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略語 : FO
展開形 : Fenton oxidation
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2021 Advanced treatment of chicken farm flushing wastewater by integrating Fenton oxidation and algal cultivation process for algal growth and nutrients removal. CFFW, CFOAC, HPPB
2019 Coagulation/Fenton oxidation combined treatment of compost leachate using quince seed mucilage as an effective biocoagulant. CF, QSM, RSM
2019 Treatment of simulated electroplating wastewater containing Ni(II)-EDTA by Fenton oxidation combined with recycled ferrite process under ambient temperature. RF
2018 Removal of PAHs from leachate using a combination of chemical precipitation and Fenton and ozone oxidation. COD, CP, OO, PAHs
2016 Degradation of chlortetracycline in wastewater sludge by ultrasonication, Fenton oxidation, and ferro-sonication. CTC, RSM, ULS
2016 Treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater using interior micro-electrolysis/Fenton oxidation-coagulation and biological degradation. BCO, EEM, FOC, HA, IME
2016 Treatment of real effluents from the pharmaceutical industry: A comparison between Fenton oxidation and conductive-diamond electro-oxidation. AOPs, CDEO, PMPs
2015 Sequential Fenton oxidation and hydrothermal treatment to improve the effect of pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis on mixed hardwood. ---
2013 A comparative study of ultrasonication, Fenton's oxidation and ferro-sonication treatment for degradation of carbamazepine from wastewater and toxicity test by Yeast Estrogen Screen (YES) assay. AOPs, CBZ, FS, LDTD-APCI, MS/MS, SCOD, SOC, US, WW, WWTPs, YES
10  2012 Fuzzy-logic modeling of Fenton's strong chemical oxidation process treating three types of landfill leachates. EDBM, IER, prod, UF
11  2011 Concomitant degradation of bisphenol A during ultrasonication and Fenton oxidation and production of biofertilizer from wastewater sludge. BPA, COD, FS, SOC, SS, US, VSS, WWS
12  2009 Three advanced oxidation processes for the treatment of the wastewater from acrylonitrile production. AOPs, EFO, EOIP
13  2005 Acute toxicity removal in textile finishing wastewater by Fenton's oxidation, ozone and coagulation-flocculation processes. CF, Pt-Co
14  2003 Color and COD removal from wastewater containing Reactive Black 5 using Fenton's oxidation process. COD, RB5