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Abbreviation : FCM
Long Form : fuzzy c-means
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 An enhanced adaptive non-local means algorithm for Rician noise reduction in magnetic resonance brain images. FANLM, LMMSE, MAD, MR, NLM, PSNR, SSIM, UWT
2020 An expert system for brain tumor detection: Fuzzy C-means with super resolution and convolutional neural network with extreme learning machine. CNN, ELM, MRI, SR-FCM
2020 Evaluation of the Physical Properties of Bedding Materials for Dairy Cattle Using Fuzzy Clustering Analysis. AFP, APS, BD, CC, GD, GK, KM, PCA, SH, TEP, WHC
2020 Validation of two hybrid approaches for clustering age-related groups based on gait kinematics data. KM, SOM
2019 A Super-Clustering Approach for Fully Automated Single Particle Picking in Cryo-EM. cryo-EM, IBC, SNR, SP
2019 A Triple-Filter NLOS Localization Algorithm Based on Fuzzy C-means for Wireless Sensor Networks. KF, ML, NLOS, UKF, WSN
2019 AutoCryoPicker: an unsupervised learning approach for fully automated single particle picking in Cryo-EM images. CEC, cryo-EM
2019 Binarization of ESPI fringe patterns based on local entropy. ---
2019 Cell Segmentation Based on FOPSO Combined With Shape Information Improved Intuitionistic FCM. FOPSO, SI-IFCM
10  2019 Computer-Aided Diagnosis System of Alzheimer's Disease Based on Multimodal Fusion: Tissue Quantification Based on the Hybrid Fuzzy-Genetic-Possibilistic Model and Discriminative Classification Based on the SVDD Model. AD, ADNI, CAD, CSF, GM, MRI, SVDD, WM
11  2019 Developing an electric vehicle urban driving cycle to study differences in energy consumption. EV, PCA, XA-EV-UDC
12  2019 Development of a Stand-Alone Independent Graphical User Interface for Neurological Disease Prediction with Automated Extraction and Segmentation of Gray and White Matter in Brain MRI Images. ---
13  2019 Fully automated tissue segmentation of the prescription isodose region delineated through the Gamma knife plan for cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM) using fuzzy C-means (FCM) clustering. AVM, AVMs, CSF, GKRS, SI
14  2019 Fuzzy c-means clustering based segmentation and the filtering method for discontinuous ESPI fringe patterns. OPDE
15  2019 IVUS images segmentation using spatial fuzzy clustering and hierarchical level set evolution. FC-HLSE, HD, IVUS, JM, LSE, MA, PAD
16  2019 Melanoma lesion detection and segmentation using deep region based convolutional neural network and fuzzy C-means clustering. Ac, Di, ISBI, JC, RCNN, Se, Sp
17  2019 Remote sensing image segmentation based on a robust fuzzy C-means algorithm improved by a parallel Levy grey wolf algorithm. ---
18  2019 Selective retinex enhancement based on the clustering algorithm and block-matching 3D for optical coherence tomography images. BM3D, OCT
19  2019 Similarity Measure-Based Possibilistic FCM With Label Information for Brain MRI Segmentation. MRI
20  2019 Stronger Convergence Results for the Center-Based Fuzzy Clustering With Convex Divergence Measure. ---
21  2019 Wavelet Frame-Based Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Segmenting Images on Graphs. ---
22  2019 Yoga Posture Recognition and Quantitative Evaluation with Wearable Sensors Based on Two-Stage Classifier and Prior Bayesian Network. BP-ANN, IMUs
23  2018 Acetowhite region segmentation in uterine cervix images using a registered ratio image. AW, CV-LSA, JI, VIA
24  2018 An Automated Segmentation of R2* Iron-Overloaded Liver Images Using a Fuzzy C-Mean Clustering Scheme. LIC
25  2018 Automatic and fast segmentation of breast region-of-interest (ROI) and density in MRIs. BD, BROI, MRI, ROI
26  2018 Automatic Prostate Cancer Segmentation Using Kinetic Analysis in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI. DCE-MRI
27  2018 Characterization and prediction of the backscattered form function of an immersed cylindrical shell using hybrid fuzzy clustering and bio-inspired algorithms. FCRM, GG, GK, SPWV
28  2018 Coastline Detection with Gaofen-3 SAR Images Using an Improved FCM Method. ---
29  2018 Design of double fuzzy clustering-driven context neural networks. DFCCNNs, LSE
30  2018 eFCM: An Enhanced Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Longitudinal Intervention Data. eFCM
31  2018 Fuzzy c-means segmentation of major vessels in angiographic images of stroke. AUC, PAS, ROC, ROI
32  2018 Incorporating EBO-HSIC with SVM for Gene Selection Associated with Cervical Cancer Classification. DEGs, EBO-HSIC, SVM
33  2018 Quantitative breast density analysis using tomosynthesis and comparison with MRI and digital mammography. ---
34  2018 Quantitative Proteomic Study Reveals Up-Regulation of cAMP Signaling Pathway-Related Proteins in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. mTBI, Pde10a, PPI, rmTBI, smTBI, TBI
35  2018 Registration-Based Organ Positioning and Joint Segmentation Method for Liver and Tumor Segmentation. ACM, ELM, ROP
36  2018 Statistical clustering of parametric maps from dynamic contrast enhanced MRI and an associated decision tree model for non-invasive tumour grading of T1b solid clear cell renal cell carcinoma. ccRCC, DCE, iAUC, MRI
37  2018 Study of Clinical Sample Detection for LH With Lateral Flow Immunochromatographic Strip Using Support Vector Regression. LFICS, LH, SVR
38  2018 Unsupervised fuzzy binning of metagenomic sequence fragments on three-dimensional Barnes-Hut t-Stochastic Neighbor Embeddings. BH-SNE
39  2017 3D Liver Tumor Segmentation in CT Images Using Improved Fuzzy C-Means and Graph Cuts. CT, DICE, VOE, VOI
40  2017 A framework based on hidden Markov trees for multimodal PET/CT image co-segmentation. CT, DSC, NSCLC, PET, PPV, Se
41  2017 A rapid quantitative determination method of Luteinizing hormone with gold immunochromatographic strip. GICS, LH
42  2017 A segmentation of brain MRI images utilizing intensity and contextual information by Markov random field. MAP-MRF, MRF, MRI
43  2017 An adaptive Fuzzy C-means method utilizing neighboring information for breast tumor segmentation in ultrasound images. ASSD, CAD, MSSD, RMSD, US
44  2017 Anti-atherosclerotic effects of pravastatin in brachiocephalic artery in comparison with en face aorta and aortic roots in ApoE/LDLR-/- mice. BCA
45  2017 Automatic segmentation of left ventricle cavity from short-axis cardiac magnetic resonance images. APD, CMR, DM, LV, ROI
46  2017 Blood Vessel Extraction in Color Retinal Fundus Images with Enhancement Filtering and Unsupervised Classification. ---
47  2017 Circular shape constrained fuzzy clustering (CiscFC) for nucleus segmentation in Pap smear images. CiscFC
48  2017 High-bandwidth nanopore data analysis by using a modified hidden Markov model. MHMM
49  2017 Meta-analysis of cell- specific transcriptomic data using fuzzy c-means clustering discovers versatile viral responsive genes. FIGS
50  2017 Modeling Uncertainties in EEG Microstates: Analysis of Real and Imagined Motor Movements Using Probabilistic Clustering-Driven Training of Probabilistic Neural Networks. GFP, MLPs
51  2017 Relationship between Automated Coronary Calcium Volumes and a Set of Manual Coronary Lumen Volume, Vessel Volume and Atheroma Volume in Japanese Diabetic Cohort. aCCV, CAD, CC, HMRF, IVUS, mCVV, PCI
52  2017 Segmentation of multicolor fluorescence in situ hybridization images using an improved fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm by incorporating both spatial and spectral information. AFCM, IAFCM, M-FISH
53  2017 Sparse Regularization in Fuzzy c-Means for High-Dimensional Data Clustering. ---
54  2017 Spatial Fuzzy C Means and Expectation Maximization Algorithms with Bias Correction for Segmentation of MR Brain Images. CSF, EM, GM, INU, WM
55  2017 Synthetic CT for MRI-based liver stereotactic body radiotherapy treatment planning. MRCTs, SBRT
56  2017 Tensor based multichannel reconstruction for breast tumours identification from DCE-MRIs. DCE-MRI, ES, PCA
57  2016 A method for the automatic segmentation of brown adipose tissue. BAT, MR, MTh, NNet, RG, WAT
58  2016 A modified fuzzy C-means method for segmenting MR images using non-local information. IGRT
59  2016 Characterization of particulate products for aging of ethylbenzene secondary organic aerosol in the presence of ammonium sulfate seed aerosol. ALTOFMS, HMW, SOA
60  2016 Classification of Horse Gaits Using FCM-Based Neuro-Fuzzy Classifier from the Transformed Data Information of Inertial Sensor. NBC, NFC, NNC, RBFNC, TSK, WP
61  2016 Cross-domain, soft-partition clustering with diversity measure and knowledge reference. FC-QR, MEC, QWGSD-FC
62  2016 Development of a Calibration Strip for Immunochromatographic Assay Detection Systems. ICG, OD
63  2016 Five multiresolution-based calcium volume measurement techniques from coronary IVUS videos: A comparative approach. HMRF, IVUS, PCI, PoM
64  2016 Fuzzy C-Means Clustering and Energy Efficient Cluster Head Selection for Cooperative Sensor Network. CH, FC, SNR
65  2016 Fuzzy C-means clustering of magnetic resonance imaging on apparent diffusion coefficient maps for predicting nodal metastasis in head and neck cancer. ADCs
66  2016 Infrared Ship Target Segmentation Based on Spatial Information Improved FCM. IR
67  2016 Inspection of disbonds in multilayer dissimilar metal structure using lock-in thermography. SNR
68  2016 Iterative fuzzy segmentation for an accurate delimitation of the breast region. GT, IFBS
69  2016 New Technique for Automatic Segmentation of Blood Vessels in CT Scan Images of Liver Based on Optimized Fuzzy C-Means Method. GA
70  2016 Online Fault Diagnosis for Biochemical Process Based on FCM and SVM. SVM
71  2016 Reliable and Accurate Calcium Volume Measurement in Coronary Artery Using Intravascular Ultrasound Videos. HMRF, IVUS
72  2016 Spectral Clustering for Unsupervised Segmentation of Lower Extremity Wound Beds Using Optical Images. SC
73  2016 [The Identification of Lettuce Varieties by Using Unsupervised Possibilistic Fuzzy Learning Vector Quantization and Near Infrared Spectroscopy]. FLVQ, NIS, PCA, UPFC, UPFLVQ
74  2015 A Hybrid Method for Image Segmentation Based on Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm and Fuzzy c-Means Clustering. AFSA, HAFSA, MRI, SFCM
75  2015 A robust method for online heart sound localization in respiratory sound based on temporal fuzzy c-means. TFCM
76  2015 A Spacecraft Electrical Characteristics Multi-Label Classification Method Based on Off-Line FCM Clustering and On-Line WPSVM. WPSVM
77  2015 Automated detection of the arterial input function using normalized cut clustering to determine cerebral perfusion by dynamic susceptibility contrast-magnetic resonance imaging. AIF, AUC, DSC-MRI, FWHM, Ncut, PV, PVE, RMSE, TTP
78  2015 Brain tissue segmentation using fuzzy clustering techniques. CSF, FLICM, GM, RFLICM, WM
79  2015 Clustering-based limb identification for pressure ulcer risk assessment. ---
80  2015 Designing of a Computer Software for Detection of Approximal Caries in Posterior Teeth. CI, ICC
81  2015 Fuzzy-GA modeling in air quality assessment. ZD
82  2015 Generation of a Four-Class Attenuation Map for MRI-Based Attenuation Correction of PET Data in the Head Area Using a Novel Combination of STE/Dixon-MRI and FCM Clustering. CT, MRI, PET, STE
83  2015 Generation of brain pseudo-CTs using an undersampled, single-acquisition UTE-mDixon pulse sequence and unsupervised clustering. FID, UTE
84  2015 Improved Fuzzy C-Means based Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) initialization and outlier rejection with level set methods for MR brain image segmentation. MR, PSO
85  2015 Improved R2* liver iron concentration assessment using a novel fuzzy c-mean clustering scheme. LIC, nIQR, SA
86  2015 Incorporating Adaptive Local Information Into Fuzzy Clustering for Image Segmentation. ---
87  2015 Investigating the relationship between changes in collagen fiber orientation during skin aging and collagen/water interactions by polarized-FTIR microimaging. P-FTIR
88  2015 Lung segmentation on standard and mobile chest radiographs using oriented Gaussian derivatives filter. CBMIRS
89  2015 Multiple fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm in medical diagnosis. MFCM, TACs, TTH
90  2015 Neural networks and Fuzzy clustering methods for assessing the efficacy of microarray based intrinsic gene signatures in breast cancer classification and the character and relations of identified subtypes. ESOM, FLAME, SOM
91  2015 Optimized face recognition algorithm using radial basis function neural networks and its practical applications. ASM, CCD, DE, HE, PCA, RBF NNs
92  2015 Patient-specific biomechanical model as whole-body CT image registration tool. CT
93  2015 SPEQTACLE: An automated generalized fuzzy C-means algorithm for tumor delineation in PET. CEs, FLAB, FLICM, PET, SPEQTACLE
94  2015 Subcortical Region Segmentation using Fuzzy Based Augmented Lagrangian Multiphase Level Sets Method in Autistic MR Brain Images. AL
95  2014 A combined approach for the enhancement and segmentation of mammograms using modified fuzzy C-means method in wavelet domain. CLAHE, DWT, FPs, GCE, RI, SNR, VoI
96  2014 A fusion method of Gabor wavelet transform and unsupervised clustering algorithms for tissue edge detection. CT, GWT, MRI
97  2014 Accelerating Fuzzy-C Means Using an Estimated Subsample Size. ---
98  2014 An automatic image inpainting algorithm based on FCM. ---
99  2014 An improved FCM medical image segmentation algorithm based on MMTD. MMTD
100  2014 Automatic cervical cell segmentation and classification in Pap smears. ANN, HSIL, KNN, LDA, SCC, SVM