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Abbreviation : ER
Long Form : Eley-Rideal
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A new insight into the promotional effect of nitrogen-doping in activated carbon for selective catalytic reduction of NOX with NH3. L-H, O2-TPD, SCR
2020 A superior Fe-V-Ti catalyst with high activity and SO2 resistance for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3. ---
2020 Graphyne-anchored single Fe atoms as efficient CO oxidation catalysts as predicted by DFT calculations. L-H
2020 Improved activity of Ho-modified Mn/Ti catalysts for the selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3. L-H
2020 NO oxidation performance and kinetics analysis of BaMO3 (M=Mn, Co) perovskite catalysts. L-H
2020 Preparation of Mesoporous Mn-Ce-Ti-O Aerogels by a One-Pot Sol-Gel Method for Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO with NH3. L-H, SCR
2020 Single-atom metal-modified graphenylene as a high-activity catalyst for CO and NO oxidation. L-H
2019 An effective approach for tuning catalytic activity of C3N nanosheets: Chemical-doping with the Si atom. L-H, NER
2019 Effect of adsorption properties of phosphorus-doped TiO2 nanotubes on photocatalytic NO removal. L-H, PCO
10  2019 Effect of iron loading on the performance and structure of Fe/ZSM-5 catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3. DRIFTS, H2-TPR, SCR
11  2019 Eley Rideal recombination of hydrogen atoms on Cu(111): Quantitative role of electronic excitation in cross sections and product distributions. EHPs
12  2019 Formation Mechanism, Geometric Stability and Catalytic Activity of a Single Iron Atom Supported on N-Doped Graphene. DFT, L-H
13  2019 Metal organic frameworks-assisted fabrication of CuO/Cu2O for enhanced selective catalytic reduction of NOx by NH3 at low temperatures. MOFs
14  2019 Novel metal-organic framework supported manganese oxides for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3: Promotional role of the support. L-H, MOFs, SCR
15  2019 Pd/Pt embedded CN monolayers as efficient catalysts for CO oxidation. CN, L-H, SACs, TER
16  2019 Single Pt atom supported on penta-graphene as an efficient catalyst for CO oxidation. L-H, SACs, TER
17  2019 Theoretical investigation of oxidation of NO (NO+ O2 → NO2) on surfaces of nickel-doped nanocages (Ni-C60 and Ni-B30N30). L-H
18  2018 A computational study of CO oxidation reactions on metal impurities in graphene divacancies. L-H, TER
19  2018 A study on the NH3-SCR performance and reaction mechanism of a cost-effective and environment-friendly black TiO2 catalyst. ---
20  2018 Catalytic CO oxidation on B-doped and BN co-doped penta-graphene: a computational study. DFT, L-H, TER
21  2018 Combinatorial selection of a two-dimensional 3d-TM-tetracyanoquinodimethane (TM-TCNQ) monolayer as a high-activity nanocatalyst for CO oxidation. L-H, TM-TCNQ
22  2018 Cu dimer anchored on C2N monolayer: low-cost and efficient Bi-atom catalyst for CO oxidation. DFT, L-H
23  2018 First Principles Study on the CO Oxidation on Mn-Embedded Divacancy Graphene. L-H
24  2018 Formation of H2 on graphene using Eley-Rideal and Langmuir-Hinshelwood processes. DFT, L-H
25  2018 In Situ DRIFTS Studies of NH₃-SCR Mechanism over V₂O₅-CeO₂/TiO₂-ZrO₂ Catalysts for Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx. Ti-Zr
26  2018 Theoretical Study of Ability of Boron Nitride Nanocone to Oxidation of Sulfur Monoxide. BNNC, L-H, SO
27  2018 TiC and TiN supported platinum monolayer as high-performance catalysts for CO oxidation: A DFT study. L-H
28  2018 Tungsten-Embedded Graphene: Theoretical Study on a Potential High-Activity Catalyst toward CO Oxidation. L-H
29  2018 Tuning the adsorption and interaction of CO and O2 on graphene-like BC3-supported non-noble metal atoms. L-H, MA-BC3
30  2017 Energy Transfer Dynamics of Formate Decomposition on Cu(110). Ts
31  2017 Full atomistic reaction mechanism with kinetics for CO reduction on Cu(100) from ab initio molecular dynamics free-energy calculations at 298 K. AIMmuD, RDS, RHE
32  2017 Mechanism and kinetics of the electrocatalytic reaction responsible for the high cost of hydrogen fuel cells. ORR, QM, RDS
33  2017 Mechanisms of Hydrogen-Assisted CO2 Reduction on Nickel. HA
34  2017 The effect of defects on the catalytic activity of single Au atom supported carbon nanotubes and reaction mechanism for CO oxidation. di, L-H, SW, SWCNT
35  2017 Theoretical study on geometric, electronic and catalytic performances of Fe dopant pairs in graphene. ---
36  2016 A comparative theoretical study of CO oxidation reaction by O2 molecule over Al- or Si-decorated graphene oxide. GO
37  2016 CO oxidation catalyzed by the single Co atom embedded hexagonal boron nitride nanosheet: a DFT-D study. h-BN, L-H, TER
38  2016 CO Oxidation Prefers the Eley-Rideal or Langmuir-Hinshelwood Pathway: Monolayer vs Thin Film of SiC. L-H
39  2016 The CO oxidation mechanism on the W(111) surface and the W helical nanowire investigated by the density functional theory calculation. DFT, LDOS, MEPs, NEB
40  2015 A Comparative Study of CO Oxidation on Nitrogen- and Phosphorus-Doped Graphene. L-H
41  2015 CO oxidation catalyzed by neutral and anionic Cu20 clusters: relationship between charge and activity. L-H
42  2015 Graphyne-supported single Fe atom catalysts for CO oxidation. DFT, DOS, SACs
43  2015 Kinetic analysis of interaction between N atoms and O-covered Ru(0001). ---
44  2015 The CO oxidation mechanism on small Pd clusters. A theoretical study. L-H
45  2015 Ultrasound assisted synthesis of methyl butyrate using heterogeneous catalyst. LHHW
46  2014 A theoretical study of single-atom catalysis of CO oxidation using Au embedded 2D h-BN monolayer: a CO-promoted O₂ activation. BOMD, L-H
47  2014 Dynamics of H2 Eley-Rideal abstraction from W(110): sensitivity to the representation of the molecule-surface potential. CRP, FPLEPS, PES
48  2014 Formation and catalytic activity of Pt supported on oxidized graphene for the CO oxidation reaction. EG, L-H, OD, OG
49  2014 Graphdiyne as a metal-free catalyst for low-temperature CO oxidation. DFT, ORRs
50  2014 Mathematical modelling and computational study of two-dimensional and three-dimensional dynamics of receptor-ligand interactions in signalling response mechanisms. L-H
51  2014 The superior catalytic CO oxidation capacity of a Cr-phthalocyanine porous sheet. L-H, TMs
52  2014 Theoretical study of the catalytic CO oxidation by Pt catalyst supported on Ge-doped grapheme. L-H
53  2013 h-BN monolayer on the Ni(111) surface: a potential catalyst for oxidation. h-BN
54  2013 Plasma driven ammonia decomposition on a Fe-catalyst: eliminating surface nitrogen poisoning. ---
55  2013 Single layer of polymeric cobalt phthalocyanine: promising low-cost and high-activity nanocatalysts for CO oxidation. L-H, Pc
56  2012 A theoretical simulation on the catalytic oxidation of CO on Pt/graphene. L-H
57  2012 CO oxidation catalyzed by silver nanoclusters: mechanism and effects of charge. L-H
58  2012 Dynamical reaction pathways in Eley-Rideal recombination of nitrogen from W(100). ---
59  2010 First-principle calculations on CO oxidation catalyzed by a gold nanoparticle. DFT, L-H
60  2009 Effect of adsorbate mass on an Eley-Rideal reaction. Reactive scattering of Cs+ from noble gases and N2 adsorbed on Ru(0001) surfaces at hyperthermal energy. RIS
61  2009 Oxidative desulfurization: kinetic modelling. L-H, LDH, LMA
62  2006 Quantum study of Eley-Rideal reaction and collision induced desorption of hydrogen atoms on a graphite surface. I. H-chemisorbed case. CI, CID
63  2005 Quasiclassical study of Eley-Rideal and hot atom reactions of H atoms with Cl adsorbed on a Au(111) surface. HA, L-H
64  2004 Hot-atom versus Eley-Rideal dynamics in hydrogen recombination on Ni(100). I. The single-adsorbate case. HA
65  2001 Various aspects of the constraints imposed on the photochemistry of systems in porous silica. CT, L-H