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Abbreviation : ES
Long Form : electrospun
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Enhanced Neuronal Differentiation of Neural Stem Cells with Mechanically Enhanced Touch-Spun Nanofibrous Scaffolds. PCL, TS
2019 Intrinsic Vascularization of Recombinant eADF4(C16) Spider Silk Matrices in the Arteriovenous Loop Model. AV, WS
2019 Nanostructured and Photochromic Material for Environmental Detection of Metal Ions. DSA, DSC, PCL, SEM, TGA
2019 PLA Electrospun Scaffolds for Three-Dimensional Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cell Culture. BCSC, CSCs, PLA, TNBC
2018 Electrospun Patch Functionalized with Nanoparticles Allows for Spatiotemporal Release of VEGF and PDGF-BB Promoting In Vivo Neovascularization. PDGF, PLGA, pSi, VEGF
2018 Emulsion Electrospinning of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Nanofibrous Membranes for High-Performance Triboelectric Nanogenerators. EFM, PA6, PTFE, PTFE/PEO, TENGs
2018 Functionalization of silk fibroin through anionic fibroin derived polypeptides. MSCs, SBF, SF
2018 Mussel-inspired conductive nanofibrous membranes repair myocardial infarction by enhancing cardiac function and revascularization. CMs, dopa-based, dopamine-MBA, ECP, PCL, PPy
2018 Novel Multifunctional Luminescent Electrospun Fluorescent Nanofiber Chemosensor-Filters and Their Versatile Sensing of pH, Temperature, and Metal Ions. EDTA, HTM
10  2018 Synthesis, Spectral and Photophysical Properties of Anthracene Substituted Phthalocyanines; A Study as Polyurethane Electrospun Nanofibers. Pcs
11  2017 Biomimetic nanofibers can construct effective tissue-engineered intervertebral discs for therapeutic implantation. AF, IVD, NP, PCL, TE
12  2017 Novel Magnet and Thermoresponsive Chemosensory Electrospinning Fluorescent Nanofibers and Their Sensing Capability for Metal Ions. NPs
13  2017 RGB-Switchable Porous Electrospun Nanofiber Chemoprobe-Filter Prepared from Multifunctional Copolymers for Versatile Sensing of pH and Heavy Metals. FRET, RGB
14  2016 Hybrid small-diameter vascular grafts: Anti-expansion effect of electrospun poly epsilon-caprolactone on heparin-coated decellularized matrices. HTEV, PCL, SDVGs
15  2016 Repair of Avascular Meniscus Tears with Electrospun Collagen Scaffolds Seeded with Human Cells. ---
16  2015 Meniscus tissue engineering using a novel combination of electrospun scaffolds and human meniscus cells embedded within an extracellular matrix hydrogel. ECM, OA, PCR, PLA, SEM
17  2015 Novel highly selective and reversible chemosensors based on dual-ratiometric fluorescent electrospun nanofibers with pH- and Fe(3+)-modulated multicolor fluorescence emission. FRET
18  2014 Engineering interaction between bone marrow derived endothelial cells and electrospun surfaces for artificial vascular graft applications. BMEC, PVDF-HFP, SC, SDAVG
19  2014 Interaction of platelets with poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) electrospun surfaces. PVDF-HFP, SC, ToF-SIMS
20  2014 Mesosilica-coated ultrafine fibers for highly efficient laccase encapsulation. BBKN-R
21  2013 Near superhydrophobic fibrous scaffold for endothelialization: fabrication, characterization and cellular activities. ---
22  2013 Novel high-efficiency PL polyimide nanofiber containing aggregation-induced emission (AIE)-active cyanotriphenylamine luminogen. AIE
23  2013 Novel spider-web-like nanoporous networks based on jute cellulose nanowhiskers. JCNs, TEMPO
24  2013 Tissue engineering the retinal ganglion cell nerve fiber layer. RGC
25  2012 Electrospun fiber template for replica molding of microtopographical neural growth guidance. PDMS
26  2012 Synthesis, morphology, and sensory applications of multifunctional rod-coil-coil triblock copolymers and their electrospun nanofibers. PF-b-PNIPAAm-b-PNMA
27  2011 Enhanced mechanical properties of electrospun nano-fibers through NaCl mediation. PMMA
28  2011 Self-assembly of graphene onto electrospun polyamide 66 nanofibers as transparent conductive thin films. GNs, GO, PA66, PVP-GO
29  2010 Fabrication and in vitro and in vivo cell infiltration study of a bilayered cryogenic electrospun poly(D,L-lactide) scaffold. BLES, CES
30  2010 Morphology and pH Sensing Characteristics of New Luminescent Electrospun Fibers Prepared from Poly(phenylquinoline)-block-Polystyrene/Polystyrene Blends. CB, PPQ-b-PS, PS
31  2010 Thermoresponsive luminescent electrospun fibers prepared from poly(DMAEMA-co-SA-co-StFl) multifunctional random copolymers. LCST, PL
32  2009 Incorporation of electrospun nanofibrous PVDF membranes into a microfluidic chip assembled by PDMS and scotch tape for immunoassays. ---
33  2008 Influence of electrospun collagen on wound contraction of engineered skin substitutes. ECSS, FCSS, FD