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Abbreviation : ET
Long Form : electron transfer
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Complementary Effect of Intra- and Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonds on Electron Transfer in beta-Hydroxy-Anthraquinone Derivatives. ACN, AQ, HBs
2020 Defining a standardized methodology for the determination of the antioxidant capacity: case study of Pistacia atlantica leaves. ABTS, DMPD, DPPH, HAT, PLS, RPC
2020 DFT characterization and design of anthracene-based molecules for improving spectra and charge transfer. CDD, DFT, DSSCs, LHE, PDOS, TDDFT
2020 Electron Transfer in Nitrogenase. ---
2020 Electron Transfer Kinetics in a Deep Eutectic Solvent. ---
2020 Electron-Transfer and Redox Reactivity of High-Valent Iron Imido and Oxo Complexes with the Formal Oxidation States of Five and Six. HAT, NT, OAT
2020 Exploring the mechanism of olfactory recognition in the initial stage by modeling the emission spectrum of electron transfer. ORs
2020 Free Energy Dependence of Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Octathiophene-Diimide Dyads. BDI, NDI, NI, TA
2020 High-Resolution Respirometry in Assessment of Mitochondrial Function in Neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y Intact Cells. ATP, ETS
10  2020 Light-driven carbon-carbon bond formation via CO2 reduction catalyzed by complexes of CdS nanorods and a 2-oxoacid oxidoreductase. CdS NRs, SCoA
11  2020 Light-Induced Nanosecond Relaxation Dynamics of Rhenium-Labeled Pseudomonas aeruginosa Azurins. ---
12  2020 Nonequilibrium dynamics of photoinduced forward and backward electron transfer reactions. BET, FET
13  2020 Polyethylene glycols affect electron transfer rate in phenosafranin-DNA complex. CT, EG, fs, PEG, ps, PSF
14  2020 Study of effectiveness of pyrene concentration dependence on the kinetics of electron transfer process with N,N-dimethylaniline in condensed phase. TCSPC
15  2020 Switching sides-Reengineered primary charge separation in the bacterial photosynthetic reaction center. RC
16  2020 Tuning Electron-Transfer Reactivity of a Chromium(III)-Superoxo Complex Enabled by Calcium Ion and Other Redox-Inactive Metal Ions. MCET, OEC
17  2019 A molecular density functional theory approach to electron transfer reactions. ---
18  2019 A novel fluorescent nanosensor based on small-sized conjugated polyelectrolyte dots for ultrasensitive detection of phytic acid. PA
19  2019 A simple and highly selective electrochemical label-free aptasensor of 17beta-estradiol based on signal amplification of bi-functional graphene. MCH, SAM
20  2019 A wide-range of redox states of core-modified expanded porphyrinoids. PCET
21  2019 Assessing Possible Mechanisms of Micrometer-Scale Electron Transfer in Heme-Free Geobacter sulfurreducens Pili. Phe, Tyr
22  2019 Characterization of a New Electron Donor-Acceptor Dyad in Conventional Solvents and Ionic Liquids. ---
23  2019 Chemisorption of Atomically Precise 42-Carbon Graphene Quantum Dots on Metal Oxide Films Greatly Accelerates Interfacial Electron Transfer. DFT, GQDs
24  2019 CNT-Intertwined Polymer Electrode toward the Practical Application of Wearable Devices. CNT, PI
25  2019 Composition effect on the carrier dynamics and catalytic performance of CuInS2/ZnS quantum dots for light driven hydrogen generation. HER, QDs
26  2019 Crystal structure of bacterial cytochrome bc 1 in complex with azoxystrobin reveals a conformational switch of the Rieske iron-sulfur protein subunit. cyt bc 1, ISP
27  2019 Cytochrome P450-The Wonderful Nanomachine Revealed through Dynamic Simulations of the Catalytic Cycle. CYP450, MD, QM/MM
28  2019 Deciphering optimal biostimulation strategy of supplementing anthocyanin-abundant plant extracts for bioelectricity extraction in microbial fuel cells. ATP, MFCs, RMs
29  2019 Defect-Driven Heterogeneous Electron Transfer between an Individual Graphene Sheet and Electrode. ---
30  2019 Determination of Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Reorganization Energies with Application to Water Oxidation Catalysts. PCET
31  2019 Directional Preference of DNA-Mediated Electron Transfer in Gold-Tethered DNA Duplexes: Is DNA a Molecular Rectifier? MB
32  2019 Discrete Ligand Binding and Electron Transfer Properties of ba3-Cytochrome c Oxidase from Thermus thermophilus: Evolutionary Adaption to Low Oxygen and High Temperature Environments. Cco, FR, FTIR, MV
33  2019 Dissecting the cytochrome c 2-reaction centre interaction in bacterial photosynthesis using single molecule force spectroscopy. RC
34  2019 Dynamics Properties of Photosynthetic Microorganisms Probed by Incoherent Neutron Scattering. PQ
35  2019 Electron Transfer in DNA at Electrified Interfaces. ---
36  2019 Electron transfer in extended systems: characterization by periodic density functional theory including the electronic coupling. CDFT, DFT, HF
37  2019 Electronic Coupling and Electron Transfer between Two Mo2 Units through meta- and para-Phenylene Bridges. EC
38  2019 Energetics and Dynamics of Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in the NADH/FMN Site of Respiratory Complex I. PCET
39  2019 Energy Transfer to Ni-Amine Complexes in Dual Catalytic, Light-Driven C-N Cross-Coupling Reactions. EnT, PC
40  2019 Engineering opposite electronic polarization of singlet and triplet states increases the yield of high-energy photoproducts. D-A
41  2019 Ergodicity-Breaking in Thermal Biological Electron Transfer? Cytochrome C Revisited. ---
42  2019 Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity of Cis/Trans-N-Phenyl-1,4,4a,5,8,8a-Hexahydro-3,1-Benzoxazin-2-Imines. AAPH, ABTS, DPPH
43  2019 Excited state intramolecular proton transfer in hydroxyanthraquinones: Toward predicting fading of organic red colorants in art. ---
44  2019 Fine Tuning of Functional Features of the CuA Site by Loop-Directed Mutagenesis. ---
45  2019 Fractional electron transfer kinetics and a quantum breaking of ergodicity. ---
46  2019 From Fundamental Theories to Quantum Coherences in Electron Transfer. ---
47  2019 Fundamental electron-transfer and proton-coupled electron-transfer properties of Ru(iv)-oxo complexes. PCET
48  2019 Influence of Hydrogen Bonds on the Electron-Phonon Coupling Strength/Marker Mode Structure and Charge Separation Rates in Reaction Centers from Rhodobacter sphaeroides. EET, HB
49  2019 Intramolecular Electron Transfer Governs Photoinduced Hydrogen Evolution by Nickel-Substituted Rubredoxin: Resolving Elementary Steps in Solar Fuel Generation. ---
50  2019 Is the Oil | Water Interface the Simplest and Best Suited Model for Understanding Biomembranes? IT, SAM
51  2019 Kinetics of trifurcated electron flow in the decaheme bacterial proteins MtrC and MtrF. ---
52  2019 Lattice Water Controlled Photo- and Thermochromism of N-Protonated Carbomethoxypyridinium Iodoargentate Hybrids. CT
53  2019 Mechanistic Insight into Dioxygen Evolution from Diastereomeric mu-Peroxo Dinuclear Co(III) Complexes Based on Stoichiometric Electron-Transfer Oxidation. EPR, RR, TPA
54  2019 Mechanistic Studies of Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in a Calorimetry Cell. cyt c, ITC, PCET, PT
55  2019 Metal Nanoparticle Enhancement of Electron Transfer to Tethered Redox Centers through Self-Assembled Molecular Films. ---
56  2019 Mitochondrial Function in the Kidney and Heart, but Not the Brain, is Mainly Altered in an Experimental Model of Endotoxaemia. LPS, OXPHOS
57  2019 Modelling electron transfer in photosystem I: limits and perspectives. PSI
58  2019 Modulating Electron Transfer in an Organic Reaction via Chemical Group Modification of the Photocatalyst. Py's
59  2019 Molecular mechanism of metabolic NAD(P)H-dependent electron-transfer systems: The role of redox cofactors. cryo-EM, cyt b5, cyt P450, MS, NOS
60  2019 Multiphoton Excitation of CsPbBr3 Perovskite Quantum Dots (PQDs): How Many Electrons Can One PQD Donate to Multiple Molecular Acceptors? AQs, MESs, PQD, PQDs
61  2019 Nanoparticles as energy donors and acceptors in bionanohybrid systems. FRET
62  2019 New Insights into the Electron-Collection Efficiency Improvement of CdS-Sensitized TiO2 Nanorod Photoelectrodes by Interfacial Seed-Layer Mediation. eEC, FTO, NRs, PEC, QDs
63  2019 Peculiar Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Porphyrin-Fullerene Akamptisomers. ---
64  2019 Persistent Room-Temperature Radicals from Anionic Naphthalimides: Spin Pairing and Supramolecular Chemistry. EPR, ICT, NNIs
65  2019 Phenothiazines and phenoxazines: as electron transfer mediators for ferritin iron release. ---
66  2019 Photochromic Lanthanide(III) Materials with Ion Sensing Based on Pyridinium Tetrazolate Zwitterion. mptz
67  2019 Photoinduced electron transfer in 5-bromouracil labeled DNA. A contrathermodynamic mechanism revisited by electron transfer theories. BrU, DFT
68  2019 Photoinduced electron transfer within supramolecular hemoprotein co-assemblies and heterodimers containing Fe and Zn porphyrins. CR, CS, Cyt b562
69  2019 Photosynthesis supported by a chlorophyll f-dependent, entropy-driven uphill energy transfer in Halomicronema hongdechloris cells adapted to far-red light. Chl, DAS, EET, PBSs, PS
70  2019 Picosecond multi-hole transfer and microsecond charge-separated states at the perovskite nanocrystal/tetracene interface. HT, NCs
71  2019 Porphyrinic Probe for Fluorescence "Turn-On" Monitoring of Cu+ in Aqueous Buffer and Mitochondria. ---
72  2019 Potential-Driven Electron Transfer Lowers the Dissociation Energy of the C-F Bond and Facilitates Reductive Defluorination of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS). PFAS, PFOS
73  2019 Pressure-Induced Tunable Electron Transfer and Auger Recombination Rates in CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dot-Anthraquinone Complexes. AQ, AR, QDs
74  2019 Printable UV-Light Sensor for Human Eye Protection. ---
75  2019 Proton-Coupled Oxidation of Aldimines and Stabilization of H-Bonded Phenoxyl Radical-Phenol Skeletons. CPET, CVs, ILCT, IVCT
76  2019 Quantum biological tunnel junction for electron transfer imaging in live cells. QBET
77  2019 Quantum Coherence Enhances Electron Transfer Rates to Two Equivalent Electron Acceptors. BQ, D-A
78  2019 Redox Reactivity of a Mononuclear Manganese-Oxo Complex Binding Calcium Ion and Other Redox-Inactive Metal Ions. HAT, OAT
79  2019 Reevaluating the effects of reorganization energy on electron transfer rate for quantum dot-molecular acceptor complexes in different solvents. 1-CAQ, QD
80  2019 Regioselective Oxybromination of Benzene and Its Derivatives by Bromide Anion with a Mononuclear Nonheme Mn(IV)-Oxo Complex. ---
81  2019 Regioselective Ultrafast Photoinduced Electron Transfer from Naphthols to Halocarbon Solvents. ---
82  2019 Role of Electrostatics in Influencing the Pathway by Which the Excited State of [Ru(bpy)3]2+ Is Deactivated by Ferrocene Derivatives. ACN, D-A, DMF, DMSO, EnT, Fc, TA
83  2019 Sensing by wireless reading Ag/AgCl redox conversion on RFID tag: universal, battery-less biosensor design. HRP, IoT
84  2019 Single-molecule study of redox control involved in establishing the spinach plastocyanin-cytochrome b6f electron transfer complex. AFM, cyt b6f, PC, PF-QNM, PSI
85  2019 Small Reorganization Energy for Ligand-Centered Electron-Transfer Reduction of Compound I to Compound II in a Heme Model Study. Cpd I
86  2019 Spin effects as a tool to study photoinduced processes in (S/R)-ketoprofen-(S)-N-methylpyrrolidine dyads. BR, BZI, CIDEP, CIDNP, HT
87  2019 Stoichiometric Formation of Open-Shell [PtAu24(SC2H4Ph)18]- via Spontaneous Electron Proportionation between [PtAu24(SC2H4Ph)18]2- and [PtAu24(SC2H4Ph)18]0. ---
88  2019 The Impact of Huge Structural Changes on Electron Transfer and Measurement of Redox Potentials: Reduction of ortho-12-Carborane. ---
89  2019 The influence of the shape of Au nanoparticles on the catalytic current of fructose dehydrogenase. FDH, NPs, RDE
90  2019 Tunable electron transfer rate in a CdSe/ZnS-based complex with different anthraquinone chloride substitutes. AQ, QDs
91  2019 Tuning Radical Relay Residues by Proton Management Rescues Protein Electron Hopping. Cc, CcP, PS, RNR
92  2019 Tyrosine, cysteine, and proton coupled electron transfer in a ribonucleotide reductase-inspired beta hairpin maquette. Cha, PCET, RNR
93  2019 Ultrafast Oxidation of a Tyrosine by Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer Promotes Light Activation of an Animal-like Cryptochrome. ---
94  2019 Understanding Short-Range Electron-Transfer Dynamics in Proteins. ---
95  2019 Versatile and Switchable Responsive Properties of a Lanthanide-Viologen Metal-Organic Framework. CT, MOFs
96  2019 Why Are DNA and Protein Electron Transfer So Different? NA
97  2018 1,5-Diaminonaphtalene is a Highly Performing Electron-Transfer Secondary-Reaction Matrix for Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry of Indolenine-Based Croconaines. 9AA, Br, CHCA, DAN, DHB, MALDI, MS
98  2018 2-Phenyl-4,4,5,5-tetramethylimidazoline-1-oxyl 3-oxide Radical (PTIO•) Trapping Activity and Mechanisms of 16 Phenolic Xanthones. ---
99  2018 A dual response fluorescent sensor for HNO and S2- ions using a Cu(ii) complex based probe assisted by detailed DFT studies. FI, MS
100  2018 A Kinetic Approach of DPPH Free Radical Assay of Ferulate-Based Protic Ionic Liquids (PILs). 2BAEF, 3DEAPF, 3DMAPF, AE, DPPH, FA, HAT, PILs