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Long Form : feed intake
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate in Maternal Diets Alters DNA Methylation Potential and Increases Later Life Weight Gain and Food Intake in Wistar Rat Dams and Female Offspring (P11-022-19). 5-MTHF, DNAm, DNMT, EE, IR, PW, SAH, SAM, UMFA, WG
2019 A novel Bacillus based multi-strain probiotic improves growth performance and intestinal properties of Clostridium perfringens challenged broilers. AGP, BW, FCR, ME
2019 Acute decrease in plasma testosterone and appetite after either glucose or protein beverages in adolescent males. LH
2019 Age and sex-related differences in performance, carcass traits, hemato-biochemical parameters, and meat quality in Japanese quails. BW, Hb, IMF, PCV, RBC, WBC, WHC
2019 Ameliorative Effect of Bacillus subtilis on Growth Performance and Intestinal Architecture in Broiler Infected with Salmonella. BW, FCR, PEF
2019 Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940 alone or in combination with antibiotic growth promoters improves performance in broilers under enteric pathogen challenge. BMD, BMY, BWG, DFM, FCR, UN
2019 Dietary fatty acid content influences the expression of genes involved in the lipid turnover and inflammation in mouse colon and spleen. BW, FABP4, FAs, FFAR, FPO, GI, STD
2019 Dietary hydrolysed yeast cell wall extract is comparable to antibiotics in the control of subclinical necrotic enteritis in broiler chickens. AB, BWG, NC, PC, YCW
2019 Dietary l-arginine supplementation influences growth performance and B-cell secretion of immunoglobulin in broiler chickens. Arg, BCL6, BWG, FCR, IgM
10  2019 Dietary Non-Drug Feed Additive as an Alternative for Antibiotic Growth Promoters for Broilers During a Necrotic Enteritis Challenge. BWG, DXA, FCR, NC, NE, PC
11  2019 Dietary phosphorus deficiency impaired growth, intestinal digestion and absorption function of meat ducks. ALP, BW, BWG, Ca, NPP
12  2019 Dietary phytate has a greater anti-nutrient effect on feed conversion ratio compared to body weight gain and greater doses of phytase are required to alleviate this effect as evidenced by prediction equations on growth performance, bone ash and phytate degradation in broilers. BWG
13  2019 Dietary supplementation with free methionine or methionine dipeptide mitigates intestinal oxidative stress induced by Eimeria spp. challenge in broiler chickens. BWG, CAT, CAT-1, CP, FCR, IFNG, IL-2, OCLN, p.i, PEPT1, SOD, SOD1, TAC, TBARS, TLR5
14  2019 Effect of a diet containing date pits on growth performance, diet digestibility, and economic evaluation of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica). BWG, DC, DM, DP, FCR, NFE, NR, TR
15  2019 Effect of anti-fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 antibodies on phosphorus metabolism in laying hens and their progeny chicks. BWG, FGF23, NPP
16  2019 Effect of Commercially Available Sugar-Sweetened Beverages on Subjective Appetite and Short-Term Food Intake in Boys. ---
17  2019 Effect of dairy and nondairy snacks on postprandial blood glucose regulation in 9-14-year-old children. GLP-1, NW, OW/OB
18  2019 Effect of dietary copper sources on performance, gastric ghrelin-RNA expression, and growth hormone concentrations in serum in piglets. BW, Cu-MHAC, FCR, GH, TBCC
19  2019 Effect of dietary digestible lysine level on growth performance, blood metabolites and meat quality of broilers 23-38days of age. dig Lys, FCR, WG
20  2019 Effect of dietary nutmeg oil on heat-stress tolerance-related parameters in Korean native chicken reared under hot temperature. AST, BW, BWG, FCR, HSP, KNC, MDA, NO, RT
21  2019 Effect of dietary raw and fermented sour cherry kernel (Prunus cerasus L.) on growth performance, carcass traits, and meat quality in broiler chickens. BW, BWG, FC, FCR, RC
22  2019 Effect of dietary supplementation of Bacillus subtilis DSM29784 on hen performance, egg quality indices, and apparent retention of dietary components in laying hens from 19 to 48 weeks of age. AH, AME, AR, BW, FCR, HU, SSB
23  2019 Effect of l-theanine on the growth performance, immune function, and jejunum morphology and antioxidant status of ducks. BWG, GLB, IgA, IL-2, T-SOD
24  2019 Effect of supplementing graded concentrations of non-phytate phosphorus on performance, egg quality and bone mineral variables in White Leghorn layers. EM, EP, EW, FE, NPP, QP, WL
25  2019 Effect of the addition of cactus (O. ficus-indica) to the lactating sows' diet on piglet development at lactation and post-weaning. CG, LIV, LW, MP
26  2019 Effect of video game playing and a glucose preload on subjective appetite, subjective emotions, and food intake in overweight and obese boys. OW/OB, VGP
27  2019 Effect of wheat distillers dried grains with solubles and exogenous xylanase on laying hen performance and egg quality. AH, AME, ANOVA, BWG, DDGS, DMR, FD, HU, NR
28  2019 Effects of acute and chronic heat stress on the performance, egg quality, body temperature, and blood gas parameters of laying hens. BT, EP, FE, HS
29  2019 Effects of dietary 1 alpha-hydroxycholecalciferol in calcium and phosphorous-deficient diets on growth performance, tibia related indices and immune responses in broiler chickens. BWG, Ca, TP
30  2019 Effects of dietary b-glucan, mannan oligosaccharide, Lactobacillus plantarum and their combinations on growth performance, immunity and immune related gene expression of Caspian trout, Salmo trutta caspius (Kessler, 1877). CF, FCR, IgM, MOS
31  2019 Effects of dietary energy and protein content and lipid source on growth performance and carcass traits in Pekin ducks. BW, BWG, CP, ME
32  2019 Effects of Dietary Inclusion of Shrimp Paste on Growth Performance, Digestive Enzymes Activities, Antioxidant and Immunological Status and Intestinal Morphology of Hybrid Snakehead (Channa maculata ♀ Channa argus ♂). ---
33  2019 Effects of dietary metabolizable energy levels and beak trimming on the performance, egg quality, and economic viability of layers. FCR, ME
34  2019 Effects of dietary supplemental methionine source and betaine replacement on the growth performance and activity of mitochondrial respiratory chain enzymes in normal and heat-stressed broiler chickens. Bet, COX, FCR, Met, MRCEs, Req, WG
35  2019 Effects of heat stress on growth performance, selected physiological and immunological parameters, caecal microflora, and meat quality in two broiler strains. APPs, BWG, CK, FCR, one-day-old
36  2019 Effects of hypothyroidism on the mesenteric and omental adipose tissue in rats. BMR, BW, EB, MOAT, WAT
37  2019 Effects of In Ovo Injection of Coenzyme Q10 on Hatchability, Subsequent Performance, and Immunity of Broiler Chickens. BWG
38  2019 Effects of inclusion of Bacillus subtilis (Gallipro) to energy- and protein-reduced diet on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and meat quality and gas emission in broilers. ATTD, BW, CP, DM, FCR, ME
39  2019 Effects of lysophospholipid on growth performance, carcass yield, intestinal development, and bone quality in broilers. BW, LPL
40  2019 Effects of pre-lay dietary calcium (2.5vs. 4.0%) and pullet strain (Lohmann Brown vs. Selected Leghorn LSL-Lite) on calcium utilization and femur quality at 1st through to the 50th egg2. AR, FMD, LB, LSL
41  2019 Effects of replacement of para-grass with oil palm compounds on body weight, food intake, nutrient digestibility, rumen functions and blood parameters in goats. DMI, OPM, RR, RT, WI
42  2019 Effects of supplemented culture media from solid-state fermented Isaria cicadae on performance, serum biochemical parameters, serum immune indexes, antioxidant capacity and meat quality of broiler chickens. BWG, GSH-Px, IL-1beta, SOD, T-AOC
43  2019 Effects of White Potatoes Consumed With Eggs on Satiety, Food Intake, and Glycemic Response in Children and Adolescents. ---
44  2019 Effects of Yucca schidigera extract on growth performance and antioxidative function of small intestine in broilers. BW, CAT, FCR, GPx, MDA, SOD, T-AOC, YSE
45  2019 Enrichment of the amnion with threonine in chicken embryos affects the small intestine development, ileal gene expression and performance of broilers between 1 and 21 days of age. APN, BW, FCR, Thr, WG
46  2019 Evaluation of a high-protein DDGS product in broiler chickens: performance, nitrogen-corrected apparent metabolisable energy, and standardised ileal amino acid digestibility. aa, CV-DDGS, DDGS, HPDDGS, SIAAD
47  2019 Food Intake during School Lunch Is Better Explained by Objectively Measured Eating Behaviors than by Subjectively Rated Food Taste and Fullness: A Cross-Sectional Study. BMI, CV, ICC
48  2019 Genetic parameters for body weight and different definitions of residual feed intake in broiler chickens. RFI
49  2019 Genome-Wide Association Study of Growth and Feeding Traits in Pekin Ducks. FCR, GBS, GWAS, RFI
50  2019 Growth performance and gastrointestinal responses in heavy Tom turkeys fed antibiotic free corn-soybean meal diets supplemented with multiple doses of a single strain Bacillus subtilis probiotic (DSM29784)1. AR, BWG, GIT, SCFA, SSB
51  2019 Growth performance, apparent retention of components, and excreta dry matter content in Shaver White pullets (5 to 16 week of age) in response to dietary supplementation of graded levels of a single strain Bacillus subtilis probiotic. AR
52  2019 High doses of phytase on growth performance and apparent ileal amino acid digestibility of broilers fed diets with graded concentrations of digestible lysine. AID, BWG, dgLys, FCR
53  2019 Immune modulation, growth performance, and nutrient retention in broiler chickens fed a blend of phytogenic feed additives. DMR, FCR, FR, MEn, Nr, PA, WG
54  2019 Impact of a Bacillus Direct-Fed Microbial on Growth Performance, Intestinal Barrier Integrity, Necrotic Enteritis Lesions, and Ileal Microbiota in Broiler Chickens Using a Laboratory Challenge Model. BW, BWG, DFM, DFM, FCR, FITC-D, LS, NC, NE, PC, SOD
55  2019 Impact of dietary chitosan oligosaccharide and its effects on coccidia challenge in broiler chickens. BW, CC, COS
56  2019 Impacts on performance of growing-finishing pigs under heat stress conditions: a meta-analysis. ADG, HAT, TNT
57  2019 Influence of autolyzed whole yeast and yeast components on broiler chickens challenged with salmonella lipopolysaccharide. BWG, FCR, LPS, NC, PC, SAL, ZNB
58  2019 Interaction and imbalance between indispensable amino acids in young piglets. aa, BWG, FCR, His, Ile, Leu, SID, Trp, Val
59  2019 Interactive effects of threonine levels and protein source on growth performance and carcass traits, gut morphology, ileal digestibility of protein and amino acids, and immunity in broilers. BWG, CD, CM, d-Thr, FCR, PS, SBM, VCR, VH
60  2019 L-Arginine supplementation enhances growth performance, lean muscle, and bone density but not fat in broiler chickens. Arg, BMD, BWG, FCR, MAR
61  2019 Linseed oil can decrease liver fat deposition and improve antioxidant ability of juvenile largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides. AMP, CAT, FBPase, FCR, FO, GPx, HSI, iNOS, LO, MDA, PEPCK, PER, SGR, SOD, TC, TG, WG
62  2019 Lycopene-Rich Extract from Red Guava (Psidium guajava L.) Decreases Plasma Triglycerides and Improves Oxidative Stress Biomarkers on Experimentally-Induced Dyslipidemia in Hamsters. CAT, GPx, HDL, LDL, LRE, MDA-h, MPO, SOD-e, TC, TG, WG
63  2019 Metabolic characteristics and nutrient utilization in high-feed-efficiency pigs selected using different feed conversion ratio models. ADGs, AMPK, FEs, IGF-1, PGC-1alpha, SCFA
64  2019 Mexican oregano essential oils given in drinking water on performance, carcass traits, and meat quality of broilers. DWt, LBS, MOO, PLG, WG, WI
65  2019 Nucleotide-rich yeast extract fed to broiler chickens challenged with Eimeria: impact on growth performance, jejunal histomorphology, immune system, and apparent retention of dietary components and caloric efficiency1. AR, IgA, YN
66  2019 Optimal dietary alcoholic extract of lotus leaf improved growth performance and health status of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus). AELL, FBW, GSH, IgM, Lys, MDA, SGR, SOD, T-AOC, WGR
67  2019 Performance, intestinal permeability, and gene expression of selected tight junction proteins in broiler chickens fed reduced protein diets supplemented with arginine, glutamine, and glycine subjected to a leaky gut model. BWG, DEX, FITC-D, IP, RP
68  2019 Potency of probiotics Bifidobacterium spp. and Lactobacillus casei to improve growth performance and business analysis in organic laying hens. AGPs, FCR
69  2019 Pregnancy and Litter Size, But Not Lamb Sex, Affect Feed Intake and Wool Production by Merino-Type Ewes. BC, DFW, LAC, LS, LW, LZ, PRG, WP
70  2019 The Biological and Hematological Effects of Echinacea purpurea L. Roots Extract in the Immunocompromised Rats with Cyclosporine. BW, CsA, EPR, FER, RBCs, WBCs
71  2019 The effect of beak tissue sloughing and post-treatment beak shape on the productivity of infrared beak-treated layer pullets and hens. BW, FE, IRBT, LB, SHV, STAN, WD
72  2019 The Effect of Maternal Intact Protein- and Amino Acid-Based Diets on Development of Food Intake Regulatory Systems and Body Weight in Dams and Male Offspring of Wistar Rats. AAD, BW, IPD, PYY
73  2019 The leg strength of two commercial strains of meat chicken subjected to different incubation profiles. BA, EST, FCR
74  2019 The optimum valine: lysine ratios on performance and carcass traits of male broilers based on different regression approaches. BWG, EA, FCR, LRP, QP
75  2019 Total Bioavailable Organic Selenium in Fishmeal-Based Diet Influences Growth and Physiology of Juvenile Cobia Rachycentron canadum (Linnaeus, 1766). FBW, GPx, RBC, Se, Se-1.15, Se-1.52, SGR
76  2019 Use of Repeated Group Measurements with Drop Out Animals for Variance Component Estimation and Genetic Evaluation: A Simulation Study. VC
77  2019 Wheat sample affects growth performance and the apparent metabolisable energy value for broiler chickens. AME, DMR, FD, GE, NSP, WG
78  2018 Acute effects of monosodium glutamate addition to whey protein on appetite, food intake, blood glucose, insulin and gut hormones in healthy young men. GLP-1, MSG
79  2018 Adipose tissue-specific responses reveal an important role of lipogenesis during heat stress adaptation in pigs. BUN, CHOP, FFA
80  2018 Adipose tissue-specific responses reveal an important role of lipogenesis during heat stress adaptation in pigs1. BUN, CHOP, FFA
81  2018 Assessment of the minimal available phosphorus needs of pullets during the pre-laying period. AP, BWG, FCR, LM, MH
82  2018 Association of polymorphisms in Pit-1 gene with growth and feed efficiency in meat-type chickens. BW70, BWG, FCR, Pit-1, SNPs
83  2018 Characterizing the acute heat stress response in gilts: I. Thermoregulatory and production variables. HS, RR, SUS, TN, TOL, Tr, Ts
84  2018 Dietary energy, digestible lysine, and available phosphorus levels affect growth performance, carcass traits, and amino acid digestibility of broilers. aa, AID, FCR, WG
85  2018 Dietary L-theanine alleviated lipopolysaccharide-induced immunological stress in yellow-feathered broilers. alpha 1-AGP, BWG, IL-6, LPS, sIgA
86  2018 Dietary supplemental guanidinoacetic acid and betaine: effects on performance of broilers under cold stress. BWG, FCR, GAA, PEF
87  2018 Dietary supplementation of Yucca schidigera extract enhances productive and reproductive performances, blood profile, immune function, and antioxidant status in laying Japanese quails exposed to lead in the diet. FCR, LD, YSE
88  2018 Differences in intestinal size, structure, and function contributing to feed efficiency in broiler chickens reared at geographically distant locations. RFI
89  2018 Effect of Commercially Available Sugar-Sweetened Beverages on Subjective Appetite and Short-Term Food Intake in Girls. SSBs, VAS
90  2018 Effect of dietary oridonin supplementation on growth performance, gut health, and immune response of broilers infected with Salmonella pullorum. BWG, CON, FCR, IgA, MDA, ORI, SCC
91  2018 Effect of epigallocatechin gallate on growth performance and serum biochemical metabolites in heat-stressed broilers. ALP, AST, BW, CAT, Chol, CK, EGCG, GLU, GSH-Px, LDH, MDA, SOD, TG, TP, UA
92  2018 Effect of feed intake level on the body temperature of pigs exposed to heat stress conditions. AT, BT, HS
93  2018 Effect of gut stress induced by oxidized wheat gluten on the growth performance, gut morphology and oxidative states of broilers. ADG, BW, CON, FCR, LPO, MDA, OG
94  2018 Effect of pennyroyal, savory and thyme essential oils on Japanese quail physiology. BWG, FCR, PO, SO, TO
95  2018 Effect of xylanase on the performance of laying hens fed a low energy corn and soybean diet. EM, EP, EW, FC, ME, NC, PC
96  2018 Effects of dietary raffinose on growth, non-specific immunity, intestinal morphology and microbiome of juvenile hybrid sturgeon (Acipenser baeri Brandt ♀ A. schrenckii Brandt ♂). FBW, FCR, MPO, SGR, WGR
97  2018 Effects of essential oils from Liquidambar orientalis Mill. leaves on growth performance, carcass and some organ traits, some blood metabolites and intestinal microbiota in broilers. 0.04LEO, AF, CW, EIO, FCR, LEO, LWG
98  2018 Effects of heat stress during porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus infection on metabolic responses in growing pigs. HP, HS, PRRSV, RR, TN, TP, Tr, WBC
99  2018 Effects of intra-yolk-sac injection of dextrose and albumin on performance, jejunum morphology, liver and pectoral muscle glycogen and some serum metabolites of broilers. BW, FCR, IYSI
100  2018 Effects of lactic acid bacteria and smectite after aflatoxin B1 challenge on the growth performance, nutrient digestibility and blood parameters of broilers. AFB1, BWG, LAB