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Long Form : fluorescence index
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Assessing the impact of environmental activities on natural organic matter in South Africa and Belgium. NOM, ParaFac, WTPs
2019 Effects of acidification on the optical properties of dissolved organic matter from high and low arsenic groundwater and surface water. Abs254, DOM, HCl, HIX, PARAFAC
2019 Effects of intercropping mulch on the content and composition of soil dissolved organic matter in apple orchard on the loess plateau. CT, DOC, DOM, EEM, PARAFAC, RE, SOC
2019 Fluorescence Characteristics of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in Percolation Water and Lateral Seepage Affected by Soil Solution (S-S) in a Lysimeter Test. BIX, DOM, HLF, L-W, OCS, P-W, S-S, SOM
2019 Non-contact High-frequency Ultrasound Microbeam Stimulation: A Novel Finding and Potential Causes of Cell Responses. HFUMS
2019 Photochemical formation of carbonate radical and its reaction with dissolved organic matters. DOM, SUVA
2019 Synergistic effects of urban tributary mixing on dissolved organic matter biodegradation in an impounded river system. BDOC, BIX, DOC, DOM, FT-ICR MS, HIX, PARAFAC
2019 Temporal controls on dissolved organic carbon biodegradation in subtropical rivers: Initial chemical composition versus stoichiometry. DOC, DTN, DTP, HIX
2018 Long-Term Experimental Acidification Drives Watershed Scale Shift in Dissolved Organic Matter Composition and Flux. BBWM, DOC, FEF
10  2018 Natural organic matter undergoes different molecular sieving by adsorption on activated carbon and carbon nanotubes. AC, CNT, HPSEC, MW, NOM
11  2018 New insight into the applicability of spectroscopic indices for dissolved organic matter (DOM) source discrimination in aquatic systems affected by biogeochemical processes. ADOM, BIX, DOM, SRFA, SUVA
12  2018 Transformation products formation of ciprofloxacin in UVA/LED and UVA/LED/TiO2 systems: Impact of natural organic matter characteristics. CIP, NOM, SAHA, SRHA, SRNOM, TPs, UVA/LED
13  2018 [Migration and Transformation of Dissolved Organic Matter in Karst Water Systems and an Analysis of Their Influencing Factors]. BIX, DOM, EEMs, HIX, PARAFAC, PCA
14  2018 [Seasonal Variations of DOM Spectral Characteristics in the Surface Water of the Upstream Minjiang River]. CDOM, DOM, EEM, PARAFAC
15  2017 Chemical properties of dissolved organic matter derived from sugarcane rind and the impacts on copper adsorption onto red soil. DDOM, DOM, EEM, FDOM, FTIR, MWD, NMR
16  2017 Composition of dissolved organic matter (DOM) from periodically submerged soils in the Three Gorges Reservoir areas as determined by elemental and optical analysis, infrared spectroscopy, pyrolysis-GC-MS and thermally assisted hydrolysis and methylation. DOM, HIX, Py-GC-MS
17  2017 Evaluating Activated Carbon Adsorption of Dissolved Organic Matter and Micropollutants Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy. DOM, GAC, SEC, SUVA
18  2017 Influence of land use and land cover on the spatial variability of dissolved organic matter in multiple aquatic environments. BIX, DOM, EEM, PARAFAC, TDP
19  2017 Spectral characteristics of dissolved organic matter in various agricultural soils throughout China. DOC, DOM, HIX, PARAFAC, SUVA254, TCC, UV-vis
20  2017 [Fluorescence Characterization of Fractionated Colloids in Wastewaters Received by Huangpu River]. CC, COC, HIX
21  2017 [Fluorescence Spectral Characteristics of Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter (FDOM) in the Surface Sediments from Lihu Lake]. EEMS, FDOM, HIX
22  2016 Association between arsenic and different-sized dissolved organic matter in the groundwater of black-foot disease area, Taiwan. BI, EEM, FTIR, HI
23  2016 Changes and characteristics of dissolved organic matter in a constructed wetland system using fluorescence spectroscopy. DOM, EEM, FRI, PARAFAC
24  2016 Comprehensive structure-selective characterization of dissolved organic matter by reducing molecular complexity and increasing analytical dimensions. DOM, FT-ICR MS, NMR, SPE, SRDOM
25  2016 Drinking water treatment response following a Colorado wildfire. DOM, TTHM
26  2016 ICARE improves antinuclear antibody detection by overcoming the barriers preventing accreditation. ANA, IIF
27  2016 Seasonal characterization and identification of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the Pearl River, China. DOM, FTIR, TOC, UV254
28  2016 Three-dimensional fluorescence excitation-emission matrix (EEM) spectroscopy with regional integration analysis for assessing waste sludge hydrolysis at different pretreated temperatures. DOM, EEM, EPS, HIX, SCOD
29  2016 [Spectral Characteristics of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) from a Typical Reservoir Lake from Inland of Three Gorges Reservoir Areas: In the View of Riparian Ecosystem Analysis]. CDOM, DOC, DOM, HMW
30  2016 [Studied on Colored Dissolved Organic Matter of Spring in North Yellow Sea with Three-Dimensional Fluorescence Spectroscopy Combined with Parallel Factor Analysis]. BIX, CDOM, FDOM, HIX, PARAFAC, TFI
31  2016 [Three-dimensional Fluorescence Spectral Characteristics of Different Molecular Weight Fractionations of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Water-level Fluctuation Zones of Three Gorges Reservoir Areas]. DOM, HIX, MW, UF
32  2015 Does allochthony in lakes change across an elevation gradient?. DOM, POM
33  2015 Evaluating fluorescence spectroscopy as a tool to characterize cyanobacteria intracellular organic matter upon simulated release and oxidation in natural water. CRW, DOM, IOM
34  2015 Pre-treatments, characteristics, and biogeochemical dynamics of dissolved organic matter in sediments: A review. CDOM, DOC, DOM, EEM-PARAFAC
35  2015 [Excitation-Emission Matrix Fluorescence Spectra Characteristics of DOM in Integrated Verical Flow Constructed Wetland for Treating Eutrophic Water]. HIX
36  2015 [The fluorescence characteristics of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the seagrass ecosystem from Hainan by fluorescence excitation-emission matrix spectroscopy]. BIX, DOM, EEMs
37  2015 [Ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) and fluorescence spectral characteristics of soil dissolved organic matter (DOM) in typical agricultural watershed of Three Gorges Reservoir Region]. DOC, DOM, HIX, UV-vis
38  2014 Critical analysis of commonly used fluorescence metrics to characterize dissolved organic matter. DOC, DOM
39  2014 Photometric hydroxyl radical scavenging analysis of standard natural organic matter isolates. NOM
40  2014 [Fluorescence characteristics of fractionated colloidal organic matter in freshwater from Hunhe and Taizihe watersheds]. DOC, DOM, HIX
41  2013 Original approach for automated quantification of antinuclear autoantibodies by indirect immunofluorescence. ANA, ICARE, IIF
42  2012 Characterizing natural dissolved organic matter in a freshly submerged catchment (Three Gorges Dam, China) using UV absorption, fluorescence spectroscopy and PARAFAC. EEMs, NDOM, PARAFAC, SUVA254
43  2012 Evaluating the ameliorative effect of natural dissolved organic matter (DOM) quality on copper toxicity to Daphnia magna: improving the BLM. DOC, DOM, PARAFAC
44  2012 New insights into the source of decadal increases of dissolved organic matter in acid-sensitive lakes of the northeastern United States. DOC, DOM
45  2012 [Effect of pH perturbation on rainwater dissolved organic matter fluorescence characteristics]. DOM, HIX, PARAFAC
46  2011 Reactivity of litter leachates from California oak woodlands in the formation of disinfection by-products. CHD, DBPs, DOC, DOM, HANs, SCD, SDBP-FP, SDeltaUVA, THMs
47  2011 [Bidirectional effect of MnSOD overexpression on the proliferation of esophageal cancer cells in vitro]. MnSOD, RT-PCR
48  2010 Encephalitozoon cuniculi: implementation of a new fluorimetric method for the detection of anti-microsporidia antibodies. IIF
49  2010 [Effects of genistein on colon cancer cells in vitro and in vivo and its mechanism of action]. ---
50  2009 [Transfection of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells by adeno-associated virus 2/1 vector]. BMMSCs, MOI
51  2008 Differentiation of wastewater effluent organic matter (EfOM) from natural organic matter (NOM) using multiple analytical techniques. DON, EEM, EfOM, MW, NOM, SEC
52  2008 [The clinical significance of autoantibodies against acetylcholine muscarinic 3 receptor in primary Sjogren's syndrome]. BUT, PEE, pSS, SLE
53  2007 Spectrofluorometric properties of dissolved organic matter from Central and Southern Ontario streams and the influence of iron and irradiation. DOM, FA, VIF
54  2006 Microbial availability and size fractionation of dissolved organic carbon after drought in an intermittent stream: biogeochemical link across the stream-riparian interface. DOC
55  2006 [The effect of hyperoxia on transdifferentiation of type II alveolar epithelial cells in premature delivery rat]. AEC II, AQP5, SP-C
56  2003 [Preoperative hyperfractionated accelerated irradiation-induced apoptosis in non-small cell lung cancer]. AI, HART, SPF
57  2002 Spectrofluorescence of sediment humic substances and historical changes of lacustrine organic matter provenance in response to atmospheric nutrient enrichment. ---
58  2001 A comparative study on the use of flow cytometry and colony forming units for assessment of the antibacterial effect of bacteriocins. CFDA, CFU
59  2001 Investigation on marking method for phenomenon on regrowth drug resistance in relapsed acute myelogenous leukemia. AML, CUF-L, DRI, RT-PCR
60  2000 Prognostic significance of p16 and CDK4 proteins in localized prostate carcinoma. BPH, WHO
61  1999 Analysis of mutant p53 and telomerase activity in non-small cell lung cancer. FCM, NSCLC, TPG, TRAP
62  1998 Expression of folate binding protein as a prognostic factor for response to platinum-containing chemotherapy and survival in human ovarian cancer. FBP, mAb
63  1998 Impaired renal graft survival after a positive B-cell flow-cytometry crossmatch. T-CDCXM
64  1997 [Quantitative analysis of E-cadherin expression and clinicopathologic evaluation in gastric cancer]. E-CD, LN
65  1997 [Quantitative studies of oncogene ras P21 and P53 gene protein expression in the benign and malignant pleomorphic adenomas of salivary gland]. ---
66  1994 Smooth muscle tumors of the gastrointestinal tract. Expression of ras P21 oncogene product and the association with clinicopathology. ---