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Abbreviation : FC
Long Form : fecal coliforms
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Coliphages as Indicators for the Microbial Quality of Treated Wastewater Effluents. PEG
2021 Effect of seasonal variation on the occurrences of high-risk pharmaceutical in drain-laden surface water: A risk analysis of Yamuna River. POM, PRM, RQ
2021 Exploration of the driving factors and distribution of fecal coliform in rivers under a traditional agro-pastoral economy in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia. EC, TOC
2021 Impacts of rapid urbanization on characteristics, sources and variation of fecal coliform at watershed scale. ---
2021 Improving the quality of stabilization pond effluents using hybrid constructed wetlands. COD, CWs, HV-CW, TSS
2021 Indian coastal waters: a concoction of sewage indicator bacteria! An assessment on recreational beaches. BOD, CPCB, DIN, ECLO, IP
2021 Irrigation water quality and its impact on the physicochemical and microbiological contamination of vegetables produced from market gardening: a case of the Vea Irrigation Dam, U.E.R., Ghana. TC
2021 Using multi-threshold regression techniques to assess river fecal pollution in the highly urbanized Tamsui River watershed. LR, MLR
2020 A constructed wetland system with aquatic macrophytes for cleaning contaminated runoff/storm water from urban area in Florida. Cd, Cr, EC, Zn
10  2020 Electrodisinfection of bacteria-laden in surface water using modified Ti electrode by antimony-and nickel-doped tin oxide composite. POU, TC
11  2020 Impacts on water quality by in situ induced ozone‑oxygen oxidation in a polluted urban reservoir. DO, ORP
12  2020 Improvement of Co-Composting by a combined pretreatment Ozonation/Ultrasonic process in stabilization of raw activated sludge. TC, TOC, VS
13  2020 Improving prediction of water quality indices using novel hybrid machine-learning algorithms. BA, CVPS, REPT, RF, RFC, RT, TS, WQI
14  2020 Microbial contamination and its associations with major ions in shallow groundwater along coastal Tamil Nadu. T. streptococci, TC, TVC
15  2020 Neural network and cubist algorithms to predict fecal coliform content in treated wastewater by multi-soil-layering system for potential reuse. ANN, MLR, MSL
16  2020 Phytoremediation of samples extracted from wastewater treatment plant and their socioeconomic impact. FS, TC
17  2020 Prevalence and pollution characteristics of antibiotic resistant genes in one high anthropogenically-impacted river. ARGs, sulI
19  2019 Assessing local materials for the treatment of wastewater in open drains. COD, HLR, HRT
20  2019 Bacteriological quality of bottled water obtained from Mexico City small water purification plants: Incidence and identification of potentially pathogenic nontuberculous mycobacteria species. AMB, NTM, TC
22  2019 Evaluation of Occurrence, Concentration, and Removal of Pathogenic Parasites and Fecal Coliforms in Three Waste Stabilization Pond Systems in Tanzania. WSPs
23  2019 Fecal pollution source tracking and thalassogenic diseases: The temporal-spatial concordance between maximum concentrations of human mitochondrial DNA in seawater and Hepatitis A outbreaks among a coastal population. FST, HAV, HmtDNA
24  2019 Inactivation of Murine Norovirus and Fecal Coliforms by Ferrate(VI) in Secondary Effluent Wastewater. ICT, MNV, PB, SEW
25  2019 Potential transmission sources of Helicobacter pylori infection: detection of H. pylori in various environmental samples. SS
27  2019 Sterol biomarkers and fecal coliforms in a tropical estuary: Seasonal distribution and sources. PCA, USEPA, WPU
28  2019 Treatment of bypass wastewater using potassium ferrate(VI): assessing the role of mixing. E. coli, TSS, WHO
29  2018 A critical review on the application of the National Sanitation Foundation Water Quality Index. FC-MPN, NSFWQI
30  2018 Assessment of Bacterial Accumulation and Environmental Factors in Sentinel Oysters and Estuarine Water Quality from the Phang Nga Estuary Area in Thailand. EC, MPN, TC, Vp
31  2018 Assessment of recommended approaches for containment and safe handling of human excreta in emergency settings. IE, SOMPH
32  2018 Assessment of surface water quality using a growing hierarchical self-organizing map: a case study of the Songhua River Basin, northeastern China, from 2011 to 2015. COD, GHSOM, TP
33  2018 Carbapenem resistance exposures via wastewaters across New Delhi. AMR, CRE, STPs
34  2018 Contamination of arsenic, manganese and coliform bacteria in groundwater at Kushtia District, Bangladesh: human health vulnerabilities. AAS, BDS, EC, Mn, TC, TDS, TWs, WHO
35  2018 Evaluation of nitrate sources and the percent contribution of bacterial denitrification in hyporheic zone using isotope fractionation technique and multi-linear regression analysis. CWs, EC, IFT
36  2018 Factors Affecting Microbiological Quality of Vegetable- and Meat-Based Meals Served at Cafeterias in the Republic of Korea. TC
37  2018 Geostatistical Prediction of Microbial Water Quality Throughout a Stream Network Using Meteorology, Land Cover, and Spatiotemporal Autocorrelation. ---
38  2018 Household-stored drinking water quality among households of under-five children with and without acute diarrhea in towns of Wegera District, in North Gondar, Northwest Ethiopia. FS, RFC, WHO
39  2018 Precipitation thresholds for fecal bacterial indicators in the Chesapeake Bay. ---
40  2018 Presence of Multidrug-Resistant Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli, Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli, and Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli on Fresh Cheeses from Local Retail Markets in Mexico. DEPs, EPEC, ETEC, STEC
41  2018 Statistical models of fecal coliform levels in Pacific Northwest estuaries for improved shellfish harvest area closure decision making. BLR
42  2017 A geospatial analysis of land use and stormwater management on fecal coliform contamination in North Carolina streams. NPS
43  2017 Comparative study on removal of enteric pathogens from domestic wastewater using Typha latifolia and Cyperus rotundus along with different substrates. HSD, TC
44  2017 Hospital Wastewater Releases of Carbapenem-Resistance Pathogens and Genes in Urban India. AMR, AR, CRE, ESBL
45  2017 Microbiological Quality and Occurrence of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria in Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice Samples Purchased from Street Vendors in Mexico City. AMB, MPN, NTM, TC
46  2017 Pathogenic multiple antimicrobial resistant Escherichia coli serotypes in recreational waters of Mumbai, India: a potential public health risk. AR, FIB
47  2017 The application of bacteriophages as novel indicators of viral pathogens in wastewater treatment systems. AS, ENT, F-RNAPH, FIB, HuAdV, NoV, SOMPH, TF, WWTP
48  2017 The public health significance of latrines discharging to groundwater used for drinking. ---
49  2017 [Study of the bacteriological quality of water used in the agro-food industry in the North of Morocco]. RM, TC
50  2016 Bacteriological quality evaluation of seawater and oysters from the Hansan-Geojeman area in Korea, 2011-2013: impact of inland pollution sources. ---
51  2016 Bacteriological quality evaluation of seawater and oysters from the Jaranman-Saryangdo area, a designated shellfish growing area in Korea: Impact of inland pollution sources. ---
52  2016 Faecal contamination of commuters' hands in main vehicle stations in Dhaka city, Bangladesh. CFU, CP, EC, FS, TC
53  2016 Impact of sewage discharges on coastal water quality of Mumbai, India: present and future scenarios. BOD, DO
54  2016 Impacts of sanitation upgrading to the decrease of fecal coliforms entering into the environment in China. ---
55  2016 Microbiological characterization of vegetables and their rhizosphere soil in Eastern Poland. AMB, FV
56  2016 On-Site Fecal Sludge Treatment with the Anaerobic Digestion Pasteurization Latrine. ADPL, BOD, COD, TAN
57  2016 Quantification of human-associated fecal indicators reveal sewage from urban watersheds as a source of pollution to Lake Michigan. TMDLs
58  2016 Quantitative PCR Detection and Characterisation of Human Adenovirus, Rotavirus and Hepatitis A Virus in Discharged Effluents of Two Wastewater Treatment Facilities in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. HAdV, HAV, RV
59  2016 Safe distances between groundwater-based water wells and pit latrines at different hydrogeological conditions in the Ganges Atrai floodplains of Bangladesh. FS
60  2016 Sources and seasonal variation of coliform bacteria abundance in groundwater around the slopes of Mount Meru, Arusha, Tanzania. E. coli, FS, TC
61  2016 Treatment of Copper Contaminated Municipal Wastewater by Using UASB Reactor and Sand-Chemically Carbonized Rubber Wood Sawdust Column. CCRWSD, COD, FTIR, SEM, TC, TSS, UASB, XRF
62  2016 [Tracing the Fecal Contamination Sources Based on Bacteroides 16S rRNA PCR- DGGE in Karst Groundwater: Taking Laolongdong Underground River System, Nanshan, Chongqing as an Example]. FS, TB, TE
63  2015 Assessment of Nutrient Value and Microbiological Safety of Pomacea lineata. TC, TMB
64  2015 Disinfection of an advanced primary effluent using peracetic acid or ultraviolet radiation for its reuse in public services. MPN, PAA, UV
65  2015 Disinfection of raw wastewater and activated sludge effluent using Fenton like reagent. ASE, HP, RW, WHO
66  2015 Effectiveness of solar disinfection (SODIS) in rural coastal Bangladesh. E. coli, PSF, RWHS, SODIS
67  2015 Evaluating spatial-temporal variations and correlation between fecal indicator bacteria (FIB) in marine bathing beaches. E. coli, EC, FIB, TC
68  2015 Fate of parasites and pathogenic bacteria in an anaerobic hybrid reactor followed by downflow hanging sponge system treating domestic wastewater. AH, DHS, FS, HRT, TC
69  2015 Microbiological Quality of Ready-to-Eat Vegetables Collected in Mexico City: Occurrence of Aerobic-Mesophilic Bacteria, Fecal Coliforms, and Potentially Pathogenic Nontuberculous Mycobacteria. AMB, NTM, TC
70  2015 Physico-chemical and bacteriological quality of drinking water of different sources, Jimma zone, Southwest Ethiopia. BOD, TDS, TSS
71  2015 Pollution of recreational beaches of Vlora Bay (Albania) assessed by microbiological tests. FS
72  2015 Presence and correlation of some enteric indicator bacteria, diarrheagenic Escherichia coli pathotypes, and Salmonella serotypes in alfalfa sprouts from local retail markets in Pachuca, Mexico. CB, DEPs, EPEC, ETEC, MPN, STEC
73  2015 Surface water quality in the Sinos River basin, in Southern Brazil: tracking microbiological contamination and correlation with physicochemical parameters. AdVs, SRB, TC
74  2015 Water quantity and quality assessment on a tertiary treatment wetland in a tropical climate. SS, TN, TP
75  2014 Application of a linear regression model to assess the influence of urbanised areas and grazing pastures on the microbiological quality of rural streams. FIOs
76  2014 Effects of future climate and land use scenarios on riverine source water quality. ---
77  2014 Optimization of electrocoagulation process to treat grey wastewater in batch mode using response surface methodology. ANOVA, BBD, COD, EC, SS, TS
78  2014 Pathogen removal during wastewater treatment by vermifiltration. FS, TC, VF
79  2013 A large-scale study of bacterial contamination of drinking water and its public health impact in Nepal. DR, TC
80  2013 Control of dangerous substances in discharges and microbiological abatement: European framework and a case study of an ozone disinfection system. FS, LOD, TC, WWTP
81  2013 Design, construction and performance of a horizontal subsurface flow wetland system in Australia. TN, TP, TSS
82  2013 Fecal coliform removal in a lightly loaded surface-flow constructed treatment wetland polishing agricultural runoff. ---
83  2013 Frequency and correlation of some enteric indicator bacteria and Salmonella in ready-to-eat raw vegetable salads from Mexican restaurants. CB, REVS
84  2013 Hygiene intervention reduces contamination of weaning food in Bangladesh. CFU, CP, FS, HACCP
85  2013 Influence of seasonal and inter-annual hydro-meteorological variability on surface water fecal coliform concentration under varying land-use composition. FIB
86  2013 Multivariate statistical techniques for the assessment of seasonal variations in surface water quality of pasture ecosystems. CA, DA, FA, LP, MP
87  2013 Occurrence of potentially pathogenic nontuberculous mycobacteria in Mexican household potable water: a pilot study. AMB, NTM, PRA, TC
88  2013 Presence of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli, Enteroinvasive E. coli, Enteropathogenic E. coli, and Enterotoxigenic E. coli on tomatoes from public markets in Mexico. DEP, EIEC, EPEC, ETEC, STEC
89  2013 Water quality assessment of an unusual ritual well in Bangladesh and impact of mass bathing on this quality. BOD, COD, DO, EC, FS, IE, PA, SA, TC
90  2013 [Microbial risk assessment of urban water bodies for aesthetical and recreational uses]. EC, ENT
91  2013 [Occurrence of fecal indicator bacteria in urban surface water: a case study in southern China]. EC, ENT, TC
92  2013 [Wastewater pollution characteristics from typical intensive pig farms in the Pearl River Delta and its ecological risk assessment]. BOD, COD, SS, TP
93  2012 A 5-year survey (2007-2011) of enteric viruses in Korean aquatic environments and the use of coliforms as viral indicators. CFU, EV, MPN, TC
94  2012 Antibiotic resistance in triclosan tolerant fecal coliforms isolated from surface waters near wastewater treatment plant outflows (Morris County, NJ, USA). MIC, TCS, WWTP
95  2012 Bacteriological quality of abattoir effluents discharged into water bodies in abuja, Nigeria. TC
96  2012 Cadmium tolerance and antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli isolated from waste stabilization ponds. TC
97  2012 Disinfection of an advanced primary effluent with peracetic acid and ultraviolet combined treatment: a continuous-flow pilot plant study. min, PAA/UV, TC
98  2012 Distribution of potentially pathogenic enteric bacteria in coastal sea waters along the Southern Kerala Coast, India. FS, TC, Vc, Vp
99  2012 Influence of flow velocity on the removal of faecal coliforms in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetland. CWs
100  2012 Land use and hydroclimatic influences on Faecal Indicator Organisms in two large Scottish catchments: towards land use-based models as screening tools. FIOs