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Abbreviation : ETP
Long Form : endogenous thrombin potential
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A mathematical model to quantify the effects of platelet count, shear rate, and injury size on the initiation of blood coagulation under venous flow conditions. VTE
2020 A new paradigm for personalized prophylaxis for patients with severe haemophilia A. PD, PK
2020 A novel mechanism of ACE inhibition-associated enhanced platelet reactivity: disproof of the ARB-MI paradox? ACEI, ARB, LTA, MoA, PAR, RAAS
2020 Antibody profiles comprising anti phosphatidylserine/prothrombin differently affect thrombin generation and protein C resistance in antiphospholipid antibody carriers. aPL, aPL, APS, TG
2020 Association between lower plasma adiponectin levels and higher plasma thrombin generation parameters in men with type 2 diabetes: role of plasma triglycerides. LT, PH, T2DM
2020 Association of NT-proBNP and GDF-15 with markers of a prothrombotic state in patients with atrial fibrillation off anticoagulation. AF, CI, CLT, GDF15, MIC-1, NT-proBNP
2020 Chronic Kidney Disease and Its Impact on a Prothrombotic State in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation. AF, CI, CKD, CLT, eGFR, OR
2020 Coagulation factors and fibrinolytic activity in the left atrial appendage and other heart chambers in patients with atrial fibrillation: is there a local intracardiac prothrombotic state? (HEART-CLOT study). AF, CLT, LA, LAA, LV, RA, RV
2020 Coagulation Profiles of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Patients, Assessed by Non-Conventional Hemostatic Tests and Markers of Platelet Activation and Endothelial Dysfunction. LTA, PAH, PFA-100, ROTEM
10  2020 Diagnostic Accuracy in Acute Venous Thromboembolism: Comparing D-Dimer, Thrombin Generation, Overall Hemostatic Potential, and Fibrin Monomers. AUC, FM, OHP, VTE
11  2020 Differential effects of direct factor IIa and factor Xa inhibitors in protein C-deficient plasma detected using thrombin generation and viscoelastometry assays. PC, PTC
12  2020 Effects of rivaroxaban and dabigatran on global hemostasis in patients with atrial fibrillation. CAT, OHP
13  2020 Elevated Lactate Levels in Acute Pulmonary Embolism Are Associated with Prothrombotic Fibrin Clot Properties: Contribution of NETs Formation. citH3, CLT, NET, PAI-1, PE
14  2020 Evaluation of global haemostatic assays and fibrin structure in patients with pre-eclampsia. OHP, P-EC, SEM
15  2020 Evaluation of the effect of a new oral contraceptive containing estetrol and drospirenone on hemostasis parameters. APCr, COC, SHBG
16  2020 Fresh frozen plasma transfusion in patients with cirrhosis and coagulopathy: Effect on conventional coagulation tests and thrombomodulin-modified thrombin generation. APTT, FFP, INR, PT
17  2020 High-intensity interval training recuperates capacity of endogenous thrombin generation in heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction. HF, HFrEF, HIIT, MPs, NC, TF, TG
18  2020 Hypercoagulability (thrombin generation) in patients with cirrhosis is detected with ST-Genesia. CAT, CP, TGAs, TM
19  2020 ImpaCt of aspirin regimen on THrombin generation in diabEtic patients with acute coronary syndrome: CARTHaGE-ACS trial. NSTE-ACS
20  2020 Investigation of patients with unclassified bleeding disorder and abnormal thrombin generation for physiological coagulation inhibitors reveals multiple abnormalities and a subset of patients with increased tissue factor pathway inhibitor activity. CTI, TFPI, UBD
21  2020 Kaolin, used to trigger coagulation in thrombin generation test, increases sensitivity of the method in hemophilia patients. rVIIa, TF, TGT
22  2020 Nephrotic syndrome-associated hypercoagulopathy is alleviated by both pioglitazone and glucocorticoid which target two different nuclear receptors. ALB, AT, GC, MP, NS, PIO, SRNS, SSNS
23  2020 Overall hemostasis potential and aPTT-clot waveform analysis as powerful laboratory diagnostic tools for identification of hemophilia A patients with unexpected bleeding phenotype. aPTT-CWA, HA, OHP
24  2020 Procoagulant imbalance in preterm neonates detected by thrombin generation procedures. FFP, PT, APTT
25  2020 Proof of concept of a new scale for the harmonization and the standardization of the ETP-based APC resistance. APCR, nAPCsr
26  2020 Prothrombotic fibrin clot properties associated with NETs formation characterize acute pulmonary embolism patients with higher mortality risk. citH3, CLT, PAI-1, PE
27  2020 Rivaroxaban and Dabigatran for Suppression of Mechanical Heart Valve-Induced Thrombin Generation. MHVs, SRSs
28  2020 The effect of pH on thrombin generation-An unrecognized potential source of variation. CAT
29  2020 The haemostatic system in acromegaly: a single-centre case-control study. ---
30  2020 Thrombin generation in different commercial sodium citrate blood tubes. LT, PH, TP
31  2020 Validation and standardization of the ETP-based activated protein C resistance test for the clinical investigation of steroid contraceptives in women: an unmet clinical and regulatory need. APCR, CHC
32  2019 A comparison of haemostatic biomarkers during low-risk patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass using either conventional centrifugal cell salvage or the HemoSep device. APTT, CPB, FBC, PT
33  2019 A novel, point-of-care, whole-blood assay utilizing dielectric spectroscopy is sensitive to coagulation factor replacement therapy in haemophilia A patients. CT, ROTEM, TEG, TGA
34  2019 Analysis of Phenotype and Genotypein an Inherited Coagulation Factor VII Deficiency Pedigree. APTT, FVII, FVII, FVII, PCR, PT
35  2019 Analysis of the role of thrombomodulin in all-trans retinoic acid treatment of coagulation disorders in cancer patients. DIC, ODE, RA, TM, TMR
36  2019 Assessment of hemostatic disturbances in women with established rheumatoid arthritis. OCP, OFP, OHP, RA, SEM, TAFI
37  2019 Assessment of the procoagulant potential and associated risk factors in pregnant patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. BMI, IBDs
38  2019 Body mass index reduction improves the baseline procoagulant imbalance of obese subjects. ---
39  2019 Cancer cell-induced neutrophil extracellular traps promote both hypercoagulability and cancer progression. CM, NETs
40  2019 Cardiovascular risk factors are important determinants of platelet-dependent thrombin generation in adult survivors of childhood cancer. CVRFs, PFP, PRP, TG
41  2019 Coagulation Factor Levels and Underlying Thrombin Generation Patterns in Adult Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Patients. AT, CI, ECMO, TG, TM, VA
42  2019 Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of Plasma Factor V Activity and Parameters in Thrombin Generation for Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation in Patients with Hematological Malignancies. AUC, DIC, ISTH, PLT, PT
43  2019 Effect of thrombopoietin receptor agonists on markers of coagulation and P-selectin in patients with immune thrombocytopenia. ITP, PAI-1, SELP, sP-selectin, TPO-RA
44  2019 Evaluation of Global Hemostatic Assays in Response to Factor VIII Inhibitors. FVIII, TEG
45  2019 Ex vivo haemostatic capacity of plasma upon thawing and beyond: a comparison between fresh frozen plasma (FFP) and frozen plasma prepared from whole blood stored at room temperature up to 24hours postcollection (RTFP24). FFP, TG
46  2019 Heparins: A Shift of Paradigm. aXa, LMWH, UFH
47  2019 Influence of hypertriglyceridemia, hyperbilirubinemia and hemolysis on thrombin generation in human plasma. LT, PH
48  2019 Is 300 Seconds ACT Safe and Efficient during MiECC Procedures? ACT, CPB, ECC, MiECC
49  2019 Is There Any Improvement of the Coagulation Imbalance in Sickle Cell Disease after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation? HSCT, NC, RETP, SCD, TG, TM
50  2019 No effect of tranexamic acid on platelet function and thrombin generation (ETAPlaT) in postpartum haemorrhage: a randomised placebo-controlled trial. ETAPlaT, PPH, TXA, vW
51  2019 Platelet and coagulation disorders in newly diagnosed patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension. EPI, IPAH, LTA, PAH, PFA-100
52  2019 Procoagulant imbalance influences cardiovascular and liver damage in chronic hepatitis C independently of steatosis. PC
53  2019 Promising biomarkers for the prediction of catheter-related venous thromboembolism in hospitalized children: An exploratory study. CVC, FVIII, MPs, TG, VTE, XACT
54  2019 Prothrombotic State in Atrial Fibrillation Patients With One Additional Risk Factor of the CHA2DS2-VASc Score (Beyond Sex). AF, CI, CLT, OR, OR
55  2019 Relation between platelet coagulant and vascular function, sex-specific analysis in adult survivors of childhood cancer compared to a population-based sample. RI, SI, TG
56  2019 Rivaroxaban pharmacodynamics in healthy volunteers evaluated with thrombin generation and the active protein C system: Modeling and assessing interindividual variability. PD, PK, TF, TG, TM
57  2019 Role of platelets in thrombin generation amongst patients with non-transfusion-dependent thalassaemia. NTDT, PPP, TG
58  2019 Role of thrombin generation assays in the diagnosis of acute myocarditis and non-ST myocardial infarction. MRI, NSTEMI
59  2019 Rosuvastatin use reduces thrombin generation potential in patients with venous thromboembolism: a randomized controlled trial. CV, START, VTE
60  2019 The relationship between coagulation disorders and the risk of bleeding in cirrhotic patients. PC
61  2019 Thrombin generation measurement using the ST Genesia Thrombin Generation System in a cohort of healthy adults: Normal values and variability. OC, PFP, TG
62  2019 Thrombin generation profile in non-thrombotic factor V Leiden carriers. DVT, FVL, TG
63  2019 Thrombin generation test for evaluating hemostatic effects of Brazilian snake venoms. APTT, PT, TGT
64  2019 Tissue factor pathway inhibitor is the main determinant of thrombin generation in haemophilic patients. HA, HB, PS, TFPI, TG
65  2018 An increased tendency in fibrinogen activity and its association with a hypo-fibrinolytic state in early stages after injury in patients without acute traumatic coagulopathy (ATC). ATC, Fbg
66  2018 Analytical and between-subject variation of thrombin generation measured by calibrated automated thrombography on plasma samples. CAT, TF, TG
67  2018 Assessment of the procoagulant potential after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: a potential role for extended thromboprophylaxis. POD
68  2018 Associations between complement pathways activity, mannose-binding lectin, and odds of unprovoked venous thromboembolism. DVT, MBL, TF, VTE
69  2018 Calibrated Automated Thrombinography (CAT), a Tool to Identify Patients at Risk of Bleeding during Anticoagulant Therapy: A Systematic Review. CAT, CAT-TG, INR
70  2018 Clinical bleeding and thrombin generation in admissions to critical care with prolonged prothrombin time: an exploratory study. PT, PTR, TG
71  2018 Clinical Determinants of Thrombin Generation Measured in Presence and Absence of Platelets-Results from the Gutenberg Health Study. CVD, CVRFs, MPV, PFP, PRP, TG
72  2018 Coagulation Factor XII Levels and Intrinsic Thrombin Generation in Multiple Sclerosis. FXII, FXII, FXII, HS, MS, TG
73  2018 Coagulation Factors and the Risk of Ischemic Heart Disease: A Mendelian Randomization Study. FVIII, IHD, LDL, PAI
74  2018 Complement component consumption in sepsis correlates better with hemostatic system parameters than with inflammatory biomarkers. APTT, AT, PC, PS, PT, TT
75  2018 Diminished coagulation capacity assessed by calibrated automated thrombography during acute Puumala hantavirus infection. CAT, PUUV-HFRS
76  2018 Effect of double-filtration plasmapheresis for antibody-mediated rejection on hemostasis parameters and thrombin generation. BP, CAMR, DFPP, DSAs, PH, PPP
77  2018 Four-factor prothrombin complex concentrate improves thrombin generation and prothrombin time in patients with bleeding complications related to rivaroxaban: a single-center pilot trial. APTT, DOACs, ICH, PCC, SDH, TG
78  2018 Global hemostatic assay of different target procoagulant activities of factor VIII and factor IX. CFC, CWA, FIX, FVIII, TEG, TGA
79  2018 Higher Preoperative Plasma Thrombin Potential in Patients Undergoing Surgery for Aortic Stenosis Compared to Surgery for Stable Coronary Artery Disease. AS, CAD, CAT, ROTEM
80  2018 Increased blood levels of cellular fibronectin in asthma: Relation to the asthma severity, inflammation, and prothrombotic blood alterations. cFN, CLT
81  2018 Increased factor VIII plays a significant role in plasma hypercoagulability phenotype of patients with cirrhosis. CTP, PC, TG, TM
82  2018 Individual thrombin generation and spontaneous bleeding rate during personalized prophylaxis with Nuwiq (human-cl rhFVIII) in previously treated patients with severe haemophilia A. FVIII, PK, sBEs
83  2018 Laboratory Assessment of the Anticoagulant Activity of Apixaban in Patients With Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation. anti-FXa, NATEM, TGA
84  2018 Longer procoagulant phospholipid-dependent clotting time, lower endogenous thrombin potential and higher tissue factor pathway inhibitor concentrations are associated with increased VTE occurrence in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma: results of the prospective ROADMAP-MM-CAT study. NDMM, Procoagulant-PPL, RAM, TFPI, VTE
85  2018 Markers of Thrombin Generation Are Associated With Long-Term Clinical Outcome in Patients With ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction. STEMI
86  2018 No Association between Thrombin Generation and Intra-Plaque Haemorrhage in Symptomatic Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaques: The Plaque at RISK (PARISK) Study. CI, IPH, LRNC, MRI, OR, PARISK, PH, TG
87  2018 Platelet activation parameters and platelet-leucocyte-conjugate formation in glioblastoma multiforme patients. GBM, S1P
88  2018 Platelet aggregation impacts thrombin generation assessed by calibrated automated thrombography. agPRP, CAT, PFP, PRP
89  2018 Procoagulant State in Current and Former Anabolic Androgenic Steroid Abusers. AAS, TFPI
90  2018 Reproducibility, stability, and biological variability of thrombin generation using calibrated automated thrombography in healthy dogs. CAT, Lag, peak
91  2018 Reversal of hypercoagulability in patients with HCV-related cirrhosis after treatment with direct-acting antivirals. DAAs, EOT, SVR
92  2018 Rivaroxaban reversal with prothrombin complex concentrate or tranexamic acid in healthy volunteers. 4F-PCC, PT, TXA
93  2018 The anticoagulant effect of dabigatran is reflected in the lag time and time-to-peak, but not in the endogenous thrombin potential or peak, of thrombin generation. alpha 2M, CAT, TG
94  2018 The effects of oral contraceptive usage on thrombin generation and activated protein C resistance in Saudi women, with a possible impact of the body mass index. APC, CAT, OC, TG, TM
95  2018 The Influence of Race on Plasma Thrombin Generation In Healthy Subjects In Singapore. CAT, TG, VTE
96  2018 The pattern and magnitude of "in vivo thrombin generation" differ in women with preeclampsia and in those with SGA fetuses without preeclampsia. LT, NP, PE, PTC, SGA, TGA, TPTC
97  2018 Thrombin generation and platelet activation in cytoreductive surgery combined with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy - A prospective cohort study. CRP, CRS, HIPEC, MCF, PACT, ROTEM, TP, TRAP, TTP
98  2018 Thrombin Generation Assay Detects Moderate-Intensity Statin-Induced Reduction of Hypercoagulability in Diabetes. APTT, NET, PT, TGA
99  2018 Thrombin generation estimates the anticoagulation effect of direct oral anticoagulants with significant interindividual variability observed. DOACs
100  2018 Thrombin generation test: A reliable tool to evaluate the pharmacodynamics of vitamin K antagonist rodenticides in rats. PD, PH, PT, TGT