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Abbreviation : EWOD
Long Form : electrowetting-on-dielectric
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Determination of Aqueous Two-Phase System Binodals and Tie-Lines by Electrowetting-on-Dielectric Droplet Manipulation. ATPSs, LLPS
2019 Droplet-Based Microfluidic Thermal Management Methods for High Performance Electronic Devices. CEW, EW
2019 Fully integrated digital microfluidics platform for automated immunoassay; A versatile tool for rapid, specific detection of a wide range of pathogens. CBW
2018 3-D manipulation of a single nano-droplet on graphene with an electrowetting driving scheme: critical condition and tunability. IHP
2018 Anisotropic Electrowetting on Wrinkled Surfaces: Enhanced Wetting and Dependency on Initial Wetting State. ---
2018 Biocompatible/Biodegradable Electrowetting on Dielectric Microfluidic Chips with Fluorinated CTA/PLGA. AC, AFM, CA, CTA, RIE, XPS
2018 DC Electrowetting of Nonaqueous Liquid Revisited by XPS. XPS
2018 Development of Coplanar Electro-Wetting Based Microfluidic Sorter to Select Micro-Particles in High Volume Throughput at Milliliter Amount within Twenty Minutes. ---
2018 Droplet Translation Actuated by Photoelectrowetting. PEW
10  2018 Droplet Velocity Measurement Based on Dielectric Layer Thickness Variation Using Digital Microfluidic Devices. DMFBs, ETFE, PTFE
11  2018 Electrowetting on 2D dielectrics: a quantum molecular dynamics investigation. CAS, h-BN, MD, WCA
12  2018 Photolithographic Patterning of Cytop with Limited Contact Angle Degradation. AFM
13  2018 Selective electrohydrodynamic concentration of waterborne parasites on a chip. ---
14  2017 A 3D microblade structure for precise and parallel droplet splitting on digital microfluidic chips. DMF
15  2017 A Study of Dip-Coatable, High-Capacitance Ion Gel Dielectrics for 3D EWOD Device Fabrication. EDL
16  2017 Axisymmetric and Nonaxisymmetric Oscillations of Sessile Compound Droplets in an Open Digital Microfluidic Platform. ---
17  2017 Dielectrowetting manipulation for digital microfluidics: creating, transporting, splitting, and merging of droplets. ---
18  2017 Equilibrium shapes of a heterogeneous bubble in an electric field: a variational formulation and numerical verifications. EHD
19  2017 Fabrication and Actuation of an Electrowetting Droplet Array on a Flexible Substrate. PDMS
20  2017 Finger-Powered Electro-Digital-Microfluidics. EPD, POC
21  2017 Frequency Dependence of Low-Voltage Electrowetting Investigated by Impedance Spectroscopy. ---
22  2017 Performance and Reliability of Electrowetting-on-Dielectric (EWOD) Systems Based on Tantalum Oxide. CA, TaOx
23  2017 Performing multi-step chemical reactions in microliter-sized droplets by leveraging a simple passive transport mechanism. PET
24  2017 Toward individually tunable compound eyes with transparent graphene electrode. PDMS
25  2017 Two-photon laser scanning microscopy with electrowetting-based prism scanning. 2PE
26  2016 3D model for rectangular electrowetting lens structures. ---
27  2016 Droplet Velocity in an Electrowetting on Dielectric Digital Microfluidic Device. ---
28  2016 Electrowetting-on-Dielectric Device Controlled by Embedded Undulating Electrode for Liquid Transport. ---
29  2016 Light-driven 3D droplet manipulation on flexible optoelectrowetting devices fabricated by a simple spin-coating method. a-Si, OEW, PEN, PET, SCOEW, TiOPc
30  2016 Low-Voltage Voltammetric Electrowetting of Graphite Surfaces by Ion Intercalation/Deintercalation. CV, HOPG
31  2016 Versatile Miniature Tunable Liquid Lenses Using Transparent Graphene Electrodes. ---
32  2015 An Ion Gel as a Low-Cost, Spin-Coatable, High-Capacitance Dielectric for Electrowetting-on-Dielectric (EWOD). EMIM, IC
33  2015 Cheerios Effect Controlled by Electrowetting. ---
34  2015 Dielectrophoresis-driven spreading of immersed liquid droplets. LF
35  2015 Digital Microfluidic Dynamic Culture of Mammalian Embryos on an Electrowetting on Dielectric (EWOD) Chip. ---
36  2015 Digital microfluidic three-dimensional cell culture and chemical screening platform using alginate hydrogels. DMF
37  2015 Fertilization of Mouse Gametes in Vitro Using a Digital Microfluidic System. DMF, IVF
38  2015 From Beetles in Nature to the Laboratory: Actuating Underwater Locomotion on Hydrophobic Surfaces. ---
39  2015 Improving the dielectric properties of an electrowetting-on-dielectric microfluidic device with a low-pressure chemical vapor deposited Si3N4 dielectric layer. LPCVD
40  2014 A fluorogenic heterogeneous immunoassay for cardiac muscle troponin cTnI on a digital microfluidic device. cTnI, ELISA
41  2014 An EWOD-based microfluidic chip for single-cell isolation, mRNA purification and subsequent multiplex qPCR. ---
42  2014 Design and analysis of a low actuation voltage electrowetting-on-dielectric microvalve for drug delivery applications. CEP, Cr, FEM, PVDF
43  2014 Efficient radiosynthesis of 3'-deoxy-3'-18F-fluorothymidine using electrowetting-on-dielectric digital microfluidic chip. ---
44  2014 Electrowetting on liquid-infused film (EWOLF): complete reversibility and controlled droplet oscillation suppression for fast optical imaging. EWOLF
45  2014 Electrowetting-on-dielectrics for manipulation of oil drops and gas bubbles in aqueous-shell compound drops. ---
46  2014 EWOD (electrowetting on dielectric) digital microfluidics powered by finger actuation. F-DMF
47  2014 Fabrication and Characterization of Flexible Electrowetting on Dielectrics (EWOD) Microlens. PDMS, USAF
48  2014 Field-programmable lab-on-a-chip based on microelectrode dot array architecture. FPLOC, MEDA
49  2014 NMR-DMF: a modular nuclear magnetic resonance-digital microfluidics system for biological assays. NMR-DMF, RF
50  2014 Optofluidic router based on tunable liquid-liquid mirrors. TIR
51  2014 Radiolabelling diverse positron emission tomography (PET) tracers using a single digital microfluidic reactor chip. PET
52  2013 Chemiluminescence detector based on a single planar transparent digital microfluidic device. ---
53  2013 Coplanar electrowetting-induced stirring as a tool to manipulate biological samples in lubricated digital microfluidics. Impact of ambient phase on drop internal flow pattern. ---
54  2013 Droplet-based microfluidics. DEP
55  2013 Fast, active droplet interaction: coalescence and reactive mixing controlled by electrowetting on a superhydrophobic surface. ---
56  2013 On-demand droplet loading for automated organic chemistry on digital microfluidics. ---
57  2013 Optimization of microfluidic PET tracer synthesis with Cerenkov imaging. DMSO
58  2012 Electrowetting on dielectric actuation of droplets with capillary electrophoretic zones for MALDI mass spectrometric analysis. DMF
59  2012 Electrowetting on dielectric experiments using graphene. ---
60  2012 Electrowetting-on-dielectric actuation of droplets with capillary electrophoretic zones for off-line mass spectrometric analysis. CE, ESI-MS
61  2012 Integrated microfluidics system using surface acoustic wave and electrowetting on dielectrics technology. SAW
62  2012 Integration of field effect transistor-based biosensors with a digital microfluidic device for a lab-on-a-chip application. FET
63  2012 Macro to microfluidics system for biological environmental monitoring. BEM
64  2012 Micro-chemical synthesis of molecular probes on an electronic microfluidic device. PET
65  2012 Wetting of solid surfaces: fundamentals and charge effects. ---
66  2011 A liquid drop RC filter apparatus for detection. CTAC, RC
67  2011 A miniature capillary breakup extensional rheometer by electrostatically assisted generation of liquid filaments. CaBER
68  2011 A model of electrowetting, reversed electrowetting, and contact angle saturation. ---
69  2011 Biofunctionalization of electrowetting-on-dielectric digital microfluidic chips for miniaturized cell-based applications. ---
70  2011 Continuous electrowetting via electrochemical diodes. ---
71  2011 Droplet-on-a-wristband: chip-to-chip digital microfluidic interfaces between replaceable and flexible electrowetting modules. DOW
72  2011 Dynamic contact angles and hysteresis under electrowetting-on-dielectric. MKT
73  2011 Effect of submicron particles on electrowetting on dielectrics (EWOD) of sessile droplets. ---
74  2011 Electrochemical detection on electrowetting-on-dielectric digital microfluidic chip. ---
75  2011 EWOD driven cleaning of bioparticles on hydrophobic and superhydrophobic surfaces. PSL
76  2011 High sensitive matrix-free mass spectrometry analysis of peptides using silicon nanowires-based digital microfluidic device. MS, SALDI
77  2011 High-speed droplet actuation on single-plate electrode arrays. ---
78  2011 On-chip characterization of cryoprotective agent mixtures using an EWOD-based digital microfluidic device. CPAs, DMSO, ETs, F/T
79  2011 On-chip drop-to-drop liquid microextraction coupled with real-time concentration monitoring technique. DTD-LLME
80  2011 Utilizing a high fundamental frequency quartz crystal resonator as a biosensor in a digital microfluidic platform. HFF, QCM
81  2010 Electric-field-assisted convective assembly of colloidal crystal coatings. ---
82  2010 Electrowetting properties of micro/nanostructured black silicon. Si
83  2010 Incubated protein reduction and digestion on an electrowetting-on-dielectric digital microfluidic chip for MALDI-MS. DMSO, DTT, MALDI-MS
84  2010 Integration and detection of biochemical assays in digital microfluidic LOC devices. LOC
85  2010 Single-sided continuous optoelectrowetting (SCOEW) for droplet manipulation with light patterns. SCOEW
86  2010 Specific binding and magnetic concentration of CD8+ T-lymphocytes on electrowetting-on-dielectric platform. MBs
87  2010 Transmittance tuning by particle chain polarization in electrowetting-driven droplets. ---
88  2009 Biochip functionalization using electrowetting-on-dielectric digital microfluidics for surface plasmon resonance imaging detection of DNA hybridization. SPRi
89  2009 Digital microfluidic sampler for a portable capillary electropherograph. CE, DMF
90  2009 Effect of electrode geometry on performance of EWOD device driven by battery-based system. ---
91  2009 EWOD-driven droplet microfluidic device integrated with optoelectronic tweezers as an automated platform for cellular isolation and analysis. OET
92  2009 Fluidic conduits for highly efficient purification of target species in EWOD-driven droplet microfluidics. ---
93  2009 General digital microfluidic platform manipulating dielectric and conductive droplets by dielectrophoresis and electrowetting. DEP
94  2009 On chip tunable micro ring resonator actuated by electrowetting. MRR
95  2009 On the connection between dielectric breakdown strength, trapping of charge, and contact angle saturation in electrowetting. ---
96  2009 Towards an electrowetting-based digital microfluidic platform for magnetic immunoassays. MNPs, SQUID
97  2009 Two-dimensional droplet-based surface plasmon resonance imaging using electrowetting-on-dielectric microfluidics. SPRi
98  2008 A fundamental study on electrowetting by traditional and multifunctional ionic liquids: possible use in electrowetting on dielectric-based microfluidic applications. ILs
99  2008 A study of EWOD-driven droplets by PIV investigation. micro-PIV
100  2008 All-electronic droplet generation on-chip with real-time feedback control for EWOD digital microfluidics. ---