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Abbreviation : ET
Long Form : esotropia
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Topographical profiles of macula and optic nerve head in concomitant strabismus patients as measured using OCT and CSLO. CLM, cSLO, GCL, INL, IRLs, IXT, OCT, ONH, ORLs, RNFL, SD
2020 Vertical rectus muscle union combined with lateral rectus plication for complete abducens nerve palsy. btx, LR, MR, PD, VR
2019 Faden operation in consecutive esotropia. BLR, MR
2019 Slanted versus Augmented Recession for Horizontal Strabismus. PD
2019 The Danish Rural Eye Study: prevalence of strabismus among 3785 Danish adults - a population-based cross-sectional study. ---
2019 The difference of surgical outcomes between manifest exotropia and esotropia. ---
2018 High prevalence of strabismic visual field expansion in pediatric homonymous hemianopia. ---
2018 Intraoperative relaxed muscle positioning technique results in a tertiary Center for Thyroid Orbitopathy Related Strabismus. IRMP, IRR, MRR, PD
2018 Reoperation in Horizontal Strabismus and its Related Risk Factors. DVD, LR, MR, PD
10  2018 The prevalence of strabismus types in strabismic Iranian patients. ---
11  2017 Bimedial rectus muscle elongation versus bimedial rectus muscle recession for the surgical treatment of large-angle infantile esotropia. BMRE, BMRR, PD
12  2017 Inferior Rectus Transposition: A Novel Procedure for Abducens Palsy. IRT
13  2017 Medial and Lateral Rectus Muscle Insertion Distance and Width in Esotropia and Exotropia Patients. LR, MR
14  2017 Ocular manifestations in Edward's syndrome, a case report and literature review. ---
15  2017 Pedigree Analysis of Familial Primary Concomitant Horizontal Strabismus in Northern India. NGS, OPD
16  2017 Prognostic preoperative factors for successful outcome of surgery in horizontal strabismus. MLR, OR, UAs, VA
17  2017 Wright central plication of lateral rectus versus standard medial rectus recession in adult divergence insufficiency esotropia. ADIE, LRCP, MRR
18  2016 Congenitally Impaired Disparity Vergence in Children With Infantile Esotropia. ---
19  2016 Long-term motor and sensory outcomes after surgery for infantile esotropia. BMR, DVD
20  2016 Longitudinal Development of Refractive Error in Children With Accommodative Esotropia: Onset, Amblyopia, and Anisometropia. SEQ
21  2016 Optic Nerve Sheath as a Novel Mechanical Load on the Globe in Ocular Duction. AL, MRI, ON
22  2016 Stereoscopic perception of 3-D images by patients after surgery for esotropia. ---
23  2016 Surgical Responses of Medial Rectus Muscle Recession in Thyroid Eye Disease-Related Esotropia. MR, TED
24  2015 Adjustable versus non-adjustable suture techniques for concomitant horizontal strabismus: a comparative study. PD
25  2015 Changes in refractive error in patients with accommodative esotropia after being weaned from hyperopic correction. AC/A, AET, SE
26  2015 Medial rectus muscle elongation, a technique to treat very large-angle esotropia. LR, MRE
27  2015 Modified Y-splitting Procedure for the Treatment of Duane Retraction Syndrome. DRS, PD
28  2015 P100 Wave Latency in Anisometropic and Esotropic Amblyopia versus Normal Eyes. AM, PVEPs, VA
29  2015 Results of conservative management for consecutive esotropia after intermittent exotropia surgery. IXT
30  2014 Consecutive exotropia: risk factor analysis and management outcomes. BMR
31  2014 Effects of extraocular muscle surgery in children with monocular blindness and bilateral nystagmus. AHP, FMNS
32  2014 Gain beyond cosmesis: demonstration of psychosocial and functional gains following successful strabismus surgery using the adult strabismus questionnaire adult strabismus 20. AS-20, FSSs, OASs, PSSs
33  2014 Horizontal muscle transposition or oblique muscle weakening for the correction of V pattern? ---
34  2013 Applicability of scanning laser ophthalmoscopy microperimetry on the fixation patterns of monofixation syndrome. MP, PD, SLO
35  2013 Distance esotropia in the elderly. PD
36  2013 Effectivity of intraoperative adjustable suture technique in horizontal strabismus. ASG, TSG
37  2013 The advancement of the medial rectus muscle for consecutive exotropia. MR, PD
38  2013 Unilateral lateral rectus advancement with medial rectus recession vs bilateral medial rectus recession for consecutive esotropia. LR, MR
39  2012 Medial rectus recession is as effective as lateral rectus resection in divergence paralysis esotropia. DPE, LR, MR
40  2012 Vision therapy management for dissociated horizontal deviation. DHD, VT
41  2011 Augmented medial rectus recession, medial rectus recession plus Faden, and slanted medial rectus recession for convergence excess esotropia. ---
42  2011 Consecutive exotropia after surgical treatment of childhood esotropia: a 40-year follow-up study. ---
43  2011 Diagnosis and surgical treatment of dissociated horizontal deviation strabismus. DHD, DVD, RFT
44  2011 Influence of the direction of eye turn on the appearance of strabismus. ---
45  2010 Development of anisometropia in patients after surgery for esotropia. ---
46  2010 Lateral rectus resection strabismus surgery in unilateral duane syndrome with esotropia and limited abduction. DRS, MR
47  2010 Longitudinal changes in refractive error of children with infantile esotropia. ---
48  2010 Sensorial strabismus due to congenital toxoplasmosis. Is it an eso- or exotropia? ---
49  2008 Monocular fixation with the optic nerve head: a case report. ONH
50  2008 Prevalence of horizontal deviation pattern changes with measurements in extreme gazes. PD
51  2007 Consecutive esotropia in intermittent exotropia patients with immediate postoperative overcorrection more than 17 prism diopters. LROU-rec, PD
52  2007 Pervasive ocular anomalies in posterior microphthalmos. VA
53  2007 Progression of intermittent, small-angle, and variable esotropia in infancy. CI, pd
54  2007 [Simplified intraoperative adjustable suture technique for horizontal strabismus surgery: a study of 153 cases]. ---
55  2007 [Strabismus and congenital cataracts]. DVD
56  2005 Motion detection in normal infants and young patients with infantile esotropia. ---
57  2004 Medial rectus pulley posterior fixation is as effective as scleral posterior fixation for acquired esotropia with a high AC/A ratio. AC/A, MR
58  2004 Medial rectus pulley posterior fixation: a novel technique to augment recession. MR
59  2004 Stereopsis and long-term stability of alignment in esotropia. CI
60  2003 Marshall Parks lecture. Binocular sensory outcomes in accommodative ET. ---
61  2003 Risk factors for abnormal binocular vision after successful alignment of accommodative esotropia. AC/A, mVEP
62  2003 Surgical results of patients with A-pattern horizontal strabismus. PD, SOOA
63  2002 A new dose-response curve for bilateral medial rectus recessions for infantile esotropia. ---
64  2001 Re-recession of the medial rectus muscles in patients with recurrent esotropia. MR
65  2000 Efficacy and complications of dose increments of botulinum toxin-A in the treatment of horizontal comitant strabismus. BTA, PD
66  2000 Factors influencing stereoacuity in accommodative esotropia. ---
67  2000 Motion VEPs, stereopsis, and bifoveal fusion in children with strabismus. ---
68  2000 The maximum motor fusion test: a parameter for surgery for acquired esotropia. ---
69  1999 Strabismus surgery using the adjustable suture technique. ---
70  1996 [Strabismus and Williams-Beuren syndrome. Presentation of 3 operated cases]. WBS
71  1991 Stability of the postoperative alignment in adjustable-suture strabismus surgery. HT
72  1990 [Differential diagnosis of primary microtropia and annisometropic amblyopia using the biprisms test]. ---