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Abbreviation : FB
Long Form : feedback
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Objective Assessment of Resident Teaching Competency Through a Longitudinal, Clinically Integrated, Resident-as-Teacher Curriculum. DT, DT, LSMD, OSTEs, PGY1, PR, RATC
2019 The Role of Bottom-Up and Top-Down Cortical Interactions in Adaptation to Natural Scene Statistics. FF, MAE
2019 The use of electromyography for the assessment of sense of muscular effort: a test-retest reliability study. EMG, MVC, SD
2018 Does it matter who writes down the feedback? A comparison of teacher- vs. student-completed clinical encounter cards during clinical rotations in veterinary studies. CECs
2018 Effect of individual structured and qualified feedback on improving clinical performance of dental students in clinical courses-randomised controlled study. CG, ES, IG
2018 Evaluation of Split Version and Feedback Module on the Improvement of Time Trade-Off Data. BTD, HK, NL, TTO, WTD
2018 Feedback From Activity Trackers Improves Daily Step Count After Knee and Hip Arthroplasty: A Randomized Controlled Trial. PROMs, THA, TKA
2018 Feedback on underperformance in patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The impact on subsequent neuropsychological test performance. ASTM, CFS, CRT, PVTs, SDT
2018 Isoflurane Impairs Low-Frequency Feedback but Leaves High-Frequency Feedforward Connectivity Intact in the Fly Brain. FF, GC, LFPs
10  2018 Postnatal refinement of interareal feedforward projections in ferret visual cortex. FF
11  2018 Transdermal alcohol monitoring combined with contingency management for driving while impaired offenders: A pilot randomized controlled study. CM, DWI, TAM
12  2017 Enhancing Congruence between Implicit Motives and Explicit Goal Commitments: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial. CET
13  2017 Feedback and motor skill acquisition using a haptic dental simulator. IDFB, VR
14  2017 Immune response of gilts to single and double infection with porcine epidemic diarrhea virus. NEG, PEDV, VN
15  2017 Motor cortex inhibition by TMS reduces cognitive non-motor procedural learning when immediate incentives are present. cTBS, PA, rTMS, WPT
16  2017 The SMARTER pilot study: Testing feasibility of real-time feedback for dietary self-monitoring. SM
17  2016 Feedback-informed treatment in emergency psychiatry; a randomised controlled trial. TAU
18  2016 How and when feedback works in psychotherapy: Is it the signal? ---
19  2016 Impaired probabilistic classification learning with feedback in patients with major depression. BG, MD, MTL, PA, WPT
20  2016 Implementation Considerations, Not Topological Differences, Are the Main Determinants of Noise Suppression Properties in Feedback and Incoherent Feedforward Circuits. IFF
21  2016 Improvement of multi-parameter-based feed-forward coagulant dosing control systems with feed-back functionalities. FF, WWTPs
22  2016 Integrating 360 behavior-orientated feedback in communication skills training for medical undergraduates: concept, acceptance and students' self-ratings of communication competence. CST, SPs, VAS
23  2015 Basic and supplementary sensory feedback in handwriting. ---
24  2015 Effects of visual feedback absence on force control during isometric contraction. EMG, MF, MVC, RMS
25  2015 Feed-Forward versus Feedback Inhibition in a Basic Olfactory Circuit. GGN, KCs, LHNs
26  2015 GABAA receptor-mediated feedforward and feedback inhibition differentially modulate the gain and the neural code transformation in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cells. FF, PC
27  2015 Hierarchical organization of long-range circuits in the olfactory cortices. APC, ChR2, FF, LEC, LRMGP, PPC
28  2015 Probabilistic category learning in developmental dyslexia: Evidence from feedback and paired-associate weather prediction tasks. PA
29  2015 Reduced Neural Differentiation Between Feedback Conditions After Bimanual Coordination Training with and without Augmented Visual Feedback. ---
30  2015 The effect of implementing the Outcome Questionnaire-45.2 feedback system in Norway: A multisite randomized clinical trial in a naturalistic setting. ---
31  2015 The effect of real-time auditory feedback on learning new characters. ---
32  2014 Anatomy of hierarchy: feedforward and feedback pathways in macaque visual cortex. FF, SLN
33  2014 Feasibility of visual instrumented movement feedback therapy in individuals with motor incomplete spinal cord injury walking on a treadmill. iSCI
34  2014 Fluorescence resonance energy transfer based quantitative analysis of feedforward and feedback loops in epidermal growth factor receptor signaling and the sensitivity to molecular targeting drugs. EGFR, FF, FRET
35  2014 Probabilistic classification learning with corrective feedback is associated with in vivo striatal dopamine release in the ventral striatum, while learning without feedback is not. BG, PA, PD, PET, RAC
36  2013 Cardiovascular costs of working memory performance: effects of age and performance feedback. BP, BRS, HRV, WM
37  2013 Distinct balance of excitation and inhibition in an interareal feedforward and feedback circuit of mouse visual cortex. FF, FFI, LM, PV, Pyr
38  2013 Input-specific learning rules at excitatory synapses onto hippocampal parvalbumin-expressing interneurons. AMPARs, FF, LTP, NMDARs, PV INs
39  2013 Motion detection technology as a tool for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) quality training: a randomised crossover mannequin pilot study. CC, CPR
40  2013 The importance of being hierarchical. FF
41  2013 Timing jitter reduction of passively mode-locked semiconductor lasers by self- and external-injection: numerical description and experiments. MLL, PSD, TPN
42  2012 Movement pattern and parameter learning in children: effects of feedback frequency. ---
43  2012 Probabilistic classification learning with corrective feedback is selectively impaired in early Huntington's disease--evidence for the role of the striatum in learning with feedback. BG, HD, MTL, PA, PD, WPT
44  2011 Incapacitated sexual violence involving alcohol among college women: the impact of a brief drinking intervention. AO, MI, MIFB
45  2011 Motor learning with augmented feedback: modality-dependent behavioral and neural consequences. fMRI
46  2011 Segregation of feedforward and feedback projections in mouse visual cortex. AL, FF, LM
47  2010 A randomized trial of the capability of elderly lay persons to perform chest compression only CPR versus standard 30:2 CPR. CCC, CPR
48  2010 Improving gait and promoting retention in individuals with Parkinson's disease: a pilot study. PD
49  2010 Transformations in oscillatory activity and evoked responses in primary somatosensory cortex in middle age: a combined computational neural modeling and MEG study. FF, MA
50  2009 Effects of the administration of feedback on performance of the bmx cycling gate start. PRE
51  2009 [The effectiveness of cavity preparation training using a virtual reality simulation system with or without feedback]. VRS
52  2008 Children with cerebral palsy exhibit greater and more regular postural sway than typically developing children. COP, CP, EC, EO, TD
53  2008 Clustering and periodicity of neurofibrillary tangles in the upper and lower cortical laminae in Alzheimer's disease. AD, FF, NFT
54  2008 Principal component analysis of M1 neurophysiology data suggests a motor-control system-architecture template. FF, PCA
55  2008 The effect of feedback on non-motor probabilistic classification learning in Parkinson's disease. PA, PD, WPT
56  2007 The effect of feedback and information on children's pedometer step counts at school. CON
57  2006 Changes in clinician ability to assess risk and help patients determine the need for hiv testing: a comparison of three teaching methods. CL, cl, SSM
58  2006 Contribution of feedforward, lateral and feedback connections to the classical receptive field center and extra-classical receptive field surround of primate V1 neurons. FF, RF
59  2006 Effect of tutorial input in addition to augmented feedback on manual dexterity training and its retention. VR
60  2006 Effects of external feedback about body tilt: Influence on the Subjective Proprioceptive Horizon. SPH
61  2005 Effect of augmented visual feedback from a virtual reality simulation system on manual dexterity training. VR
62  2005 Exploring directionality in spontaneous heart period and systolic pressure variability interactions in humans: implications in the evaluation of baroreflex gain. FF, SAP
63  2005 Starting Block Performance in Sprinters: A Statistical Method for Identifying Discriminative Parameters of the Performance and an Analysis of the Effect of Providing Feedback over a 6-Week Period. LDA
64  2004 Differential depression of inhibitory synaptic responses in feedforward and feedback circuits between different areas of mouse visual cortex. FF, LM
65  2004 Experience-dependent development of feedforward and feedback circuits between lower and higher areas of mouse visual cortex. FF
66  2003 Distinct GABAergic targets of feedforward and feedback connections between lower and higher areas of rat visual cortex. CR, FF, PV, SOM
67  2003 Rearrangement of synaptic connections with inhibitory neurons in developing mouse visual cortex. FF, GABAergic, LM, PV
68  2002 Early specification of the hierarchical organization of visual cortical areas in the macaque monkey. FF
69  1999 Benefits of Blocked Over Serial Feedback on Complex Motor Skill Learning. ---
70  1999 Reinforcement of a behavioral standard modifies individual differences under alcohol. ---
71  1997 Drunk or sober? Learned conformity to a behavioral standard. ---
72  1995 Positive event-related potentials to real and dummy rule-learning feedback and to perceptuomotor feedback. ERPs, LPSW, PM, PSW
73  1992 Cooperative tapping: time control under different feedback conditions. ---
74  1992 The effect of psychological strategies upon cardiorespiratory and muscular activity during treadmill running. RR, TV, VT
75  1991 Decision-making following closed-head injury: can response speed be retrained? ---
76  1991 Effect of video feedback on the performance of a weight shifting controlled tracking task in subjects with parkinsonism and neurologically intact individuals. NI, PD
77  1991 Effects of performance feedback on P300 and reaction time in closed head-injured outpatients. RTs
78  1990 How to study the kinetic depth effect experimentally. ---
79  1990 Learning without Memory. ---
80  1982 Changes in hippocampal rhythmic slow activity during instrumental cardiovascular conditioning in the monkey (Macaca mulatta). HR
81  1982 Electromyographic feedback: effects on voluntary muscle contractions in normal subjects. NFB