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Abbreviation : FACS
Long Form : Facial Action Coding System
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Adaptive 3D Model-Based Facial Expression Synthesis and Pose Frontalization. ---
2020 Automated vs. manual pain coding and heart rate estimations based on videos of older adults with and without dementia. HR, rPPG, VM
2020 Can compassion, happiness and sympathetic concern be differentiated on the basis of facial expression? ---
2020 Feature Selection on 2D and 3D Geometric Features to Improve Facial Expression Recognition. GA, MPEG-4, PCA
2020 Identifying a Facial Expression of Flirtation and Its Effect on Men. ---
2020 Measuring the evolution of facial 'expression' using multi-species FACS. ---
2020 Objective evaluation of the relationship between facial expression analysis by the facial action coding system (FACS) and CT/MRI analyses of the facial expression muscles. IEIV, MDCT, MRI
2020 The Facial Action Coding System for Characterization of Human Affective Response to Consumer Product-Based Stimuli: A Systematic Review. AFEA
2020 The structural and motivational role of the unique lip-flip movement in the gelada (Theropithecus gelada) facial display repertoire. AUs
10  2019 Assessing the convergent validity between the automated emotion recognition software Noldus FaceReader 7 and Facial Action Coding System Scoring. AU
11  2019 Detecting Happiness Using Hyperspectral Imaging Technology. HSI, ROIs
12  2019 Facial Affect and Interpersonal Affiliation: Displays of Emotion During Relationship Formation in Social Anxiety Disorder. SAD
13  2019 Less differentiated facial responses to naturalistic films of another person's emotional expressions in adolescents and adults with High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder. ASD, HFASD
14  2019 Predicting Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Levels from Videos Using the Facial Action Coding System. AAM, AU, DASS, FFNN, GAD, MDD, PTSD, SVM
15  2019 Surprise: unfolding of facial expressions. ---
16  2019 The effects of alcohol on positive emotion during a comedy routine: A facial coding analysis. ---
17  2018 Automated Pain Detection in Facial Videos of Children using Human-Assisted Transfer Learning. AUC, AUs
18  2018 East Asian Young and Older Adult Perceptions of Emotional Faces From an Age- and Sex-Fair East Asian Facial Expression Database. ---
19  2018 Identification of muscle fatigue by tracking facial expressions. EM, RMS, RT, sEMG, ZM
20  2018 Universals and cultural variations in 22 emotional expressions across five cultures. ---
21  2017 Development and validation of an Argentine set of facial expressions of emotion. UNCEEF
22  2017 Facial Pain Expression in Dementia: A Review of the Experimental and Clinical Evidence. ---
23  2016 Automated decoding of facial expressions reveals marked differences in children when telling antisocial versus prosocial lies. AUs, CERT
24  2016 Effects of Alzheimer Disease on the Facial Expression of Pain. AD, FPS-R
25  2016 Intensity Estimation of Spontaneous Facial Action Units Based on Their Sparsity Properties. AUs, SR
26  2016 Is pain sensitivity altered in people with Alzheimer's disease? A systematic review and meta-analysis of experimental pain research. AD, CI, HCs, MMSE
27  2016 Kinematic analysis of a Duchenne smile. ---
28  2016 Levels of Structural Integration and Facial Expressions of Negative Emotions. ---
29  2016 Quantitative analysis of Euclidean distance to complement qualitative analysis of facial expression during deception. ---
30  2016 Skilful communication: Emotional facial expressions recognition in very old adults. ---
31  2016 [Mimic activity of differentiated pain intensities : Correlation of characteristics of Facial Action Coding System and electromyography]. EMG
32  2015 Association between facial expression and PTSD symptoms among young children exposed to the Great East Japan Earthquake: a pilot study. PTSD
33  2015 Automated and objective action coding of facial expressions in patients with acute facial palsy. AUs, HB, SI
34  2015 Decreased facial expression variability in patients with serious cardiopulmonary disease in the emergency care setting. ---
35  2015 Does Parkinson's disease lead to alterations in the facial expression of pain? PD
36  2015 EEVEE: the Empathy-Enhancing Virtual Evolving Environment. EEVEE, VR
37  2015 EquiFACS: The Equine Facial Action Coding System. ---
38  2015 Facial expression of positive emotions in individuals with eating disorders. AN, BN, DS, HC
39  2015 Generalized and specific emotion impairments as potential markers of severity in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: a preliminary study using Facial Action Coding System (FACS). OCD
40  2015 Historical Techniques of Lie Detection. ---
41  2015 Joint Patch and Multi-label Learning for Facial Action Unit Detection. AUs, JPML
42  2015 Strengthening bonds and connecting with followers. ---
43  2015 [Facial expressions of negative emotions in clinical interviews: The development, reliability and validity of a categorical system for the attribution of functions to facial expressions of negative emotions]. ---
44  2015 [Pain assessment using the Facial Action Coding System. A systematic review]. ---
45  2014 A dynamic appearance descriptor approach to facial actions temporal modeling. AUs, LPQ-TOP
46  2014 Convergent validity evidence for the Pain and Discomfort Scale (PADS) for pain assessment among adults with intellectual disability. PADS
47  2014 Developing an eBook-Integrated High-Fidelity Mobile App Prototype for Promoting Child Motor Skills and Taxonomically Assessing Children's Emotional Responses Using Face and Sound Topology. ---
48  2014 Effects of the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT LOUD) on hypomimia in Parkinson's disease. ARTIC, LSVT, PD
49  2014 Muecas: a multi-sensor robotic head for affective human robot interaction and imitation. ---
50  2014 The perception and mimicry of facial movements predict judgments of smile authenticity. EMG
51  2013 Assessment of people with cognitive impairment and hip fracture: a systematic review and meta-analysis. DRS-R-98
52  2013 Facial expression in patients with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in response to emotional stimuli: a partially shared cognitive and social deficit of the two disorders. BD, SCZ
53  2013 How facial expressions in a Rett syndrome population are recognised and interpreted by those around them as conveying emotions. RTT
54  2012 Action unit classification using active appearance models and conditional random fields. ---
55  2012 Automated Detection of Pain from Facial Expressions: A Rule-Based Approach Using AAM. AAM
56  2012 Comparison of facial expression in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder and schizophrenia using the Facial Action Coding System: a preliminary study. ---
57  2012 FACSGen 2.0 animation software: generating three-dimensional FACS-valid facial expressions for emotion research. AUs
58  2012 [Facial Action Coding System (FACS): an instrument for the objective evaluation of facial expression and its potential applications to the study of schizophrenia]. ---
59  2011 Automated Facial Action Coding System for dynamic analysis of facial expressions in neuropsychiatric disorders. AUs
60  2011 Convergent and divergent responses to emotional displays of ingroup and outgroup. EMG
61  2010 Brief communication: MaqFACS: A muscle-based facial movement coding system for the rhesus macaque. ---
62  2010 Evaluating a sham-controlled sensory-testing protocol for nonverbal adults with neurodevelopmental disorders: self-injury and gender effects. SIB
63  2010 The voluntary control of facial action units in adults. ---
64  2009 Allometry of facial mobility in anthropoid primates: implications for the evolution of facial expression. PGLS
65  2009 Development of a FACS-verified set of basic and self-conscious emotion expressions. UCDSEE
66  2009 Mixed signals: combining linguistic and affective functions of eyebrows in questions in sign language of the Netherlands. AUs
67  2008 Facial reactions to smoking cues relate to ambivalence about smoking. ---
68  2008 Recognition and discrimination of prototypical dynamic expressions of pain and emotions. ---
69  2007 A Cross-species Comparison of Facial Morphology and Movement in Humans and Chimpanzees Using the Facial Action Coding System (FACS). ---
70  2007 A psychophysical investigation of the facial action coding system as an index of pain variability among older adults with and without Alzheimer's disease. AD
71  2007 Classifying chimpanzee facial expressions using muscle action. ChimpFACS
72  2007 Spontaneous facial mimicry in response to dynamic facial expressions. ---
73  2007 The application of facial expressions to the assessment of orofacial pain in cognitively impaired older adults. ---
74  2006 Effects of normal and perturbed social play on the duration and amplitude of different types of infant smiles. ---
75  2006 Intramuscular electrical stimulation of facial muscles in humans and chimpanzees: Duchenne revisited and extended. AUs
76  2006 The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat: spontaneous expressions of medal winners of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. ---
77  2005 Active and dynamic information fusion for facial expression understanding from image sequences. DBNs
78  2004 Differences in facial expressions of four universal emotions. ---
79  2002 Using facial expressions to assess musculoskeletal pain in older persons. ---
80  2001 Recognizing Action Units for Facial Expression Analysis. AFA, AUs
81  2000 Deliberate emotional expressions of socially anxious children and their mothers. ---
82  1999 Biobehavioral responses to acute pain in adolescents with a significant neurologic impairment. CFCS, SNI, VAS
83  1999 Classifying Facial Actions. ---
84  1997 Enhancing sensitivity to facial expression of pain. ---
85  1996 Competition on the face: affect and language in ASL motherese. ASL
86  1996 Spontaneous and posed facial expression in Parkinson's disease. ---
87  1994 A comparison of two measures of facial activity during pain in the newborn child. NFCS
88  1994 A study of patient facial expressivity in relation to orthodontic/surgical treatment. ---
89  1992 The effects of neuroleptics on facial action in schizophrenic patients. ---
90  1989 Posed emotional expression in unilateral brain damaged patients. ---