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Long Form : extinction ratio
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Broadband and compact polarization beam splitter based on an asymmetrical directional coupler with extra optimizing designs. DC, IL, PBS, PSO, TE, TM, WG
2019 CMOS-compatible hybrid bi-metallic TE/TM-pass polarizers based on ITO and ZrN. IL, TE, TM
2019 Compact polarization splitter based on a silicon angled multimode interferometer structure. PS, TE, TM
2019 DSP-free single-wavelength 100 Gbps SDM-PON with increased splitting ratio using 10G-class DML. DML, DS, DSP, HC-MCF, IM/DD, PD-MRR, SDM-PON, TDM, US
2019 Hybrid Si-VO2 modulator with ultra-high extinction ratio based on slot TM mode. FOM, FV-FEM, IL, SOI
2019 Identification of Inflammatory Mediators in Tendinopathy Using a Murine Subacromial Impingement Model. DEGs
2019 Low-loss and broadband silicon mode filter using cascaded plasmonic BSWGs for on-chip mode division multiplexing. 3D-FV-FDTD, BSWGs, HOM, MDM
2019 Measured radiation effects on InGaAsP/InP ring resonators for space applications. RMOG
2019 Metamaterial polarizer providing principally unlimited extinction. ---
10  2019 Polarization beam splitter based on a silicon nitride-silica-silicon horizontal slot waveguide. DC, IL, PBS, TE, TM
11  2019 The Dural Tube Continues to Expand after Muscle-Preserving Cervical Laminectomy. AP
12  2019 Tunable Fano resonance with a high slope rate in a microring-resonator-coupled Mach-Zehnder interferometer. SR
13  2019 Waveguide-integrated graphene spatial mode filters for on-chip mode-division multiplexing. MDM
14  2018 Absorption, liver first-pass effect, pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of calycosin-7-O-ss-d-glucopyranoside (C7G) and its major active metabolite, calycosin, following oral administration of C7G in rats by LC-MS/MS. C7G
15  2018 Bitumen Foaming Optimisation Process on the Basis of Rheological Properties. HL
16  2018 Broadband TE-pass slot waveguide polarizer using an asymmetrical directional coupler. ASW, HPW, IL
17  2018 Can Population Modelling Principles be Used to Identify Key PBPK Parameters for Paediatric Clearance Predictions? An Innovative Application of Optimal Design Theory. CLint,u,WL, PBPK
18  2018 Dielectric-loaded graphene-based plasmonic multilogic gate using a multimode interference splitter. DLGPW, MLG, MMI
19  2018 Double D-shaped hole optical fiber coated with graphene as a polarizer. ---
20  2018 Effect of sensor SNR and extinction ratio on polarimetric imaging error for nanowire-based systems. PNRS
21  2018 Enabling user mobility for optical camera communication using mobile phone. OCC
22  2018 Graphene-Incorporated Soft Capacitors for Mechanically Adjustable Electro-Optic Modulators. EO, PMMA
23  2018 High-contrast and low-power all-optical switch using Fano resonance based on a silicon nanobeam cavity. FP, PhC
24  2018 Polarization-Insensitive Surface Plasmon Polarization Electro-Absorption Modulator Based on Epsilon-Near-Zero Indium Tin Oxide. ENZ, ITO, TM
25  2018 Relationships between morphometrical properties and the texture of an extrusion-expanded snack made from squid mantle (Dosidicus gigas). EES
26  2018 Results of Hearing Outcome According to the Alloplastic Ossicular Prosthesis Materials. HA, POR, TOR
27  2018 Ridge waveguide assisted highly efficient transverse-electric-pass polarizer based on a hybrid plasmonic waveguide. IL, TE
28  2018 Synergistic Effects of Nano-ZnO and Low pH of Sea Water on the Physiological Energetics of the Thick Shell Mussel Mytilus coruscus. AE, CR, PCA, RR, SFG
29  2018 Terahertz polarization-maintaining subwavelength filters. FWHM, THz
30  2018 Transparent intersatellite optical wireless communication link with double sideband-suppressed carrier modulation and coherent homodyne detection. CD, DSB-SC, IsOWC, MZM, NF, PM/CD, RF, SFDR
31  2018 Transversely coupled Fabry-Perot resonators with Bragg grating reflectors. SOI
32  2018 Ultracompact and broadband silicon-based TE-pass 1 2 power splitter using subwavelength grating couplers and hybrid plasmonic gratings. HPGs, IL, SWG
33  2018 Ultrashort and broadband silicon polarization splitter-rotator using fast quasiadiabatic dynamics. FAQUAD, PSR
34  2017 Broadband 2 2 lithium niobate electro-optic switch based on a Mach-Zehnder interferometer with counter-tapered directional couplers. DCs
35  2017 Broadband silicon polarization beam splitter with a high extinction ratio using a triple-bent-waveguide directional coupler. IL, PBS
36  2017 Co-extrusion of food grains-banana pulp for nutritious snacks: optimization of process variables. BD, WAI
37  2017 CO2-induced pH reduction increases physiological toxicity of nano-TiO2 in the mussel Mytilus coruscus. AE, CR, RR, SFG
38  2017 Compact broadband polarization beam splitter using a symmetric directional coupler with sinusoidal bends. PBS, PI, TE, TM
39  2017 Compact polarization beam splitter for silicon photonic integrated circuits with a 340-nm-thick silicon core layer. ADC, PBS, SOI, SWG
40  2017 Compact tunable electromagnetically induced transparency and Fano resonance on silicon platform. EIT, FP, MRR, SLMs, SR
41  2017 Development of Caco-2 cells co-expressing CYP3A4 and NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase using a human artificial chromosome for the prediction of intestinal extraction ratio of CYP3A4 substrates. HAC, TEER
42  2017 Effect of Extrusion on Physicochemical Properties, Digestibility, and Phenolic Profiles of Grit Fractions Obtained from Dry Milling of Normal and Waxy Corn. ET, RDS, RS, SDS, SME, WAI, WSI
43  2017 Effects of extrusion with CO2 injection on physical and antioxidant properties of cornmeal-based extrudates with carrot powder. WAI, WSI
44  2017 Effects of first radioiodine ablation on functions of salivary glands in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer. DTC, EF, UF, UI
45  2017 Effects of pump pulse extinction ratio in Brillouin optical time-domain analysis sensors. BFS, BOTDA, EDFA, EOM
46  2017 Experimental demonstration of a single silicon ring resonator with an ultra-wide FSR and tuning range. ---
47  2017 High extinction ratio electromagnetically induced transparency analogue based on the radiation suppression of dark modes. EIT, SRRs
48  2017 Long distance non-line-of-sight (NLOS) visible light signal detection based on rolling-shutter-patterning of mobile-phone camera. BC, NLOS
49  2017 Metasurface integrated high energy efficient and high linearly polarized InGaN/GaN light emitting diode. DMBiWG, EMCA, TE, TM
50  2017 Pump-degenerate phase-sensitive amplification in amorphous silicon waveguides. CW
51  2017 Radioprotective effect of vitamin E on salivary glands after radioiodine therapy for differentiated thyroid cancer: a randomized-controlled trial. EF, UF, UI
52  2017 Sieving and extraction of peptides and proteins during hemofiltration: a systematic review
. MW, SC
53  2017 Ultra-broadband high-performance polarizing beam splitter on silicon. EL, PBS
54  2017 Ultraviolet polarizer with a Ge subwavelength grating. Ge-SWG
55  2016 Assessing urinary flow rate, creatinine, osmolality and other hydration adjustment methods for urinary biomonitoring using NHANES arsenic, iodine, lead and cadmium data. Cd, NHANES, UFR
56  2016 Combined effects of short-term exposure to elevated CO2 and decreased O2 on the physiology and energy budget of the thick shell mussel Mytilus coruscus. AE, CR, DO, PCA, RR, SFG
57  2016 Compact and high extinction ratio polarization beam splitter using subwavelength grating couplers. SWG
58  2016 Comparison of thresholding schemes for visible light communication using mobile-phone image sensor. CMOS, VLC
59  2016 Cost-effective coherent ONU transceiver based on single directly modulated laser. DML, FO, LO, ONU, RB, UDWDM-PON
60  2016 Defatted flaxseed meal incorporated corn-rice flour blend based extruded product by response surface methodology. BS, CCRD, DFM, OAA, RSM, WSI
61  2016 Design and numerical study of a compact, broadband and low-loss TE-pass polarizer using transparent conducting oxides. ENZ, TCOs
62  2016 Electromagnetically induced transparency-like effect in microring-Bragg gratings based coupling resonant system. APMR-BG, EIT, FP, FWHM, IL, Q-factor, SOI
63  2016 Growth characteristics of Porites lutea skeleton in east sea area of Hainan Island, China and main affecting environmental factors. CR, SST
64  2016 Healthy Ready-to-Eat Expanded Snack with High Nutritional and Antioxidant Value Produced from Whole Amarantin Transgenic Maize and Black Common Bean. AoxA, BD, ORAC, RSM, TE
65  2016 Influence of finite extinction ratio on performance of phase-sensitive optical time-domain reflectometry. EOM, Phi-OTDR
66  2016 Manipulation of beat length and wavelength dependence of a polarization beam splitter using a subwavelength grating. SWG
67  2016 Medium-term CT evaluation of stent geometry, integrity, and valve function of the Edwards SAPIEN transcatheter heart valve in the pulmonary position. MDCT, RVOT, THV
68  2016 New time-space-time optical packet switching node based on nonlinear polarization rotation of a semiconductor optical amplifier. LEF, NPR, SNR, SOA, T-S-T
69  2016 Performance analysis of an all-optical logic gate based on a single I/Q modulator with direct detection. MZMs
70  2016 Performance evaluations of hybrid modulation with different optical labels over PDQ in high bit-rate OLS network systems. DB, OLS, PPM
71  2016 RGB visible light communication using mobile-phone camera and multi-input multi-output. ICI, LEDs, MIMO, RGB, VLC, WDM
72  2016 Seawater acidification affects the physiological energetics and spawning capacity of the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum during gonadal maturation. CR, RR, SFG
73  2016 The Effects of CO2 Injection and Barrel Temperatures on the Physiochemical and Antioxidant Properties of Extruded Cereals. DPPH, PD, RS, TFC, TPC
74  2015 Broadband and wide angle infrared wire-grid polarizer. MIM, MP
75  2015 Development of flaxseed fortified rice - corn flour blend based extruded product by response surface methodology. BD, BS, CCRD, OAA, RFF, RSM
76  2015 Dynamically reconfigurable nanoscale modulators utilizing coupled hybrid plasmonics. ENZ, IL, ITO
77  2015 Effect of Chirality on Common in Vitro Experiments: An Enantiomeric Pair Analysis. ---
78  2015 Glomerular filtration rate, urine production, and fractional clearance of electrolytes in acute kidney injury in dogs and their association with survival. AKI, FC, GFR
79  2015 Influence of spatial incident angles on polarizer with a slit in grooved metal slabs for terahertz communication. ---
80  2015 Metal-VO2 hybrid grating structure for a terahertz active switchable linear polarizer. DOP, MD, THz
81  2015 Modulation of P-glycoprotein at the Human Blood-Brain Barrier by Quinidine or Rifampin Treatment: A Positron Emission Tomography Imaging Study. BBB, CBF, CNS
82  2015 Organic anion-transporting polypeptides contribute to the hepatic uptake of berberine. OCT
83  2015 Physiological energetics of the thick shell mussel Mytilus coruscus exposed to seawater acidification and thermal stress. AEs, CRs, RRs, SFG
84  2015 Sensitivity penalty induced by non-ideal dual polarization downconverter in digital coherent receivers. DP, PBS
85  2015 Silicon photonic receiver and transmitter operating up to 36 Gb/s for lamda~1550 nm. BER, Ge PD, MZM
86  2015 Spiral Bragg grating waveguides for TM mode silicon photonics. BGWs, SOI, TE, TM
87  2015 Ultra-compact resonant tunneling-based TE-pass and TM-pass polarizers for SOI platform. IL, RL, TE, TM
88  2014 All-optically reconfigurable and tunable fiber surface grating for in-fiber devices: a wideband tunable filter. FSG, FWHM, LPFSG, PLCH, SPF, SPFSG
89  2014 Compact polarization rotator for silicon-based slot waveguide structures. LCs, PR, TE
90  2014 Electro-absorption optical modulator using dual-graphene-on-graphene configuration. EMI, GOG, SOI
91  2014 FTIR characterization of protein-polysaccharide interactions in extruded blends. MC, PD, SME, TSM
92  2014 Investigation of residual core ellipticity induced nonreciprocity in air-core photonic bandgap fiber optical gyroscope. PBF, PBFOG
93  2014 Optically-controlled extinction ratio and Q-factor tunable silicon microring resonators based on optical forces. controlling waveguide
94  2014 Symmetric 40-Gb/s TWDM-PON with 51-dB loss budget by using a single SOA as preamplifier, booster and format converter in ONU. DML, EDFA, EML, OLT, ONU, OOK, PSK, SOA, SPM, TWDM-PON
95  2014 [Effect of Tongfu Jinghua Decoction on hemodynamics and tissue oxygen metabolism in patients with post-traumatic sepsis shock]. CI, CO, CVP, HR, MAP, SVR, TJD
96  2013 Broadband 8 mum long hybrid silicon-plasmonic transverse magnetic-transverse electric converter with losses below 2 dB. IL
97  2013 Coherently wavelength injection-locking a 600-mum long cavity colorless laser diode for 16-QAM OFDM at 12 Gbit/s over 25-km SMF. EVM, SMSR
98  2013 Design of a silicon Mach-Zehnder modulator with a U-type PN junction. ---
99  2013 Effect of P-glycoprotein on the rat intestinal permeability and metabolism of the BDDCS class 1 drug verapamil. BDDCS, KRB, P-gp
100  2013 Simultaneous DPSK demodulation and chirp management using delay interferometer in symmetric 40-Gb/s capability TWDM-PON system. DI, DPSK, SMF, TWDM-PON