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Abbreviation : Egr-1
Long Form : early growth response-1
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A long noncoding RNA sensitizes genotoxic treatment by attenuating ATM activation and homologous recombination repair in cancers. ATM, DSBs, lncRNAs
2020 A Novel Synthetic Compound (E)-5-((4-oxo-4H-chromen-3-yl)methyleneamino)-1-phenyl-1H-pyrazole-4-carbonitrile Inhibits TNFalpha-Induced MMP9 Expression via EGR-1 Downregulation in MDA-MB-231 Human Breast Cancer Cells. ERK, MMP2, TNF-alpha
2020 Acute neuroestrogen blockade attenuates song-induced immediate early gene expression in auditory regions of male and female zebra finches. HVC
2020 Bisphenol A-induced mechanistic impairment of decidualization. BPA, eNOS, ER, NO, PR, SGK1
2020 Blastocyst-induced ATP release from luminal epithelial cells initiates decidualization through the P2Y2 receptor in mice. ATP
2020 Contribution of the Potassium Channels KV1.3 and KCa3.1 to Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation in Growing Collateral Arteries. ECs, FGFR1, SMCs
2020 Early Growth Response Genes Increases Rapidly After Mechanical Overloading and Unloading in Tendon Constructs. mRNA
2020 Effects of early life social experience on fear extinction and related glucocorticoid profiles - behavioral and neurochemical approaches in a rat model of PTSD. GR, IR, PTSD, SPS
2020 Effects of Egr1 on pancreatic acinar intracellular trypsinogen activation and the associated ceRNA network. AP, ce, PAITA, rno, si
10  2020 Egr1 Knockdown Combined with an ACE Inhibitor Ameliorates Diabetic Kidney Disease in Mice: Blockade of Compensatory Renin Increase. ACEIs, ARBs, DKD, ELISA, HFD, STZ
11  2020 EGR1 upregulation following Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus infection is regulated by ERK and PERK pathways contributing to cell death. MAPK, PI3K, PKR, VEEV
12  2020 Emodin and AZT synergistically inhibit the proliferation and induce the apoptosis of leukemia K562 cells through the EGR1 and the Wnt/beta‑catenin pathway. ---
13  2020 Epigenome environment interactions accelerate epigenomic aging and unlock metabolically restricted epigenetic reprogramming in adulthood. EDC
14  2020 Fibroblast growth factor 21 inhibited ischemic arrhythmias via targeting miR-143/EGR1 axis. APD90, FGF21, MI, rhbFGF21, VT
15  2020 Fingolimod increases oligodendrocytes markers expression in epidermal neural crest stem cells. BDNF, EPI-NCSCs, GAP43, NG2, NT-3, PDGFRalpha
16  2020 Green Tea Catechins Trigger Immediate-Early Genes in the Hippocampus and Prevent Cognitive Decline and Lifespan Shortening. Cyr61, Fos, Npas4, Nr4a, SAMP10
17  2020 Human Cytomegalovirus miR-US5-2 Downregulation of GAB1 Regulates Cellular Proliferation and UL138 Expression through Modulation of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Signaling Pathways. EGF, EGFR, ERK, HCMV, miRNAs, PI3K
18  2020 Increased expression of EGR1 and KLF4 by polysulfide via activation of the ERK1/2 and ERK5 pathways in cultured intestinal epithelial cells. ERK1, KLF4
19  2020 lnc003875/miR-363/EGR1 regulatory network in the carcinoma -associated fibroblasts controls the angiogenesis of human placental site trophoblastic tumor (PSTT). Ang-1, CAFs, HUVECs, lnc003875, PSTT
20  2020 MicroRNA 27a Is a Key Modulator of Cholesterol Biosynthesis. miR-27a, miRNAs
21  2020 MicroRNA-217 ameliorates inflammatory damage of endothelial cells induced by oxidized LDL by targeting EGR1. HAECs, miRNAs, oxLDL
22  2020 Mitochondrial pyruvate and fatty acid flux modulate MICU1-dependent control of MCU activity. MPC, TCA
23  2020 Natural flavone tricetin suppresses oxidized LDL-induced endothelial inflammation mediated by Egr-1. ICAM-1, IL-1beta, LOX-1, MCP-1, oxLDL, ROS, VCAM-1
24  2020 Neural activity mapping of bumble bee (Bombus ignitus) brains during foraging flight using immediate early genes. EcR, HR38, MBs
25  2020 Non-Phosphorylatable PEA-15 Sensitises SKOV-3 Ovarian Cancer Cells to Cisplatin. FLNA
26  2020 Postnatal Ethanol Exposure Activates HDAC-Mediated Histone Deacetylation, Impairs Synaptic Plasticity Gene Expression and Behavior in Mice. Ac, Arc, BDNF, CB1R, FASDs, PEE, TSA
27  2020 Regulation of melanocortin-4-receptor (MC4R) expression by SNP rs17066842 is dependent on glucose concentration. hiPSC, MC4R, SNPs, T2D
28  2020 Regulation of pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) gene transcription by interleukin-31 via early growth response 1 (EGR-1) in HaCaT keratinocytes. EBS, IL, POMC, Th2
29  2020 RUNX2 co-operates with EGR1 to regulate osteogenic differentiation through Htra1 enhancers. ALP, ChIP, HTRA1, TF
30  2020 Time course of photo-induced Egr-1 expression in the hypothalamus of a seasonally breeding songbird. GnRH
31  2020 Transcription factor early growth response-1 plays an oncogenic role in salivary gland pleomorphic adenoma. SGPA, TIC
32  2020 Transcriptional activity of FIGLA, NEUROG2, and EGR1 transcription factors associated with polymorphisms in the proximal regulatory region of GPR54 gene in cattle. GPR54, NEUROG2, PRR, SNPs, TF
33  2020 UHRF1 Controls Thymocyte Fate Decisions through the Epigenetic Regulation of EGR1 Expression. DNMT1, UHRF1
34  2020 WNT11 is a direct target of early growth response protein 1. ERK, JNK, MAPK, TNF-alpha
35  2019 A negative feedback loop of H19/miR-675/EGR1 is involved in diabetic nephropathy by downregulating the expression of the vitamin D receptor. DM, DN, miR-675, VD
36  2019 Activation of COUP-TFI by a Novel Diindolylmethane Derivative. COUP-TFI
37  2019 Anticoagulant effect of wogonin against tissue factor expression. ECs, ERK, JNK, LPS, NF-kappaB, TF, TNF-alpha, Wog
38  2019 Calcium Channel Subunit alpha2delta4 Is Regulated by Early Growth Response 1 and Facilitates Epileptogenesis. SE
39  2019 Cardiac resynchronization therapy reduces expression of inflammation-promoting genes related to interleukin-1beta in heart failure. CRT, DUSP1, FOS, IL-1beta, PBMCs, RNA-Seq, RT-qPCR
40  2019 Cellular microRNA bta-miR-2361 inhibits bovine herpesvirus 1 replication by directly targeting EGR1 gene. BHV-1, MDBK, miRNAs
41  2019 Crosstalk Between Glucocorticoid Receptor and Early-growth Response Protein 1 Accounts for Repression of Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor Transcript 4 Expression. BDNF, GR
42  2019 Distinct regulation pattern of Egr-1, BDNF and Arc during morphine-withdrawal conditioned place aversion paradigm: Role of glucocorticoids. Arc, BDNF, CPA, IEG, mPFC, VTA
43  2019 Early Growth Response 1 Deficiency Protects the Host against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lung Infection. IL-1beta, TNF
44  2019 Early growth response 1 reduction in peripheral blood involving condylar subchondral bone loss. OA, PBLs, TMD, TMJ, UAC
45  2019 Early growth response 1 transcriptionally primes the human endometrial stromal cell for decidualization. HESCs
46  2019 Early growth response protein-1 upregulates long noncoding RNA Arid2-IR to promote extracellular matrix production in diabetic kidney disease. alpha-SMA, Arid2-IR, Col1a1, DKD, ECM, lncRNA
47  2019 Early growth response-1 regulates acetylcholinesterase and its relation with the course of Alzheimer's disease. AChE, AD, PFC, WT
48  2019 Effects of acute resistance exercise on proteolytic and myogenic markers in skeletal muscles of former weightlifters and age-matched sedentary controls. ---
49  2019 Egr-1 functions as a master switch regulator of remote ischemic preconditioning-induced cardioprotection. I/R, MI, RIPC
50  2019 Egr-1 transcriptionally activates protein phosphatase PTP1B to facilitate hyperinsulinemia-induced insulin resistance in the liver in type 2 diabetes. PTP1B, T2DM
51  2019 Egr1 mediates retinal vascular dysfunction in diabetes mellitus via promoting p53 transcription. hRVECs
52  2019 EGR1 regulates angiogenic and osteoclastogenic factors in prostate cancer and promotes metastasis. PC
53  2019 EPHB6 controls catecholamine biosynthesis by up-regulating tyrosine hydroxylase transcription in adrenal gland chromaffin cells. AGCCs, AP-1, CAT, ELK1, Eph, JNK, MKK7, RAC1
54  2019 Exosomes derived from miR-146a-modified adipose-derived stem cells attenuate acute myocardial infarction-induced myocardial damage via downregulation of early growth response factor 1. ADSCs, AMI, miRNA
55  2019 Focused ultrasound-induced blood-brain barrier opening improves adult hippocampal neurogenesis and cognitive function in a cholinergic degeneration dementia rat model. AD, AHN, BDNF, FUS, SAP
56  2019 Friend or foe, the role of EGR-1 in cancer. ---
57  2019 HCMV miR-US22 down-regulation of EGR-1 regulates CD34+ hematopoietic progenitor cell proliferation and viral reactivation. EGFR, HCMV, HPCs
58  2019 Hepatic miR-181b-5p Contributes to Glycogen Synthesis Through Targeting EGR1. AAV8
59  2019 Herbal formula Yangyinjiedu induces lung cancer cell apoptosis via activation of early growth response 1. TCM, YYJD
60  2019 Host signaling and EGR1 transcriptional control of human cytomegalovirus replication and latency. CMV, EGFR, HPCs, PI3K
61  2019 Hypoxia promotes colorectal cancer cell migration and invasion in a SIRT1-dependent manner. ChIP, CRC, SIRT1
62  2019 Identification of driver genes and key pathways of prolactinoma predicts the therapeutic effect of genipin. CALM1, CCK-8, DEGs, GO, KEGG, MAPK1, PPI
63  2019 Identification of phenothiazine as an ETV1‑targeting agent in gastrointestinal stromal tumors using the Connectivity Map. ERK, ETV1, GISTs, HDACIs, mTOR, PDGFRA
64  2019 Iguratimod represses B cell terminal differentiation linked with the inhibition of PKC/EGR1 axis. ASC, EIA, GSEA, PKC, RA, TFs
65  2019 Improved FGF21 Sensitivity and Restored FGF21 Signaling Pathway in High-Fat Diet/Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats After Duodenal-Jejunal Bypass and Sleeve Gastrectomy. DJB, FGF21, FGFR1, ITT, KLB, NEFA, OGTT, SG, TG, WAT
66  2019 Increased miRNA-518b inhibits trophoblast migration and angiogenesis by targeting EGR1 in early embryonic arrest†. EEA, miRNAs, VEGF
67  2019 Induced androgenetic development in rainbow trout and transcriptome analysis of irradiated eggs. IER2
68  2019 Induction of early growth response gene 1 (EGR1) by endoplasmic reticulum stress is mediated by the extracellular regulated kinase (ERK) arm of the MAPK pathways. ER, ERK, MAPK, SRF
69  2019 Insulin Treatment Forces Arteriogenesis in Diabetes Mellitus by Upregulation of the Early Growth Response-1 (Egr-1) Pathway in Mice. DM, ICAM-1, SF-1, uPA
70  2019 Involvement of CTCF in transcription regulation of EGR1 at early G1 phase as an architecture factor. CTCF, dCas9
71  2019 Localization of the ultraviolet-sensor Opn5m and its effect on myopia-related gene expression in the late-embryonic chick eye. MMP2, Opn5, UV
72  2019 Lysophosphatidic acid increases mesangial cell proliferation in models of diabetic nephropathy via Rac1/MAPK/KLF5 signaling. DN, KLF5, LPA, MAPKs
73  2019 Maternal diabetes induces autism-like behavior by hyperglycemia-mediated persistent oxidative stress and suppression of superoxide dismutase 2. ASDs, ROS, SOD2
74  2019 MicroRNA-191-5p promotes the development of osteosarcoma via targeting EGR1 and activating the PI3K/AKT signaling pathway. EMT, miR-191, OS, qRT-PCR
75  2019 MicroRNA-34a suppresses the invasion and migration of colorectal cancer cells by enhancing EGR1 and inhibiting vimentin. CRC
76  2019 MiR-150-5p retards the progression of myocardial fibrosis by targeting EGR1. CCK-8, HE, LVEDP, LVEF, LVFS, LVSP, MF, miR-150-5p, qRT-PCR, T. cruzi
77  2019 miR‑92a‑3p regulates trypsinogen activation via Egr1 in AR42J cells. AP, miR, si
78  2019 NGFI-A Binding Protein 2 Promotes EGF-Dependent HNSCC Cell Invasion. ChIP, EGF, HNSCC, NAB2
79  2019 Oct4 upregulates osteopontin via Egr1 and is associated with poor outcome in human lung cancer. OPN
80  2019 Pathogenetic implications of early growth response 1 in Ewing sarcoma. ES, IGF1R, siRNA
81  2019 Podocyte histone deacetylase activity regulates murine and human glomerular diseases. HDAC1
82  2019 Porcine placental extract facilitates memory and learning in aged mice. CA3, DG, NAB2
83  2019 Potential roles of lncRNA-Cox2 and EGR1 in regulating epidural fibrosis following laminectomy. alpha-SMA, HE, lncRNA, MRI, mRNA, qRT-PCR, TGF-beta
84  2019 Prostate cancer promotes a vicious cycle of bone metastasis progression through inducing osteocytes to secrete GDF15 that stimulates prostate cancer growth and invasion. GDF15, OCy, PCa
85  2019 Protease Nexin I is a feedback regulator of EGF/PKC/MAPK/EGR1 signaling in breast cancer cells metastasis and stemness. BCSCs, EGF, EGFR, ERK, MEK, PKCdelta, PN-1
86  2019 RNA binding candidates for human ADAR3 from substrates of a gain of function mutant expressed in neuronal cells. ADAR, DUSP1
87  2019 Role for Chromatin Remodeling Factor Chd1 in Learning and Memory. BDNF, ChIP, ChRFs, IEG, OLM
88  2019 Roles and mechanisms of action of HNF‑4alpha inthehepatic differentiation of WB‑F344 cells. AFP, ALB, CK19, DEGs, MMP9, PAS, PPI, RAC2, SMAD2
89  2019 Silver nanoparticles induce Egr-1-dependent psoriasin expression via the ERK and p38 pathways. ERK, HEKn, JNK, MAPK
90  2019 Stereological Analysis of Early Gene Expression Using Egr-1 Immunolabeling After Spreading Depression in the Rat Somatosensory Cortex. CSD
91  2019 Systems Network Genomic Analysis Reveals Cardioprotective Effect of MURC/Cavin-4 Deletion Against Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury. Bcl-2, DDIT4, I/R, MURC
92  2019 TBX2 interacts with heterochromatin protein 1 to recruit a novel repression complex to EGR1-targeted promoters to drive the proliferation of breast cancer cells. ChIP, EZH2, HMT, HP1, SUZ12, TBX2
93  2019 TBX3 represses TBX2 under the control of the PRC2 complex in skeletal muscle and rhabdomyosarcoma. PRC2, RMS
94  2019 TCF7L2 and EGR1 synergistic activation of transcription of LCN2 via an ERK1/2-dependent pathway in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells. ChIP, ESCC, KTAP, LCN2, TCF7L2
95  2019 The effect of early growth response 1 on levels of Amyloid-beta 40 peptide in U87MG cells. AD
96  2019 The lncRNA MIR2052HG regulates ERalpha levels and aromatase inhibitor resistance through LMTK3 by recruiting EGR1. LMTK3, PKC, SNP
97  2019 Transcriptional Analysis of the Human IgE-Expressing Plasma Cell Differentiation Pathway. GC, PBs, PCs
98  2019 Transcriptional and epigenetic profiling of nutrient-deprived cells to identify novel regulators of autophagy. ---
99  2019 Transcriptional Regulation of Early Growth Response Gene-1 (EGR1) is Associated with Progression of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in Patients with Insulin Resistance. NAFLD, SOCS1, SOCS3
100  2019 Underlying Genes Involved in Atherosclerotic Macrophages: Insights from Microarray Data Mining. BEST1, DEGs, GEO, GO, KEGG, miRNAs, PPI, RHO, TFs