle torque production capacity of the knee extensors but not of the plantar flexors. KE, MVC, PF, RTD
61  2014 The effect of experimental balancing interferences on masticatory performance. IMP, ND, SS, TMW
62  2014 Trunk muscle activity is modified in osteoporotic vertebral fracture and thoracic kyphosis with potential consequences for vertebral health. ---
63  2014 Voluntary Activation is Reduced in Both the More- and Less-Affected Upper Limbs after Unilateral Stroke. ---
64  2013 Changes in direction-specific activity of psoas major and quadratus lumborum in people with recurring back pain differ between muscle regions and patient groups. ES, LBP, PM, PM-t, QL
65  2013 Chronic Low Back Pain in Women: Muscle Activation during Task Performance. CLBP, GM, LES, OI
66  2013 Clinical and electromyographic follow-up of myofascial pain patients treated with two types of oral splint: a randomized controlled pilot study. MPF
67  2013 Deep bite: a case report with chewing pattern and electromyographic activity before and after therapy with function generating bite. ---
68  2013 Double-leg isometric exercise training in older men. ---
69  2013 Effects of body position and loading modality on muscle activity and strength in shoulder presses. ---
70  2013 Efficiency of twice weekly concurrent training in trained elderly men. MT, PT
71  2013 EMG analysis of human inspiratory muscle resistance to fatigue during exercise. fc, MIP, PS, SC, SCM
72  2013 Influence of a valgus knee brace on muscle activation and co-contraction in patients with medial knee osteoarthritis. CCRs, RMS
73  2013 Influence of the knee flexion on muscle activation and transmissibility during whole body vibration. WBV
74  2013 Muscle reaction function of individuals with intellectual disabilities may be improved through therapeutic use of a horse. ID
75  2013 The association between premature plantarflexor muscle activity, muscle strength, and equinus gait in patients with various pathologies. PPF
76  2012 Activity-dependent depression of the recurrent discharge of human motoneurones after maximal voluntary contractions. ADM, MVCs, TA
77  2012 Cervico-ocular coordination during neck rotation is distorted in people with whiplash-associated disorders. MF, OI, SC, WAD
78  2012 Changed activation, oxygenation, and pain response of chronically painful muscles to repetitive work after training interventions: a randomized controlled trial. GFT, SST
79  2012 Do additional inputs change maximal voluntary motor unit firing rates after spinal cord injury? MVCs, SCI
80  2012 Effect of strength training on rate of force development in older women. RFD, ST
81  2012 Firing patterns of spontaneously active motor units in spinal cord-injured subjects. AHP
82  2012 Muscle activity of the core during bilateral, unilateral, seated and standing resistance exercise. ---
83  2012 Neural pathways of somatic and visceral reflexes of the external urethral sphincter in female rats. EUS
84  2011 Age-related muscle activation profiles and joint stiffness regulation in repetitive hopping. ---
85  2011 Behaviour of the motoneurone pool in a fatiguing submaximal contraction. MVC, TMS
86  2011 Differential effects of low-intensity motor cortical stimulation on the inspiratory activity in scalene muscles during voluntary and involuntary breathing. TMS
87  2011 Effects of whole-body vibration on blood flow and neuromuscular activity in spinal cord injury. PBV, SCI, VL, VM, WBV
88  2011 Electromyographic activity and applied load during high intensity elastic resistance and nautilus machine exercises. ER, NM
89  2011 Quantitative differences among EMG activities of muscles innervated by subpopulations of hypoglossal and upper spinal motoneurons during non-REM sleep - REM sleep transitions: a window on neural processes in the sleeping brain. GG-I, GH, non-REM
90  2011 Reliability of EMG determinism to detect changes in motor unit synchrony and coherence during submaximal contraction. DET
91  2011 Silent period of masticatory cycles in dentate subjects and complete denture wearers. CDW, DS, NCDW, SP
92  2011 Test-retest reliability of v-wave responses in the soleus and gastrocnemius medialis. GM, ICC, MSUP, MVCs, SOL
93  2010 Change in manipulation with muscle fatigue. GF, LF
94  2010 Childhood development of common drive to a human leg muscle during ankle dorsiflexion and gait. TA
95  2010 Evaluation of abnormal synergy patterns poststroke: relationship of the Fugl-Meyer Assessment to hemiparetic locomotion. FMA, FMS, NNMF
96  2010 Leg stiffness adjustment for a range of hopping frequencies in humans. ---
97  2010 Locomotor changes in length and EMG activity of feline medial gastrocnemius muscle following paralysis of two synergists. LG, MG, MTU, SO
98  2010 Masticatory muscle function three years after surgical correction of class III dentofacial deformity. ---
99  2010 Moment-angle relations in the initial time of contraction. ---
100  2010 People with recurrent low back pain respond differently to trunk loading despite remission from symptoms. LBP