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Abbreviation : FBG
Long Form : fiber Bragg grating
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A High-Precision and Miniature Fiber Bragg Grating-Based Force Sensor for Tissue Palpation During Minimally Invasive Surgery. FEM
2020 A Model Test for the Influence of Lateral Pressure on Vertical Bearing Characteristics in Pile Jacking Process Based on Optical Sensors. ---
2020 A Novel Fabry-Perot Optical Sensor for Guided Wave Signal Acquisition. FO, FP, SHM
2020 All-optical fiber filter based on an FBG inscribed in a silica/silicone composite fiber. ---
2020 An Integrated Sensor-Model Approach for Haptic Feedback of Flexible Endoscopic Robots. TSMs
2020 Analysis on real-time phase delay in an interferometric FBG sensor array using polarization switching and the PGC hybrid processing method. ICS, PS, PS-PGC
2020 Application of Fibre Bragg Grating Sensors in Strain Monitoring and Fracture Recovery of Human Femur Bone. ---
2020 Application of Miniature FBG-MEMS Pressure Sensor in Penetration Process of Jacked Pile. ---
2020 Bragg Grating Assisted Sagnac Interferometer in SiO2-Al2O3-La2O3 Polarization-Maintaining Fiber for Strain-Temperature Discrimination. PMFs
10  2020 Combining SDAE Network with Improved DTW Algorithm for Similarity Measure of Ultra-Weak FBG Vibration Responses in Underground Structures. DTW, SDAE, UCR
11  2020 Design and experimental study of a sensitization structure with fiber grating sensor for nonintrusive pipeline pressure detection. ---
12  2020 Design of a New Method for Detection of Occupancy in the Smart Home Using an FBG Sensor. ANN, SCG, SH
13  2020 Detection of Crack Locations in Aluminum Alloy Structures Using FBG Sensors. DIC, FEM, FWHM, TMM
14  2020 Development and Characterization of UV-Resin Coated Fiber Bragg Gratings. UV
15  2020 Experimental and numerical dataset of Microbond test using optical fibres for strain. ---
16  2020 Experimental study on seepage characteristics of microfracture with different aperture. ---
17  2020 External Corrosion Detection of Oil Pipelines Using Fiber Optics. ---
18  2020 FBG-referenced interrogating system using a double-ring erbium-doped fiber laser for high power and broadband. EDF, SNR
19  2020 Femtosecond Bragg grating inscription in an Yb-doped large-mode-area multicore fiber for high-power laser applications. MCF
20  2020 Fiber Bragg Grating Dynamic Calibration Based on Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine. BP, OS-ELM, RBF
21  2020 Fiber Bragg Grating Monitoring of Full-bolt Axial Force of the Bolt in the Deep Strong Mining Roadway. ---
22  2020 Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Pile Jacking Monitoring in Clay Soil. ---
23  2020 Fiber BraggSensors on Strain Analysis of Power Transmission Lines. RMF
24  2020 Fiber grating sensing interrogation system based on a modulated grating Y-branch tunable laser for core-and-cladding-integrated fiber Bragg grating temperature measurement. FBGs, MG-Y
25  2020 High-Efficiency Inscription of Fiber Bragg Grating Array with High-Energy Nanosecond-Pulsed Laser Talbot Interferometer. OPD, SMFs, UV
26  2020 Innovative fiber Bragg grating filter based on a graphene photonic crystal microcavity. PC
27  2020 Inversion Algorithm of Fiber Bragg Grating for Nanofluid Flooding Monitoring. ---
28  2020 Laboratory and In-Situ Testing of Integrated FBG Sensors for SHM for Concrete and Timber Structures. SHM
29  2020 Magnetic field and temperature dual-parameter sensor based on magnetic fluid materials filled photonic crystal fiber. MF, PCF
30  2020 Measurement and Control of an Incubator Temperature by Using Conventional Methods and Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Based Temperature Sensors. ---
31  2020 Mode characteristic manipulation of random feedback interferometers in Brillouin random fiber laser. BRFL
32  2020 Movement Detection in Soft Robotic Gripper using Sinusoidally Embedded Fiber Optic Sensor. ---
33  2020 Multi-Addressed Fiber Bragg Structures for Microwave-Photonic Sensor Systems. AFBS, MAFBS, MPSS
34  2020 Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Matched Filter Interrogation of FBG Sensors with Large Side Lobes. ---
35  2020 Optical Fibre Sensor for Simultaneous Measurement of Capillary Refill Time and Contact Pressure. CRT, PPG
36  2020 Photonic Voltage Transducer with Lightning Impulse Protection for Distributed Monitoring of MV Networks. MV
37  2020 Reaction Force Mapping by 3-Axis Tactile Sensing with Arbitrary Angles for Tissue Hard-inclusion Localization. MIS
38  2020 Real-time in-situ distributed fiber core temperature measurement in hundred-watt fiber laser oscillator pumped by 915/976 nm LD sources. OFDR
39  2020 Reflection-based lab-in-fiber sensor integrated in a surgical needle for biomedical applications. LIF
40  2020 Reflective temperature sensor based on a fiber Bragg grating combined with a fiber loop ringdown technique. ---
41  2020 Research on a fiber Bragg grating temperature measurement method for inter-satellite laser link. ---
42  2020 SCADE: Simultaneous Sensor Calibration and Deformation Estimation of FBG-Equipped Unmodeled Continuum Manipulators. CM, ESU, SCADE
43  2020 Scleral Force Evaluation During Vitreoretinal Surgery: in an In Vivo Rabbit Eye Model. ITM
44  2020 Selective fiber Bragg grating inscription in four-core fiber for two-dimension vector bending sensing. ---
45  2020 Sensitivity and phase response of FBG based acousto-optic sensors for real-time MRI applications. MRI
46  2020 Shape Sensing with Rayleigh Backscattering Fibre Optic Sensor. CTM, FOS, RBS, SDEM
47  2020 Signal Feature Analysis of Contact Force at the Tip of a Flexible Ureteroscope. PCA, WT
48  2020 Silicon Waveguide Integrated with Germanium Photodetector for a Photonic-Integrated FBG Interrogator. AWG, Ge, PD
49  2020 Simultaneous Measurement of Temperature and Mechanical Strain Using a Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor. ---
50  2020 Simultaneous multi-point measurement of strain and temperature utilizing Fabry-Perot interferometric sensors composed of low reflective fiber Bragg gratings in a polarization-maintaining fiber. FPI, PM
51  2020 Stable period-one oscillations in a semiconductor laser under optical feedback from a narrowband fiber Bragg grating. SPSR
52  2020 Strain Conditions Monitoring on Corroded Prestressed Steel Strands in Beams Based on Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors. ---
53  2020 Stress Measurements on the Articular Cartilage Surface Using Fiber Optic Technology and In-Vivo Gait Kinematics. ---
54  2020 Structural health monitoring of metal-to-glass-ceramics penetration during thermal cycling aging using femto-laser inscribed FBG sensors. MTGC-EPA, SEM
55  2020 Structural Instability-Enabled Mechanical Sensors Using Fiber Bragg Grating. SHM
56  2020 Temperature compensated three-dimension fiber optic vector magnetic field sensor based on an elliptical core micro fiber Bragg grating. ---
57  2020 Test and Study of Pipe Pile Penetration in Cohesive Soil Using FBG Sensing Technology. ---
58  2020 Test-retest reliability of a clinical foot assessment device for measuring first metatarsophalangeal joint quasi-stiffness. MTPJ
59  2020 The Location Monitoring of Fatigue Crack Damage by Using the Spectral Area Extracted from FBG Spectra. DIC, TMM, XFEM
60  2020 Towards FBG-Based Shape Sensing for Micro-scale and Meso-Scale Continuum Robots with Large Deflection. ---
61  2020 Using a Machine Learning Algorithm Integrated with Data De-Noising Techniques to Optimize the Multipoint Sensor Network. DWT, IWDM, LSTM
62  2020 Wear measurement based on the length variation of a sacrificial FBG. OFDR
63  2020 Wearable Hand Module and Real-Time Tracking Algorithms for Measuring Finger Joint Angles of Different Hand Sizes with High Accuracy using FBG Strain Sensor. AREA, MAE, PS, PTS
64  2019 3D-Printing Techniques on the Development of Multiparameter Sensors Using One FBG. ---
65  2019 A Fast Linearly Wavelength Step-Swept Light Source Based on Recirculating Frequency Shifter and Its Application to FBG Sensor Interrogation. FFT, RF, RFSL, SNR, SSB, WSSL
66  2019 A Fiber Bragg Grating Sensing Structure for the Design, Simulation and Stress Strain Monitoring of Human Puncture Surgery. ---
67  2019 A hand-held device with 3-DOF haptic feedback mechanism for microsurgery. ---
68  2019 A High Sensitivity FBG Strain Sensor Based on Flexible Hinge. ---
69  2019 A Highly Integrated BOTDA/XFG Sensor on a Single Fiber for Simultaneous Multi-Parameter Monitoring of Slopes. LPFG
70  2019 A novel fiber Bragg grating system for eye tracking. FBGET
71  2019 A Novel Monitoring Approach for Train Tracking and Incursion Detection in Underground Structures Based on Ultra-Weak FBG Sensing Array. ---
72  2019 A photonic pH sensor based on photothermal spectroscopy. PEGDA
73  2019 A Random-displacement Measurement by Combining a Magnetic Scale and Two Fiber Bragg Gratings. ---
74  2019 Acousto-Optic Catheter Tracking Sensor for Interventional MRI Procedures. MRI
75  2019 All-fiber frequency shifter consisting of a fiber Bragg grating modulated via an acoustic flexural wave for optical heterodyne measurement. AFFS
76  2019 An Fiber Bragg Grating-Based Monitoring System for Slope Deformation Studies in Geotechnical Centrifuges. ---
77  2019 An Improved Impact Source Locating System Using FBG Rosette Array. ---
78  2019 Application of a Novel Long-Gauge Fiber BraggGrating Sensor for Corrosion Detection via aTwo-level Strategy. ---
79  2019 Arrays of fiber Bragg gratings selectively inscribed in different cores of 7-core spun optical fiber by IR femtosecond laser pulses. ---
80  2019 Biomechanical behaviour of bulk-fill resin composites in class II restorations. FBF, SEM, TNC
81  2019 Bond-Slip Monitoring of Concrete Structures Using Smart Sensors-A Review. AE, EMI
82  2019 Characterization of metallic-packaging fiber Bragg grating sensors with coated and bare fibers. ---
83  2019 Detection of Crack Initiation and Growth Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors Embedded into Metal Structures through Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing. SHM, UAM
84  2019 Detection of respiratory rate using a classifier of waves in the signal from a FBG-based vital signs sensor. MRI
85  2019 Development and ex vivo validation of novel force-sensing neochordae for measuring chordae tendineae tension in the mitral valve apparatus using optical fibers with embedded Bragg gratings. ---
86  2019 Dual-ring dual-wavelength fiber laser sensor for simultaneous measurement of refractive index and ambient temperature with improved discrimination and detection limit. RI
87  2019 Dynamic Consolidation Measurements in a Well Field Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors. ---
88  2019 Dynamic Deformation Reconstruction of Variable Section WING with Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors. ---
89  2019 Effect of hydrogen gas on FBG-based optical fiber sensors for downhole pressure and temperature monitoring. ---
90  2019 Feasibility Study on Temperature Distribution Measurement Method of Thrust Sliding Bearing Bush Based on FBG Quasi-Distributed Sensing. ---
91  2019 Femtosecond inscription of fiber Bragg gratings through the coating with a Low-NA lens. fs, High-NA, PM
92  2019 Fiber Bragg grating sensor interrogation system based on an optoelectronic oscillator loop. DCF, EOM, OEO, PD
93  2019 Free-running dual-comb fiber laser mode-locked by nonlinear multimode interference. ---
94  2019 Generation of linear frequency-modulated signals with improved time-bandwidth product based on an optical frequency comb. LFM, OFC, TBWP, TLS
95  2019 High power monolithic tapered ytterbium-doped fiber laser oscillator. FWHM, TMI
96  2019 High Precision, Small Size and Flexible FBG Strain Sensor for Slope Model Monitoring. ---
97  2019 High Sensitivity Polarimetric Optical Fiber Pressure Sensor Based on Tapered Polarization-Maintaining and Fiber Bragg Grating. OFPS, PMF
98  2019 High-Density Distributed Crack Tip Sensing System Using Dense Ultra-Short FBG Sensors. DUS, OFDR
99  2019 High-Resolution FBG-Based Fiber-Optic Sensor with Temperature Compensation for PD Monitoring. PD
100  2019 High-sensitivity refractive index and temperature sensor based on cascaded dual-wavelength fiber laser and SNHNS interferometer. RI, SNHNS