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Abbreviation : EPL
Long Form : expressed protein ligation
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 A site-specific branching poly-glutamate tag mediates intracellular protein delivery by cationic lipids. ---
2018 Site-Specific Antibody Functionalization Using Tetrazine-Styrene Cycloaddition. IEDDA
2017 Cytoplasmic versus periplasmic expression of site-specifically and bioorthogonally functionalized nanobodies using expressed protein ligation. ---
2017 Tag-Free Semi-Synthesis of the Tau Protein. ---
2016 Enhanced Biosensor Platforms for Detecting the Atherosclerotic Biomarker VCAM1 Based on Bioconjugation with Uniformly Oriented VCAM1-Targeting Nanobodies. NbVCAM1, SPR
2015 An evolved Mxe GyrA intein for enhanced production of fusion proteins. GFP
2015 Semisynthesis and initial characterization of sortase A mutants containing selenocysteine and homocysteine. Hcy, Sec
2014 Facile method for the site-specific, covalent attachment of full-length IgG onto nanoparticles. BPA
2014 One-pot semisynthesis of exon 1 of the Huntingtin protein: new tools for elucidating the role of posttranslational modifications in the pathogenesis of Huntington's disease. Httex1, pT3, PTMs, WT
10  2014 Protein derivitization-expressed protein ligation. CBD, MESNA, NCL
11  2014 Site-selective protein immobilization through 2-cyanobenzothiazole-cysteine condensation. CBT, TEVp
12  2014 Studying weak and dynamic interactions of posttranslationally modified proteins using expressed protein ligation. sDMA, SMN
13  2013 Effect of ligand density, receptor density, and nanoparticle size on cell targeting. NP, SPIO
14  2013 Facile chemical functionalization of proteins through intein-linked yeast display. GFP
15  2013 PNA-induced assembly of fluorescent proteins using DNA as a framework. mTFP, SEC
16  2013 Recombinant expression of soluble murine prion protein for C-terminal modification. GPI, PrP
17  2013 Streamlined expressed protein ligation using split inteins. ---
18  2012 Expressed protein ligation-mediated template protein extension. apoA-I
19  2012 Segmental isotopic labeling of a 140 kDa dimeric multi-domain protein CheA from Escherichia coli by expressed protein ligation and protein trans-splicing. PTS
20  2012 Semi-synthesis and analysis of chemically modified zif268 zinc-finger domains. CD, NCL, SPPS
21  2012 Synthetic glycopeptides and glycoproteins with applications in biological research. NCL
22  2011 Chemical biology of prion protein: tools to bridge the in vitro/vivo interface. EPR, NCL, PrP, SSNMR
23  2011 Chemistry and glycobiology. NCL
24  2011 Chemoselectivity in chemical biology: acyl transfer reactions with sulfur and selenium. NCL
25  2011 Expressed protein ligation for a large dimeric protein. NMR
26  2011 Site-specific modification of ED-B-targeting antibody using intein-fusion technology. PTS
27  2010 An intein-mediated site-specific click conjugation strategy for improved tumor targeting of nanoparticle systems. SPIO
28  2010 Expressed protein ligation for the preparation of fusion proteins with cell penetrating peptides for endotoxin removal and intracellular delivery. CPPs, EGFP, ET, IMPACT
29  2010 Photocontrol of STAT6 dimerization and translocation. EMSA, GAS, STAT
30  2010 Segmental isotopic labeling of the Hsp70 molecular chaperone DnaK using expressed protein ligation. ---
31  2010 Studies of ion channels using expressed protein ligation. ---
32  2009 A dual-mode fluorescence strategy for screening HAT modulators. Dab, FRET, HATs, Mca
33  2009 Expressed protein ligation (EPL) in the study of signal transduction, ion conduction, and chromatin biology. ---
34  2009 Expressed protein ligation for metalloprotein design and engineering. ---
35  2009 Expressed protein ligation: a resourceful tool to study protein structure and function. ---
36  2009 Semisynthesis and segmental isotope labeling of the apoE3 N-terminal domain using expressed protein ligation. APOE, NT
37  2009 Using expressed protein ligation to probe the substrate specificity of lantibiotic synthetases. Dha, Dhb, Lan, MeLan, SPPS
38  2008 An amalgamation of solid phase peptide synthesis and ribosomal peptide synthesis. ---
39  2008 An efficient on-column expressed protein ligation strategy: application to segmental triple labeling of human apolipoprotein E3. APOE
40  2008 Chemically ubiquitylated histone H2B stimulates hDot1L-mediated intranucleosomal methylation. uH2B
41  2008 Site-specific (18)F-labeling of the protein hormone leptin using a general two-step ligation procedure. PET
42  2008 Studying protein structure and function using semisynthesis. ---
43  2008 Toward the semisynthesis of multidomain transmembrane receptors: modification of Eph tyrosine kinases. ---
44  2007 Expressed protein ligation using an N-terminal cysteine containing fragment generated in vivo from a pelB fusion protein. APOE, apoLp-III, MESNA
45  2007 Ligation independent cloning vectors for expression of SUMO fusions. EGFP, LIC, SUMO
46  2007 Microtiter plate-based screening for the optimization of DNA-protein conjugate synthesis by means of expressed protein ligation. MBP
47  2007 Site-specific incorporation of fluorotyrosines into the R2 subunit of E. coli ribonucleotide reductase by expressed protein ligation. ---
48  2007 Site-specific labeling of DNA-protein conjugates by means of expressed protein ligation. ---
49  2007 Tunable photoactivation of a post-translationally modified signaling protein and its unmodified counterpart in live cells. PTMs
50  2006 A generic building block for C- and N-terminal protein-labeling and protein-immobilization. ---
51  2006 Protein ligation: an enabling technology for the biophysical analysis of proteins. NMR, PTS
52  2005 Expressed protein ligation to obtain selectively modified aldo/keto reductases. ---
53  2005 Rapid synthesis of DNA-cysteine conjugates for expressed protein ligation. ---
54  2005 Synthesis of covalent DNA-protein conjugates by expressed protein ligation. MBP
55  2004 Cyanogen bromide cleavage generates fragments suitable for expressed protein and glycoprotein ligation. ---
56  2004 Domain-specific incorporation of noninvasive optical probes into recombinant proteins. SH2, SH3, Trp
57  2003 Merging fluorescence resonance energy transfer and expressed protein ligation to analyze protein-protein interactions. FRET
58  2003 Semisynthesis and application of carboxyfluorescein-labelled biologically active human interleukin-8. hIL-8
59  2003 Semisynthesis and characterization of the first analogues of pro-neuropeptide y. C-PON, IMPACT, NPY, PCs, proNPY
60  2003 Semisynthesis of proteins by expressed protein ligation. ---
61  2002 An engineered azurin variant containing a selenocysteine copper ligand. Sec
62  2002 Cellular internalization of enhanced green fluorescent protein ligated to a human calcitonin-based carrier peptide. EGFP, hCT
63  1999 Expressed protein ligation to probe regiospecificity of heterocyclization in the peptide antibiotic microcin B17. MccB17
64  1999 Introduction of unnatural amino acids into proteins using expressed protein ligation. ---