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Abbreviation : ENK
Long Form : enkephalin
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Functional and Anatomical Characterization of Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Receptor Subtypes of the Rat Spinal Cord Involved in Somatic Pain Relief. CRF, i.t
2021 Immunolabeling provides evidence for subregions in the songbird nucleus accumbens and suggests a context-dependent role in song in male European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). NAc, TH
2021 Precursor fractions of neurotensin and enkephalin might point to molecular mechanisms of cancer risk modulation during a lifestyle-intervention in germline BRCA1/2 gene mutation carriers. NT, SE
2020 Enkephalinergic Circuit Involved in Nociceptive Modulation in the Spinal Dorsal Horn. DOR, HRP, IB4, mEPSC, PBN, PPE, SDH, TMR
2019 Motor cortex and pain control: exploring the descending relay analgesic pathways and spinal nociceptive neurons in healthy conscious rats. DHSC, DRN, IR, LC, MCS, NRM, SP, TH
2019 Neurochemically distinct circuitry regulates locus coeruleus activity during female social stress depending on coping style. CeA, CRF, CRF1, FG, LC, LL, PGi, SL
2019 The Expressing Patterns of Opioid Peptides, Anti-opioid Peptides and Their Receptors in the Central Nervous System Are Involved in Electroacupuncture Tolerance in Goats. CNS, EA, OFQ
2019 [Clinical trials of acupuncture treatment of post-stroke shoulder pain]. beta-EP, BI, CMS, DYN, ELISA, FMA, VAS
2018 Acute Hypoxia Induces Enkephalin Production and Release in an Adrenergic Cell Line Model of Neonatal Chromaffin Cell Responses to Hypoxic Stress. CNS, ELISA, MPC, mRNA, PCR
10  2018 Delta Opioid Receptor Signaling Promotes Resilience to Stress Under the Repeated Social Defeat Paradigm in Mice. BLA, DOPr, HPC, RSD, SI
11  2018 Peptidergic nature of nociception-related projections from the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus to the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. DYN, OT, PVN, SDH
12  2017 Distinct neuronal populations in the basolateral and central amygdala are activated with acute pain, conditioned fear, and fear-conditioned analgesia. BLA, CaMKII, CeA, CRF, FCA, PV
13  2017 Effects of a combination treatment of KD5040 and L-dopa in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease. AIMs, CREB, DARPP-32, ERK, l -dopa, LID, LL, MPTP, PD, SP
14  2017 Involvement of the CXCL12 System in the Stimulatory Effects of Prenatal Exposure to High-Fat Diet on Hypothalamic Orexigenic Peptides and Behavior in Offspring. HFD, PVN
15  2017 Mapping the co-localization of the circadian proteins PER2 and BMAL1 with enkephalin and substance P throughout the rodent forebrain. Sub P
16  2016 Age-related changes in neurochemical components and retinal projections of rat intergeniculate leaflet. CTB, GAD, IGL, NPY
17  2016 Dual projections of single orexin- or CART-immunoreactive, lateral hypothalamic neurons to the paraventricular thalamic nucleus and nucleus accumbens shell in the rat: Light microscopic study. AcbSh, CART, ChAT, GAD, LH, ORX, PVT
18  2016 Enkephalin and dynorphin neuropeptides are differently correlated with locomotor hypersensitivity and levodopa-induced dyskinesia in parkinsonian rats. DYN, l-DOPA, PDYN, PPENK
19  2016 Prenatal fat-rich diet exposure alters responses of embryonic neurons to the chemokine, CCL2, in the hypothalamus. GAL, HFD
20  2016 Relationship of the Chemokine, CXCL12, to Effects of Dietary Fat on Feeding-Related Behaviors and Hypothalamic Neuropeptide Systems. ARC, HFD, MCH, NPY, OX, PFLH, PVN
21  2016 [Effect of Small Knife Needle on beta-enorpin and Enkehalin Contents of Tansverse Process Syndrome of the Third Vertebra]. beta-EP, EA, TPSTV
22  2015 Neurokinin-1 receptor antagonism attenuates neuronal activity triggered by stress-induced reinstatement of alcohol seeking. AMG, BNST, ChAT, DR, DYN, NAc, NK1R, PFC, SP, TrpH
23  2015 Regulation of the orexigenic neuropeptide, enkephalin, by PPARdelta and fatty acids in neurons of the hypothalamus and forebrain. OA, PA, PPARs
24  2015 Social Stress Engages Neurochemically-Distinct Afferents to the Rat Locus Coeruleus Depending on Coping Strategy. CNA, CRF, FG, LC, LL, PGi, SL
25  2015 [Construction of PPENK-MIDGE-NLS gene vector and the expression in rat]. MIDGE, NLS, ODNs, PENK, ppENK
26  2014 Common effects of fat, ethanol, and nicotine on enkephalin in discrete areas of the brain. AMYG, CORT, HYPO, ir, NAc, TG
27  2014 Decrease of mGluR5 receptor density goes parallel with changes in enkephalin and substance P immunoreactivity in Huntington's disease: a preliminary investigation in the postmortem human brain. HD, mGluR5, SP
28  2014 Hypothalamic peptides controlling alcohol intake: differential effects on microstructure of drinking bouts. DALA, GAL, OX, PVN
29  2014 Revisiting enigmatic cortical calretinin-expressing interneurons. CCK, CGE, CR, CRF, MGE, NKB, NPY, SOM, VIP
30  2014 Stimulatory role of the chemokine CCL2 in the migration and peptide expression of embryonic hypothalamic neurons. GAL
31  2014 Striatal enkephalinergic differences in rats selectively bred for intrinsic running capacity. HCR
32  2014 The coexistence of VGluT2 and neurotensin or leu-enkephalin in the medullary dorsal horn: a confocal and electron microscopic immunohistochemical study in the rat. MDH, NT
33  2014 The effect of striatal pre-enkephalin overexpression in the basal ganglia of the 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine mouse model of Parkinson's disease. DA, GP, MPTP, PD, PENK
34  2013 Birth-date dependent arrangement of spinal enkephalinergic neurons: evidence from the preproenkephalin-green fluorescent protein transgenic mice. BrdU, PPE-GFP
35  2013 Enkephalin and dynorphin mRNA expression are associated with resilience or vulnerability to chronic social defeat stress. DYN
36  2013 Enkephalin knockdown in the central amygdala nucleus reduces unconditioned fear and anxiety. CeA, shRNA
37  2013 Immediate early gene and neuropeptide expression following exposure to the predator odor 2,5-dihydro-2,4,5-trimethylthiazoline (TMT). BA, BNST, CeA, crh, mPFC, PVN, TMT
38  2013 Individual differences in the effects of chronic stress on memory: behavioral and neurochemical correlates of resiliency. NPY
39  2013 Locomotor velocity and striatal adaptive gene expression changes of the direct and indirect pathways in Parkinsonian rats. DAT, PD, TH
40  2013 Mammal retinal distribution of ENKergic amacrine cells and their neurochemical features: evidence from the PPE-GFP transgenic mice. PPE-GFP
41  2013 Modulation of male song by naloxone in the medial preoptic nucleus. ---
42  2013 Prenatal exposure to dietary fat induces changes in the transcriptional factors, TEF and YAP, which may stimulate differentiation of peptide neurons in rat hypothalamus. HFD, TEF, YAP
43  2013 Prenatal exposure to nicotine stimulates neurogenesis of orexigenic peptide-expressing neurons in hypothalamus and amygdala. OX
44  2013 Region-specific diversity of striosomes in the mouse striatum revealed by the differential immunoreactivities for mu-opioid receptor, substance P, and enkephalin. MOR, SP
45  2013 The opioid neuropeptides in uterine fibroid pseudocapsules: a putative association with cervical integrity in human reproduction. MP, OXT
46  2012 Developmental changes in embryonic hypothalamic neurons during prenatal fat exposure. HFD, NPY
47  2012 Disturbances in behavior and cortical enkephalin gene expression during the anticipation of ethanol in rats characterized as high drinkers. DOR, MOR, mPFC, PrL
48  2012 Dopamine D1-D2 receptor heteromer in dual phenotype GABA/glutamate-coexpressing striatal medium spiny neurons: regulation of BDNF, GAD67 and VGLUT1/2. DYN, MSNs, NAc, SN, VTA
49  2012 Prenatal ethanol exposure stimulates neurogenesis in hypothalamic and limbic peptide systems: possible mechanism for offspring ethanol overconsumption. BrdU, GAL, NAc, NeuN, OX, PFLH, PVN
50  2012 Reduced striatal dopamine D1-D2 receptor heteromer expression and behavioural subsensitivity in juvenile rats. CP, DYN, MSNs, NAc
51  2012 Supraspinal peroxynitrite modulates pain signaling by suppressing the endogenous opioid pathway. MENK, NSO, NT, RVM
52  2012 [Effects of electroacupuncture on pain reactions, expression of spinal kappa-opioid receptor and contents of enkephalin and beta-endorphin in periaqueductal gray of midbrain in dysmenorrhea model rats]. beta-EP, DHs, EA, kappa-OR, PAG
53  2011 Changes in dynorphin immunoreactivity but unaltered density of enkephalin immunoreactive neurons in basal ganglia nuclei of genetically dystonic hamsters. DYN
54  2011 Galanin and the orexin 2 receptor as possible regulators of enkephalin in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus: relation to dietary fat. GAL, HFD, IR, OX, PVN
55  2011 Identification of urocortin 3 afferent projection to the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus in rat brain. LS, pBNST, PVHap, rPFH, Ucn 3
56  2011 Na+ appetite induced by depleting extracellular fluid volume activates the enkephalin/mu-opioid receptor system in the rat forebrain. ECF, muOR
57  2011 Neurochemical classification and projection targets of CART peptide immunoreactive neurons in sensory and parasympathetic ganglia of the head. CART, CGRP, IB4, LG, MCA, MMA, NF200, NM, NPY, PG, TG, TMJ, VIP
58  2011 Spatial and temporal distribution patterns of enkephalinergic neurons in adult and developing retinas of the preproenkephalin-green fluorescent protein transgenic mouse. GCL, GFP
59  2011 Targeting neuronal populations of the striatum. ---
60  2011 The dopamine d1-d2 receptor heteromer in striatal medium spiny neurons: evidence for a third distinct neuronal pathway in Basal Ganglia. DYN
61  2010 Comparison of the temporal programs regulating tyrosine hydroxylase and enkephalin expressions in TIDA neurons of lactating rats following pup removal and then pup return. DA, TH, TIDA
62  2010 Different corticostriatal integration in spiny projection neurons from direct and indirect pathways. BAC, DA, MSNs, SP
63  2010 Effect of chronic ethanol on enkephalin in the hypothalamus and extra-hypothalamic areas. CeA, DIG, DYN, ISH, mPFC, NAcSh, PVN, qRT-PCR, VTA
64  2010 Expression pattern of enkephalinergic neurons in the developing spinal cord revealed by preproenkephalin-green fluorescent protein transgenic mouse and its colocalization with GABA immunoreactivity. GFP, PPE
65  2010 Increased enkephalin in brain of rats prone to overconsuming a fat-rich diet. HFC, PVN
66  2010 Neurochemical properties of enkephalinergic neurons in lumbar spinal dorsal horn revealed by preproenkephalin-green fluorescent protein transgenic mice. RT-PCR
67  2010 Predictors of ethanol consumption in adult Sprague-Dawley rats: relation to hypothalamic peptides that stimulate ethanol intake. ARC, GAL, NPY, PVN, TG
68  2010 Structures and connections of enkephalin- and gamma-aminobutyric acid-immunoreactive profiles in the gustatory region of the nucleus tractus solitarius: a light and electron microscopic study. ir, rNTS
69  2009 Hypothalamic injection of non-opioid peptides increases gene expression of the opioid enkephalin in hypothalamic and mesolimbic nuclei: Possible mechanism underlying their behavioral effects. CeA, GAL, NAc, OX, PVN, VTA
70  2009 Ikaros-1 couples cell cycle arrest of late striatal precursors with neurogenesis of enkephalinergic neurons. CDKI, GZ, MZ
71  2009 Mu-opioid receptor redistribution in the locus coeruleus upon precipitation of withdrawal in opiate-dependent rats. EM, LC, MOR
72  2009 Puberty onset in female rats: relationship with fat intake, ovarian steroids and the peptides, galanin and enkephalin, in the paraventricular and medial preoptic nuclei. GAL, MPN, PVN
73  2009 Synthesis and characterization of dicobalthexacarbonyl-alkyne derivatives of amino acids, peptides, and peptide nucleic acid (PNA) monomers. Met, Phe, PNA, T-PNA
74  2008 Behavioral and biochemical correlates of the dyskinetic potential of dopaminergic agonists in the 6-OHDA lesioned rat. AIMs, DA, dlStr, DYN, GP, PD, SCT
75  2008 Dynorphin and stress-related peptides in rat locus coeruleus: contribution of amygdalar efferents. CeA, CRF, DYN, LC
76  2008 Immunohistochemical characterization of the innervation of human colonic mesenteric and submucosal blood vessels. CGRP, NOS, NPY, SOM, SP, TH, VAChT, VIP
77  2008 Lateralization of dynorphin gene expression in the rat striatum. DYN, GAD
78  2008 Preproenkephalin mRNA is expressed in a subpopulation of GABAergic neurons in the spinal dorsal horn of the GAD67-GFP knock-in mouse. GABA, GAD
79  2008 Ptf1a, Lbx1 and Pax2 coordinate glycinergic and peptidergic transmitter phenotypes in dorsal spinal inhibitory neurons. DYN, GAL, N/OFQ, NPY, SOM
80  2007 Chemical architecture of the posterior striatum in the human brain. AChE, CB, CN, LAMP, PUT, PV, TH
81  2007 Chemical parcellation of the anterior thalamic nuclei in the human brain. AChE, AD, AM, ATN, AV, CB, CR, ir, LAMP, PV, SP
82  2007 Dietary fat stimulates endogenous enkephalin and dynorphin in the paraventricular nucleus: role of circulating triglycerides. ARC, DYN, GAL, PFH, PVN
83  2007 Effect of ethanol on hypothalamic opioid peptides, enkephalin, and dynorphin: relationship with circulating triglycerides. DYN, GAL, PVN, TG
84  2007 Ikaros is expressed in developing striatal neurons and involved in enkephalinergic differentiation. Ik
85  2007 In situ hybridization histochemical and immunohistochemical evidence that striatal projection neurons co-containing substance P and enkephalin are overrepresented in the striosomal compartment of striatum in rats. MOR, SP
86  2007 Morphology and electrophysiological properties of hamster spinal dorsal horn neurons that express VGLUT2 and enkephalin. ---
87  2007 Targets of myenteric interneurons in the guinea-pig small intestine. IR, NOS, SOM, VIP
88  2007 Treatment of inflamed pancreas with enkephalin encoding HSV-1 recombinant vector reduces inflammatory damage and behavioral sequelae. cDNA, DBTC, HSV-1, met-ENK, RANTES, VEH
89  2006 AUF1 is expressed in the developing brain, binds to AT-rich double-stranded DNA, and regulates enkephalin gene expression. ds, rENK
90  2006 Choline acetyl transferase and neuropeptide immunoreactivities are colocalized in somata, but preferentially localized in distinct axon fibers and boutons of cat sympathetic preganglionic neurons. ChAT, IR, SPN
91  2006 Extensive overlap of mu-opioid and nicotinic sensitivity in cortical interneurons. GABAergic, MOR
92  2006 Impaired behavioural and molecular adaptations to dopamine denervation and repeated L-DOPA treatment in Nur77-knockout mice. DA, DYN, NT
93  2006 Nicotine modulation of stress-related peptide neurons. CeA, CRF, DYN, PVN
94  2006 Single-cell RT-PCR, in situ hybridization histochemical, and immunohistochemical studies of substance P and enkephalin co-occurrence in striatal projection neurons in rats. SP
95  2005 Denervation and repeated L-DOPA induce complex regulatory changes in neurochemical phenotypes of striatal neurons: implication of a dopamine D1-dependent mechanism. DYN, GLT-1, NT
96  2005 Enkephalin-immunoreactive interneurons extensively innervate sympathetic preganglionic neurons regulating the pelvic viscera. CTB, CTB-HRP, IML, MPG, SPNs
97  2005 Immunohistochemical study of delta and mu opioid receptors on synaptic glomeruli with substance P-positive central terminals in chicken dorsal horn. DOR and MOR, SP
98  2005 Regulation of striatal preproenkephalin mRNA levels in MPTP-lesioned mice treated with estradiol. DA, MPTP, PPE
99  2005 Shock induction by arterial hypoperfusion of the gut involves synergistic interactions between the peripheral enkephalin and nitric oxide systems. iNOS, NO, SMA-H
100  2004 2',6'-dimethylphenylalanine (Dmp) can mimic the N-terminal Tyr in opioid peptides. DLT, Dmp, Dmt