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Abbreviation : ER
Long Form : electrorheological
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Nanoparticles Functionalized by Conducting Polymers and Their Electrorheological and Magnetorheological Applications. MR
2019 Comparing the Electrorheological Effect of Polyhedral Silsesquioxane Cage Structures with Different Numbers of Cyanopropyl Functional Groups. cPOSS, POSS
2019 Electrorheological Characteristics of Poly(diphenylamine)/magnetite Composite-Based Suspension. ---
2019 Electrorheological Effects of Synthesized Octa-cyanopropylsilsesquioxane Cage Structure. POSS
2019 Enhanced and Tunable Electrorheological Capability using Surface Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Modification with Simultaneous Reduction of the Graphene Oxide by Silyl-Based Polymer Grafting. GO, PHEMATMS, SI-ATRP
2019 Graphene Oxide and Its Inorganic Composites: Fabrication and Electrorheological Response. GO
2019 Microfibrillated Cellulose Suspension and Its Electrorheology. MFC
2019 Recent development of electro-responsive smart electrorheological fluids. ---
2019 Significant enhancement of the electrorheological effect by non-straight electrode geometry. ---
10  2019 Surfactant-Switched Positive/Negative Electrorheological Effect in Tungsten Oxide Suspensions. DDA, SDS
11  2019 Three-dimensional yielding in anisotropic materials: validation of Hill's criterion. ---
12  2018 Distinctly Different Electroresponsive Electrorheological Effect in Low-Molecular-Weight and Polymerized Ionic Liquids: Rheological and Dielectric Relaxation Studies. ILs, PILs
13  2018 Electro-elastoviscous response of polyaniline functionalized nano-porous zeolite based colloidal dispersions. PANI
14  2018 Electrohydrodynamic fibrillation governed enhanced thermal transport in dielectric colloids under a field stimulus. HS
15  2018 Electroresponsive Polymer-Inorganic Semiconducting Composite (MCTP-Fe3O4) Particles and Their Electrorheology. MCTP
16  2018 Electrorheological Fluids with High Shear Stress Based on Wrinkly Tin Titanyl Oxalate. TTO, W-TTO
17  2018 Enhanced Electrorheological Response of Cellulose: A Double Effect of Modification by Urea-Terminated Silane. ---
18  2018 Enhancing Electroresponsive Electrorheological Effect and Temperature Dependence of Poly(ionic liquid) Particles by Hard Core Confinement. PIL
19  2018 Fully Soft 3D-Printed Electroactive Fluidic Valve for Soft Hydraulic Robots. ---
20  2018 Polyaniline Coated Core-Shell Typed Stimuli-Responsive Microspheres and Their Electrorheology. PANI
21  2018 Switchable electrorheological activity of polyacrylonitrile microspheres by thermal treatment: from negative to positive. PAN
22  2018 Synthesis and Electroresponse Activity of Porous Polypyrrole/Silica-Titania Core/Shell Nanoparticles. ---
23  2018 Synthesis of Hierarchical Silica/Titania Hollow Nanoparticles and Their Enhanced Electroresponsive Activity. WSN
24  2017 Enhanced Electrorheological Performance of Mixed Silica Nanomaterial Geometry. ---
25  2017 Enhanced Stimuli-Responsive Electrorheological Property of Poly(ionic liquid)s-Capsulated Polyaniline Particles. ---
26  2017 Enhanced temperature effect of electrorheological fluid based on cross-linked poly(ionic liquid) particles: rheological and dielectric relaxation studies. C-PIL, PIL
27  2017 Fabrication of phosphate microcrystalline rice husk based cellulose particles and their electrorheological response. MCC
28  2017 Influence of Side Chain Sizes on Dielectric and Electrorheological Responses of Poly(ionic liquid)s. PILs
29  2017 Smart Fluid System Dually Responsive to Light and Electric Fields: An Electrophotorheological Fluid. E-fields, EPR, PR, UV, VIS
30  2017 Synthesis of anatase TiO2 with exposed (100) facets and enhanced electrorheological activity. SEM, TEM, XRD
31  2017 The preparation and electrorheological behavior of bowl-like titanium oxide nanoparticles. FTIR, SEM, TEM, TGA, XRD
32  2016 A comparative study of the electrorheological properties of various N-doped nanomaterials using ammonia plasma treatment. ---
33  2016 Electro-response of MoS2 Nanosheets-Based Smart Fluid with Tailorable Electrical Conductivity. ---
34  2016 Enhanced electrorheological activity of polyaniline coated mesoporous silica with high aspect ratio. VDP
35  2016 Stimuli-Responsive Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites under Electric Fields. ---
36  2016 The application of low frequency dielectric spectroscopy to analyze the electrorheological behavior of monodisperse yolk-shell SiO2/TiO2 nanospheres. Psp, YSNSs
37  2015 Electric Field-Responsive Mesoporous Suspensions: A Review. ---
38  2015 Electric-field-induced viscosity change of a nematic liquid crystal with gold nanoparticles. LC, POM
39  2015 Enhanced Electroresponse of Alkaline Earth Metal-Doped Silica/Titania Spheres by Synergetic Effect of Dispersion Stability and Dielectric Property. CS/ST, HST
40  2015 Enhanced Electroresponsive Performance of Double-Shell SiO2/TiO2 Hollow Nanoparticles. ---
41  2015 Enhanced Electrorheological Performance of Nb-Doped TiO2 Microspheres Based Suspensions and Their Behavior Characteristics in Low-Frequency Dielectric Spectroscopy. QDC
42  2015 Enhanced Electrorheological Properties of Elastomers Containing TiO₂/Urea Core-Shell Particles. ---
43  2015 Fabrication of density-controlled graphene oxide-coated mesoporous silica spheres and their electrorheological activity. ---
44  2015 Self-assembly preparation of SiO2@Ni-Al layered double hydroxide composites and their enhanced electrorheological characteristics. EDX, LDH, SEM, STEM, TEM, TEOS, XPS, XRD
45  2015 The electrorheological behavior of suspensions based on molten-salt synthesized lithium titanate nanoparticles and their core-shell titanate/urea analogues. ---
46  2014 Core-Shell Structured Electro- and Magneto-Responsive Materials: Fabrication and Characteristics. MR
47  2014 Core-shell-structured monodisperse copolymer/silica particle suspension and its electrorheological response. ---
48  2014 Electrorheological response of inorganic-coated multi-wall carbon nanotubes with core-shell nanostructure. MWCNT
49  2014 Graphene size control via a mechanochemical method and electroresponsive properties. GO
50  2014 Smart Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites and Their Electrorheological Response. CNT
51  2013 Effect of surface properties on the electrorheological response of hematite/silicone oil dispersions. ---
52  2013 Electrorheological effect and electro-optical properties of side-on liquid crystalline polysiloxane in a nematic solvent. PS
53  2013 Electrorheology of suspensions containing interfacially active constituents. PS, s-POSS, s-PS
54  2013 Generalized yield stress equation for electrorheological fluids. Ec
55  2013 Optically transparent electrorheological fluid with urea-modified silica nanoparticles and its haptic display application. ---
56  2013 Positive and negative electrorheological response of alginate salts dispersed suspensions under electric field. ---
57  2013 Synthesis and electrical response of polyaniline/poly(styrene sulfonate)-coated silica spheres prepared by seed-coating method. PANI/PSS
58  2013 Synthesis of flower-like BaTiO3/Fe3O4 hierarchically structured particles and their electrorheological and magnetic properties. SEM, TEM, XRD
59  2013 The mixing effect of amine and carboxyl groups on electrorheological properties and its analysis by in situ FT-IR under an electric field. FTIR
60  2012 Guided self-assembly of nanostructured titanium oxide. AFM, CTAB, EG, SAXS, SEM, TBT, TEM, WAXS
61  2012 Modeling and analysis of electrorheological suspensions in shear flow. CCJ
62  2012 Monodisperse conducting colloidal dipoles with symmetric dimer structure for enhancing electrorheology properties. ---
63  2012 Silica-graphene oxide hybrid composite particles and their electroresponsive characteristics. EDX, SEM, Si-GO, TEM, TEOS, TGA, XRD
64  2012 Structure of electrorheological fluids: a dielectric study of chain formation. ---
65  2012 The influence of high dielectric constant core on the activity of core-shell structure electrorheological fluid. ---
66  2011 Acoustical scattering by multilayer spherical elastic scatterer containing electrorheological layer. PMMA
67  2011 Boundary effect in electrorheological fluids. ---
68  2011 Core-shell structured monodisperse poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/poly(styrenesulfonic acid) coated polystyrene microspheres and their electrorheological response. PS
69  2011 Electrorheology of nanofiber suspensions. ---
70  2011 Gelation of chitin and chitosan dispersed suspensions under electric field: effect of degree of deacetylation. DD
71  2011 Reversible shear thickening at low shear rates of electrorheological fluids under electric fields. ---
72  2011 Simulation study on the trembling shear behavior of eletrorheological fluid. ---
73  2011 Structure parameter of electrorheological fluids in shear flow. ---
74  2010 Comment on "Universal yield stress equation for transient response of zeolite based electrorheological fluid". ---
75  2010 Comment on 'Fabrication of uniform core-shell structural calcium and titanium precipitation particles and enhanced electrorheological activities'. ---
76  2010 Core-shell structured semiconducting PMMA/polyaniline snowman-like anisotropic microparticles and their electrorheology. PMMA
77  2010 Discrete dipole moments and enhanced electro-rheological properties of dumbbell-shaped, non-spherical particles. f-MWCNTs
78  2010 Electrorheological phenomena in polyhedral silsesquioxane cage structure/PDMS systems. PDMS, sPOSS
79  2010 Investigation of electrorheological properties of biodegradable modified cellulose/corn oil suspensions. CO, EDS, FTIR, MC, NMR, TGA
80  2010 Negative electrorheological behavior in suspensions of inorganic particles. ---
81  2010 Novel fabrication of polyaniline particles wrapped by exfoliated clay sheets and their electrorheology. PANI
82  2009 Direct current electrorheological stability determination of water-in-crude oil emulsions. CEF
83  2009 Fabrication of uniform core-shell structural calcium and titanium precipitation particles and enhanced electrorheological activities. CA, CTP, FESEM, FTIR, TEM, XRD
84  2009 Influence of particle size on shear behavior of amine-group-immobilized polyacrylonitrile dispersed suspension under electric field. ---
85  2009 Microemulsion polymerized polyaniline/montmorillonite nanocomposite and its electrorheology. PANI
86  2008 Conducting polymer/clay nanocomposites and their applications. ---
87  2008 Dielectric and electrical properties of electrorheological carbon suspensions. ---
88  2008 Dynamic polarizability of rotating particles in electrorheological fluids. EMT
89  2008 Electrorheological fluid dynamics. ---
90  2008 Electrorheological properties of carbon nanotube/ polyelectrolyte composite silica nanoparticles by layer-by-layer self-assembly. fMCNTs, LbL, MCNTs, OM, TEM
91  2008 Electrorheological suspensions of laponite in oil: rheometry studies. DC
92  2008 First observation of electrorheological plasmas. dust
93  2008 Manipulations of microfluidic droplets using electrorheological carrier fluid. ---
94  2008 Modeling and simulation of an intelligent ER force element for rehabilitation of human hands. ERF
95  2007 Microspherical poly(methyl methacrylate)/multiwalled carbon nanotube composites prepared via in situ dispersion polymerization. CV
96  2007 Transient filamentous network structure of a colloidal suspension excited by stepwise electric fields. ---
97  2006 Comment on "Electrorheological behavior of copper phthalocyanine-doped mesoporous TiO2 suspensions". ---
98  2006 Comment on "Preparation and electrorheological property of rare earth modified amorphous Ba(x)Sr(1-x)TiO3 gel electrorheological fluid". ---
99  2006 Dynamic effects on nonlinear alternating current responses in electrorheological fluids. AC
100  2006 Electrorheological analysis of nano laden suspensions. CNF, CNT, NW